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I Want Back My Virginity -- How Can I Regain It?


Dear Mr. Proppafix,

I am a Muslim girl. I am 18. I am having sex regularly since January with my boyfriend. However, my parents are against our marriage. I don't want to hurt them and I want to leave my boyfriend but the thought that am not a virgin anymore makes me restless.

I am writing to you to find a solution to my problem. I can't sleep at night and I don't feel hungry anymore. Apart from surgery, is there any way to regain my virginity??? If not, how can I convince my husband I'm a virgin when I’m not? In our culture, it's really essential for a girl to be a virgin when she gets married else she will be returned to her mother's place the next day. I am very scared about it.

What if I don't have sex for a longtime? Will my vagina be tight?? If so, will my future husband able to tell if am a virgin or not? How about the blood? How can I make him believe am a virgin? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me out!!! AM worried!!!

Thank u v v v v v v v much in advance. Waiting for your reply impatiently.



Dear NB,

It is quite a sticky situation that you have gotten yourself in. No, there are no other ways to regain your virginity except for surgery as once the hymen is broken it's impossible to regain your virginity even if you stop having sexual intercourse.

The only solution I see to the problem is to tell your parents that you have been sexually involved with your present boyfriend and tell them about both your plans to get married. Let them know that you realize that they are against you getting married to this man but unfortunately, in your culture you are now "tainted" and cannot be married off to someone as a virgin. Put it this way, better to deal with their wrath now before getting someone else involved and bringing shame to them when you are returned to them because you are not a virgin. All the best and I do hope it works out for you!


That is my advice young lady - tek it or leave it

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Comments (33)


Posted by sexyllisha | September 14, 2009 2:18 PM

lol easier said than done proper fix i happen to work with a bunch of muslim people and even the family will turn their backs on her if they find out the best thing to do hun is either go against your parents wishes and marry the man you originally start have sex with or go ahead and do the surgery you wont be a virgin but you will get the blood you need to convince the new husband lol

Posted by gary | September 14, 2009 5:23 PM

dude up top is right. i would just go against my parents wishes, why do you want to marry someone you dont even like, i think you could probably stop having sex for a long long time, girls dont always bleed their first time i had one girl that didnt bleed but she was tight, blame it on the new guys small dick, or blame it on masterbation and if the new guy you married is a virgin too he wont know the difference what he gon go look to see if your bleeding? but again i say run your own life and be happy. i do know muslims that had a what i would say normal teenage life, and still marry,

niki british:
Posted by niki british | September 15, 2009 12:00 AM

where di hell this girl come from bout yuh want bakc virginty like yuh did give anyone it to put down if yuh f**k it out yuh can't f**k it back in yuh dumb a*s b*tch mi sorry fi you and your mother when shi find out

Posted by criag | September 15, 2009 12:10 AM

in jamaica the girls dem use blue bamma for two weeks it helps to mek di p*ssy tighta believe mi try dat and yuh p*ssy good to go once more

Posted by latoya | September 15, 2009 1:08 AM

yes ma dear the only thing there is can be done is surgery also if it's going to cause a problem when get home to mummy then don't go back home

Posted by Kashflow | September 15, 2009 10:06 AM

Just get a pan of hot water and sit over it let the steam tighten it for u or use crazy glue good luck dont use ponal its white

Posted by Can | September 15, 2009 10:18 AM

Mr. Properfix stop tell di pickney lie bout she cant regain her virginity. My girl, u can regain ur virginity by going back in time, not disobeying ur parents & ur religion for the sweetness of c*cky. A f**k yuh did want & a c*cky did sweet yuh dat u went against ur morals. Well know this, even if u did the surgery to repair ur hymen, any man yuh married will know seh yuh used to f**k, cuz believe it or not, muslim man out deh a f**k dung di place, alot a dem r not virgins, so dem ago know seh u is a f**ka girl from long time & not a virgin. U should have kept ur legs tightly shut instead of flinging it pan man shoulder. LOL wooiii dem young ppl yah!

DC Nembhard:
Posted by DC Nembhard | September 15, 2009 1:28 PM

You are so right regarding this young ladies situation. In their culture, i think even her own brother can lay a flogging and maybe even kill his own sister due to disrespect she brought into the family. Multiple cases going on right now in Canada muchless India, Arabia.....etc. Good Luck to you.

Posted by sextllisha | September 15, 2009 2:05 PM

to gary you said that if the new guy a virgin too him wont know the difference is not the new guy she have to worry bout is the parents cause in the muslim culture when their daughters get married especially when she should be a virgin the parents gives the new husband a white cloth and in the night when they have sex for the first time after wards he is supposed to wipe her vagina with said cloth and return it to them (the parents) if there is no blood on it then its a disgrace to the fam lol but those are the serious muslim which home girl seem to be apart of so as i said before gwan go sew it up my girl lol

Posted by UK-JA | September 15, 2009 2:09 PM

People joke about it but living in the UK and seeing the struggle these girls go through isn't funny. They can't date the man they love. They get married off to fat old men who manhandle and rape them constantly. Many are taken out of school, and taken back to the Middle East to get married.

Girls who are discovered often get beaten to within an inch of their lives or worse, killed in honour killings for bringing shame on their family. Many have escaped and are constantly on the run from their male relatives who want to kill them.

Young lady, you knew the risks but You also can't help who you fall for and a lifetime with a stranger picked for you must seem awful.

I read in a Muslim woman's atuobiography that she cut herself there before her first sexual encounter just enough to bleed and that's how she fooled her hubby.

You better keep a knife nearby and cut yourself before you enter the marriage bed. It may hurt but the alternative will hurt more.


Posted by trish | September 15, 2009 4:15 PM

this girls doesn't sounds liek she only lose her virginity but it seems like shi even use up all di p*ssy glue

Mr. Lou:
Posted by Mr. Lou | September 15, 2009 4:19 PM

this is my advice to you when him ready fi f**k just as him a bout fi enter just queeze up di p*ssy pon him my girl duh dat to me nuff time and mi affi seh to har "yuh sure yuh a nuh virgin" di only way yuh might not be able to do that is less yuh p*ssy weak so it be able to grip and queeze up di b*ddy

Posted by Mykal | September 15, 2009 4:54 PM

My understanding is that most of the Muslim Girls in London who hide and have sex most time at the cinemas...They let the men suck their p*ssy and f**k them in their a*s ONLY..They are too afraid of the problem it may cause them and their parents, when the parents say OK now you will marry this man...That if they found out she is not a Virgin

Posted by S3XY MUMMY | September 15, 2009 8:34 PM



Posted by Wonderlous | September 16, 2009 3:29 AM

am a muslim but i ddint kno all this... he he he... lady jus give him best sex eva.. where are u from anyway? try 2 lie to ur parents that some1 rapped u.. a gang something lyk that... i hope thats the only thing u can do... do that wen ur parents r away tek a bath for hourz... Good luck.. musilimati... all the best...

goodas shappe:
Posted by goodas shappe | September 16, 2009 9:42 AM

dont have sex for a long time maybe a 2months and when him f**k yuh him caah know sey u a nuh virgin dats if yuh fassy still tight now cause even if mi nuh f**k fi a week when my man ready fi f**k mi, mi fassy tight like a needle eye suh a good fassy work.da first time mi f**k neva bleed it was da second time blood come suh just cool off a di f**king and nuh matter whe u do dont tell ur parents cause inna fi onnuh religion dem wi condemn yuh one little lie nah kill nodody just mek sure di man whe u a guh f**k c*cky big suh it hard fi guh in. believe in urself and mi hope yuh good wid telling lies

Posted by Goodazgirl | September 16, 2009 3:01 PM

I HATE the fact that some (most) cultures treat women like they are second class pets. I am sure this girl's "future husband" has not been saving his virginity for her, so why the hell should she have to save hers for him? This makes me even more appreciative of the fact that I was not born into a culture like that.

Girl, if you can't marry who you love then don't lose sleep ova who they have chosen for you. Him either tek it or leave it. I hope you can make your parents understand that you are not a virgin and at least let you find someone you want, hopefully he's not muslim 'cause he might not want you bc you are not a virgin.

I really don't even know what to tell you other than that I am sorry for your situation. Can you adopt another culture? Like move to a place where there is more freedom and you are not burdened by your culture.

Posted by fatta | September 16, 2009 10:46 PM

my girl just gwaan run di pum pum red yaah, just in case dem find out and go kill yuh fi lose yuh virginity, if yuh run weh di man already just link mi up mi can run it red fi yuh till dem ready kill yuh r*ss.

Posted by Anonymous | September 17, 2009 4:09 PM

I think she should not have sex for long time,and dont tell your parents any thing at all.what you can also do is to get marrie to this guy and went come down to the sex,you get a small cantena and get some[ketchup,with some red substance

Posted by happydays | September 17, 2009 4:13 PM

Dont have sex for awhile. I heard some muslim girls get it slightly resewed but I dont know anything about that or how true it is.

Posted by loy | September 18, 2009 11:12 AM

Baby girl i wish u luck in ur endeavors cause u situation sticky...

Posted by Anonymous | September 18, 2009 11:36 AM


Posted by Nelly | September 18, 2009 12:23 PM

Oh NO, she cannot tell. You'll are not understanding the SERIOUSNESS of these strict Muslim Culture. Chances are, dem will Kill her and/or Kill her Parents. Her Parents went into the agreement to produce a Virgin, plus dowry/gifts and other things were exchanged already. Also the parents will be honored for producing a Virgin to a man.
My girl ah betta u continue to date yr current man..dont go thru with that agreed marriage at betta come up wid some form of sickness.

Tacious is a GOOD LOOK:
Posted by Tacious is a GOOD LOOK | September 18, 2009 4:19 PM

Muslims are pretty adamant about abstaining from sex until marriage. And Proppafix is right, the only way you can get back your virginity is by the surgical method of reconstructing your hymen. I also heard of smaller scale clinics that tighten the vaginal muscle...but I'm not entirely sure about the hymen. Still, if you're that desperate, it doesn't hurt to do research.

You need to be honest with your family. There is no doubt it my mind that they are going to be grieved as hell at you, but save them the time and the embarassment by letting them know you're no longer a virgin.

Sex is apart of life, and if you couldn't wait then oh well, the deed's been done.

Posted by Mark | September 19, 2009 7:49 AM

Wow! My heart goes out to you NB. Your culture is very scary for women. I hope you survive to tell your story. Do something to implicate rape or something like maybe taking that date rape drug voluntarily, then blame it on the some imaginary rapists who you can't remember because you inturn was so drugged up to defend yourself.. I am an Abstinent 25y/o Straight Jamaican Male (maybe rare) whom decided to give this whole waiting thing a chance. It's sad that you are now on the chopping block for indulging the flesh. Knowing what you've done really makes me weary that no young female on this Earth can hold the V-Card longer than a guy who is driven, goal oriented, and is a romantic at heart. I can't judge you because I not God. I wont be a virgin myself forever but being focused on my career, fine tuning my body, mind, and heart keeps me strong to stave of temptation because who knows who has what diseases (since fools don't want to bring their result sheet to the table before the dirty deed is done) and what not cases out waiting for the sloppy f**kers. And if you'll must know, I am hung (length+girth) so come try peep pon me. NB I hope you find happiness anyway your situation plays out. :---------------------------------- God Be With You! ----------------------------------:


Tacious is a GOOD LOOK:
Posted by Tacious is a GOOD LOOK | September 19, 2009 6:12 PM

. Do something to implicate rape or something like maybe taking that date rape drug voluntarily, then blame it on the some imaginary rapists who you can't remember because you inturn was so drugged up to defend yourself..

Are you stupid?!

Why should she lie on her boyfriend like that? Women who call rape and have never actually gotten raped can never get their stories right and can be charged with falsification by the police. She knew the consequences by having sex...virginities arent things you can just regain back. And since she legally consented to sex, she cannot call rape. Furthermore, her faking rape is an insult to those who've actually been raped.
Really...stop giving suck at it.

Posted by shondel | September 21, 2009 10:16 PM

u already gone through the gate no turning back lol

Posted by Anonymous | September 27, 2009 4:58 AM

Heads Will Roll!

Posted by dum | October 8, 2009 12:15 PM

the thing is sum girls just dont blee but asian men wont beleive u and it can get realy scary because u regret it and u cant hae surgery co ur barely aloud outside ur house i think te most easiest idea is tell ur husband if u eleive hell beleive u orelse just ge a tampon put sum red paint on it nt kethcup dah stinks or sum ink or sumfin and then nsert it and take it out before u have 'it' i hope it works coz surgery is really expensive but the tampn cant not work after u take it out dispose of it down the toilet or out the window :P its just once really

Posted by Anonymous | November 11, 2009 7:03 PM

Here is you can do something, I do understand it is very important to be virgin in some culture. I have friend who end up getting divorce in the first night after they had sex and she didn't bleed. I think everyone do mistake, I have heard of this thing but I dont know much about it, do your own research and risk Here it called (Artificial Virginity Hymen)and you can find it at ( will show the blood these freaks ask for when you get married. one thing I dont understand is why for men is okay if they had sex before marriege but not for the women. Well good luck.

W K:
Posted by W K | November 20, 2009 12:48 PM

Dear DN,

Just do toba & pray to God to forgive u. This may be a mistake that will bring you closer to Allah. For those who critisize Islam for this - please don't do that as in Islam women got a very superior level, if few male muslims or a culture didn't give the rights to womens then its their mistake (just check google for "women rights in Islam"). In Islam the girl or boy must be asked if they want to marry the person or not? forced marriage is not allowed in Islam & is not valid.

DN - God bless you, just do toba from the core of your heart and m sure God will forgive and will keep perda on you. Amin

Posted by Ritu | January 7, 2010 11:17 AM

You can get 'hymenoplasty' done. Its a surgical method were the hymen is repaied. By this you can regain your physical virginity.

Rest of the details you can get on net by typing the keyword 'hymenoplasty'

If you are interested plz find how much this surgery costs.

Wish all the best and very happy life. Good luck.

Posted by Anonymous | June 14, 2010 4:03 PM

Salams Sister.

I have practically read almost all these messages. Some are rude, some reasonable in giving guidance.

You are concerned about whether your future hubby will find out and / or your parents.

A strong suggestion that you should fix your torn hymen by surgery. Secondly, have a blood capsule implanted that will eventually break when you have intercoarse.

Before you do this, you need to repent and ask for forgiveness from God and refrain from any sexual activity for around 6 months (just so you are back to your senses and your mental state does not affect your future relationship).

Then when you marry, your future hubby will not end up knowing you are not a virgin and break the marriage. Also, ethically speaking and personally, if one is a non-virgin then you should marry a non-virgin (and not a virgin) - to make things fair.

Finally, though I myself could not hold my virginity (been out with white, black, asain all sorts), I really blame my issue on my parents. Sometimes it may well be due to peer pressure and sometimes it may be due to society (i.e. sexual openness) etc.

Summary - do I feel proud of losing my virginity? No, never. I lost a sense of feeling, a sense of strength and now I feel and wish I never lost my virginity. I will always teach my kids the truth and be open about sexuality. Obviously, there is too much sex out there so one can not avoid it. We live in such dirty society. After I lost my virginity, I felt dirty and lost respect for women in general i.e. whenever I was in a relationship, I mainly saw the girls for sex and other items were a bonus. What kind of humans are we? Women are the best creatures in the world - and if we men never f**** them up in their minds and physically, all women would be chaste, gentle and pure. Imagine that. In the western world this may be impossible (almost) though some girls are strong enough to keep their virginity or they get married early.

We men like to play with women - but ultimately, we lose at the end. We lose the very spirit we have as human beings. We have a purpose in life (not to f** around and make ourselves ill and others) but to serve God.

Do you people really think that life and nature was all an act of chance? Do you think we are an act of chance? Surely not! Look around you....look at say the PC - how long and how many centuries has it taken man to develop this or invent this? Many....yet, humans are so sophisticated that even doctors today do not understand the physiology and purpose of every organ.

So, my advice to all sisters - please think about your future. That guilt feeling stays and ultimately, you are doing wrong unto yourselves. I have done wrong unto myself and I wish I could turn back time. Now its too late - so I repent.

Purity is the best thing in the world. Each day I would wake up and know if I were to die - I would die a good death, a pious muslim.


Brother in Islam

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