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Iyador A Man Of Peace, Love & Justice

Iyador-reggae.jpgDetermined not to fall into the iron balloon category of the local music industry, Clive Buchanan aka Iyador formerly known as Pitiless, has taken a new direction with his music and his image. The talented Rastafarian deejay who hails from the hills of Clarendon, has been trying to make a name for him self in the music biz since the mid 90s. Iyador recorded his first single Sing Song in 1995 under the stage name Pitiless for the Brown Brothers label. He also recorded several other songs for the label.

A few years later in 2007 he formed a group with two other artists Cuban & Yanky P, the group was called Unity. Together they recorded several singles before breaking up a year later. Most notable of these singles was Hot Girl which featured Alibra. Iyador has also performed on several major stage shows such as Reggae Resurrection and Dancehall Rock.


Iyador is now signed to Jamvibz Records. Since signing to the label he has recorded several songs some of which will appear on his debut album, tentatively titled Its Real, which is slated for release in the summer of 2010. The first single from the album titled It Bitter was released a few months ago along with an accompanying music video. This song received good rotation on radio stations island-wide and its music video also received good rotation and spent several weeks on Suzie Q's Reggae Trail top ten charts, which is aired on TVJ.

Iyador is convinced that his new found success has a lot to do with the fact that he is now a Rastafarian and is singing songs that are more wholesome. It was not so long ago that he touted hardcore rude boy lyrics under the stage name Pitiless, as he idolized another Clarendonian, the tough talking deejay Merciless who is famous for his clashes with other hardcore deejays such as Bounty Killa & Ninja Man.

"Since I sey Rasta and change mi name and change mi style musically, better things start to happen for me as an artist". "Right away I link up with Jamvibz records and Mr. Garrick & Mr. Ward start record me and now I’m signed to the label". "Now I am working on my album". The people dem more willing to work wid di new image and the new vibes weh I a come wid as a man of peace, love & justice that's why mi name change to Iyador." stated Iyador when quizzed about his name change.

Iyador is anticipating even better things to come with the release of his latest single Woman Mi Love on the Jamvibz label. Since its release to radio a week ago it has already began to receive a fair amount of attention. Plans are also in the pipeline for a music video in support of this single.