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Sotto Bless Possesses the Required Ingredient

sotto-bless.jpgBy the grace of God, Sotto Bless is destined to explode in the competitive music industry.

His true inspiration came from his mother, Ms. Elaine and his four sisters who were aware of the talent he possessed. However, it took a greater 'Influence' than what he had in himself and this 'Influence' was "Frass Records" who foreshadowed Sotto Bless' career where it's at right now.

Sotto Bless was more popularly known as "Di Writer" before he became a performer. He wrote for other artist with the intent of one day fulfilling his dream of performing his own creations. Refuse to be known as the "area artist" he ventured out of the security of his community Correville Gardens, determined to see what kind of impact his music would have on other individuals.


Being the favorite at several talent shows, this motivated him to sink deeper into his love for music which earns him the opportunity to perform alongside prominent artist such as Buju Banton, Junior Reid, Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Pinchers, Lady Ali and many more.

Sotto made his first attempt at musical exposure on a wider scale in the year 2007, when he got the opportunity to voice on the "Look Gyal" rhythm by Board House. Then right after that, he voiced "Fatty" which was released on the House of Stars Records label in 2008, then "Jealous" in 2009 that really got his music into the ears of his fans.
Sotto Bless is definitely an artiste to keep an eye on as he possesses more than the required ingredient to become the next star hailing from out of Jamaica.


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Posted by Shara | September 18, 2009 2:22 PM

Sotto Bless is one very talented artist. Spend time and listen to his lyrics - you will be impressed. He has different styles and this makes him very unique. Watch out and listen for this artist. I am a radio dj in Florida and i always get a great response when i play Sotto Bless. Fatty - Sell off Jealous - Mad and real fi true !!!!
Sotto Bless to the world !!!!

Da Truth:
Posted by Da Truth | September 18, 2009 4:52 PM

Sotto Bless a go dun di place. Hi song dem sick. The video Sell Offff!!!!

shabba from fl:
Posted by shabba from fl | September 19, 2009 6:07 AM

Sotto Bless you know me a follow you music fi few years now,when some boy never want fi play your music in orlando mi mek them know what time it is ,just keep on do you thing king because u heart clean and you have talent so is only a matter of time,bless up shabba say so.

Posted by davishchy | September 22, 2009 3:50 PM

S.bless to the world your future looks very bright and the haters dem can't stop you frm heading straight to the top of your musical career you are very talented person and genius song writer.

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