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DJ Sunshine Brings It To Television

Ralston "Shae" Barrett

dj_sunshine_radio.jpgPopular radio personality DJ Sunshine is getting ready to make her local television debut, as the host of a brand new television show called Reggaelution 20. The first episode of Reggaelution 20 will be aired on CVM television Thursday March 18, 2010 at 5:30pm. This new top 20 countdown show is designed to promote good Jamaican music both locally and overseas. The show is also scheduled to begin airing on the renowned Caribbean television station Tempo in the near future.

DJ Sunshine is a graduate of St. Andrew High School for Girls and the Miami Dade Community College; she also has degree in architecture. Sunshine has had a craving for music since she was in high school; she would rush home from school in the evenings to listen to the radio and record the latest tunes on cassette tapes. She would play back these tunes and practice mixing them on the family stereo set.


After graduating from college and returning to Jamaica she began playing out at house parties and small events at venues such as Harry's Bar in Kingston, to hone her craft. Like a ray of Sunshine she burst onto the music scene to become the "FIRST LADY" of the Dancehall, when she joined the staff of the hugely popular IRIE FM radio station in October 2001. Since then she has been flexing her musical muscles entertaining thousands of people both locally and abroad who tune in to catch her popular radio show The Jam, which airs on Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays.

Since she has been on IRIE DJ Sunshine has become as a top radio DJ and she has also branched out into other areas of the business. She has also become a very popular MC, she recently performed such duties on major events such as Rebel Salute and Follow Di Arrow. Sunshine is also a major force on the party circuit as she is heavily in demand for parties and other events.