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Thank you Mr. Proppafix for your concern advice


Hello Mr.Proppa Fix,

I am glad that my article titled My girls are always complaining - I can't give that extra mile has been finally published with advices from you. So as from today I am starting to do and act as you have advised me and any improvement will be made known to you anytime in the future.

I am so glad that you don’t only care about people in Jamaica but also in Africa and especially my tiny and poor nation of Sierra Leone. I am a regular viewer of and hope to make more Sierra Leoneans become conversant with this site. I am somebody that greatly loves your culture and believe that I will one day visit that Island which I've dreamt of always since I started knowing good from bad.

Hope to continue sending my views on certain issues that are really tormenting me. And also glad to tell you that Sierra Leoneans love Jamaican culture as well as their music’s. So we in Sierra Leone are hoping to one day see more Jamaican artist come to Sierra Leone.

Big shout out to you Mr. Proppa Fix and also to the team.

Love and Respect
-A.M From Freetown,Sierra Leone(West Africa)

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Comments (2)


Posted by Toni | March 17, 2009 1:03 PM

Proppa Fix and outaroad, uno thing gone gobal... but wait how the african never thank we who offer up our expensive advise? lol him must forget that part.. Bless up African..

Posted by Protina | March 17, 2009 3:17 PM

Outaroad to the world......yeah

yeah fi real Toni he should have thank the readers for their comment eh...

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