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DáVille is 'Never Gonna Cry' …despite what his girl is putting him through


'Never Gonna Cry' by DáVille is about a girl he really cares for but she is always flirting and keeps on listening to what people are saying. He wants her to know that she is not hurting him but hurting herself as he could be with other girls but he is behaving himself.

DáVille tells her they are wrong as he hasn't done anything wrong and although his love is true and his heart won't let him do anything regardless of the crazy things she has been doing to him, he is 'never gonna cry'. With all that said and done, he will still be there for her whenever she falls and calls.


TITLE: Never Gonna Cry
WRITER: O. Thomas, N. Deslandes & J. Brown
PRODUCER: Fashozy Records Inc.

Intro: Come on, yow listen

Verse 1
If you think you’re hurting me
Girl you’re just hurting yourself
You can gwaan with your flirting B
But girl try that with someone else
The only ting that is killing me is
Girl I have done nothing wrong
Come on, come on
Girl, you may think I’m joking girl
But I was behaving myself
Other girls could be stroking girl
But I choose you just for myself
Listening what the people are saying
But girl all those people are wrong
Come on, come on

Never gonna cry, for you
Though my love is true
Never gonna cry, to you
My heart won’t let me do
Even though I tried with you
And all the crazy things you do
My love for you will never end
But I’m never gonna cry again
Come on
Never gonna cry again, baby

Verse 2
So I thought I was over you
But I am loving you more each day
Girl all those things you do
Keep hurting me along the way
Why weren’t you listening?
You kept saying he was a friend all along
You went on, went on girl
All your friends keep telling you
That I’m a man and man don’t play
Every day compelling you to leave me girl
But still you stayed
Cause in your heart you know that
With me is where you, belong
But go on, go on

(Repeat Chorus)

Girl you know you are my heart
And I’ll be there when you fall
I’ll be there when you call
But I want you to know one thing
I’ll never

(Repeat Chorus)