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African Singer Uru a blend of R&B & Reggae

uru_singer_african_r%26b_photo_model.jpg"Uru is an up-and-comer, with the talent needed to become a chanteuse of formidable fame" - Billboard Magazine

"Her sound is quite different as it spans from African influences to R&B to Reggae to everything in between. But what unites it all is her sultry voice thats both tender and commanding. The production is quite spot-on and captures her vocals with superb clarity. Lyrically its smart and light-years ahead of her contemporaries."
"On the cover she stands, knee-high boots, suede coat, white hot pants, no shirt, tambourine in hand, and she has the longest legs I've ever seen. So what kind of music do you expect? Maybe a '70s funk thing, hmm? Well, turns out Uru is from West Africa, and her music has a worldly feel to it. She also has the audacity to have two songs with the same name (different punctuation), "You Know..." and "You Know!?" While the former is a laid-back, spatial song, the latter is a funk-filled romp.

Wouldn't you know, Uru takes a shot at the blues as well, with "Hummin' the Blues." Though the song starts off in a traditional manner, with an Elmore James riff, it quickly turns into a rocky descending chord progression. Quirky? You bet. But in a way, it's awfully entertaining, being led through all the songs and not knowing what is going to happen next. I mean, there are so many CDs that are so predictable, which is not necessarily a bad thing, perhaps "safe" is a better word. It's just that most discs start sounding the same after 40 minutes or so. Not true at all with Uru, and the constant variety is a delight."


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lady b:
Posted by lady b | November 17, 2008 8:53 PM

very gorgeous girl real african woman

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