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December 31, 2008

Bar-Bee - Love You Anyway

American bases dancehall/Reggae singer Bar-bee has proven once again why she is one of the hottest new female artists with her latest single ‘Love You Anyway’. She has set a high musical standard and is following it well with a slew of hits such as her collaboration with Junior Kelly - ‘Missing You’ and her instant hit club banger with Beenie Man - ‘Give It Up’. With every song that she touches ‘turning to gold’, it is safe to say that this is just the beginning of a long-lasting and very fruitful career for the young singer.

Over a very short period of time it has become very obvious that Bar-bee is a versatile artist as the style in her songs differs greatly. There is never a dull moment with her music as she has hardcore dancehall bangers such as ‘Give It Up’, Hip-hop inspired songs like ‘Paddy Cake’, and cool roots rock reggae tunes like ‘Love You Anyway’.

The video for ‘Love You Anyway’ directed by ZEWX films, adds life to Bar-bee’ lyrics with a series of cool reflective shots which begins with her singing over an acoustic guitar blending into the final scene that shows her leaving the man that she loves. The transition between each shot is done with impeccable timing. Bar-bee is dressed elegantly sexy in every take adding a seductive edge to the scenes.

‘Love You Anyway’ and the accompanying video are sure to cement in any nay-sayers mind that Bar-bee is here to stay. There is a lot to look forward to from her and it is evident that the success that she is experiencing now is just the beginning of a blossoming musical career.

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Save A Life - Shaggy & Friends

shaggy_save_a_life_friends.jpgShaggy, one of Jamaica’s top dancehall acts is also one of our top reggae music ambassadors and philanthropists. He has recently taken on the task of raising US2 Million Dollars for the Bustamante Children’s Hospital to help in purchasing much needed medical equipment. This is not the first time that Shaggy has taken the initiative to help the hospital as he does so on a yearly basis. He has used his influence and connections in Jamaica to push companies to donate money to the cause.

He is also hosting a charity concert dubbed ‘Shaggy & Friends’ on January 3 2009 on the lawns of Jamaica House to raise money to put towards his goal of US2 million.

Shaggy and his Big Yard management team have spearheaded a music video directed by famed director Jay Will featuring some of dancehall and reggae’ top stars. The song called ‘Save A Life’ is based around the concept of helping those in need, particularly sick children. The video was done and release just in time for his fundraiser and should help to rally support for his movement.

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Who will be the Lucky Charm of the Week A or B?

Well, this week we have a new Champion going into the New Year. She has beaten the previous Champion by a huge margin 24-11 to end her two weeks reign. Lets see if the new Champion can hold the title for more than two weeks, that would make her being the first contestant to hold the title for more than two weeks.

Who will it be A or B?

Votes from the same Computer's IP address will be counted as one vote.

If you want to be a lucky Charm you can send your photos to


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Tayma - It's an addiction

tayma-loren-singer-america-female-artiste.jpgLike bees to honey, Tayma's passion for her craft is more than an attraction, for her it's an addiction. It was evident, that since the day this virgo was born into one of Detroit's elite musical families, Tayma (originally spelled Thema) which means Queen in Swahili has been enamored in every aspect of performance.

Being influenced by Shirley Murdock, Whitney Houston, and Kim Burrell to name a few, she emerged into singing in church and the school choir. Once out of high school she got the introduction to her music career when she moved to New Jersey with her brother Carlos "Da Maestro" Mckinney. With the guidance of her brother, she was signed to be the first girl group "Lyric" on J Records. After gaining time in the spotlight for a few years and trying other groups that didn't pan out, she took a step back and realized that it probably wasn't in the cards for it to happen that way.

Venturing off on her own displaying the experience and knowledge, she acquired from her stint in the industry and with her brother Carlos by her side making them one of the first brother/sister teams in the industry. It is time for this driven songtress to take center stage. Tayma's single "Tipsy" is set for 2008 release, which will capture your ears to this sweet songtress sound.

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December 30, 2008

I'm So Special remix by Tony Yayo from G Unit

Im So Special Remix - Movado ft. Tony Yayo

mavado_gangstalife_photo-bounykiller_outaroad.jpgMavado’ ‘I'm So Special’ which was recently remixed by female rap superstar Foxy Brown, has also been remixed and used by G Unit member Tony Yayo on his latest mixtape - Bloody X- Mass. The original song has done the rounds in Jamaica become an almost instant success and tearing up clubs and sessions across the island since its release. It also has crossed over into international success with it entering the Billboard charts recently at #53.

The TJ records produced song on the ‘Unfinished Business’ rhythm, is not alone in terms of the international exposure as D.A.S.A.C.A member Serani has a song on the rhythm which entered the Billboard charts at #55.

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K-OSS' Fallin' - No need to be afraid

Artist: K-OSS
Song: Fallin
Producer: K-OSS

Fallin - K-OSS

K-OSS-reggae-european-artiste-man-indian-jamaica.jpgFallin - produced and sang by Indian/ European reggae artist K-OSS is a song that will rest comfortably among his impressive catalogue of songs. His music which is a cool blend of R&B, Rock and Reggae could easily be compared to a steel pulse record from back in the day. He has undoubtedly resurrected a sound that is very unique to this generation and modern reggae, which has of recent years taken on a more digital sound as opposed to the live instrumentals of the past.

K-OSS’ unique vocals combined with traditional reggae instrumentals are sure to make him a favorite in Europe where Reggae is craved more than any other form of Caribbean music. On Listening to Fallin, it is obvious that K-OSS has had time to perfect his craft. He flows over the mellow reggae beet with the precision of an expert, but with the ease of a natural. There is no wonder why his music is in such demand and he has had the opportunity to perform all over the world, showcasing his craft in front of sold- out audiences.

K-OSS lyrics are definitely what set him apart as an artist. He is deep and metaphoric in his delivery style causing the listener to attentively hang on to his every word.

With the success that his songs are, receiving in other regions K-OSS has a desire to spread his wings to Jamaica and the Caribbean, and become a part of the every vibrant reggae scene. This has led him to work with famed dancehall /reggae producer Scatta Burrell. This European- Caribbean link is sure to propel K-OSS’ promising career to the next level.

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December 29, 2008

Pamputtae shines at Sting 2008

pamputtae_female_artiste_sting_2008_photos.jpgEven though the audience at Sting was divided into two the only time they seems to unite as one was whenever it’s time to booooo an artiste or cheered for Pamputtae who hits the stage at about 4:00am to gave one of the best performances of the night.

The moment dancehall’s fastest rising female artiste Pamputtae graced the stage the men saluted her with firecrackers, while the females scream their guts out. Before you knew it, Pamputtae had full command of the audience having almost everyman whining up pon a katty while others watched her jiggle up har body pon stage.

After teaching the ladies how to ride it, sit down pon it back way and balance pon it - Pamputtae had to returned for a second encore to finish what she had started.

Pamputtae then close her set on a high with her mega hit single Good Good (Pat Yuh P*ssy And Call Yuh Man Name). The moment she set foot off stage Pamputtae was swarmed by both local and international media houses.

If Pamputtae can continue giving this kind of performance and keep on creating more hit tunes, she will definitely become the new mumma of dancehall for 2009.


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What's next for dancehall?

By Kon-Vick Writer


The battle has been fought gallantly by both Vybz Kartel and Mavado on the popular yearly killing ground referred to as Sting Jam World. I am sure that with all that was said and done by the artists, the fans of both sides were thoroughly satisfied and in the greater scope of things - isn’t that the point? Sting has delivered the goods - the fans have seen two of Jamaica’s most formidable young talents go up against each other in an attempt to settle a some what drawn out lyrical battle.

Now that the dust has settled, the greatest question is -what is next for dancehall? The dancehall fraternity always has something that keeps it going, whether it was the two year feud between Mavado and Kartel, the long standing battle between the ‘Grung Gad’ Bounty Killa and Beenie Man or the little one or two week contrivances between other artists. There is always something to keep the fans tuned into the radio to hear the latest gossip or buying the weekly tabloids because let’s face it - controversy sells.

Personally, I have been a fan of dancehall music for as long as I can remember and I have enjoyed every bit of controversy it has had to offer. Usually the rivalries in the music industry bring out the best in artists because nobody wants to disappoint their faithful fans. Having said that, the clash between Mavado and Kartel represents something much deeper than just the two artists trying to prove who is better. It represents a turning point in both artist careers and also in the greater dancehall community.

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December 28, 2008

Vybz Kartel new diss song for Movado - Don't Run

Dont Run - Last Man Standing - Vybz Kartel

vybz_kartel_mavado_clash_sting_2008.jpgAfter the clash between Vybz Kartel and Mavado - Di Techa seems to head straight for the first studio in sight to voice a new song titled Don’t Run. In the song, Vybz Kartel boasted that he was the last man standing and advised Mavado not to do any more Sting.

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Mavado and Vybz Kartel Clash at Sting 2008 - It's a tie

Dear Editor,


My question is who really won the clash, was it Mavado or is it Vybz Kartel? I was at Sting and I watched two of Jamaica’s best deejays battled. However, at the end of the day no one seems to can identify who’s the victor. Some people saying it’s Vybz Kartel and by the time I reached the exit another bunch of people saying Mavado kill the deejay. I am not a fan of Vybz Kartel or Mavado so I should be able to give my honest opinion about what took place at Sting.

Before I even go any further, hats off to Mavado and Vybz Kartel for making the battlefield crowdy and to also demonstrate to the world that we can once again have lyrical face-offs without physical action. Mavado is to be further commended for taking up the task of a Dj in battling Vybz kartel- a man known to know no lyrical boundaries, a man who feels that ‘all is fair in love and war’!

Now lets talk about who won the clash, Mavado or Kartel, yeah man it’s Kartel, nooo man it’s Mavado, okay it’s a tie. I know Vybz Kartel’s fans or Mavado’s fans might not agree but as you read on you will understand what I am suggesting. Fans need to put aside their personal likes for each artiste and admit the fact that both artistes did exceptionally well to have their fans going home confused wondering who won the clash.

One Man's Victory
Merciless’ victory against Bounty Killer and Ninja Man at Sting 2000 is what you called a 100% win. Everyone left the venue complimenting Merciless for dismantling Bounty Killer and Ninja Man.

The first half of the clash definitely went to Vybz Kartel AKA Adi Di Techa, it’s also evident that Mavado became a bit nervous. Even though he was, being lyrically punished by Vybz Kartel the Gully Gad stood his ground and managed to propel his self-back into the clash.

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December 27, 2008

Mavado and Vybz Kartel Clash - Sting 2008 - Who is the winner?


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December 26, 2008

Mavado & Vybz Kartel ER Interview before Sting

Mavado - Mi Nuh Have No Problem Fi Rub Dem Out

Vybz Kartel - It's Too Late To Turn Back Now

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"THE REMIX GODZ" - D&H AKA Daddy & Hypa










Lyrics and mp3

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Dancer Ice shot dead this morning


Famous Jamaican dancer Ice the creator of the Gully Creeper - one of the biggest dance moves for 2008 was murdered this morning (December 26, 08) by unknown men.

Reports are that Ice stopped on Keesing Avenue in Kingston to talk to a friend, minutes after a group of men approached the vehicle and pulled his female companion out of the car before shooting Ice several times. The men then drove off in Ice’s car without harming the girl.

Ice is the second Roses Crew dancer to die by the gun.

In January 2005 veteran dancer Gerald ‘Bogle’ Levy was gunned down at a service station on Constant Spring Road by two men who rode up on a grey Honda F4 motor bike and opened fire killing Bogle while the other four persons in the van was lucky to escape death.

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December 25, 2008

Mavado's Manager denies booing at Island Xplosion - “We'll see unoo over Sting”

By Krazy Katty Writer

mavado_sting_photos.jpgAs the hours to sting are counting down, the tension between the rivaling camps of the Bounty Killer led alliance and the Vybz Kartel led Portmore Empire is becoming greater by the second. It is almost like a time bomb has been set that will explode the moment Vybz Kartel and Mavado take the stage at Jamworld.

Claims have surfaced on a popular entertainment website that Mavado was booed while performing at the recently held ‘Island Xplosion’.

According to Mavado's manager Julian Jones-Griffith, it is no secret that the website that carried this report has been aligned with Vybz Kartel since its inception. A letter written by Mavado’s manager Julian that was sent to the offices a few hours ago (December 25, 2008) gave a conflicting report. It doesn’t make any reference to Kartel or anybody from the Portmore Empire being booed at the show but it seeks to clear the air as to what really took place. Below is a copy of the letter we received from Julian:

“A wah do one876entertainment? Dem caught up in this artist war ting and a try spread propaganda to help the artist they represent - Vybz Kartel. I just balancing things here because they have a report about Island Xplosion stating Mavado and the Alliance got booed. Kartel did his thing with Beenie so we aint gona tell any lies like Claude Mills and the rest of his media wh*res, but there is no doubt Mavado, Killer, Busy and the whole Alliance were very well received by the crowd. Alliance closed the show and not one person left before they had finished the set, giving them big forwards throughout their set. Kartel and his cronies left right after they performed which would account for the dreamt-up report one876 have on the site.
For once, I actually went into the crowd to watch the Alliance perform and I left the venue very satisfied by the crowd reaction. I called every Alliance artist after the show and simply laughed and said "dem nu bad like Alliance ee?"
I can't even bother go into details, suffice to say what one876entertainment wrote is complete bullsh*t. We'll see unoo over Sting”.

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My man slept with my mother by accident


Dear Mr Proppafix

My man slept with my mum by accident. He claims it is an accident and my mum never really knew he was my boyfriend although it seems she suspected it a bit because she asked me about him before and if we've done anything. I never really told her about my boyfriends because she could use it against me later and say stuff. I'm highly pissed off! I came in the house and heard them in her bedroom together and now I don't know what to do. I'm confused, should I leave the one I love and what about my mum? Should I forgive her?

She's married but has been cheating on my father for awhile now but being a loyal daughter I kept my mouth shut for awhile but once I told my daddy she's been upset at me ever since even had the nerve to say " She wish she never had me."

Help me out I'm in need of some REAL advice because I've been with my man since 2006 and I plan for him to be my husband in the near future. He claims he loves me and is very sorry but if he did this imagine what he does behind my back .I just am in need of some advice on what should I do in this situation.


Spanish Jamaican

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Sizzla Kalonji gets treatment like a Reggae Head of State by The Gambian President and Ministers of His Cabinet

sizzla.jpgSince Sizzla Kalonji’s overwhelming welcome in The Gambia by 1000’s of fans at the airport, he has received Head of State treatment by The Gambian President, Ministers of his Cabinet, and the citizens of the country.

On Sunday, December 20th, The President of The Gambia, His Excellency Alhaji Ya Yah Jammeh invited renowned reggae singer Sizzla Kalonji and his delegation to his Juramba Farm in Kanilai. President Jammeh and Sizzla Kalonji spent the day harvesting rice on a multi-acre rice field, introduced agricultural ventures, and discussed several issues around repatriations, reparations and education.

Kalonji made a commitment to be a Musical Ambassador for The Gambia as well as serve as a bridge between The Gambia and the Diaspora. He also proclaimed his desire to become an honorary citizen of the Gambia. One of Sizzla’s goals for the Gambia is to assist the music industry, build a studio for the youth, help the schools, build more hospitals, and assist in different areas of Gambia’s development. He also advocated that President Jammeh op en a Gambian Embassy in Jamaica.

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Rihanna: Hottest Pop Star Of The Decade?


Sexy Barbadian singer Rihanna is one of eight superstars tipped to be the Hottest Babes for 2009.

The other two favourites on the list are Scarlett Johansson and Katty Perry. However, many believe that Rihanna will be the only one on the list to continue reaping success in 2009.

Katty Perry who Kissed A Girl is tipped to continue her controversial ways, while Rihanna who is now being hailed as the pop star of the decade is expected to continue her chart topping trend or even better.

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December 24, 2008

Mavado & Cocoa Tea listed among The 39 most memorable pop music moments of 2008

By Krazy Katty Writer

cocoa_tea_mavado_movado_coco.jpgJamaica’s dancehall artiste Mavado and reggae singer Cocoa Tea were the only two Jamaicans who got recognition for contributing to The 39 most memorable pop music moments of 2008.

Mavado and Cocoa Tea were listed in the #19 most memorable moments of 2008, which highlights songs that were done to help boast Obama's victorious election campaign. According to the Los Angeles Times, Nas' "Black President" probably tops the list, followed by Jay-Z and Mary J. Blige, Common, Don Omar, Cocoa Tea, Mavado and scads more. But our personal favorite is the Lady Tigra's "First Black First Lady," a deeply funky and quite funny R&B retelling of the Obamas' courtship.

T-Pain, Akon, Kanye and Lil Wayne all shared the 1# moment for The year Auto-Tune blankets the world.
T-Pain was however given top honors for being the man to populate Auto-Tune into the mainstream market, a sound that helped to boast many songs to #1 on the Billboard and several other major charts around the world.

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Who will be the Lucky Charm of the Week A or B?

The Champion has once again conquered her Challenger to make it win #2. The previous week she won by a narrow margin but this week she increases that margin by four points (19-15).

Once again, we have a new Challenger - will she face the same treatment as the previous Challengers or will she be the one to end the Champion’s winning streak.

Who will it be A or B?

Votes from the same Computer's IP address will be counted as one vote.

If you want to be a lucky Charm you can send your photos to



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Dr. Dre On Kardinal Offishall Remix

kardinal_official_dre.jpgDr. Dre appears on a new remix of Kardinal Offishall's "Set It Off" which has leaked to radio.

DJ Skee's syndicated radio show premiered the track, which features new raps from Dre and Clipse's Pusha-T, on Monday. But the song wasn't supposed to leak.

Interscope chairman Jimmy Iovine sent Dre B-roll from the video for "Set It Off" a few months ago, and Dre apparently liked the song so much that he wanted to record his own rhymes for a remix. The track was supposed to be released earlier this year, but after Dre's long-delayed Detox album was pushed back yet again, those plans were shelved.

You can hear the remix here.

Dre hasn't rhymed much since 2004, when he appeared on Eminem's "Encore" with 50 Cent. Other than "Set It Off," his only recent appearances or rhymes of any kind have been on Timbaland's "Bounce" and Snoop Dogg's "Imagine."


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I'm Sorry For All The Homeless Kids - Laden


Lyrics and mp3

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December 23, 2008

50 Cent Responds To Lil Wayne Diss

50%20cent.jpgLast year everyone couldn't wait for the beef between Lil Wayne and 50 Cent after the G-Unit general called Weezy "a whore" for appearing on everyone's records and questioned Lil Wayne's sexuality after the infamous picture of him kissing Birdman surfaced. But Lil Wayne never replied...untill recently.

A new song "Louisianimal" [listen here] from the "The Drought Is Over Part 6" mixtape leaked last month. In the track Weezy fires back saying 'All about a dollar, f*ck two quarters/B*tch I’ll pour syrup in that vitamin water/I hope you die ugly, and tonight will be gorgeous. After the leak, many people speculated that the song was old and was leaked without Lil Wayne's permission, but 50 is now questioning that.

"Think about it, no one from his camp said it was a leak. We could assume it was leak but he's a celebrity. If it was a leak, he would come out and say something" 50 said in an recent interview on Shade 45. 50 went on to say "It doesn’t matter if it’s old or not. Now I know how you feel. I'll leave it like it is right now and wait till I'm comfortable and then I’ll do what I do."


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December 22, 2008

Scenes from Osmosis - Digicel's Chosen 200

Click on the PHOTO or SEE MORE to view GALLERY



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Line It Up Inna Yuh Pum Pum – Splendid ft. Spready Glory

Song: Line it up
Artists: Splendid & Spready Glory
Producers: New York North / Glory Productions

Line It Up Inna Yuh Pum Pum by Canadian dancehall artist Splendid featuring Spready Glory, is one of the pioneering daggering songs that ripped through practically all of Jamaica’s popular street dances on its release. The song easily gained popularity in the dancehall circles and is one of the first daggering songs to captivate some of Jamaica’s popular dancehall sessions such as Passa Passa, Bembe, P*ssy Splash, Weddy Weddy, Uptown Monday, just to name a few.

splendid.jpg‘Line it up’ is also one of the first ‘daggering’ songs to employ the use of a highly infectious fast tempo soca beat. This formula has guided several other artists to create successful ‘daggering’ songs. The repetitive hook and heavy baseline make it almost impossible to hear without dancing.

If Splendid can continue with the momentum of his first hit, then great things can be expected from him in the future.

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Bend Over - Wibble Wobble Dance - RDX


Lyrics and mp3

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December 21, 2008

Ricky Real "wines" Latti B in 'Wine Me'

Wine Me - Ricky Real ft Latti B Latti-B-Ricky-real-wine-me-guy.jpgBy Di Reviewer Writer

'Wine Me' by up coming dancehall star Ricky Real ft. Latti B is definitely a song that you will find your self-singing involuntarily after hearing it a couple times. The catchy hook is balanced well with Latti B’s silky smooth vocals, which are similar to Bajan pop-star Rihanna. In a time where auto tune covered chorus have become the norm for many Dancehall and Hip Hop chart topping singles. However, this track is one of the few songs that are auto-tune free, which allows the singer to use her natural voice.

‘Wine Me’ has the ingredients needed to become an instant hit in the dancehall as both Ricky Real and Latti B flow over the Dj Freeze produced track with the effortlessness of seasoned veterans. In addition, with the current ‘daggering‘ frenzy, that is gripping all of Jamaica’s street sessions, it will easily become a smooth ‘daggering’ favorite among the ladies. Theses artists have a lot of potential and could definitely become the next artist to stake their claim in our prolific music industry.

Listening to the song, it is no surprise that both artists have had an appreciation for music that extends to their childhood days. Ricardo Francis aka Ricky Real who was born in the parish of Manchester in 1984, has been doing music for practically all his life. Thus far he has experienced the success of one of his first recordings ‘Sidung Pon It’, being played on Canadian radio stations, dances across Jamaica and even reaching as far as being played in recreation centers in Iraq. He is currently signed to Freeze productions, which is owned and operated by Sanjay ‘Dj Freeze’ Pennant, who hopes to take his musical career to the next level.

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Bounty Killer's Range Rover seized by cops over the weekend

Bounty-Killer-outaroad.jpgThe police seized dancehall artiste Bounty Killer’s Range Rover last weekend in order to have it examined for traces of gun powder. The Killer however got back his vehicle the following day.

Reports are that the cops were acting on intelligence that shots had been fired from the Killer’s Range Rover. Both Bounty Killer and Mavado were on the way back to Kingston after performing at a show in Portland.

Several forensic tests were done on the vehicle but even up until press time the cops could not say if they had found any incriminating evidence.

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December 20, 2008

Passa Passa in Japan - Hot Girls Roll Out


Lyrics and mp3

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December 19, 2008

Alliance Builds Billboard Empire! - Mavado, Serani


While the rest of Dancehall seems to be focusing on lyrical confrontation, Alliance members Serani and Mavado are scaling international heights.

With the hotshot debut (highest new entry) on the Billboard Hot 100 Hip Hop and R'n'B chart this week, Serani's "No Games" continues to show the promise of being Dancehall's next big crossover hit.

Mavado's anthemic "I'm So Special" has also re-entered the same chart, even higher, at # 53 while Serani's "No Games" seems to be following the same path standing firm in the #55 position. Both songs were produced by TJ (TJ Records) on the Unfinished Business riddim.

"This is what we've been working for," said Serani. "The song is locking the NE and the plan is to impact the song across the US and then the rest of the world." Having formed a new partnership with Phase One Communications, Serani and his manager Julian Jones-Griffith are confident that this is just the beginning. Julian has been in New York speaking to several major labels and a deal seems imminent.

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Ghetto Gyno - Will check your wife's Vagina for you


Lyrics and mp3

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Model Diamond Dawn Cook - Will leave the lights on for ya

Diamond_Dawn_Cook_model_painting_female.jpgWhat's up y'all. This is Diamond and thanks for taking the time out to view my photos.

In a nutshell, I'm an actress/model in LA. I've been doing these comedic roles for years, but coming soon is Diamond the show host. I just wrapped filming The David Bowie story where I had the honor of playing Iman. I'm excited to see the project and thank you to Daniel Fines for the opportunity.

You can also hear me on The Foxxhole, Sirius radio Channel 106 Fridays from 2-4 pst. On a personal note, I consider myself a very easygoing chick with a laid back attitude. I don't have time for games or drama. I like to live life to the fullest and surround myself with positive people. I'm not looking to meet my future baby daddy here, Who knows, maybe one day I'll decide to settle down. Did I just say that? Yeah right! Blessings to all and feel free to make my profile your space. I'll leave the lights on for ya.

Lyrics and mp3

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Akon won't serve jail time in fan-tossing case

By Vicki Hyman/The Star-Ledger

akon-profile.jpgAkon cut a deal with prosecutors in Dutchess County, N.Y., for tossing a fan off stage at a concert last year, and will face no jail time, the Associated Press reports.

The R&B star had been charged with second-degree harassment and misdemeanor endangering the welfare of a minor but pleaded guilty to harassment. He must perform 65 hours of community service and pay a $250 fine.

During the concert, Akon had thought a 15-year-old boy had thrown something at him and asked a security guard to deliver him to the stage, whereupon he hoisted the teen on his shoulders and tossed him into the crowd. (The whole incident was filmed and splashed across the Internet, hence the lack of allegedly's.) Akon apologized to the boy and his family after entering the plea.


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Ladies only - It gets hotter on the inside



Lyrics and mp3

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December 18, 2008

Demarco is still a Standing Soldier - Top 20 Hot Singles chart

You can listen to the top ten songs on the Top 20 Hot Singles Chart on the player below


Demarco’s ‘Standing Soldier’ continues to dominate the #1 spot on the Top 20 Hot Singles Chart for a second week while Mavado’s ‘I’m So Special’ stands firm in the #2 position.

Pamputtae who was awarded the Best New Female Artiste of the year title by Stone Love has earned herself one more title for being this week’s Greatest Gainer courtesy of her hit single ‘Good Good’ (Pat Yuh P*ssy).

TW means This Week, LW means Last Week and WOC means Weeks on Chart
TW - LW - WOC Artiste Name ----- Song Title ---- Record Label

01 - 02 - (12) Demarco - ‘Standing Soldier’ - Versatyle

02 - 02 - (15) Mavado ‘I'm So Special’ - TJ Records - (4wks@#1)

03 - 03 - (09) Vybz Kartel - ‘Work Out’ - Big Ship

04 - 06 - (15) Vybz Kartel ‘Trailer Load of Money’ - Chimney Records - (3wks@#1)

05 - 04 - (14) Mavado - ‘Overcome’ - Big Ship - (Peak@#02)

06 - 07 - (09) Blak Ryno - ‘Bend Over’ - Big Ship

07 - 05 - (16) Mavado - ‘Inna Di Car Back’ - Big Ship - (Peak@#02)

08 - 10 - (09) Aidonia - ‘In Har Belly’ - Big Ship

09 - 08 - (14) Tifa - ‘Bottom of the Barrel’ - Ward 21

10 - 09 - (19) Elephant Man ‘Nuh Linga’ - Board House - (3wks@#1)

11 - 12 - (04) Busy Signal - ‘Tic Toc’ - SSMG - Song To Watch

12 - 11 - (06) Elephant Man - ‘Sweep’ - Scatta Productions/Kings of Kings - (Peak@#11)

13 - 18 - (01) Pamputtae ‘Pat Yuh P*ssy’ - Good Youth Production - Song To Watch

14 - 13 - (18) Beenie Man - ‘Gimmi Likkle' - Born So Records - (Peak@#03)

15 - 17 - (01) Vybz Kartel ‘Million By A Morning’ - Don Corleon


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December 17, 2008

Foxy Brown's Rikers Island Feat. Jamaican Badboy Louie Rankin

Louie Rankin Arrested For Possession of an Illegal Firearm

Rikers Island - Foxy Brown Feat Ox


By Secret Agent Writer

Since the release of Foxy Brown’s new single Rikers Island feat. Jamaican actor Louie ‘Ox’ Rankin, everyone been asking if Louie will in fact end up at Rikers Island (prison).

It's so unfortunate that the Platinum Camp signed actor Louie Rankin from the movie Belly and Shottas got arrested on the same day after he had just finished the studio session with Foxy Brown for the single Rikers Island.

According to reports, NYPD detectives stopped Ox’s SUV and during the search of the vehicle, a firearm was found.

In the intro Ox who also known to many as Teddy Bruk-Shut in the movie Shottas chanted, “Mr. Commissioner free Foxy Brown or less a gun shot through Brooklyn, a gunshot in a Bronx, a gunshot a Manhattan, a gunshot a New York and every weh, free har right now or else come I am the original Bumbocl**t Jamaican don dadda."

If you post this article on your blog or message boards please make sure to list source: as a link.

Vybz Kartel & Spice Ramping Shop Video


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Who will be the Lucky Charm of the Week A or B?

Girl A defeated her last opponent by a narrow margin of just 2 votes (31-29) and became the first to win the Lucky Charm face off. This week she goes up against a new Challenger. Will the Challenger be able to stop her from securing a second win?

Who will it be A or B?

Votes from the same Computer's IP address will be counted as one vote.

If you want to be a lucky Charm you can send your photos to



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December 16, 2008

My cousin has sex with every guy she meets on the internet


Dear Mr. Proppa Fix,

My cousin is very disgusting she has sex with almost every guy she talks to.
I want to help her but unsure of how to so I'm in need of your advice. This is what happened:

My cousin has been having sex with a lot of different guys and I always come along just to make sure nothing bad happens to her especially when she's meeting the guys she talks to on the internet. She meets them on Myspace talks awhile and tells them all the sexual stuffs she wants to try then she sets dates to meet them and I tag-along because she asks me to just to make sure she's safe. When we reach to a guy's house I sit and wait in the living room while she has sex with them and / or suck them off. I don't mind if she did that with her boyfriend but she's just doing this with random guys. She has even had sex with three friends, one right after the other but I wasn’t there, but then I found out because now she's being called a whore / slut and she thinks her p*ssy is good that's why people are talking about her.

The worst thing happened recently in the summer when we were in Jamaica. This guy picked her up with his car and I went also and I waited outside the car while he f**ked her in the back seat then a couple days later everyone in the town was talking about it. That made her upset since we have cousins and a Grandma and family members living in Jamaica. Now I've told her mother about her frequent sex acts and her mum said to me she hopes her and her father catch aids.

We recently went to the doctor together since I'm a runner on the track team at my school so I had to get a physical and she went to get a check-up and found out she had to see a gynecologist. Her vagina is bleeding uncontrollably with period blood and it's lasting longer than suppose to but I know the truth, it's because of what she's been doing. It's been affecting her since January this year but she's been hiding it until now since she had to go to the doctor because the bleeding won't stop.

Well please Mr. Proppafix let me know some ways to help her if that's even possible.

Concerned Cousin




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Pamputtae is ready for the Daggering Academy

"Yuh seh you waan dagger, a weh yuh dagger deh, da likkle thing deh, nuh badda, badder me"

Daggering Academy - Pamputtae

pamputtae_female_black_daggering_academy.bmpBy Krazy Katty Writer

Pamputtae who recently won the title for Best New Female Dancehall Artiste last weekend at Stone Love’s Anniversary Party held at Mass Camp is once again gearing to have her fans singing and daggering to her new potential hit single Daggering Academy on the FLUFFAZ riddim.

Her raw vibe and energy caught the attention of DJ Sparks (CEO of Twelve 9 Records). According to Sparks, the synergy was volcanic while producing the single Daggering Academy, which only a voice like Pamputtae’s could execute well.

Dj Sparks is also the brainchild for Truth Is Riddim, Laba Laba Riddim with Jigsy King's come back song Pon Di Endz. Her most recent project is the steamy hot WIRE WAIST riddim, with the next generation of deejays like Charly Black, Shawn Storm, Bramma, Stacious, Delus, Wasp and Andrew & Wada Blood.

In Daggering Academy Pamputtae complains about the men who will preach endlessly for a “likkle dagger”, but fails to execute the task when he finally gets the chance to explore her prestigious Daggering Academy.

This single will definitely become an anthem among the females in the dancehall circle.

If you post this article on your blog or message boards please make sure to list source: as a link.

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Rihanna and Chris Brown the young Beyonce and Jay Z

rihanna-chris-brown-kfc-kiss.jpgRihanna and Chris Brown seems to be trodding the same road as Jay-Z and Beyonce who hide their love affair from the media and press until they secretly got married.

Even though Rihanna and Chris got themselves caught on camera in various positions, which is enough evidence to classify them as an item they both continued to deny being together.

According to, Rihanna and Chris Brown took one-step closer to coming out as the '09 Bonnie & Clyde at Z-100's Jingle Ball on Friday.

During Chris' set, his leading lady sashayed onto the stage to duet on a steamy rendition of "Cinderella" (a remix of "Umbrella") and "Live your Life" -- thereby turning Madison Square Garden into a greenhouse.

Fans have long lusted for Chris and Rihanna to make their love (more) public, but the young lovers insist on keeping it (mostly) private, making moments like this all the sexier.

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December 15, 2008

D'Angel – 'The Female DJ of the Year', "I plan to win more"

d%27angel_d_angel_female_artiste_jamaica.jpgD'Angel seems to be getting 'Stronger' as the years go on; she earned her first DJ of the Year title at the annual Stone Love 36th Anniversary awards dance over the weekend at Mas Camp and is still marinating in the glow of her achievement of winning this title. D'Angel mentioned "I feel great, it shows that hard work and determination still count for something. I know that I still do have a lot to learn and I will grow and develop and get even better. In the meantime, I have had to put my award way up on a shelf away from know how kids are." In addition, "I have been thinking about getting a trophy case as well because I plan to win more of these awards in the future," she joked.

Today (December 15, 2008), D'Angel appeared on TVJ's Smile Jamaica Morning Time programme, showcasing fashions from her store, Angel's Boutique located Shop 30 in Princeville Plaza for the Christmas season. "I will be in the store dispensing fashion tips and fashion advice for the Xmas so customers can come to my store and get the total fashion experience, great clothes plus great advice on accessories etc…," she said.

D'Angel performed at Little Ochie in Alligator Pond, St. Elizabeth over the weekend during an ongoing Island wide G-Force promotion. She is scheduled to perform on Reggae Fever in Montego Bay and a local dance in Clarendon this Saturday December 20th.

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Jamaica wins the 2008 Digicel Caribbean Championships

Reggae%20Boyz_digicel.jpgAfter an exciting 6 months, the wait is finally over, Jamaica have proven their dominance in Caribbean Football and have been awarded the title of 2008 Digicel Caribbean Champions. Jamaica receives the DCC Trophy and US$120,000 while rivals Grenada receive the 2nd place prize of US$70,000. After a penalty shoot-out, Guadeloupe secured 3rd place prize of US$50,000 and Cuba go home with the 4th place prize of US$30,000.

In a statement at the closing press conference at the National Stadium in Kingston last night, CFU Vice President and JFF President, Capt. Horace Burrell, congratulated the DCC Finalists: “The Reggae Boyz have proven that they are indeed Champions. Grenada demonstrated what will and determination can achieve. I congratulate Grenada on a sturdy performance.”

Winning team Head Coach, John Barnes, also congratulated Grenada: “Grenada was a worthy opponent. They didn’t make it easy for us.”

Barnes also expressed his feelings about the Reggae Boyz’ victory: “I am happy for the players and the country. Thanks to the players and the coaching staff for enabling me to help them win the Digicel Caribbean Championships.”

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Billboard Names Chris Brown ‘Artist of The Year'; Lil Wayne, Rihanna and Alicia Keys Makes The List

Written by HipHopRX Denise

chris%20brown.jpgR&B singer Chris Brown, 19, has been named by Billboard Magazine as 2008’s top artist based on a number of factors which include album sales, radio airplay, internet streams and digital downloads.

The singer told Billboard in an interview Thursday, “It’s bigger than what I can ever imagine. It’s unexpected totally, so it’s a surprise.”

The singer should be thankful due to the number of hits he’s had this year which include “With You,” “Forever” and the collaboration with American Idol Winner Jordin Sparks on the track “No Air.”

On last month, the multi-talented artist won three awards at the American Music Awards, including artist of the year and most recently he was nominated for two Grammy Awards for the 51st Grammy Awards. The 51st Grammy Awards will take place on February 8, 2009 and will broadcast on CBS at 8PM EST.

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Vybz Kartel, Busy Signal, Lady Saw, Coco Tea & Queen Ifrica For Sav Impact


The town of Savanna-la-mar will come alive on Thursday the 1st of January 2009 with the first ever staging of Sav Impact. This event will be held at the Llandilo Cultural Centre in Savanna-la-mar, Westmoreland. It will feature a star studded line-up with the likes of Vybz Kartel, Busy Signal, Lady Saw, Coco Tea, Queen Ifrica, Etana, Bugle, Macka Diamond & Stevie Face. Also on the bill are several talented up-coming acts such as Timmi Burrell, MBC (Make Boyz Cry), Ras Slick, Vengeance & Gransonn.

Backing bands will be the Ninja Force band & the Impact band, music will be provided by DJ Peck of LINKZ FM & DJ No Doubt of VYBZ FM, MC duties will be handled by ZJ Sparks of Zip FM & Ron Muschette of IRIE FM. There will also be lots of prizes and surprises in the big raffle at the event. General Admission will be $1000 & VIP $1500. Sponsors of Sav Impact are RETV, Negril TV, VYBZ FM, LINKZ FM & Torie-Shae's Production.

Sav Impact is being staged by HAH Entertainment Productions, although this company is new it has already stamped its class on western Jamaica with quality events such as the highly successful Negril Vibrations (2006) and Negril Impact (2007).

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December 14, 2008

Japanese Girl Gone Wild At Passa Passa - Exclusive


Lyrics and mp3

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December 13, 2008

Officers involved in the shooting of Spragga Benz’s son death out on bail

spragga_benz_son_dead_artiste_man.jpgBy Kon-Vick Writer

Constable Andre Hare and Audley Lawrence who were charged with the death of Dancehall artiste Spragga Benz’s son Carlye Grant, were granted bail in the sum of $350,000 each when they appeared in the Home Circuit Court on Thursday.

Their next court date at the Home Circuit Court will be on January 23, 2009.

On August 23, 2008 at about minutes to 12, the officers were patrolling Down Town Kingston when they pounced upon two men riding a bicycle along Church Street. The men were signaled to stop which they did. The officers then approached the men when one of the men allegedly pulled a handgun and fired several shots at the officers. The officers then returned fire, hitting Grant who ran but was later found suffering from gunshot wounds. Grant was rushed to Kingston Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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December 12, 2008

Scenes From Frosted - Tifa's Birthday Party

Click on the PHOTO or SEE MORE to view GALLERY




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Renaissance All White Christmas Eve Party set for Palisadoes Go Kart Track


The annual Renaissance All White Christmas Eve party will explode on December 24 at the Palisadoes Go Kart Track in Kingston.

Easily one of the most anticipated parties of the Christmas season, the Renaissance party will afford patrons a comfortable party experience. ‘With this year’s ticket price, patrons will be able to enjoy the full bar service and quality musical experience. Its going to be fun with lots of nice people to party with’, Delano Thomas from Renaissance explained.

Renaissance disco’s cadre of selectors, along with a guest selector out of Florida and ZJ Liquid, have been commissioned to take patrons on a musical high with high energy turntable action.

Patrons will be treated to lots of surprises including a Christmas gift, on entry to the party. There will be ample parking and security will be top priority, the promoters have promised.

Tickets for the Renaissance All White Christmas Eve party will cost $2000 for drink inclusive, while a VIP all inclusive ticket will cost $3000. ‘We have really good deals going for the pre-sold tickets so patrons need to capitalize on that’, Thomas said.

Pre-sold tickets are available at Xtra’s Manor Park and Mall Plaza; Esso Tiger mart in Liguanea, Harbour View and Dunrobin; Pizza Pazza in New Kingston; Genus Pharmacy and Glamma’s Boutique in Palm Plaza, Portmore.

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T.I. Will Use Prison To Plot Comeback

T.I._jail_prison_guns.jpgRapper T.I. is determined to use his time in prison wisely - he is planning to organise his comeback from behind bars.

The Whatever You Like hitmaker, real name Clifford Harris Jr., is facing a one year prison sentence in March next year (09) after pleading guilty to illegal possession of three machine guns and two silencers following his 2007 arrest.

And T.I. is adamant that he won't be wasting any time in prison.

He tells, "Presumably, while I'm there, I'll be able to strategise my comeback. All those days will be spent speaking to people who are interested in being in the T.I. business. Preparing myself for the days those doors open, when I put my feet back on the ground of the free world. It's just months of planning. It's just a long time to roll the project out. I ain't gonna just be sitting still doing nothing. The wheels will be turning, just the car ain't going nowhere."

And the star is even planning to make a movie before he heads to jail.

He adds, "The film I'm producing over at New Line, For Sale, we're trying to put that together, and hopefully we'll be able to do that before March. We're getting offers every day, checking on our availability, on whether or not we'll be able to take advantage of certain opportunities, film-wise."


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December 11, 2008

Getting to know Colin Edwards A.K.A Demarco


Demarco_fallen-standing_soldiers-photos.jpgDemarco represents the refined cream of a modern crop of Jamaica’s most skilled and talented music practitioners. He embodies a new age of cutting-edge artistes, whose ability to intertwine song writing with music production, engineering, and performing, and whose capacity to use these skills seamlessly between Dancehall, Roots Reggae, Hip Hop, and R & B, makes him in constant demand in one role or another.

He has either written, produced, or built tracks for some of the world’s most popular figures in music. Top names like singer/rapper Olivia, rapper Styles P and deejay Sean Paul have experienced his production skills, while deejay Bounty Killer and others have put vocals to his cutting lyrics. Collin “Demarco” Edwards was born in Portmore St. Catherine in 1982. He attended the Ardenne High School in St Andrew, where all his interest and skills were born and took shape. He was originally a member of a school based sound system called the Future Disco. Spinning the hits and mixing them, increased his love for it, and inevitably, he graduated to performing on the sound system. Eventually he had to leave his colleagues when he migrated to New York in 1998.

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Sexy Model Love - "wishing I was in Silver Sands, Jamaica"



Lyrics and mp3

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Ladies only - Which of the hot chocolates you would bang?



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December 10, 2008

Sneak Preview - Behind the scenes of Vybz Kartel & Spice’s Ramping Shop Video Shoot

vybz-kartel-spice-ramping-shop-video-scenes-sexy.jpgBy Secret Agent Writer

Vybz Kartel and Spice completed the video shoot for their steaming, hot, sexy hit single ‘Ramping Shop’ yesterday (Tuesday 9, 2008) at an indoor studio setting located at Lindsay Crescent, Kingston (Jamaica).

The video was directed by Nordia Rose one of Jamaica’s finest directors along with a few inputs from Addi Di Teacha.

The single that is less than a month old had the entire Jamaica questioning if Vybz Kartel and Spice new hit single has led them into a Ramping Relationship. 'Ramping Shop' is definitely one of the hottest singles for this coming Christmas season.



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Shaggy's Intoxication and Elephant Man's Let's Get Physical receives nominations for Best New Reggae Album


The 51st Grammy nominees were announced last week and VP Records received two Best New Reggae Album nominations for Shaggy’s Intoxication [VP /Big Yard] and Elephant Man’s Let’s Get Physical [VP/ Bad Boy]. Each project reached #1 on the U.S. Billboard Reggae Chart for several weeks and has been top sellers for the genre this year. Other nominees include Burning Spear’s Jah Is Real, Heavy D’s Vibes, Lee “Scratch” Perry’s Repentance and Sly & Robbie’s Amazing.

VP Records commends everyone involved in each project. With Shaggy’s Big Yard camp and Bad Boy Record’s team backing Elephant Man, the combined efforts in conjunction with VP made these ventures an amazing success.

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Jennifer Hudson -- Back to Work After Murders

Jennifer_Hudson_photos.jpgBy TMZ Staff

Jennifer Hudson is headed back to work, six weeks after her mom, bro, and nephew were killed in Chicago.

Hudson's record label says she'll be working on a new video for her single "If This Isn't Love," -- ironically, the same video she was supposed to film in L.A. when she found out her family had been shot at her childhood home.

Her estranged brother-in-law, William Balfour, has been charged with three counts of first-degree murder in the case.

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December 9, 2008

Beyonce Vs. Sasha: A Look At The Duo, Plus Beyonce Talks Competition

By Njai Joszor

beyonce-sexy-expose-photos.jpgCovering the current issue of Seventeen Magazine, Beyonce says "I don't try to compete with other people."

"I feel like I'm my competition."

Maybe Beyonce is right. As the title of the highly anticipated album "I Am... Sasha Fierce" suggests Sasha is the competition and by the looks of it she is winning -- at least in the club that is ...

With the simultaneous release of her lead singles fans can see that there is a clearly drawn line between the infectious dance hit "Single Ladies," which many call "Get Me Bodied" on steroids, and the more anthem tinged but heavily downloaded single "If I Were a Boy."

If history serves correctly though, Sasha seems to be the one who tops the charts, rocks the stage and fills the dance floor on "Crazy In Love," "Freakum Dress," "Check On It," and the aforementioned "Get Me Bodied."

Lyrics and mp3

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Who should be the Lucky Charm of the Week A or B?

Please do not discriminate the Lucky Charms or else no one will want to participate. Just vote A or B and you can also say why you like the contestant that you voted for. Please keep it clean.

After seven days, we will count the votes - the person who wins will face a new Challenger - Votes from the same Computer's IP address will be counted as one vote.

If you want to be a lucky Charm you can send your photos to



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Reggaelution Delivers - Buju Banton, Tarrus Riley, Etana & Rootz Underground

Buju Banton's prowess as a crowd pleaser is world renown and based on his performance it should be exciting to see the line-up the promoters of It's A Reggaelution put together for us next year.

Buju-Banton-etana-reggaelution-photos-from-jamaica.jpgThe early drizzle could not stop the host of patrons who descended on the Liguanae Club in New Kingston. Reggae fans have been waiting for a while to see It's A Reggaelution come to life. It's A Reggaelution was the first all inclusive with live performances to ever grace the shores of Jamaica and on Saturday December 6, 2008 patrons were not disappointed.

The night began with eclectic selections by Delano from Renaissance who masterfully had patrons swinging their hips and chanting to the lyrics of popular tunes from the eighties to the two thousands.

Renaissance was followed by reggae's newest sensation Rootz Underground fresh from their US tour. Rootz delivered a professional set belting out some of their more familiar hits intermingled with some of their lesser known tracks. Rootz filled It's A Reggaelution with vibes of revolution and Rastafari upliftment. Rootz Underground was well received by the large crowd at the Liguanae Club and were followed by the strong one Etana.

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December 8, 2008

Pamputtae rocks West Kingston Jamboree

Contributed Photo
pamputtae_dancehall_artiste_sting_2008_photos.jpgBy Krazy Katty Writer

Dancehall’s newest and baddest female artiste for 2008 Pamputtae was the only female artiste to have the audience begging for more at the West Kingston Jamboree when she took the stage by storm minutes after 4:00 AM this morning (Monday 8, 2008).

Before Pamputtae set foot on stage, the audience was already in frenzy, the crowd rushed to the front of the stage the minute they spotted the new mumma of dancehall.

During her electrifying performance, Pamputtae advised the females to be confident and “Pat Yuh P*ssy, And Call Yuh Man Name” before giving them a little lesson about 'Hungry Belly And Back Shot Nuh Gree'.

According to Pamputtae’s manager Hoffy of Good Youth Promotion, “last night at Jamboree was just a taste of what fans can expect at Sting,” he told

Lyrics and mp3

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Scenes from Rum Punch - Rum Swagger

Click on the PHOTO or SEE MORE to view GALLERY



Lyrics and mp3

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I am 18 - with a married man - I cheated on him and he forgives me


Dear Mr. Proppafix,

I am an 18-year-old student living in east Kingston. I attend a prominent high school and I am doing fairly well in school. I met a 38-year-old married man almost a year now who I became involved with. He is a very nice person who wants the best for me. We share many things in common and it’s like I can’t do without him. I also can’t complain about the sex which is very good because he knows his stuff.

In June I went to Barbados for 3 months and came back in September, however when I was there I cheated on him which was not suppose to happen. It was once and I told him about it and he claimed to have forgiven me. I didn’t believe this, because in late September his calls were minimized and then the next thing I know he was telling me I am on a time out. I was really pissed during my time out I started talking to someone - he had the audacity to ask if he gave me permission to do so!

It’s like I am living on the edge where he is concerned because the other day I was by his house and when he was driving out his wife was going home and I nearly get my a*s whooped. If I mention to him that he is using me, he will get upset. I honestly don’t want to leave him because he is like a best friend to me I tell him everything and he is always there for me.

He also has a child not with his wife and he doesn’t want one with his wife neither sometimes I have to wonder if he is gay because he doesn’t want to have any children with his wife. Not even with me because I don’t want a bastard child if I let him get me pregnant. Things are so complicated of late, I don’t know what to do things are not the same, and I feel like I am holding on to someone that is not there. He is a November man who loves sex to the max, I don’t even trust him. Sometimes I feel like when his wife is at work he brings in other women and when I call, he tells me he is sleeping because I see him do it when we are together. I really don’t know what to do.

Worried Teen

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December 6, 2008

Jamaican Model Lenoie Nicole likes to be sexy

vixens_model_leonie_nicole_jamaica_photos.jpgI’m orginally from the island of Jamaica. My family moved to the United States when I was four years old. I’ve spent most of my life in the Bronx. I don’t remember much about living in Jamaica as a kid, but I went back there about two years ago and love it.”

Growing up in the Bronx she became a tomboy, hung with girls that like to fight and didn’t buy her first dress until she was 17. Her parents thought she wouldn’t amount to much by 20 she bought her first home, started a mortage company. She’s a success now, a single mother, video vixen and one fine model. Regarding modeling Leonie says…

..Being able to be sexy and dress up. I love being able to capture different expressions and emotions. That’s priceless to me. It’s like freezing yourself in time.

Lyrics and mp3

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Demarco ends Mavado's chart reign

You can listen to the top ten songs on the Top 20 Hot Singles Chart on the player below


Demarco’s ‘Standing Soldier’ has knocked Mavado’s ‘I’m So Special’ off the top of the Top 20 Hot Singles chart after spending a whopping four weeks in the #1 spot.

Aidonia’s ‘In Har Belly’ has gained him his first taste of the top ten for this year (2008).

Vybz Kartel now has a total of three songs on the Top 20 Hot Singles chart after his hit single ‘Million By A Morning’ debut at #17 while Pamputtae’s ‘Good Good’ (Pat Yuh P*ssy) is the other new single to make its debut behind Vybz Kartel at #18

TW means This Week, LW means Last Week and WOC means Weeks on Chart
TW - LW - WOC Artiste Name ----- Song Title ---- Record Label

01 - 02 - (11) Demarco - ‘Standing Soldier’ - Versatyle

02 - 01 - (14) Mavado ‘I'm So Special’ - TJ Records - (4wks@#1)

03 - 03 - (08) Vybz Kartel - ‘Work Out’ - Big Ship

04 - 04 - (13) Mavado - ‘Overcome’ - Big Ship

05 - 02 - (15) Mavado - ‘Inna Di Car Back’ - Big Ship - (Peak@#02)

06 - 06 - (14) Vybz Kartel ‘Trailer Load of Money’ - Chimney Records - (3wks@#1)

07 - 07 - (08) Blak Ryno - ‘Bend Over’ - Big Ship

08 - 08 - (13) Tifa - ‘Bottom of the Barrel’ - Ward 21 - (Peak@#07)

09 - 09 - (18) Elephant Man ‘Nuh Linga’ - Board House - (3wks@#1)

10 - 11 - (08) Aidonia - ‘In Har Belly’ - Big Ship

11 - 12 - (05) Elephant Man - ‘Sweep’ - Scatta Productions/Kings of Kings

12 - 13 - (03) Busy Signal - ‘Tic Toc’ - SSMG - Song To Watch

13 - 10 - (17) Beenie Man - ‘Gimmi Likkle' - Born So Records - (Peak@#03)

14 - 14 - (05) Assassin - ‘Get Some Money’ - Big Ship

15 - 15 - (22) Assassin - ‘Dem Nuh Want Nuh Gal’ - Board House - (1wk@#1)

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Recap - Beenie Man Vs Bounty Killer - A whoooooo got booooooo?

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December 5, 2008

Foxy Brown disses Vybz Kartel and Lil Kim in 'I'm So Special' remix

By Kon-Vick Writer


New York base Platinum Camp recording artiste Foxy Brown lashes out against Lil Kim and Vybz Kartel for using chemical products on their skin in order to gain a lighter complexion.

In the second verse Foxy asked, “Brooklyn who a di baddest gal bout here - Cassa Piece who a di baddest man bout here? Then she went on to diss Vybz Kartel and Lil Kim saying, “All a di goodas gal dem buss summi (gunshot effect) - black and pretty nah fi bleach out nutten, like Lil Kim Kartel and dem bleach face summi.

When contacted Foxy Brown about her attack on Vybz Kartel and Lil Kim in I’m So Special remix she said, “Why do you want to look like a white person and they are the same people who enslave you?

Mavado’s I’m So Special gully remix feat Foxy Brown is fast becoming an anthem in the streets of New York and is also wide spread on various download websites.

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December 4, 2008

Strike 2 – Nikki Z fired?

nikkiz_radio_jamaica_zip_fm_photos.jpgBy Krazy Katty Writer

Once again, the diva of morning radio Zip Jock Nikki Z has played a song with curse words that could possibly put an end to her blossoming career.

According to reports, she played a song during her 6am - 10am segment by popular dancehall artiste Munga with the line f**k out har p*ssy til it red.

Zip Fm aired apologies throughout the day expressing their remorse for Nikki Z’s blunder.

Nikki Z was recently reprimanded for a similar offence and was slapped with an indefinite suspension.

Up until press time the Rumor-Mill With Nikki Z advertisement was noticeable absent from the Zip Fm’s website main-page.

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Lil Wayne, Coldplay rake in Grammy nominations


New Orleans rapper Lil Wayne, defying the trend of an industry in retreat by selling 1 million copies of his third album, “Tha Carter III,” in a single week last July, was rewarded with a field-leading eight Grammy Award nominations tonight, including album of the year.

Lil Wayne galvanized rap fans in the months leading up to the album’s release with a seemingly never-ending series of mix tapes distributed over the Internet, pointing the way toward new methods of generating excitement at a time when consumers’ overall enthusiasm toward the record industry’s offerings continues to erode.

Recording Academy voters who decide on nominated artists and recordings, while taking the position that Grammy recognition does not hinge on sales or chart position, nonetheless heaped the most nominations on acts that continued to sell solidly and chart high during 2008. They include Coldplay, which collected seven nods, and Jay-Z, Kanye West and Ne-Yo, tied with six apiece. The rappers benefited from their many collaborations in categories dominated by recordings featuring guest performers.

Coldplay, however, was the only act to complete the hat trick of nominations in the three top categories of record, album and song of the year from its hit album “Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends.” Lil Wayne’s other nominations came primarily in rap categories.

Adele, the 20-year-old British singer and songwriter sometimes tagged as “the next Amy Winehouse,” also snagged nominations in three of the Grammys’ four marquee fields. She received a best new artist nod (along with Duffy, the Jonas Brothers, Lady Antebellum and Jazmine Sullivan) as well as record and song nominations for “Chasing Pavements,” a track from her album “19.”

Read Full Story at

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December 3, 2008

Dancehall artiste Serani playing no games

serani_no_games_jamaican_artiste.jpgMusical maestro Serani's transformation from producer to artist continues to fast track as his hit single ‘No Games’ continues to gain popularity in the US. With its spin count rapidly climbing, ‘No Games’ is now available for download on iTunes and even appears on the iTunes main page this week. It is quickly racking up impressive download numbers and is showing signs of being the crossover hit Dancehall badly needs.

"We did a couple of deals on the song and it seems to be paying off quickly," said manager Julian Jones-Griffith. "We've got some great people working the record and there generally seems to be a feeling that it can go far. It’s all about promotion and getting it added to mainstream radio stations across the US at this stage. We also need the support from Dancehall and Reggae lovers to buy the product. The music industry has taken some well-publicised blows over the years and Reggae and Dancehall have been hit harder than most. Major labels and strong independents out there need to see and believe that our genre can move units as well as just being popular in the clubs and on HOT 97."

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Hot or Flop - Beniton Daggerah Remix with Rihanna

Listen the track and give us your honest opinion - is this song Hot or Flop?

beniton-the-menace-daggerah-photos.jpgIf you haven't heard about Beniton you've been living under a rock. Beniton has been sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in dancehall, from performing with Baby Cham to blazing the fire with Capleton and Mavado Elephant man. Beniton has been creating lyrical havoc wherever he goes, nicknamed Beniton the Menace by radio personalities.

Before pursuing a career as a Reggae artist Beniton ran his own sound system called Hellrazor Sound, Known today as the Hellrazor movement. They have a large following as; Beniton was always the main attraction wherever the sound system would play. Everyone could identify Beniton because of his eccentric hairstyle and electrifying performance when he is introducing a big tune. Benitons past has allowed the other members of the Hellrazor clique to carry on the sound system movement future endeavors.

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December 2, 2008

Sexy video vixen model Baje Fletcher born in Brooklyn but raised in Jamaica

baje-fletcher_model_girls_photos_swim_wear1.jpgBeing raised in Jamaica is one of the best things that every happened to me…You don’t have to be rich to be happy in Jamaica, it’s breathtaking. All you have do is wake up in the morning and take a walk on the beach. Between the wind whipping through your hair, the white sand between your toes and the sun hugging every inch of your body, you’ll know you’re in paradise.

Baje got a movie roll coming in Old Dogs coming out next year just finished a Jamaica filmed called “What Goes Around” and is on Paris new reality TV show “My New BFF.” Her other passion is her modeling and talent agency Glitz & Glamour Models. Baje has been video vixen in these music videos:

“I’m in Love with a Stripper - remix” (T-pain), “Yummy” (Too Short & Chello), “Idlewild Blue” (OutKast) and “Here I Am” (Rick Ross Nelly).

You can see more of her in permeire issue of Titaniumgirlz and give her a shout at her MySpace page.

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Ladies only - Hot sexy male models

The female readers of have begged us continuously to post some hot guys for them so we seek three of the sexiest hunks on earth - LADIES please give us your feedback.



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Merciless - "Mi want fi clash Mavado's back-up singer Bounty at Sting"

By Krazy Katty Writer


The Amber Alert hitmaker Merciless said he has no interest in clashing with Ninja Man or Mad Cobra because they are no longer in his league.

Cobra better pay more attention to him coaster bus them whe him have a run a Portmore, a long time him nuh smell the taste of a hit song”.

Merciless who recently returns on the dancehall scene is currently creating havocs at various stage shows around the island. According to Merciless, he’s here to pump back some vibes in the music. “Stage shows are not as fun as they used to be, the people like to see a little friendly clash every now and then.

Merciless also mentioned that his Christmas wish is to clash Bounty Killer at Sting and he’s going to be disappointed if the Killer don’t take on the challenge.

"So far, it seems like di Killer a run from di clash because him a pay more attention pon his new career as Mavado’s back-up singer.

Merciless hit single ‘Amber Alert’ featuring Ikaya is presently getting rave reviews and is also standing firm in the #4 position on the CVM’s Hitlist Video Countdown chart.

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Serani - I don't want to play 'No Games' - Video

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Uganda Welcomes Tanto Metro and Devonte

tanto%20metro%20%26%20devonte.jpgThe 'Everyone Falls In Love' hit duo Tanto Metro and Devonte have finally arrived in Uganda after much anticipation. They landed safely for the first time in Africa and were welcomed into Uganda by a huge congregation of their fans. The Dynamic Duo were also reported to have made the headlines on Uganda National Television (NTV) to be aired 9pm Uganda time on Dec 1st 08.

To see them perform live in Africa you have to be at The Lugogo Cricket Oval On Dec 6th


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December 1, 2008

Who will be the man after Sting 2008 - Vybz Kartel, Mavado, Merciless or Ninja Man?

By Kon-Vick Writer


Sting’s 25th Anniversary is just days around the corner, which will be highlighted as The Final Frontier - The Settlement of All Arguments.

Over the years, we have seen clashes between Super Cat Vs Ninja Man, Pappa San Vs Stichie, Shabba Ranks Vs Ninja Man and Beenie Man VS Bounty Killer for several years. However, the clashes that will always be a part of our memory is Merciless taking on Ninja Man, Bounty Killer and Beenie Man at Sting in the year 2000. The next unforgettable clash was the ‘bloody battle’ between Vybz Kartel and Ninja Man in the year 2003.

This year everyone’s energy is gear towards a clash between dancehall artistes Vybz Kartel and Mavado. So far, fans have already begun their round table argument debating who will win the clash. As usual, hits the street to get the public’s opinion. Who will be the man after Sting 2008?

Karl Thompson, 27, Barber:
Before mi even tell you who I think going to be the man after Sting mi need fi address a little issue. Vybz Kartel used to be mi deejay but the other day him want fi mek it seems like being a barber is one of the worse professions on earth. Even though mi drop Vybz Kartel mi not going to switch to the Alliance, mi rather put mi money pon Merciless or Ninja Man.

Jeffery Stalwart, 29, Taxi Driver:
The entire Jamaica knows that Vybz Kartel is the best lyricist so far in the history of dancehall but even though him lyrically insane Mavado has more catchy songs that people like to sing along with at the clubs and stage shows. But if the audience decided seh a strictly new songs dem want fi hear then Vybz Kartel will definitely dismantle not only Mavado but anyone who wants a piece of the action.

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Mischu Laikah heating up Europe

Mischu-Laikah-singer-photos-europe.jpgAlthough thousands of miles away from her sunny Caribbean home Mischu Laikah is heating up the reggae scene in Europe with a frenzy that has left many European reggae fans expecting a hot winter. Both fans and industry persons are predicting that Mischu Laikah is definitely the next top female reggae artist to look out for.

The artist has recently concluded a European Tour with Jamaican Reggae artist Perfect also known as Giddimani on his “Born Dead with Life” tour.
Mischu Laikah and Perfect recorded a beautiful Reggae track titled “Rastalovin” which is schedule for release early next year. This tune might be her first official single whereas Management is looking into the options of going to Jamaica to shoot the video for this promising song.

As far as where the tour is concerned Mischu Laikah said it was a great experience for her to spread her wings and promote her island at the same time. Mischu Laikah said: “Perfect’s (Giddimani), stage energy is incomparable, the music and the messages are strong and it was an honor to be able to experience it on stage!” Mischu Laikah unleashed a musical genius during the tour that had big names in the industry paying close attention!

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Rapper Akon's trial in Fishkill postponed


Rapper Akon’s trial, which was supposed to begin today in Fishkill Town Justice Court, has been postponed until Dec. 17.

On that date, it will be determined whether or not a trial will take place or if matters can be resolved without a trial.

Akon pleaded not guilty last December to endangering the welfare of a minor, a misdemeanor and second-degree harassment, a violation. The charges arose from a June 3, 2007 incident where he allegedly threw then 15-year-old Harriman resident Anthony Smith from the stage at the annual KFest concert at Dutchess Stadium in Fishkill.

He’ll be appearing at 8 p.m. tonight at a free, MySpace CD release show at the China Club in New York City to promote tomorrow’s release of his new album, “Freedom.”

Sandy Tomcho

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