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Usain Bolt in a car accident

By Associated Press

usain-bolt-crash-accident-car-bmw-jamaica.jpgKINGSTON, Jamaica - Olympic champion sprinter Usain Bolt crashed his car and was not seriously injured on Wednesday.

Bolt and an unnamed female passenger were taken to a hospital in Spanish Town but neither was seriously hurt, according to police Sgt. David Sheriff.

"(Bolt) is being treated now, but it's nothing serious and I cannot say anything more," a doctor at the Spanish Town hospital west of Kingston said.

Bolt was apparently speeding on a rain-slicked highway when he lost control of the BMW M3 and it went off the road, said Sheriff, the first officer to arrive at the scene in St. Catherine parish. He said the car was heavily damaged.

Bolt, 22, exploded as an international track star in 2008 when he broke the 100m world record at the Reebok Grand Prix in New York in May and then set world records in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay while winning gold medals in all three events at the Beijing Olympics in August.

The sports car Bolt was driving at the time of the accident was given to him by executives at Puma, his shoe and apparel sponsor, in recognition of his victories in Beijing.

--Reuters contributed to this report.



Comments (28)


Posted by toni | April 29, 2009 5:47 PM

Cut your speed.... hope they are both ok...

Posted by MAX FOX | April 29, 2009 5:48 PM

Sorry fi hear dat mi boss, but it seems as if you have been protected by the iron and starch from the banana and yam. SPEEDY recovery mi boss, to di worl mi seh...

Holy Emmanuel I...

Posted by deejohn | April 29, 2009 6:59 PM

yo b yu a the boss now so yu got to watch what u do .speedy recovery bless yu mek us all prod yard and abroad!!

fast car:
Posted by fast car | April 29, 2009 7:05 PM

not to let this thing looks like a joke but if him run fast him nuh must drive fast because he has idea dat he's drive fast because he's use to speed

Posted by Anonymous | April 29, 2009 8:18 PM

mi hope mi run good,big up bolt everytime

Posted by BMW M3 | April 29, 2009 8:53 PM

easy come easy go..

Posted by tugis | April 29, 2009 9:01 PM

me glad fi hear seh dem alright,
nuttin serious happen to dem!
jus give the almighty JEHOVAH thanks fi guidance & protection u nuh!
ya man!

Posted by Bradae | April 29, 2009 9:17 PM

glad that he is ok big up bolt one of ur fan fr ur own hometown

Posted by Anonymous | April 30, 2009 10:23 AM

take this as a always careful...dont let complacency get in the way...

Posted by Latoya | April 30, 2009 12:27 PM

I am glad this happened to him it is a wake up call he so badly needed i remember two weeks i saw him leaving the Quad very drunk i coudnt believe when i saw him that he would be the one driving in that state, he then took off with a speed and driving like a mad man on the road, me and my freinds looked at each other in shock i remember asking the Lord to protect him and let nothing happen to him. Hopefully now BMW will give him the new 7 series in stead very big and luxurious but not too fast.

Posted by hotspice | April 30, 2009 12:47 PM

god is not sleeping - hope both of you r ok.

Posted by Nelly | April 30, 2009 2:40 PM

@fast Car - yu mek mi ah laugh...but since him ahright we can poke a little fun inna it...him just du everything fast fi tru ah dat him use

Bolt - Please, please we ah beg you fi Slow down,,we Only need you to Speed on the Track Field.

Posted by sashy | April 30, 2009 3:49 PM

no need for SPEED. that should be a lesson learnt

Posted by KENRICK GREEN, GALCHESTER | April 30, 2009 4:11 PM

mi hope usain get him ting sort out,because am looking forward to see him set a new record,me believe he will,
take it easy me boss

Posted by T | April 30, 2009 6:46 PM

Latoya? The new 7 series has a top speed of over 160mph. However, its not as reinforced as an M3. Fast, but easier to crumple. What do you think that will mean.

Bolt needs a 1 series bmw and an elderly driver.

Posted by meleon | April 30, 2009 8:32 PM

Anybaddy can tell mi what's up with Bolt's original girl: Mizzican? How mi nuh hear bout ar nuh more?

Posted by Toni | April 30, 2009 8:45 PM

Meleon same old story mi dear, Boy meets girl when things not so rosey, girl dates boy when nothing nah gawn, boy starts making money and get's hype, boy dumps girl for hotter arm candy....

so what:
Posted by so what | April 30, 2009 9:10 PM

usain i was WORRIED about you god knows
but i have to be a bit negative...ur bimmer is only a M3? damn ,i thougt it was atleast a 745. and yessss people i drive a 2008X5, RIMS AND ALL SO I CAN MAKE THIS COMMENT.
thank god your alive, my prayer helps

Posted by Anonymous | April 30, 2009 10:57 PM

BMW M3 sound f---ing badmind

Posted by meleon | April 30, 2009 11:40 PM

Thanks Toni, mi did suspect as much innuh but b 4 mi start cuss him mi did want fi confirm. A ongle hope when him time in di limelite up, di hotgyal dem wi deh bout fi him same way!

A hope him memba seh di profession weh him inna is coulda did bruck up inna da accident deh and never able fi run again! Weh di hotgyal dem aggo deh den? I hope him use sleep and mark death! Mi nuh wish bad fi him...a wi bwoy still, but right now him deh pon a hype weh him need fi come down offa. Him keep chatting a bag a f**kery to di farrin media all di time and mek Jamaicans look a way.

Usain, u find ole knife a road u wi loose it a road same way...u have mad skills but u need fi wok pon u personality. Dats why mi affi love mi sexybody Asafa...him ever humble! Tek a page out a him book my yute. Jah be wid u...Learn fast because u represent Ja!

Posted by nelly | May 1, 2009 10:26 AM

@Toni - i was afraid to hear that about Mizzi (whatever her name is) also. Cant say i am surprise though because a su these Giddy-head Mam-dem tan.

Posted by TONI | May 1, 2009 12:48 PM

@ MELEON AND NELLY... You know I was excepting that to happen,most men are very prediciable.. That girl was good for him when he was a nobody but now she not hot enough for him... Is like this.... A man will have a nice Honda a drive, the car efficent and reliable and always a run good.. No faults. But you see as soon as the man come into money, him dash way the reliable honda and replace it with a flashy BMW OR BENZ... Mizz was the honda for bolt when him never so big, Now the video gals to him are the BMW OR BENZ...Such is life still, she get har trip to bejing!

Posted by nickelle | May 1, 2009 3:57 PM

god deh pon ur side. just doe mek this hapen again .i love javier bennett

Posted by chippy | May 1, 2009 3:58 PM

hey all u negative sons and daughters of b*tches please wake up have u ever seen asafa and friends drive?leave usain trust me i am born aug 21 i know that he can handle the hype ok we are built like that and the M3 and M5 BMW can take much more wear and tear than the 7 series BMW.BOLT HAS HIS LIFE TO LIVE IF HE CHOOSES to leave his girl or his girl left him (how cum i didnt not hear that from any1 of u?)its his busines i am into entertainment and i know what hype can do to ur orginal girl ok sometimes she dont want u to live it up.sometimes things were not right before the sucess came so FUK OFF AND LEAVE THE MAN ALONE.(BY LESTER ONE THIRD ROAD MANGER)

wah dis:
Posted by wah dis | May 2, 2009 10:28 AM

@so what it all depend an what type of m3 it can cots more than a x5 iknow for sure im a manager ct bmw dealer and to let u know i own a 2009 x5 love it i call the draws droper

so what:
Posted by so what | May 2, 2009 12:56 PM

ok so all the people talking about this kid, yes he is still a kid and he is enjoying fame while it last, its a blackman thing, almost every black man that i know get hype once there is some doe and all you all would have done the same. when it comes to jamaican man and relationship nothing is sacred regardless of who the man are woman may be, they are all cheaters is like they were born that way so why be surprise bcuz he and the chick broke off. howeven if he was smart, he would hype his bitch and make sure she hot and on top and play with the groupies on the side, bcuz atleast he knows she is in it for him. but he's jamaican man they dont know the real deal,just light skin and sexy ass is good enough for them. am not going to kick this kid when he's down, he is great at what he does and am proud of him..although he slightly disses me at pegasus but i understand , the hype went to his head that day in the elevator when he just arrived in the island and had his press conference there...i was a guest and happen to be riding the ele with him and he was rude when i tried to talk to him but let bygons be bygons,i didnt make a big deal because the dude is yound and overwhelmed.

Posted by TRACY | May 3, 2009 7:12 PM

its just one of those days stuff happens and remember people, live your life for today because tomorrow is promise to no one am living my life. i cant wait for him to come to canada next month so i can see him tearing up the track in toronto.

Posted by jason | May 5, 2009 9:49 PM

a no fe you time yet u no done big up jamaica yet

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