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Dubkore Sticking To Roots Reggae Music

dubkore_reggae_artiste.jpgWhile many people are of the belief that the roots reggae genre of music is dead especially in Jamaica, singer and songwriter Dubkore is adamant that this is far from the truth. The talented musician who is also a producer says that roots reggae cannot die because it is the foundation of popular Jamaican music. He also noted the fact that many of the artists who have created this type of music are still doing their thing successfully abroad. Burning Spear, Toots Hibbert and Jimmy Cliff who was recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame were cited as examples.

“Roots music can never die; it’s the foundation of Jamaican popular music. The people love all over Europe, Africa and all other parts of the world. Bob Marley and other great ones set it, so it will live forever.”


Dubkore cites lack of airplay for roots music locally as one of the main reasons many people think that it is dying. Despite all of this he has chosen this genre as the medium through which to express his creativity as an artist. He will be the first to admit that it's not easy to get exposure for his kind of music locally but he believes that good music will always be on top regardless of genre. Therefore he will not relent on his mission to get his music out there.

"Air play is the biggest obstacle for upcoming roots acts. If the music gets airplay it will get popular, that is the case with any genre of music once it is good music. I will always play and sing this type of music because it is what I enjoy," said Dubkore who is also a classically trained pianist.

Over the years Dubkore has been consistently performing both locally and abroad with his band the Pikkitup Band. Together they have also recorded and released several singles. He is currently busy promoting his latest single titled Little Love Story which is enjoying good rotation both locally and abroad. Little Love Story has also made its way onto the RETV Top Twenty Reggae chart. It's accompany music video is also doing well, it recently debut on the CVM TV Hit List Reggae chart in the number five position.


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A dying breed:
Posted by A dying breed | March 19, 2010 9:01 AM

Dubkore, one or two old-time singers doing their thing doesn't mean the genre is 'alive and well'. Where is the sea of new roots reggae artists originating from Jamaica? The elders are not nurturing young talents to keep the flame burning. Why are none of the roots reggae stalwarts not running record labels in Jamaica, to ensure that the legacy of great Jamaican music is not eroded? The local radio is now flooded with garbage passed off as music.

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