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Flippa - Foundation Over Hype - "Dash Weh Money When Mi Feel Like"

flippa-mafia-flossing-king.jpgDeejay Flippa Mafia boasts that he has the flossing title and this could very well be true. However, in his new single, Foundation Over Hype the deejay lists out all the other titles he owns - including house, van, Rolex and land - and really gives it to his detractors.

This song could be titled Unfinished House Part 2 as the deejay again emphasises the importance of owning assets and not simply focusing on the hype. "A foundation over hype, tell dem di Mafia alright, dash way money when me feel like/No badda watch mi clothes and mi hype," advises the Flossing King who declares that he "mek money more than how the bees mek honey".

Flippa Mafia burst on the scene late last year with money-throwing gimmicks which helped to propel him in the dancehall, but which at the same time brought him some amount of criticism. He has since made it clear in his lyrics the importance of setting a foundation:


"Some bwoy a run dung di hype and no have nutten yet,
a buy bag a champagne and no have nutten set,
when me splash champagne tell dem no fi fret,
because mi foundation done set.

In more recent times, the deejay has been embroiled in a lyrical war with deejay Elephant Man. However, according to Flippa, "It's all about the music."


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Posted by realmckoy | September 18, 2009 2:12 PM

Who da bl**dcloth flippa Da fish think him is....1st of all him nah say nuttin caa feem song dem a f**kery n tell fliping fi stop hype up him self ....mi dupes elephant man soon done him rosscloth.....alliance fi life

Posted by frassnigga | September 19, 2009 1:18 AM

whey flippa deh get soh much money from cause is certainly not dancehall

Posted by Jermz | September 19, 2009 9:52 AM

Everything Flippa does is on outaroad. So sick of it, outaroad unnu need fi stop s#@k Flippa d#$k. Its annoying, he's not a good artist

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