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T.I. 'anxious' about upcoming prison stint

ti_prison_photos_rapper.jpgNext month, rapper T.I. is set to begin serving a one-year prison stint for pleading guilty to weapon possession.

"I'm actually anxious, man," T.I. said. "I'm eager to put this all behind (me) and move on with my life."

One of the ways T.I. has made an attempt to move past his arrest is by reaching out to trouble teens via his MTV reality show, "T.I.'s Road To Redemption: 45 Days To Go."



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Posted by Can | March 9, 2009 12:23 PM

Rass! TI nuh deh a prison yet?! Mi tink him deh a prison from January/February. Mi tiad fi hear bout him anxiety bout going to prison, if u cant do the time (without bitching), dont do the crime. I just hope u'r still a cutey when u come out TI cuz mi cousin love u bad & nuh stop stress bout u prison time. Yeah cuz, mi a chat yuh business.

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