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Dubkore Making A Positive Influence On The World Through Music

Dubcore.jpgRecording artist Collin Llewellyn aka Dubkore is fully aware that music is a great influence on people all over the world. Therefore, he has chosen to sing songs that will have a positive influence on the world. The versatile singer, songwriter and musician who hails from the Duhaney Park area of Kingston, is a trained musician. His introduction to music came at an early age by way of the piano, from the age of seven he was sent to study music at the viva studio in the Cassia Park area of Kingston. His ability to play the piano earned him a silver medal in the 1979 JCDC Festival Of The Arts Competition, while he was a student at the Dunrobin Primary School.

"Music has always been a part of my life ever since I was a child, from an early age I was sent to music classes". "I used to rebel against going to my piano classes but in the end I am happy I did them because this knowledge and experience has helped me a lot since I decided to pursue music as a career", Dubcore said.


Over the past few years, Dubkore has been successfully creating and cultivating a collection of unique lyrics and rhythms and released several songs such as Verandah, Madda Earth and his latest single Little Love Story. The talented roots reggae singer has also toured extensively and played all over Jamaica, the southern United State and the eastern seaboard with his backing band, which is made up of talented musicians such as Goff Andrews, Bernard Powell and Carvel Walker. Dubkore has shared stage with the likes of the Wailers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and has also played several festivals including Bay Fest in Mobile, Alabama, Cutting Edge Music Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana and Red River Revel in Shreveport, Louisiana.

"My music is an expression of different feelings and vibes it's not even just reggae however my music comes out in a certain way because I am from Jamaica". "I represent a change through music, right across the board". "My music brings a lot of different flavors, based on the various experiences I have had as a musician and a lot of different types of people can identify with my sound all over the world", said Dubkore.

Dubkore is currently receiving a lot of airplay with his current single Little Love Story on the Pikki Head record label. Since its release to radio, a few weeks ago it has been receiving none stop rotation on IRIE FM and other stations such as HITS 92 FM, FAME FM & ZIP FM.