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April 30, 2009

"My man has no job for eleven years, I pay rent, light & water bills - need your advice"


Hi Mr. Proppafix

First, I must commend you on the good job you have been doing. I am 28 years old and have been with my children's father for almost eleven years now. Out of the years of togetherness, I am the one who has been working three quarter of the time and when I talk about it, he starts to flare up and behave as if he will hit me. We have bills to pay (rent, light & water bills) and I have to be standing everything. I tried to leave him more than once but we always end up back together.

He is in to inherit some money from family ties and he expect us to get married but I don't really want to stay with him because I think one day he will get really upset and might go as far as hurting me. He always mouths the children on every slip up and that is not right. I think that he can cut them some slack sometimes because no man is perfect. I am in a loop here so please I need your advice.

Sexy Diva


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Mr. Vegas to Host Mother's Day Concert on May9th


I Am Blessed singjay Mr. Vegas will be hosting a Mother's Day concert at Club Jamaica-Jamaica in Runaway Bay on May 9th. It is a highly anticipated event where the Billboard-charting artiste can really show his appreciation to mothers all over Jamaica.

The singjay, who recently performed at a huge concert in Orlando alongside R & B heavyweights such as Ron Browz and Billboard-topping rapper Soulja Boy, is reportedly locked away in rehearsals fine-tuning his sound for the concert. He will be backed by his own band, Thugz on the night of the event.

"They have been rehearsing at Mikey Bennett's studio on Grafton Road, and everyone is impressed with the set that Mr. Vegas has put together," manager Ray Alexander said in a release.

"Earlier this week, during a rehearsal session, he did an a capella of Mama with backup singers, Nicky and Tameka that had tears streaming down the eyes of everyone in the studio, Vegas seems to be going all out with this concert.

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Jamaica gets stronger with ETANA at JORDU Live

Contributed Article

IPC Entertainment does it again and again bringing quality music productions mixed with top fashions from the hottest clothing store in Jamaica JORDU, 7th Ave Plaza, shop #15 Kingston

Warrior Love, Jah Jah blessing, Wrong Address are some of the selected hits Etana popped off at JORDU Live, Live Entertainment Live Interaction production by IPC Entertainment.

The full acoustics sound production coordinated by IPC Entertainment was solid giving fans the vibe of an Etana show usually staged at larger venues.
Congos beating like heartbeats surrounded inside the venue JORDU Fashions, the sweet melodies of Etana's backup vocals made the vibe natural and Etana's strength was felt by her dedicated fans from JORDU Live, Live Entertainment Live Interaction.

JORDU Live, takes it further with the hot steamy fashion show produced by the store owner Yhordanka, giving the fans and Jamaica more reason to keep the shopping popping at JORDU, 7th Ave plaza, shop # 15.

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April 29, 2009

Usain Bolt in a car accident

By Associated Press

usain-bolt-crash-accident-car-bmw-jamaica.jpgKINGSTON, Jamaica - Olympic champion sprinter Usain Bolt crashed his car and was not seriously injured on Wednesday.

Bolt and an unnamed female passenger were taken to a hospital in Spanish Town but neither was seriously hurt, according to police Sgt. David Sheriff.

"(Bolt) is being treated now, but it's nothing serious and I cannot say anything more," a doctor at the Spanish Town hospital west of Kingston said.

Bolt was apparently speeding on a rain-slicked highway when he lost control of the BMW M3 and it went off the road, said Sheriff, the first officer to arrive at the scene in St. Catherine parish. He said the car was heavily damaged.

Bolt, 22, exploded as an international track star in 2008 when he broke the 100m world record at the Reebok Grand Prix in New York in May and then set world records in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay while winning gold medals in all three events at the Beijing Olympics in August.

The sports car Bolt was driving at the time of the accident was given to him by executives at Puma, his shoe and apparel sponsor, in recognition of his victories in Beijing.

--Reuters contributed to this report.

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Serani, Vegas and Soulja Boy rock DJ Prostyle's Birthday bash


The UCF Arena was almost packed to capacity on Monday night for the big event celebrating Heavyhitter DJ Prostyle's Birthday. It was a great night for Dancehall as the young and very mixed crowd was extremely receptive to both Serani and Vegas, the other artist repping Jamaica on the night.

"The hard work and promotion we are doing for ourselves and for the music is paying off," said a pleased Serani. "There were females of many different nations and colours singing along to my songs which is very encouraging."

Aside from headliner Soulja Boy, Serani and Vegas were the night's top performers in terms of crowd reaction. In a star-studded line-up that featured big names from Rap, R'n'B and Regageton, both artist's sets were greeted with screams and claps from start to finish, underlining the growing popularity for Dancehall music in the US.

Serani goes to Charlotte, South Carolina and Virginia this weekend for 3 shows before heading to the Uk next week for the Brighter Days Tour alongside Mavado and Bugle. "No Games" continues to get added to playlists across the US, with 92.3 WNOW in New York and 102 JAMZ in Greensboro, North Carolina.

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Call 911: "Daggering aka Domestic violence" says US TV station gets to understand that an American TV station called truTV has described daggering as domestic violence. The TV station did a semi documentary with clips from the famous Dutty Fridaze that recently held in L.A on which they had several persons commenting on the dancing behavior of the patrons as if they were commentators at a wrestling match. Watch the video for full details and give your views, is this true?


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Beenie Man shames Rihanna


According to a blogger on Beenie Man calling Rihanna on stage at Reggae on the Hill was unnecessary and seems to left the Diva feeling a bit embarrassing.

Below is the a report from

Cheeeeeese… on.

Rihanna is a bigger woman than me - and I don't mean just in the literal sense that she’s five foot nuff.

I would cuss two claat or several rholes at Beenie Man last night for what he did.

Hear de scene that went down last night in Barbados at Reggae on the Hill.

The show was great - Buju Banton, Queen Ifrica, Morgan Heritage and a whole host of other artists, with Beenie Man closing the all-day show.

Anyhow, for the whole day, Beenie breezing up in the Prime Minister’s VIP stand, drinking Hennesy straight from the bottle, bun'ing a lil weed, going down every now and then to hug up the crowd just on the outside of the stand and clearly fulljoying himself.

Towards the late afternoon, Rihanna, who has been in Barbados for the past week or so, came into the stand as well and was just chilling.

Anyhow, when Beenie touch the stage now at about 7:30 and gave a generally decent performance - certainly the crowd was with him.

Thennnn… he start calling for Rihanna to "report back stage immediately".

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Who will be the Lucky Charm of the Week A or B?

The Champion Sky has managed to rock up a third win by defeating her opponent 19- 11. Now that Sky is on a high can, she makes it win #4.

If you want to be a lucky Charm you can send your photos to

Votes from the same Computer's IP address will be counted as one vote.



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April 28, 2009

Tiana's Message for Chris Brown

Pen2Paper Creative Concept

Tiana-chris-brown-rihanna-jamaican-female.jpgMedia House Production recording artist Tiana is the latest addition to the growing number of budding female dancehall reggae artists. She embodies a seemingly shy yet confident persona. Tiana's first single, "I Won't", is produced by Media House Production and comes in the wake of events surrounding R&B's hit couple Rihanna and Chris Brown's domestic violence incident.

In the catchy tune, Tiana tackles the plight of domestic violence, citing the similar situations of other women. With her vocal ability, she aptly reminds us that violence against women is unconscionable and women have been afflicted for too long with domestic violence.

"I Won't" is not only her first single, but also her first attempt at recording in a professional studio. The track is receiving rave reviews from fans, with comments flooding her MySpace page as listeners react to the message of the song.


I Wont - Tiana
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Ras Penco Hits #1 With New Single


ras-penco-reggae-artiste.jpgReggae artist Ras Penco scores his first number one hit in Jamaica with the romantic ballad, "Thousand Miles," a poignant promise mimicking his life as a traveling musician far and wide, who vows to never break his loyalty to his true love.

The Uprize Music artist humbly welcomes his very first berth at the top of the reggae singles chart (Jamaica Weekly Countdown). "It's a good feeling. I've been trying to get here for quite a while, about six years, and it took a lot of hard work."

"Thousand Miles" has been gaining momentum on the airwaves in Jamaica for over two months, as quality music recently garnered its fair share of airplay amidst a ban on "indecent" dancehall and soca music on the nation's airwaves. This made room for quality and positive music such as Ras Penco's, catapulting him into the limelight. The ensuing video lit up television sets and has also enjoyed rotation, much to the delight of reggae lovers. "I wrote it and from the moment I finished recording it in the studio, I knew it was a great song and that people would love it."


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April 27, 2009

Dancehall star Vybz Kartel banned from Grenada

By Kon-Vick Writer

vybz-kartel-granada-ban-barred-concert.jpgOne of Dancehall's best lyricists Vybz Kartel has been banned from performing on Grenadian soil at a concert scheduled for Saturday (May 2, 2009).

Rumors have been circulating that the gay rights group might be the ones behind the ban but according to reports by the Associated Press, a government official from Grenada had issued a statement, which stated that a popular Jamaican rapper has been barred from the country due to his raunchy lyrics.

"Lyrics that seem to promote violence have raised concern and led the government to deny the rapper a performance permit," said Senator Ann Peters (Health Minister & Chairman of Grenada's National AIDS Council).

The promoter of the event titled "Rap-it-up" a concert to promote safe sex and the launching of Vybz Kartel's Daggering condom now seeks legal advice as he claims he spent a huge sum of money on the planning of the event.

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Mavado still blessing up the #1 spot on the OutAroad Top 20 Hot Singles Chart


The man from the gully side Mavado's 'I'm So Blessed' is still the #1 song on the Top 20 Hot Singles Chart. Will Mavado be able to hold off the man from gaza (Vybz Kartel) for a third week straight?

While there is no new entry in the top ten for this week, the Rasta Run Di World hit-maker Spragga Benz has managed to secure a spot on the OutAroad chart for the first time with his now blazing hit single Tiny Tot making its debut at #19.

Vybz Kartel’s Mama has been awarded as the Greatest Gainer for this week jumping three places up the chart to crash in the #17 position.

TW means This Week, LW means Last Week and WOC means Weeks on Chart
TW - LW - WOC Artiste Name ----- Song Title ---- Record Label

01 - 01 - (09) Mavado 'I'm So Blessed' - Big Ship - (2wks@#1)

02 - 03 - (07) Vybz Kartel 'Get Wild' - Adidjaheim/NotNice Records

03 - 04 - (08) Mavado - 'Again & Again'

04 - 02 - (08) Vybz Kartel - 'Last Man Standing' - Not-Nice

05 - 07 - (06) Elephant Man - 'Alli-Lu-Ya' - Very Huge (Chester)

06 - 05 - (14) Andrew & Wadda Blood - Money Mi Seh La La La – Notice - (Peak@#2)

07 - 09 - (03) Vybz Kartel Mind Pon Mi Money' - Liv Up Records

08 - 06 - (14) Laden - 'Really Like You' - Big Ship - (1wk@#1)

09 - 08 - (12) Ding Dong - 'Man A Gallis' - Notice - (Peak@#6)

10 - 10 - (13) Konshens - 'This Means Money' - Head Concussion - (2wks@#1)

11 - 12 - (04) Charly Blacks - 'Rich Dis Year'

12 - 11 - (12) Chino ft Di Genius - 'Protected' - Big Ship -(Peak@#4)

13 - 14 - (02) Elephant Man - God Bless' - Very Huge Records (Chester)

14 - 16 - (03) Mr. Vegas - 'I am Blessed' - Liv Up Records

15 - 17 - (02) Jah Vinci 'Watch Your Friends' - Not Nice/Adidjaheim Records


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The Crowning of ZJ Rose - Flowers A Bloom



Lyrics and mp3

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April 26, 2009

Mavado and Bobby Valentino collaborate on two remixes


RnB singer Bobby Valentino and the Gully God Mavado have been lacing each other's songs recently.
Big fans of each other's music, the link was made by Mavado's management and resulted in Bobby inviting Mavado to jump on the remix for his "Hands on Me" single.
In turn, Bobby has also sung on Mavado's ladies anthem "Never Believe You," which will drop in time for Summer.

Atlanta native Bobby Valentino's last single "Beep" was a certified smash and he has also been enjoying huge airplay with the hook on Lil Wayne's platinum monster "Mrs. Officer."


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Capone -- "f@&k you back upstairs"


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April 25, 2009

Serani "GOT NEXT" - Vibe Magazine

Serani-key-board-musician-jamaican-men-male.jpgAccording to the latest edition of Vibe magazine (with Rhianna on the cover) Jamaican Dancehall sensation Serani has got NEXT!
The prestigious urban bible features the talented singer/producer/musician in its "GOT NEXT" segment, reserved for rising stars on the US scene.

With his hit single "No Games" seemingly refusing to go away, the spins on US radio continue to rise with radio stations as far and wide as upstate New York to Nashville to Colorado Springs rotating the track. "No Games" climbed to #62 on Billboard's Hot 100 Hip Hop and R'n'B charts last week and was played on New York's HOT 97 radio station more than 80 times last week alone.

With the track selling well digitally - peaking at # 4 on the US iTunes Reggae Singles Chart and hitting the # 1 spot on the same iTunes chart in Canada, things are also opening up internationally for Serani too.


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Sisters -"Life is a gamble" - Stream

Artist: Stream
Song: Sisters
Production: House of Hits Records

stream-nateesha-sisters-houseofhits-reggae-singer.jpg'Sisters', the latest effort from uprising female reggae singing Stream is an uplifting song aimed at inspiring women to remain positive and focused as they journey through life. House of Hits Records artiste Stream chants words of encouragement over the mellow roots rock reggae rhythm, which is a beautiful contrast to her strong vocals.

After hearing 'Sisters' for the first time, it is obvious that this artist has already decided which direction she wants her career to take. She has the confidence of a seasoned veteran and that is important in the building of any artist career.

'Sisters' has the potential of gaining 'Stream' instant popularity, particularly if it becomes a radio hit. This is one female artist to watch for the future.

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April 24, 2009

Dog eats G-string, almost dies

dog-under-ware.jpgAn Australian dog owner almost lost her pet after he ate her size 10 G-string.

The Northern Territory resident, who was too embarrassed to be named, said she rushed her cavalier King Charles spaniel, Baxter, to the vet over Easter weekend after he refused to eat and started vomiting, according to The Northern Territory News.

An X-ray revealed the 2-year-old dog’s bowels were blocked, and he would be lucky to survive the night if veterinarians did not operate immediately.

During the 3 a.m. procedure, University Avenue Veterinary Hospital doctors in Palmerston untangled a black, lacey G-string with approximately 8 inches of elastic from Baxter’s intestines.

After the dog’s serious brush with death, his owner said she no longer will be leaving her underwear around for Baxter to access.

Lucky the G-string wasn’t a size 16.


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Susan Boyle gets her makeover: Do you love it or hate it?

Don't recognize that stylish brunette?

susan-boyle-britains-got-talent-photos.jpgIt's none other than Susan Boyle - the breakout star of "Britain's Got Talent" who has been dubbed a "hairy angel" by the British press for her formerly frizzy and gray-streaked cloud of hair.

But she's grizzly no more!

The singing phenomenon was photographed Friday outside her home in Scotland with newly dyed hair in a more stylish cut and even some make-up to even out her ruddy skin tone.

She also had her eyebrows thinned and shaped in recent days and stepped out in chic high heels.

Friday, Boyle was again wearing her new fitted leather jacket - a huge leap from the dowdy mustard-hued lace dress she wore on her initial television appearance - and added flair with a Burberry-print scarf.

The producers at "Britain's Got Talent" are "frantic" over the changes, according to the British Daily Mail.

Watch Her Unexpected Performance

Source: nydailynews

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April 22, 2009

'Best of the Best' Brings the best in music


MIAMI, FLORIDA - The show that promises to be the 'best of the best' is indeed that. The 2009 line-up for its third undertaking on Sunday, May 24th at Bicentennial Park in Miami sees nothing but stars!

Billed as the "Best Caribbean Show in North America," Best of the Best has grown into an international music festival, which music lovers journey from around the world to savor each year. Presented by Miami's premier promotions company, JBJ Entertainment, this year's roster showcases artists that are at the top of their game, in their respective genres, in Caribbean and urban music.

Dancehall star Mavado is enjoying amazing crossover success with his current album sitting pretty at #76 on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-hop albums; it's the only Caribbean album on a Billboard mainstream chart. "Last year I didn't get to make it to the show," says Mavado. "So this year, Best of the Best is going to get the very best of Mavado."

Also enjoying tremendous mainstream airplay is Serani, whose single "No Games" comes in at #67 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-hop chart this week. "With all the positive things happening in my career recently, Best of the Best is dropping at the right time," reveals Serani. "I'm 100% ready to celebrate with all my fans cause it's going to be one big party!"


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Platinum Camp Booty Girls DVD

The Booty Girls DVD features stars such as Jamaica's dancehall veteran deejay Ninja Man, Barrington Levy, Wayne Wonder, Foxy Brown, Kardinal, Ox and CEO of Platinum Camp Daddy Bigg$.


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Where do we go from here- Ziggie Bless

Artist: Ziggie Bless
Song: Full Time
Producer: Livingston Lewis
'Wise Men' Produced 'Blem Up riddim'

ziggiebless-reggae-artiste.jpgUpcoming reggae artist Ziggie Bless latest effort on the 'Wise Men' Produced 'Blem Up riddim' has the potential to take him one step closer to becoming a household name. The track entitled 'Full Time' is an outcry for better in Jamaican society and the world at large, which is cleverly written and expertly executed. The subject matter of this song will be easily received particularly with the current world financial crisis.

Ziggie Bless's vocals 'Blem' into the cool easy-going roots rock reggae beat making it easy on the ears. This combined with the catchy chorus should make it an instant radio favorite and have the potential of exposing him to the European reggae market.

This 'rising star' is definitely one to watch for the near future.

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Elephant Man dances his way onto the Billboard with 'Nuh Linga'

By Kon-Vick Writer

elephant-man-nuh-linga-video-photos.jpgDancehall heavyweight Elephant Man aka the Energy Gad has "Nuh Linga" his way onto the Billboard Top Hip-hop/R&B chart. Since its release, Nuh Linga has been the #1 single in many countries including the Caribbean, the UK and on several charts in New York and Florida.

When checked the Billboard chart this morning "Nuh Linga" was still standing firm at #100 and is definitely looking to break more grounds.

Other dancehall artistes to hit the Billboard for 2009 are Mavado with I'm So Special, Serani with No Games which is still fighting its way up the chart at #67 and Erup with Click My Finger. Fans can also be on the lookout for Click My Finger video.

Nuh Linga was produced by dancehall artiste Jeffery 'Assassin' Campbell and his brother Gareth Campbell which was released on their Boardhouse label.

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Check out Ms. November


A little of what I've been doing...I've had the pleasure in working with and meeting some new people in my life the last couple years and It's my pleasure to receive God's blessing of real people. In my life right now I am really focused and grinding hard to achieve my endeavors that I am constantly working on and networking everyday. I rarely stay home, I hate wasting time because that’s one thing we cannot get back, I love traveling, shopping and writing. I currently am almost finished on my First Children's Book YEAAA! I have many magazine, movies, interviews and appearances coming up. So stay on the watch xoxoxox Please don't send me messages to date...I'm very professional and like to keep it straight to the point. I appreciate comments, small talk, inspiring/motivating words. I appreciate your support and check in on me it makes me better. Christalena Randolph Height: 5'8 Hair: Brownish Gold Le short Eyes: Green Measurements: 36DD-25-41 Dress: 6 Shoes: 8

Her Appearances:
Shaggy music video Broadway featured extra 05 Local Artists Video Mr. Mannish, Main Girl, Denver, Colorado, FANTASY 11 Fushion Magazine Issue #6, October 2008 .. The Diary of a Black man COVER 2008.. Fashion Shows Fashion Show, Fashion Bug, Aurora Mall, Denver, CO February 2006/ Bloom Fashion show Denver, CO April 2007/ Braids n Coils Fashion Show Denver, CO Aug 2007/ Club Feel Taste like Candy Fashion Show, Denver, CO Aug 2007 ... Television/Radio DJ Toomp Presents, SUPA TIGHT "GREY GOOSY"VIDEO 2/15/09 Comcast commercial for the Gong Show, Denver, Colorado, January 2007..... BET Rap City, New York, NY, March 2008........ January 2007 Ike Mix Tape Album Cover, Denver, Colorado, January 2007 Tytaniks Mix tape Album Cover, Denver, Colorado, Feb 2007.... MCT/BGmodels MotorSports Official PromoModel 6th Annual Toyota 200 Willow Springs Raceway California July 08 .... Promo Model for P Diddy Ciroc, Core Retreat New Orleans March 2008.. Body Paint Model for Unique Candy Wraps Designs, April 2008, Atlanta, Georgia.... MS NOVEMBER DJ KTONE BDAY BASH Coming soon, Feb-2008. MODELMAYHEM.COM775442 TWITTER.COM/November09 Areas of interest: RUNWAY< PRINT< VIDEO..............


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New York Nuh Good Again!! - TOK "tore it up"!


Last night will forever be a night to remember as top dancehall group TOK switched things up a little, much to the delight of their fans.

Craigy T, Flexx, Bay-C and Alex made an encore appearance at the famed BB King Blues Club and Grill in Manhattan, where throngs of people showed up, filling the venue to maximum capacity, for what turned out to be one of the most memorable nights in New York City.

The event was none other than the R&B Showcase for radio heavyweights Power 105 FM, who invited the Jamaican act to hit the stage alongside the likes of Bad Boy's Day 26, Ginuwine, Pleasure P (of Pretty Ricky fame) and newcomer Young Steff.


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Delly Ranx is set to give fans a 'Good Profile'

dellyranx-goodprofile-album-photos-launch.jpgDancehall artiste Delly Ranx is very upbeat about his career and is currently getting ready to drop two
new rhythms the Gold Mine rhythm on Buju Banton’s Gargamel Music label and Comfort Zone for his own Pure Music label. He created both rhythms. Apart from that, he’s also working on his sophomore album for California based record label Itation Records. The album will feature production work from Buju Banton and producers such as John John, Mad Scientist, Jordan (Chimney Records) and Delly himself. The album, which is tentatively titled Good Profile, is slated to be released on June 23rd.

Good Profile will be Delly's second album in a career that has seen him creating countless dancehall hits as both an artist and producer.

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April 21, 2009

Little X to shoot video for Beenie Man's hit single Gimmi Gimmi

beenieman-video-little-x-gimmi-gimmi.jpgWith the release of Beenie Man's hit song Gimmi Gimmi (produced by Stephen 'Di Genius' McGregor), the Grammy winning artist, and The King of Dancehall teams with acclaimed video director, Little X, who will be shooting the video for the song in Toronto, Canada on Tuesday April 21st, and Wednesday April 22nd.

"Little X and I go way back - we've been friends for years. I like his work, and he likes mine, so it's only natural he shoots the video for the song." Little X, has a catalogue of hit video's including Sean Paul's "Gimme The Light", Chris Rock's "No Sex In The Champagne Room" and Ushers smash hit single "Yeah." The video for Gimmi Gimmi will include a small feature with Canadian songstress Jemini. Jemini has been performing for 2 years, and has just released a single called "No Turning Back" which is enjoying international radio play.

On Beenie's last day in Toronto, he will make an appearance at an FC Soccer match pitting Toronto against Chivas USA. The Dancehall King will meet and greet with the teams players, and FC organizers before leaving Toronto on Thursday morning for a scheduled performance in Barbados on Sunday April 26th.

Beenie Man was in Toronto to perform for fans after being away for 2 years. Hosted by Knockout Knight Entertainment, Beenie thrilled Dancehall fans, and left everyone wanting more.


Lyrics and mp3

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Destra Garcia Album release party for New York


destra-garcia-photo-promo-trinidad.jpgThe Caribbean's top female soca artist is set to drop her latest collection of hits on the masses this week, courtesy of Upscale Crowd Entertainment, Caribbean Fuse and TRACE TV. Destra Garcia unveiled her new album, HOTT, earlier this year with a Trinidad release in February, in time for the annual Trinidad Carnival celebrations. Now the soca icon will launch the album internationally in Manhattan, on Saturday, April 25 at the famed live-music venue, SOB's.

"I am really excited about the launch of my sixth album, HOTT, in New York," states Destra. "I haven't been there in a while and I feel a bit out of touch with my fans there. I am therefore extremely ecstatic about seeing and performing for them."

Already having produced four hit singles for the new season, "Hott," "Sassiness," "Bacchanal," and fete favorite "Obsessive Winers," featuring fellow soca stars Alison Hinds and Denise Belfon, Destra is now taking her pulsating soca sounds and high-energy performances to audiences worldwide.


Lyrics and mp3

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Delus - True Love lyrics

She stop searching, she's not searching anymore
Its Delus

She seh she found true love
True love coming from her heart
True love mek she wah be together not apart
From me because dis a di first time she true love
Ove ove

She seh she fine a man weh she can mek a plan
In ar life a man she can stand wit
Cause when time get hard an she a get old
Me a di man weh she can be strong with;

Aye baby yuh know me nah beat yuh
Box an bruise me woulda neva ill treat yuh
Me try do some a di tings dem fi please yuh
But me a bad man u know me nah eat(steak) yuh

Good loving straight till a morning
Moaning groaning my name she calling
Shivering shivering shaking thighs
You a cry and cyaa explain di bawling

Me a u prince an you a me empress
Our love no words can express
Mek heart beat fast when breast press to chest (when u rest pon me chest)
And only the walls can express the rest

She seh she found true love
True love coming from her heart
True love mek she wah be together not apart
From me because dis a di first time she true love
Ove ove


Lyrics and mp3

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CéCile's 'Waiting' is #1

cecile-waiting-album-cover-photos-video.jpgCéCile's Danger Zone/SoBe Records produced album, 'Waiting', has hit the number one spot on the Richie B Jamaica Music Countdown Charts for the second consecutive week. Distributed by Tad’s Records Inc., the album is also #7 on the New York chart and #11 on the South Florida charts, climbing its way to the top.

The album is not only enjoying great chart success, but 'Waiting' remains a top seller since its release last year in the Caribbean, the US and Europe.

The digital version of the album titled 'Worth It', distributed by Zojak Worldwide, is also dominating iTunes international charts, making CéCile the only female artiste earning that status.

The album contains 15 tracks with an eclectic mix of songs never before heard and others which have been previously released as singles. Favourites such as 'Ride Or Die' on the Journeys riddim produced by CeCile herself and 'Hot Like We' on the hot Red Alert riddim are included on the anthem laced album. There are also other popular tracks such as 'Worth It', 'Talk Talk', 'Goody', 'Faking', all of which have dominated reggae charts in the past year.


Lyrics and mp3

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Who will be the Lucky Charm of the Week A or B?

The Champion Sky as once again managed to stay ahead of her opponent beating her by four points (11-7) to make it her third consecutive win. She will now face off with Peta-Gaye the new Challenger.

If you want to be a lucky Charm you can send your photos to

Votes from the same Computer's IP address will be counted as one vote.


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April 20, 2009

Dutty Fridaze - White girl "dagga" pon di Red Carpet


Lyrics and mp3

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Mavado takes over the #1 spot from Vybz Kartel


Vybz Kartel is no longer the Last Man Standing as Mavado's 'I'm So Blessed' ends Di Teacha two-week reign in the #1 spot on the Top 20 Hot Singles Chart.

This week's Greatest Gainer title goes to the colorful and energetic performer Elephant Man for his mainstream hit single 'God Bless' produced by Chester Walker (Very Huge Records) who can also be defined as one of Jamaica's best studio engineers.

The latest addition to the top ten is Vybz Kartel 'Mind Pon Mi Money' (Dollar Sign) while the newest entry on the chart is another single from Vybz Kartel titled 'Mama'.

TW means This Week, LW means Last Week and WOC means Weeks on Chart
TW - LW - WOC Artiste Name ----- Song Title ---- Record Label

01 - 02 - (08) Mavado 'I'm So Blessed' - Big Ship - (1wk@#1)

02 - 01 - (07) Vybz Kartel - 'Last Man Standing' - Not-Nice - (2wks@#1)

03 - 04 - (06) Vybz Kartel 'Get Wild' - Adidjaheim/NotNice Records

04 - 06 - (07) Mavado - 'Again & Again'

05 - 03 - (13) Andrew & Wadda Blood - Money Mi Seh La La La – Notice - (Peak@#2)

06 - 05 - (13) Laden - 'Really Like You' - Big Ship - (1wk@#1)

07 - 10 - (05) Elephant Man - 'Alli-Lu-Ya' - Very Huge (Chester)

08 - 07 - (11) Ding Dong - 'Man A Gallis' - Notice - (Peak@#6)

09 - 12 - (02) Vybz Kartel Mind Pon Mi Money' - Liv Up Records

10 - 08 - (12) Konshens - 'This Means Money' - Head Concussion - (2wks@#1)

11 - 09 - (11) Chino ft Di Genius - 'Protected' - Big Ship -(Peak@#4)

12 - 13 - (03) Charly Blacks - 'Rich Dis Year'

13 - 11 - (16) Vybz Kartel 'Million By A Morning' - Don Corleon - (2wks@#1)

14 - 18 - (01) Elephant Man - God Bless' - Very Huge Records (Chester)

15 - 14 - (04) Charly Blacks - 'Bubble ' - Fresh Ear - -(Peak@#14)


Lyrics and mp3

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Breaking News: Troops end Jamaica airliner hostage siege


(CNN) -- Troops in Jamaica captured an armed man Monday who had barged onto a Canadian airliner, robbed passengers and held six crew members hostage, Jamaica Information Minister Daryl Vaz said.

The crew members were not harmed, Vaz said.

The hijacking suspect, described as a "mentally challenged" man in his 20s, had demanded that the Boeing 737 be flown to Cuba. The military captured him around 7 a.m. local time.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, meanwhile, told reporters that he planned to travel to Jamaica on Monday to meet with Prime Minister Bruce Golding. Harper has been following the airplane security breach and may meet with the plane's crew later today.

The CanJet flight from Halifax, Canada, had made a scheduled landing at Sangster International Airport in the Jamaican resort city of Montego Bay and was scheduled to continue to Santa Clara, Cuba.

Lyrics and mp3

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April 19, 2009

Platinum Booty Girls -- Hot & Spicey


This dvd is extremely entertaining and like no other. It's a compilation of booty shaking, music videos, comedy, sexy babes and interviews with the biggest name artists in the industry. It's also an introduction to the true gangstas and so much more.

'Platinum Booty Girls' is highly explosive. It has a very impressive line-up of artists ( hip-hop and reggae) Daddy Biggs C.E.O of Platinum Camp is the main character seen throughout this dvd. He interviews and hangs out with various artists such as Barrington Levy, Jada Kiss, Foxy Brown, Ninja Man, Kardinal Official, Free Way, Gilly Da Kid, Flipa Mafia and many more. The main topic of their conversation is about Gangsta the highly anticipated movie, which was scheduled to be released in the summer of 09. Because of gun and murder charges on two of the main characters Louie Rankin aka Ox from the movie 'Belly'/'Shottas' and veteran dancehall star Ninja Man from Jamaica, the completion date of the movie has been put on hold until further notice. Hot new video from Wayne Wonder titled 'Real Bad Boys' and a spicy, naughty new video from J Blax titled 'Dip It Low Lil Mama'. The one surprise came from a little known artist ( Xyle) He is a lyrical master and destined to be a David to the Goliaths in the dance hall industry. Platinum Booty Girls is the hottest uncensored dvd. It will definitely provide you with great entertainment.

By : Miss J. five stars *****

Lyrics and mp3

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T.O.K Takes Canada - Next run New York

tok-group-reaggae-dancehall-our-world-album.jpgSuper-group TOK is back in the US, following a series of successful, sold-out shows in Canada. All venues were full to capacity, with eager fans requesting that they return up north to do encore performances.

While in Canada Craigy T, Bay C, Flexx and Alex were invited to do a photoshoot with famed photographer Doro Saiz.

Now back in New York, the group will be busy with a series of meetings with VP Records to finalise details on the release of their new album.

Aptly titled "Our World", the album is scheduled for release in Japan on June 16, 2009. The Western Hemisphere on the other hand, can expect to get the opportunity to witness "Our World" by late summer.

For more information, check out T.O.K's new and improved Myspace page for new music and tour dates!

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April 18, 2009

Dancehall rising star Delus gives "True Love"


delus-true-love-poster-promo-photo-jamaica.jpgA new star is born with Delus, a versatile singer and deejay, with a growing passion to fulfill a lasting musical career. He hails from the volatile inner-city community of Sherlock in Kingston, Jamaica, home to dancehall icon, Baby Cham, and last year's breakout star, Konshens - his biological brother and fellow member of the duo, Sojah.

A number of successful showings already mark Delus' blossoming career. He was recently featured on the Shadyville Caribbean Mix, which showcases two of his most popular remixes, "Whatever You Like" with T.I., and the "Gangsta Remix" with Mavado and Lloyd Banks. His solo career continues to grow as he was also recently featured on 50 Cent's website,, and has already worked with top producers such as Cordell "Scatta" Burrell, D&H from France, Irie Vibration, and new sensations Seanizzle and Cash Flow.

The recently signed Media House artiste Delus completed a European tour in December, gracing stages in places such as Germany, Paris, France, Prague, Czech Republic, and Austria, as part of Sojah. The duo has an album that will be launched in the summer, after which they anticipate a demand for their shows in the European, American and Asian markets.

True Love - Delus


Lyrics and mp3

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Kanye West Unveils Sneakers, Amber Rose's Behind

kanye-west-louis-vuitton-sneakers-poster.jpgKanye West is revealing more than ever about his ladylove Amber Rose, but not with a blog entry or paparazzi rant.

West features the gorgeous blonde in the new national print campaign for his sneaker range, a collaboration with Louis Vuitton.

Shot by Steve Shaw, West's science fiction-inspired footwear is modeled by the rapper himself. His accessory? A nude Amber sprawled beside him on a leather couch.

In a clear case of "reverse cleavage," Ms. Rose gives the world a peak at what Kanye snuggles with on a nightly basis.

The pair will collaborate again in a music video for Kanye's forthcoming single, Robocop, where sources tell RadarOnline she'll look like "a Barbie doll come to life."

If she sticks with Kanye, we can certainly see a plastic replica in Amber West's future.


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April 17, 2009

Man Fi Get Bun


Lyrics and mp3

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"Don't sleep, Jovi's got the skills to make a run for Rihanna's spot


jovi-music-epic-jamaican-female-singer.jpgJamaican star Jovi Rockwell is back and ready to rock the masses. Scoring her first major record deal last March with Epic Records, Rockwell has won a coveted prize that most Caribbean artists aspire to but few attain.

"Having a major label behind my career gives me a sense of confidence and achievement as an artist," Rockwell reveals. "It gives me the opportunity to publicize my career on a universal level, and get my music out there (smile). It's a proud feeling and one that I am grasping with both hands!"

Also signed to Uprize Music, Rockwell is now focused on recording and releasing the right tracks to capture the essence of her eclectic flavor. "I sum my style up in three words - Rebel, Love, Goddess. These three words define the idea behind my music - a fusion of elements drawn from reggae, pop and rock."


Lyrics and mp3

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Sizzla - Blessed Earthstrong

boomshots57-sizzla.jpgSizzla Kalonji was born today in 1976 in the parish of St. Mary, who celebrates his 33rd "Earthstrong" with a catalogue of over 50 albums and still recording.

Fans can join the celebrations at his Judgment Yard Headquarters, located at 40 August Town Road in Kingston, Jamaica. We pray for his continual blessing and may his light shine as a beacon of positive change in this world. On April 21st, his newest album will be released entitle Ghetto Youth-Ology via Greensleeves. "You can take away the riches, you can take away the fame, you can take away the material things and I won't t care cause its jah love that makes me, no wickedness, no bad mine, no envy, its jah love that protects me"-Jah Love by Sizzla.

Lyrics and mp3

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Spice, Kiprich, Konshens & Laden to fulfill big North American Engagements


The doors to the "Rompin' Shop" will be opened -temporarily - in the US Northeast soon as "Rompin Shop" queen, Spice, fresh off her Award winning run will headline the Next Generation Dancehall Vibes - Part One which happens at West Indian Social Club in Hartford, Connecticut on Saturday May 02. The tour will actually begin in Boston, Massachusetts, at the Prince Hall, on Friday, May 01, and will wind up in Washington DC at the Crossroads Night Club on Sunday May 03. Word of the series is already spreading thick and fast especially in Connecticut where a massive promotional blitz is currently underway.

Kiprich, who has emerged as "The Clash Captain" having come out victorious at both Sting 08 and Follow Di Arrow will also be bringing a "full clip" of hit tunes for the Connecticut faithful.

The show will also feature Best New Artist (2008), Konshens, for whom anticipation is very high and not to be outdone….Big Ship camper Laden is putting his Rising Stars experience to good use and is generating tremendous buzz on the strength of his positive smash hit, "Time To Shine". He too, will be looking to increase his fan base on this trek.

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April 16, 2009

Mavado, Serani to perform alongside Soulja Boy & Jadakiss


The Alliance continues to bring Dancehall into the mainstream, placing artists on shows alongside major US acts.

Monday April 27 sees Mavado and Serani appearing at the UCF Arena in Orlando for DJ Prostyle's Birthday Event.

Mavado headlines alongside Soulja Boy who has two of the hottest songs on US radio right now - Kiss Me thru the Fone and Swag, and hardcore rapper Jadakiss, who just surprised everybody by selling 130,000 records in the first week of the release of his new album - the Last Kiss.


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G Whizz - "Mi Life Soon Sort-out

By Pen2Paper
Creative Concept


'Life Soon Sort Out' by Famshouse recording artiste G Whizz speaks about the ghetto youths struggle in life and how they cope with it.
In the song he encourages the members of the ghetto to be strong and appreciate the life they have and live in a way that does not allow grudgefullness and hatred (Jamaican term "bad mind") while describing the hardships they face as simply just life. G Whizz starts out by introducing the song "A life TJ [[Referring to TJ records]] a just life."

The melodic rhythm provides a basis for the listener to hear and be entertained quite like in a sultry, almost acoustic template. The conscious lyrics help in sending across the point that although your situations are bad possibilities exist that they could be worst and it helps to be optimistic about their situation through perseverance towards achieving goals of success and treating everyone with respect and equality.

The song joins the league of the conscious vibe being adopted by many Reggae artists like Beres Hammond, Konshens and I-Octane among a few. The much needed song seeks to express the talent of the young singer who has been in the Business for a while. The rhythm, lyrics and voice greatly complement each other and have much to be admired.

G Whizz and his management team will be heading to Tivoli this weekend to shoot the video for this potentially hit single.

Lyrics and mp3

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Lex Hype is ready to 'Trod It On'

By Krazy Katty Writer

lex-hype-vibez-camp-artiste-dancehall.jpgNew York based dancehall/reggae artiste Lex Hype has put aside his hardcore dancehall attitude to make way for his latest single title Trod It On. The positive message that the song signals were made possible by Lex Hype's management team Vibez Camp who produced the track.

The Dj begged for his people to unite and for the gangsters to put down the guns because too many mothers and fathers are living to see their children die before them.

Lex Hype also blames the governmental system for the rapid growth of poverty in the ghetto.

"Di system only set fi di needy, don't yuh be greedy people do yuh feel mi,

I've been doing this for a very longtime, why trying to take mine I’m just trying to shine,

life is worth more than silver and gold, but everyman want fi get rich before them turn old,

some man si di money and guh sell dem soul."

Fans can be on the lookout for a new video from Lex Hype this coming summer.

Lyrics and mp3

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April 15, 2009

2009 IRAWMA Reveals Performers


NEW YORK, NY (RHONA FOX, INC.) - The 28th Annual International Reggae and World Music Awards (IRAWMA) returns to the Big Apple on Sunday, May 3, 2009. The ceremony will host the top names in reggae, soca and world music at its new venue at the York College Performing Arts Center in Queens, New York.

Dancehall star Beenie Man has just been confirmed as a featured performer for the night who is set to thrill the crowd with his catalogue of hits, including the new single, "Gimmie Gimmie."

Also performing live will be Queen Ifrica, Cocoa Tea, Mighty Sparrow, Alison Hinds, Tarrus Riley, Dean Fraser, Calypso Rose, Tony Rebel, Gramps Morgan, Lt. Stitchie, Awilo-Soukous Band, Barbee, Mutabaruka, D'Angel and Duane Stephenson.

The official press conference, which took place on March 31 at swanky BLVD in Manhattan, revealed the nominees, led by dancehall deejay Mavado with nods in eight categories. He's followed by Beres Hammond and Elephant Man with seven nominations, Etana and Queen Ifrica each grabbing five nods, and Mr. Vegas with four nominations. Other nominees include Shaggy, Machel Montano, Morgan Heritage, Duane Stephenson, Damian Marley, Stephen Marley, Ziggy Marley, Wyclef Jean, Serani, Jazmine Sullivan, Luciano, Tony Rebel, Tarrus Riley and Stitchie, among others.


Lyrics and mp3

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Macka's US$15,000 Couture dress now cost 1300

macka-diamond-fashion-red-carpet-us%2415000.jpgOn April 2, 2009, posted an article titled OutAroad Red Carpet with Macka Diamond in which she posed for the feature at the recently held EME Awards. Within that night, two reporters were present at the Awards who took photos along with the prices of several entertainers outfit to be featured on the OutAroad Red Carpet. However one of the members asked Macka Diamond what were her expenses like to be at the EMEs and she told the reporter that her Couture dress cost a total of US15,000, the reporter then asked if it's US or JA$15,000 and she quickly replied, "no man is US that, mi bought inna Atlanta" With that price, the reporter was expecting to hear some more ridiculous prices for her shoes and earrings but it seems as if she got them from a friend.

In an interview on another website, Macka Diamond told reporters that she had no idea how the reporter from got that pricing, as she cannot recalled talking to any reporter from However, in the story on the other website, she finally revealed how she got the dress saying her friend bought the dress for her, which couldn’t have cost any more than 1300. In the story she did not say if it's US$1300 or JA$1300 so at the end of the day it's still not clear as to how much money were spent for her Couture dress - I guess the other website made an error too.

Was this a publicity stunt by Macka Diamond that went “six feet under”?

Why didn't Macka Diamond asks OutAroad to take down the feature?

Why Macka went to another website to clear the air - is it because she didn't want everyone to know the truth about her dress?

Why didn't Macka Diamond mention anything to the OutAroad CEO while he was talking to her on Gmail-Chat about submitting her baby photos for the new feature called ‘When I Was Child’.

Who is telling the truth Macka Diamond or the OutAroad reporters?

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An extravagant launch of 'The Universal Cure'


Danger Zone Music Group and SoBe Entertainment have always been known to do things in style and with flamboyance. And the extravagant event that unfolded on the night of Tuesday, April 7 at the prestigious Cable & Wireless Golf Club was by no means any different.

It was the album launch for their international star, Jah Cure. And they ensured that the world premiere of 'The Universal Cure' - the star's very first album since his release from prison two years ago - would go down in the annals of history as the launch of all launches for an album expected to be one of reggae's greatest.

Renowned decorator/caterer Jacqui Tyson, who has developed a reputation of creating high-class decor for famous events, accentuated the venue with her unique styling, capturing the essence of Jah Cure and Danger Zone/SoBe and the embodiment of reggae and Jamaica...with an international flare.

The perfect decor was complimented by her expert catering, with bars and food gazebos strategically placed throughout the venue, each offering a different international fare. The specialty of the night was, of course, The Universal Cure and Call On Me drink mixes that indeed lived up to their names and were on order all night.


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April 14, 2009

'Best of the Best' is back

Rhona Fox Inc.


MIAMI, FLORIDA - The Best of the Best International Music Festival is back and this year, its promise of being "the best of the best" delivers yet again. The premier concert event in North America returns on Sunday, May 24, much to the delight of fans, many of whom make Miami their destination on Memorial Day weekend each year, to savor the best in Caribbean entertainment, and in mainstream urban entertainment as well.

Presented by Miami-based music and lifestyle promotions outfit, JBJ Entertainment, Best of the Best sets the stage every year as the ultimate showcase of the best acts in Caribbean music. With a solid Caribbean foundation spanning dancehall, reggae, lover's rock and soca, the festival also thrills fans with the top artists in hip-hop, rap and R&B. Past years have included the likes of Akon, Busta Rhymes and Wyclef Jean.

This year proves to be no different as the show is hosted by one of the biggest names in music today, T-Pain. The star-studded lineup also includes Rick Ross, Jeezy, DJ Khaled, Beenie Man, Mavado, Elephant Man, Bounty Killer, Serani, Wayne Wonder, Capleton, Destra, Tony Matterhorn, Spice, Kip Rich, Flippa Mafia, Christopher Martin, Cocoa Tea, Ras Penco, Ce'Cile and The Stones.

In its fifth installment, co-promoters Budafuco and Jabba invite music aficionados from around the country and beyond to journey to Miami for this consummate Memorial Day celebration. "We've made every effort to bring together the best acts in music right now, for one day, on one stage. The diversity of this festival in music, culture and cuisine is unrivaled, so everyone is in for an amazing time."


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When I was a child with Kris Kelli



Lyrics and mp3

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Who will be the Lucky Charm of the Week A or B?

The Champion has blown away her previous opponent by 14 points (38-24) to have her second hold on the title. Can she now make it win #3?

If you want to be a lucky Charm you can send your photos to


Winners call this # (876) 529-9688 for more details on how to collect your prize/gift certificate

Votes from the same Computer's IP address will be counted as one vote.


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Jamie Foxx Slams Miley Cyrus: "Make a Sex Tape...Do Some Heroin"


jamie-fox-show-photos-tv.jpgIt's probably safe to say there are no Kids' Choice Awards in Jamie Foxx's immediate future.

After taking a call on his Sirius satellite radio show The Foxxhole Sunday, the Oscar winner and his zoo crew lashed out at tween dream and reigning box-office champ Miley Cyrus, referring to the 16-year-old as a "little white bitch" and advising her to alternately "do some heroin" and "make a sex tape and grow up."

The 41-year-old's foul outburst was prompted by a caller to the show who brought up a month-old story in which Cyrus pledged to "ruin" Radiohead after the rockers rejected a request to meet with the Disney star backstage at the Grammys.

"Who is Miley Cyrus?" an incredulous Foxx, who has a teenage daughter of his own, said. "The one with all the gums? She gotta get a gum transplant...S--t."


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April 13, 2009

Vybz Kartel holds off Mavado


Vybz Kartel's Last Man Standing holds off Mavado's hit single 'I'm So Blessed' to maintained its position in the #1 spot for a second week on the Top 20 Hot Singles Chart.

While Vybz Kartel is occupying the #1 slot, he's also doing tremendously well outside of the top ten with the hot track 'Mind Pon Mi Money' (Dollar Sign) being this week's Greatest Gainer, ascending four places from #16 to 12.

The newest single to enter the top ten is Elephant Man's Alli-luya that has fast become an anthem among dancehall lovers.

Three new singles made its way onto Top 20 Hot Singles Chart this week, which includes Elephant Man's 'God Bless' at # 18 --- Jah Vinci's 'Watch Your Friends' at #19 and Mavado' High-Unda at #20

TW means This Week, LW means Last Week and WOC means Weeks on Chart
TW - LW - WOC Artiste Name ----- Song Title ---- Record Label

01 - 01 - (06) Vybz Kartel - 'Last Man Standing' - Not-Nice

02 - 04 - (07) Mavado 'I'm So Blessed' - Big Ship

03 - 02 - (12) Andrew & Wadda Blood - Money Mi Seh La La La – Notice - (Peak@#2)

04 - 07 - (05) Vybz Kartel 'Get Wild' - Adidjaheim/NotNice Records

05 - 03 - (12) Laden - 'Really Like You' - Big Ship - (1wk@#1)

06 - 08 - (06) Mavado - 'Again & Again'

07 - 06 - (10) Ding Dong - 'Man A Gallis' - Notice - (Peak@#6)

08 - 05 - (11) Konshens - 'This Means Money' - Head Concussion - (2wks@#1)

09 - 09 - (10) Chino ft Di Genius - 'Protected' - Big Ship -(Peak@#4)

10 - 11 - (04) Elephant Man - 'Alli-Lu-Ya' - Very Huge (Chester)

11 - 10 - (15) Vybz Kartel 'Million By A Morning' - Don Corleon - (2wks@#1)

12 - 16 - (01) Vybz Kartel Mind Pon Mi Money' - Liv Up Records

13 - 15 - (02) Charly Blacks - 'Rich Dis Year'

14 - 14 - (03) Charly Blacks - 'Bubble ' - Fresh Ear

15 - 12 - (05) Elephant Man feat. Ding Dong - Dip Again' - Big Ship


Lyrics and mp3

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I-Shawna - Hypnotizes, with new single

By Pen2Paper
Creative Concept

ishawna_hypnotize_alliance_dress_artiste_female.jpgThe beautiful, sexy and equally talented new artiste I-Shawna, out of Kingston, Jamaica displays vocal skills similar to that of R&B icons such as Amarie, Maya and the late Aliyah. "Hypnotize" is the follow up to her scorching collaboration, - "Cheat Pon Mi Man Fi You" ft. Demarco. The talented lady seeks to mark her existence, not only as an artiste, who is talented, but as an entrepreneur, as the single was recorded by her, on her own label "Ishawna Music".

The song seeks, to entrance its target audience, into a sexy sultry vibes, while I-Shawna's lyrical accents seeks to entrench, a feeling of sultry, relaxing yet highly groovy track. She admonishes, her captive male character, as she "pop it, drop it, twist it, and lock it" while she say "ooooo"- denoting pleasure and enjoyment. She amicably describes, her feminine charms - her "thighs, brown eyes and smooth skin got him hypnotized, and begging for mercy". It takes a very confident woman to issue, such words of confidence, but for I-Shawna, confidence comes with abilities.

Her abilities, with regards to her talent are impeccable, as her vocals, lyrics and style are refreshing and new, she touches and can possibly reach a market which local stars like Tami Chin and Brick & Lace are taping into, "Hypnotized" is a simple yet relatable track, which both genders can related to, and therefore is hoped to see it's way onto countless airwaves across all boarders.

Lyrics and mp3

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Tarrus Riley ft. Konshens - Good Girl Gone Bad - Official Video


Lyrics and mp3

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April 12, 2009

Jamaican Designer Carlton Brown Fall 2009 at LG Fashion Week (Or, Hot Men in Suits)

Posted by Anita
All photos by Perry Ge

Carlton Brown brought his award winning Jamaican swagger to LG Fashion Week. He's one of the Caribbean's biggest designers and this was his North American debut. It was a really fun show and a crowd-pleaser. Did I mention that Carlton Brown does menswear? That would explain the reaction: hot men in cool clothing.

The soundtrack got people started. Some well know reggae tunes belted out that got many dancing in their seats. I was definitely one of them wanting to get up and bust out some winding on the runway. I was even dared to do it. There was so much positive energy in the crowd you couldn't help but smile and get into it.

Of course many women and gay men in the audience were drooling over the models. There was a collective yell when one model strutted out topless. After the fact I was reading Derick Chetty's tweets about the show and he mentioned a woman that had gotten on the ground to take pictures when the topless model came out. She was singing along too. I wish I got to see that.

The clothing wasn't your typical North American suits; it definitely had an island flavour with the bright colour combinations. More men should wear purple. One model walked down the runway with a veil over his head. After seeing this done to women so many times before in shows (Hello Margiela) I was glad to see the tables turned. There were a lot of three piece suits and some casual wear. There were one sided and bolero style jackets that were fashion forward but a little gimmicky. I also felt the pant lengths were a little on the short side.




Lyrics and mp3

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April 11, 2009

Sexy pics of Christina Milian



Lyrics and mp3

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Exclusive - Elephant Man Official Video for 'Alli Luya'


Lyrics and mp3

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Dancehall Artiste Sizzla Apologizes

sizzla.jpgSizzla Kalonji and the Fire House Band would like to apologize to the fans in Canada for the show cancellation at Paramount Concert Theatre. Although there are numerous allegations as to why the show was cancelled, the reason was time inefficiency and late entry of the paperwork to the Canadian Embassy in Jamaica. Sizzla was approved by authorities in Canada to perform.

There was no involvement of any form of contract or agreement to determine the acquisition of the visa in Kingston. At this point in Sizzla’s career, he is moving forward with total positivity, unity, and urges all to stop the violence. Under the circumstance, we insure that Canadian fans will get to see Sizzla perform in the near future.


Lyrics and mp3

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April 10, 2009

G-Maffiah's US Tour going well

gmaffiah_deejay_jamaican_artiste.jpgLast week, prolific Dancehall artist G-Maffiah began his extensive US promotional tour in support of his latest Dancehall single, "Hate Me Or You Don't". Since then, G has done interviews with DJ HQ and Father Lee for Mad Rush Radio, the Tek-Nine family and Gully Squad crew on X-Clusive Radio in New York, and DJ Krazy and Metriks Sound on Road Block Radio in New Jersey. As if that is not enough, G made time for Mix 96.1FM with DJ Lyve, and Linkage Radio with Mr. Lee. The entertainer also did a pass through at a lounge in Brooklyn with Bobby Konders and Jabba, and met with Dancehall promoter, Johnny Wonder.

"The demand for interviews has been over whelming and maddd," said G-Maffiah. Saturday (April 11th) will be the filming of the video for "Hate Me Or You Don't", as well as recording singles for the Gully Squad Crew imprint. G-Maffiah continues on to Boston on April 15th, and Texas on April 25th.

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April 9, 2009

Beenie Man Takes the Stage in Toronto with Canadian Rapper Tuji "2G" Sanusi

beenieman-toronto-show-artiste.jpgBeenie Man will perform with Canadian talent at the "Knock Out Knight" concert. The event is organized by artist Tuji "2G" Sanusi, and will take place a day after his official music video shoot for his track "Pleasure By Invitation", featuring Reggae's superstar Beenie Man, and also featuring rapper Chris S., on April 18TH.

The concert will include performances by Beenie Man, 2G, Chris S, Blacko Blaze, Jemini and more. The concert takes place on Sunday, April 19TH, 2009 at Fusion Nightclub located at 30 Beverly Drive, in Toronto. Doors open at 9P.M. Advance tickets can be purchased at all Willy's Jerk locations for $35. The public can call 647.208.6369 for more information.

Tuji "2G"Sanusi was born in Nigeria and immigrated to Canada as an adolescent. Uniquely, 2G raps in three different languages; English, Yoruba and Greek. 2G will be releasing his debut album "American Star" this Summer independently. Already, 2G has sold approximately 10,000 copies of his mixtape on the streets alone. His upcoming single release "Pleasure by Invitation", will be a sure hit, featuring mega star Beenie Man and local Canadian artist Chris S.


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Skylarking by Kepha & Daniyah - Exclusive


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Sugar Bear Rocks Japan


New York based dancehall artist Sugar Bear and The Big Bad Mighty Young Hawk from New York have recently returned home fresh from two incredible and memorable performances in Okinawa, Japan. The talented Dj 'tore down the house' at two separate venues to the delight of sold out crowds consisting of his growing Japanese fan base and U.S. soldiers of Caribbean origins(from a nearby U.S. military installation).

Sugar Bear's songs 'Roll It Up', 'Powers', 'Hot Girls', 'Ride Ei Good' and 'Jamaica Mi Born' that led him into an 'on the spot' freestyle - 'Japan Mi Born' which had the crowd in a mad frenzy. His overall performance went very well among the culturally diverse crowd, further showcasing his ability to reach the masses with his music.

Sugar Bear was humbled by the warm response he received in Japan and negotiations are already being undertaken by Jamone Entertainment to have him return to Okinawa along with Young Hawk and also the possibility of exploring new venues in Fukuoka.

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Mr. Vegas - I Am Blessed - Video


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April 8, 2009

Scenes from Jordu Live with Tessane Chin



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What's Next For Chris Brown After Not-Guilty Plea?

By Gil Kaufman with Jayson Rodriguez
Source: MTV


Now that Chris Brown has entered a not-guilty plea to felony charges of assault and making criminal threats, what's next for the 19-year-old singer?

Brown, who appeared in a Los Angeles courtroom on Monday to enter the plea in the case stemming from an alleged February 8 assault on girlfriend Rihanna, must now either face a trial in the case or cut a plea deal that would spare him from the maximum penalty in the case, four years and eight months in a federal prison.

Rihanna's attorney, Donald Etra, told reporters after the hearing on Monday that his client is hopeful that a plea deal can be worked out so that the case could be quickly resolved, according to a RReuters report. But he reiterated that if ordered to testify against Brown she would do so. Brown's attorney, Mark Geragos, has not returned multiple calls from MTV News requesting comment on the case and he did not speak to reporters after Monday's hearing.

Judge Patricia Schnegg set an April 29 status hearing for Brown and his attorneys, at which time a preliminary hearing could be scheduled. The prosecutor in the case will present the state's evidence at the preliminary hearing and Brown's attorneys will have a chance to examine the evidence and make motions and cross-examine the witnesses. At the end of that hearing, the judge typically determines if there is sufficient evidence to move the case to trial.

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Lights, camera, action: Tessane Chin rocks Jordu Live


Music, fashion and more. JORDU LIVE takes it to another level with Reggae Rockstar Tessanne Chin packing the house with her hits and fans. Tessanne Chin is the "real ting" says Princess Ellis from IPC Entertainment. The exclusive event hosted at the prestigious clothing store JORDU, 7th Ave Plaza Shop #15 Kingston Jamaica has consistently delivered the vibe Jamaica has been looking for. Tessanne Chin, the soulful reggae rock star, was totally awesome, like every rockstar should be. Her passion for music had the fans of JORDU Live wanting more, singing her hit "Broken Melody" verse after verse. JORDU LIVE was hot with entertainment from recording artists Kady Blu, Ricardo Suave, Sidra and Black DICE just before the reggae rock star Tessanne Chin took over the stage. Only at JORDU Live will you experience live Entertainment and live Interaction.

JORDU Live Showcase

JORDU Live showcase features new artist who will be selected by the power of their lyrical content, appearance, performance energy, use of the stage and by crowd response for an exclusive performance with a major headline artist, local and international. Application fee is $2,000 JA. Artist if you think you got what it takes to perform next to the greats in the music business, step up to the next level, and step up to JORDU LIVE.
Authenticated by IPC Entertainment give them a call for details 1-876-891-3639.

Next on the Exclusive JORDU Live will be ETANA the strong one on April 25th, Only presold tickets are available at JA$1,200 inclusive of complementary drink. Tickets are only available at the clothing store JORDU, 7th Ave Plaza Shop #15 Kingston Jamaica.

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April 7, 2009

Dancehall artiste Ninja Man for court today

By Kon-Vick writer

Ninja-man-wanted-photo.jpgDancehall's Don Gargon Ninja Man who recently signed to Platinum Camp is scheduled to appear in court today (Tuesday April 7th) in relation to the death of 20 year-old Ricardo Johnson - Ninja Man will answer to charges of shooting with intent and conspiracy to commit murder.

Detectives of the St. Andrew South police have interrogated Ninja Man repeatedly in the presence of his lawyer Ms. Norma Linton - even so he has managed to maintain his innocence, he was then charged after further investigation reveals that Ninja Man might be withholding important information that can be of help to the police investigation.

According to CCN, the incident took place on Tuesday March 17, 2009 at about 11:15 a.m. when three men drove up to Johnson's gate - he then got into an intense argument with the men who drove off but to later returned and sprayed Johnson's body with bullets. He was immediately rushed to the Kingston Public Hospital but failed to overcome his injuries.

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Sleepy Hallowtips Remixed Angels & Demons with Gospel Artiste Omari

sleepy-hallowtips-baseyc-tok.jpgDancehall newest sensation Sleepy Hallowtips is back with two new singles. His first is a heart wrenching 'Anna Kay' in which he touches the topic of teenage pregnancy. The song is a very touching one and is sure to grasp people's attention to this very taboo topic. Also he has re released his current single 'Angels & Demons'. This time around, he added the 'Father God Help' hit-maker gospel reggae star Omari to the track that has certainly adds a bit more flavour and soul to the track.

Both songs are clean and totally fit for airplay.

''Nuff artiste say dem represent fi di garrison but limit dem music to what's already been said over and over again. Is a whole lot more dat goes on in di ghetto than just shoot dem up bang, bang. Everyday we see a situation like Anna Kay and go through di struggle of Angels and Demons,” he told He added, “Mi mainly do hardcore music but mi nah limit me material to only one thing.''

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As long as "She's Happy" - Konshens & Delus

By Pen2Paper Writer

delus-konshens-she-happy-song-photos.jpgOne's success and achievement is often measured by the actions in their lifetime, for the musical duo of Konshens & Delus, the success depends heavily on the happiness of their family especially their daughters. As such their newest song is so dedicated - 'She's Happy', produced by Frank ENT.

The lyrical content heavily speaks to the desire of the two artists, needed to cater to the needs of their daughters - "When things aren't going my way, an is like mi caan even see a brighter day, and when mi life start get so hard, mi afi kneel down and pray to the lord. An when pressure start bubble pon mi, and trouble start rise pon the double pon mi- Almighty father, u see mi little daughter, As Long As She's Happy".

The verses are interchangeable between both artistes expressing their hopes, that their daughters - Sahji and Karrisa, whom both artistes express, repeated never want to hear cry and ensure they are never hungry. They stress that they no longer care about their own well being, or "hunt" for them selves, but the needs of their children, in a bid to provide for them the finer things in life.

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April 6, 2009

Vybz Kartel's Last Man Standing in #1 Spot Top 20 Hot Singles Chart


Vybz Kartel's Last Man Standing is not only the Greatest Gainer for this but also the new #1 song on the Top 20 Hot Singles Chart. Di Techa is the only artiste since the start of the year to have a totally of five songs on the chart - three in the top ten and two outside of the top ten.

Andrew & Wada Blood has moved one notch closer to the #1 spot with their hit single Money Mi Seh La, La, La.

I Am Blessed done by Mr. Vegas on the Good Life riddim produced by Liv Up Records is the only new song to make its way on the chart at #19.

TW means This Week, LW means Last Week and WOC means Weeks on Chart
TW - LW - WOC Artiste Name ----- Song Title ---- Record Label

01 - 04 - (05) Vybz Kartel - 'Last Man Standing' - Not-Nice

02 - 03 - (11) Andrew & Wadda Blood - Money Mi Seh La La La - Notice

03 - 01 - (11) Laden - 'Really Like You' - Big Ship - (1wk@#1)

04 - 05 - (06) Mavado 'I'm So Blessed' - Big Ship

05 - 02 - (10) Konshens - 'This Means Money' - Head Concussion - (2wks@#1)

06 - 07 - (09) Ding Dong - 'Man A Gallis' - Notice

07 - 08 - (04) Vybz Kartel 'Get Wild' - Adidjaheim/NotNice Records

08 - 10 - (05) Mavado - 'Again & Again'

09 - 06 - (09) Chino ft Di Genius - 'Protected' - Big Ship -(Peak@#4)

10 - 09 - (14) Vybz Kartel 'Million By A Morning' - Don Corleon - (2wks@#1)

11 - 13 - (03) Elephant Man - 'Alli-Lu-Ya' - Very Huge (Chester)

12 - 12 - (04) Elephant Man feat. Ding Dong - Dip Again' - Big Ship

13 - 12 - (11) RDX - 'Ben Ova' – Young (Peak@#2)

14 - 15 - (02) Charly Blacks - 'Bubble ' - Fresh Ear

15 - 17 - (01) Charly Blacks - 'Rich Dis Year'

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Who owns the dance floor - Girls vs Aggressive Ninja

Watch this video carefully to see how the Ninja dancer slams a female dancer hard on the ground - at one point it seems as if it's a wrestling match.


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Statement on Assassin's Red Stripe Live Abruptly Ended Performance

assassin_girls_male_boy_dancehall_photos.jpgKingston, Jamaica: -- The Jamaica Reggae Industry Association (JARIA) notes with concern that the performance of Jeffery "Assassin" Campbell was abruptly discontinued at the recently held 'Red Stripe Live' concert, due to a misunderstanding on the part of the promoters. We wish to express dissatisfaction with respect to the artiste's performance being prematurely terminated as a result of a perceived violation of the rules of engagement by Red Stripe.

Red Stripe has since apologized for their action. JARIA notes however, the apology did not clearly indicate that Mr. Campbell in fact lived up to his contractual obligations, including his participation in two Red Stripe Representative supervised rehearsals. While the apology is a step in the right direction, enough has neither been said nor done in an attempt to repair any damage which may have been done to the artiste's reputation. We wish to recommend that if Red Stripe, or any other sponsor, has concerns about the lyrical content of an impending performance (following observations of the rehearsals), that it should communicate such reservations to the artiste immediately and unequivocally.

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April 5, 2009

Alley Cat drops new album Dancehall Knowledge Volume 1

alley-cat-album-party.jpgAlley Cat the Imperial has dropped his new album Dancehall Knowledge Volume 1 which is set to take the world by storm. The album shows the growth, maturity that he has experienced as an artiste from his ‘break through' days in the 1990s with hit songs such as Girls Tour and Hot Gal. This album by far shows a more spiritual, wiser, conscious, positive and militant Alley Cat.

Dancehall Knowledge Volume 1 was produced by Alley Cat himself, on his Imperial Production label. It consists of 17 tracks including powerful songs such as 'Mr. Reality', 'I Am The Best', 'The World Keeps Turning' which features Florida based R&B singer Tenor Blue, the very spiritual 'Burning Prayer' which starts the album. It also has soul stirring song 'All My Life' featuring Fiona which addresses the hardship faced by the less fortunate and the corruption happening in the society. He sings praises to the 'mother land' Africa with the song Mamma Africa.

In describing the album he said, "It is positive, political, rebellious, uplifting. It deals with a lot of social issues. The songs are lasting they will not come and just die out."



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April 4, 2009

Alliance bringing Dancehall to the world!!!



So far, the first couple of months of 2009 are showing great strides for dancehall/reggae as the Alliance continues to make history.

Once again, the Gangsta Fa Life Mavado has made a second appearance on BET's flagship video show 106 & Park's New Joint of the Day in successive months. Last month his "So Special" video was New Joint of the Day. His (April 2) appearance was via a track he is on with Reggaeton sensation De La Ghetto, titled "Come Out & See," that is fast becoming an anthem in the Latin market.

Alliance colleague Serani also made his appearance on 106 & Park's new Joint of the Day last month with "No Games," which is currently at #70 on Billboard's Hot Hip Hop and RnB chart.

Fans can vote for all 3 videos via the link below:

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Dancehall's baddest riddim "Good Life" now available on iTunes

good-life-riddim-juggling-photos-dancehall-logo-album.jpgJamaica's hottest dancehall riddim "Good Life" produced by Liv Up Record is now available on iTunes for just $9.99.

All 16 scorching cuts are available (including the version) with Mavado's "High Under," Vegas' "I am Blessed," Serani's "Badmind" and Vybz Kartel's "Hustle the Money" just some of the big tunes on the Good Life riddim, that has exploded on radio and in dancehalls in Jamaica and around the world since its release earlier this year.

Elephant Man, Sizzla, Laden, Chino, Cobra, Stacious, Assassin, Konshens, Flippa Mafia and Liv Up Record's own Nazzeno and Tuff Enuff make up the rest of the artists living the Good Life

iTune link:

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T.I. Says He Turned To Crime As A Teen For 'Independence'

ti-quest.jpgT.I. 's 2007 arrest for attempting to buy illegal firearms led many observers to believe the rapper's career was finished and he'd be spending a long stretch in prison. The rapper had previously done jail stints for drug-related offenses.

So how did an exemplary student, as Tip said he was, turn to a fast life of crime?

"I think for me, it was independence. It was about independence. It was about being a provider. It was me and my mom at that point, and from what I saw of my uncles and what I saw of my pops, they were providers," T.I. told MTV News on Saturday during his interview that will air Tuesday night (March 31) on MTV's "Road to Redemption: The Reckoning." "They provided for their family and other people's families. They were the ones that other people came to when they didn't know what they were going to do and how they were going to do it. Where there was no way, my uncles and my pops made a way, and that's what I saw."

For Tip, he said those figures became his examples. By the time he hit his teens, he moved to place himself in that provider position. He'd receive final-notice bills from his mother, and he said it was then his responsibility to make sure their lives remained steady. So he turned to selling crack.

The rapper said he masked his illegal activity with a more modest, innocent front: selling candy.

"My mom never knew how I was getting it done, she just knew I was getting it done," Tip recalled. "I had a few fronts too, man. I used to sell candy. I used to go to the warehouse and buy a bunch of candy, get a book bag full of candy, and off it. I pretended to my mom for a long time that that's how I was getting the money."

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April 3, 2009

Jovi Rockwell is back with a bang

By Secret Agent Writer has learned Jamaican star Jovi Rockwell has signed on with publicity company RHONA FOX, INC. The Jamaican reggae/dancehall singer is currently one of the few Caribbean stars with a major record deal. She was selected and signed by Epic Records for her unique sound and sexy look that sets her apart in this competitive industry.

Jovi was last heard with the blazing hit "You’re Gonna Need Me," a collaboration she did with Mr. Vegas. Now with the FOX firm on her team, fans can expect to see Jovi everywhere for the next few months to come.

Jovi latest single Tonight is definitely another hit for the diva which is already receiving massive air-play in Jamaica.

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Scenes From D'Angel Birthday Celebration



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Shaggy Tops RETV MVp Video Music Awards

The inaugural staging of the RETV MVP Video Music Awards was recently held. The event which was unusually designed as a made for TV programme, was a spectacular production.

Nearly 5000 devoted RETV viewers voted for their favourite artistes and their videos, which again reinforced RETV's dominance in the music and entertainment landscape. Votes came from far and wide, but the most popular destinations for votes came from Jamaica, Belize and Antigua.

And the winners were:

Shaggy: Best Reggae Video and Video of the Year- Bad Man Don’t Cry

Jason 'Jay Will’ Williams: Best Video Director

Global Bob aka Sponge Bob: Best Dancer in a Video

Prodigal Son: Best Gospel Video – Head Cyaan Hot So


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April 2, 2009

Tashamay's Fashions - Lucky Charm of the Week - A or B?

The new Champion had an easy task defeating the previous Champion 17-5. She will now goes against a new Challenger - will she be able to continue dominating and win the main prize or will she settled for a gift certificate?

If you want to be a lucky Charm you can send your photos to


Winners call this # (876) 529-9688 for more details on how to collect your prize/gift certificate

Votes from the same Computer's IP address will be counted as one vote.

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OutAroad Red Carpet With Macka Diamond

Macka Diamond wore a couture dress from Atlanta for US$15,000 (Talk about Money-O!), and her ear rings were from local store, Bling Bling.


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Sleepy Hallowtips Ready for 2009

sleepy-hallowtips-jamaica-photos.jpg2008 was definitely a year for rising stars to emerge on the Jamaican dancehall scene and Bombrush label artiste Sleepy Hallowtips was definitely one that shined bright. With his hit single "From a Place" receiving heavy rotation on radio stations and the perfect video to compliment the song airing on local stations, Sleepy Hallowtips proved to Jamaica that he is one to keep an eye on.

Not long after "From a Place" became the norm on the airwaves, Sleepy Hallowtips hit the studios and recorded the very catchy tune "Realest Winer" on the money tree riddim with producer and manager Roshaun "Bay C" Clarke. This dance tune has an infectious beat, the lyrics are catchy and it is guaranteed to be another hit from this upcoming artiste.

"2009 will be a great year for me, I just plan to keep making good music that the fans love" stated Sleepy Hallowtips.

Sleepy Hallowtips plans to set his focus on pushing his music and gaining added exposure by performing at local and international stageshows.


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April 1, 2009

"We're thrilled to welcome Serani - Universal Republic

serani-alliance-universal-records.jpgDancehall star Serani recently inked a worldwide deal with Universal Republic records and is currently working on his debut album for a Summer release.

Avery Lipman, Co-President of Universal Republic, sent out the label's endorsement of the deal today (March 31):
"Serani is a brilliant producer and musician whose vision as an artist
positions him as a groundbreaking musical force with worldwide
mainstream appeal," says Lipman. "We're thrilled to welcome him into the Universal Republic family as we work closely with his great management team to expand his formidable presence as a reggae artist, influential collaborator, and multi-talented trailblazer in his own right."

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