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Fantan Mojah Stronger in stores - November 18th

Fantan_Mojah_stronger_album_jamaica_reggae.jpgFantan Mojah will unleash his upcoming album Stronger, the long awaited follow up from his debut Hail The King. The reggae vocalist ranks as one of the most rated singers during this popular resurgence of conscious roots music and will continue to spread love and peace on Stronger.

The heavyweight album boasts modern roots production from the hottest producers like Frenchie, Shane Brown, Jam 2, Pow Pow, Lion Vibes and Special Delivery. The title track and first single “Stronger”(produced by Frenchie) and powerful prodigious production “Can’t Frame I” (Special Delivery) sets the tone for this roots revival set. Fantan gives thanks and praise on the “Jah Jah You Are The One”, “Dun Dem”, “Jah Time”, “How Can I Be Ungrateful” and “Most High Jah”. He also addresses social ills on “So Many Problems” and “Where Is Love” and then inspires listeners with “Stay Positive”, “Fight To Survive” and closing track “You Can Make It”.

Fantan Mojah was born in the parish of St. Elizabeth, the "cockpit country" of the Maroons the runaway slaves long famed for their resilience and resistance. Their unbroken link with their African ancestry has resulted in a latent culture that has retained much of that African oriented past and this is most audible in the music coming from the region and exemplified by the music of Fantan Mojah.

Fantan Mojah began his journey with one the most popular cultural deejays, Capleton, as his spiritual and musical mentor. Capleton encouraged the youth to change his initial name Mad Killer to Fantan Mojah as a more proper reflection of his Rasta beliefs. In 2004, Fantan Mojah released his first Jamaican hit “Hungry” with Down Sound Records, which stayed at the #1 position for 8 weeks in a row. In 2005, his first album "Hail The King" sailed to #1 in Jamaica. After headlining eminent stage shows and touring extensively to sell out crowds around Europe and North America in 2007 and 2008, Fantan anticipates his latest release “Stronger” to hit stores this late November.


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¤Gryna Physician¤:
Posted by ¤Gryna Physician¤ | November 14, 2008 9:27 PM

All yuh can move yuh b*mbohole wid yur album,mi tink all yuh dead and gone inna di last hurricane.

Diss man come st elizabeth durin carnival time and gone on the carnival truck singin mama hungry papa hungry,jus imagine how dat soun people sing it as fast as possible bcause that's exactly what he was doin...Rasscla_t dumb ass rasta wid him likkle bag heng on pon him back like ninja turtle.


Posted by Sister Kerry | November 15, 2008 8:32 PM

Fantan Mojah, to di world! I have been waiting for the new album to drop. Already, some of my friends in Europe, are requesting it. Gryna, yu need fi relax. That Carnival incident was years ago, get over it!


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