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October 31, 2008

Sean Paul--ready to do his thing in New York


seanpaul_dancehall_jamaica_photos.jpgReggae fans are expected to storm the Lehman Center for the Performing Arts, located at 250 Bedford Park Boulevard West in the Bronx, in a bid to get tickets for Lehman’s engagement of Jamaican superstar, Grammy Award-winning SEAN PAUL, who is expected to appear complete with band and dancers to blow the venue off the map when the superstar delivers what is anticipated to be an explosive show on Saturday, November 8th at 8:00 p.m.

People who have wondered why they haven’t heard anything from Sean Paul for awhile will be glad to know that he has been touring in support of his “Trinity” album. “I always tour and travel a lot when my albums come out. Usually all over the USA first, and then I tour Europe. I try to hit all the major markets and radio stations to show my fans love,” remarked Sean Paul who was born in Kingston, Jamaica.

Born into the world, Sean Paul Henriques, Sean Paul came by his athletic dexterity naturally since both his parents were athletes, although his mother Frances is a well known painter. Of mixed heritage, Paul’s father is a Sephardic Jew of Portuguese descent and his mother is Chinese and Afro-Caribbean. Swimming is a special talent in Sean’s family with Sean himself excelling in water polo. “I used to swim and play the sport of water polo representing Jamaica and I actually still play water polo sometimes,” stated the Paul who played for the national water polo team until he was 21.

Sean Paul is a definite money maker since his breakthrough CD “Dutty Rock” won the 2002 Grammy for Best Reggae Album, grossing six-million dollars. This hit brought global popularity to Jamaican dancehall music with Sean following up with such smash hits as “Gimme the Light,” “Get Busy” and “Like Glue.” Not to be outdone he followed his success with duets, such as “Baby Boy” (with Beyoncé), “I’m Still in Love with You” (with Sasha) and “Break It Off” (with Rihanna) making Sean Paul the most successful Jamaican artist of all time on the U.S. charts, which includes three #1 singles, five Top Ten hits, and eight chart entries over two worldwide, multi-platinum albums.


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Bugle's Journey Continues - "Hard Work Overcome All Difficulties"


Roy Thompson a.k.a. Bugle was born in Portland, Jamaica. Sketching the Future: Bugle’s blossoming love affair with music began as early as in primary school. However, this affair never matured until the birth of the new millennium when he met Oniel Bryan a.k.a. Elephant Man, (a prominent international dancehall artiste) in 2000. He was then ushered into the dancehall fraternity when he was asked to write for Elephant Man.

Stepping into the Future: The lyrical offsprings of Bugle’s love affair are documented as follows: Mentally Ill: Collaboration with Elephant Man (2001) “Good to Go” Tour: Touring with Elephant Man (2002) BET’s 106 and Park: Appearance (2002) MTV Awards (Japan): Invitee BET Music Awards: Invitee (where he made alliances with Janet Jackson and Pharrell) Tour in Canada: Appearance Collaborations with Tornado: songs included Modella and If I say I love you

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October 30, 2008

Wayne Wonder shines on the Beauty while Mavado & Vybz Kartel face off on The Beast

By Krazy Katty Writer

vybz_kartel_mavado_beauty_%26_the_beast_riddim.jpgBeauty & The Beast produced by TJ (TJ records) one of Jamaica’s top producers will definitely be a crowd favorite for the coming Christmas season. Beauty & The Beast is the follow up for TJ’s recent project entitled ‘Unfinished Business’ with songs like ‘I’m So Special’ by Mavado, ‘The Almighty Protect Me’ by Assassin to name a few.

On the Beauty, it’s all about singers while ‘The Beast’ host the hardcore dancehall artists.

Let us first start with the beauties' of the riddim, all the tracks are hot but Wayne Wonder has made a “monstrous” come back to take the top honors on the ‘Beauty’. However, has time progresses Serani, Laden and Wayne Marshall songs will definitely join the forefront with Wayne Wonder’s ‘Just Be The Girl’.

On the Beast, you can expect to hear Vybz Kartel and Mavado going at it again. Vybz Kartel spitting lines like, -“mi full a gun pon di gaza - mi run some boy profile and find out seh dem a barber,” - while Mavado hits back with lines like, "TJ how dem fi war mi a day when dem fraid a di sun - Mi nuh fear boy wid dem tongue weh tall - So mi empty di clip pon dem.

Aidonia, Bugle and Rhino all have potentially hit songs but with Vybz Kartel and Mavado clashing on the Beauty & The Beast riddim’ it will definitely over-shadow their songs.

Selectors and radio disc jocks will definitely crave the Beauty & The Beast.

Please tell us which songs are your favorite on the Beauty and The Beast by leaving a comment

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Lil Wayne Helped Deliver Baby


LilWayne_baby_hospital_photos.jpgLil Wayne has revealed that he had a 'hand' in delivering his own baby son last week.

As MTV previously reported, Dwayne Carter III, was born on 22 October 2008 at Christ Hospital in Cincinnati and reports claim that some of the midwifery duties were carried out by the newborn baby's father - Lil Wayne.

Speaking to U.S. radio station Power 105.1, Weezy said:

"I delivered him. I held the left leg the whole time. It was nasty, very nasty, but it was wonderful. He's the best thing to ever happen to me, next to my daughter."

The identity of the mother has still not been confirmed but some internet rumours suggest that the mother of new born Dwayne Carter III is a 22-year-old University of Cincinnati student by the name of Sara B.

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October 29, 2008

Vybz Kartel holds off Mavado from #1 on the Top 20 Hot Singles Chart Top 20 Hot Singles Chart


Vybz Kartel is still the ‘Big Man’ on the Top 20 Hot Singles chart. Vybz Kartel’s mega “money” single ‘Trailer Load of Money’ has kept Mavado’s ‘I’m So Special’ from getting a taste of the #1 spot for a second week.

Meanwhile Vybz Kartel is holding down the #1 slot he has also make another entry into the top ten with the single ‘Work Out’, occupying the #9 position while Tifa’s ‘Bottom of the Barrel’ stands firm at #10. Both songs also shared the title for this week’s ‘Greatest Gainer’.

There are also two new entries on the Top 20 Hot Singles chart. Assassin with ‘Get Some Money’ at #18 and Elephant Man with ‘Sweep’ at #19

TW means This Week, LW means Last Week and WOC means Weeks on Chart
TW - LW - WOC Artiste Name ----- Song Title ---- Record Label

01 - 01 - (10) Vybz Kartel ‘Trailer Load of Money’ - Chimney Records - (2wks@#1)

02 - 02 - (09) Mavado ‘I'm So Special’ - TJ Records

03 - 04 - (09) Mavado - ‘Inna Di Car Back’ - Big Ship

04 - 03 - (13) Elephant Man ‘Nuh Linga’ - Board House - (3wks@#1)

05 - 06 - (08) Mavado - ‘Overcome’ - Big Ship

06 - 07 - (06) Demarco - ‘Standing Soldier’ - Versatyle

07 - 05 - (12) Beenie Man - ‘Gimmi Likkle' - Born So Records - (Peak@#03)

08 - 08 - (17) Assassin - ‘Dem Nuh Want Nuh Gal’ - Board House - (1wk@#1)

09 - 11 - (03) Vybz Kartel - ‘Work Out’ - Big Ship

10 - 12 - (08) Tifa - ‘Bottom of the Barrel’ - Ward 21

11 - 09 - (14) Serani - ' Stinking Rich ' - Daseca - Song To Watch - (Peak@#03)

12 - 09 - (14) Elephant Man - ' Gully Creeper ' - Shuanizzle - (2wks@#1)

13 - 14 - (03) Aidonia - ‘In Har Belly’ - Big Ship

14 - 13 - (23) Konshens - ‘Winner’ - Nutural Bridge/Cash Flow - (2wks@#1)

15 - 16 - (03) Black Rhino - ‘Bend Over’ - Big Ship

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Mr. Proppa Fix, Help Me to Leave My Man

I'm not satisfied sexually or emotionally with this man


Dear Mr. Proppa Fix,
For the past 12 months, I've been with a man who's done nothing but lied to me. We hooked up about a year ago, he was just coming out of a relationship and so was I. At first, I was skeptical about him but he played his role so well that I didn’t even see it. I mean this man sold me a dream, he was different from the previous man that I was with, or so I thought. He acted nice, caring and understanding of my needs and everything. Hell he even acted as if he was financially stable which at this day and age is hard to find. We spoke about what we were getting ourselves into and I even told him that we could take things slow and there was no rush. Of course, at times he ended up accusing me of not wanting to take things seriously.

Anyway, less than 6 months into this relationship, I walked into him with another woman accidentally, but I believe that it was God's way of telling me that he was just a jerk. Of course, my initial response was to run fast the other way which I did but later I ended back with him after he apologized so much and claimed that he would not do that again (I didn’t believe him but I stayed). I'm young, financially stable, well educated with a B.A and I am currently studying my Masters Degree. I actually don't need this man to do anything for me especially after I found out that he was only a BUM with a job .He parties constantly, cannot support his self financially and whines about everything. I really don't have the time to babysit a grown man and I have had it with him.

I'm not satisfied sexually or emotionally with this man. If I stay with him, I will have to cheat and I'm not the type of woman to stray. I want to break up but the only problem is that he is a fixture in the Dancehall community and a lot of people know that we are indeed together. They will never understand my decision to break it off & will probably think I'm the "Whore" when he is the one because he portrays an image of perfection to them. How do I handle this? Your response will be kindly appreciated. Thank you.

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Lil Wayne Not Joining Jay-Z?



Weezy also misses Boston Monster Jam after security frustration...

Lil Wayne's representatives have denied rumours that the rapper will be joining Jay-Z at Roc Nation.

Recent rumours suggested Jay-Z had signed Wayne to the new label for $5m and the A Milli star was set to start recording in 2009.

The rebuttal comes after Wayne and Jigga were set to co-headline JAMN's 94.5 Monster Jam on Monday in Boston (October 27) but Weezy failed to show, after being told that his camp would have to go through strict security checks.

Reports claim that the metal detector went off several times as members of Weezy's entourage passed through security; Wayne got frustrated with the stringent security measures and decided to leave.

Despite thousands of fans chanting “We want Weezy,” - Wayne and his crew decided against returning to the concert.

Jay-Z was forced to take the stage early and the crowd enjoyed support performances from Ne-Yo, Yung Berg, Brandy, Ray J, and Jadakiss.

The confusion remains...

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October 28, 2008

"It's Disturbing to Watch The News" – Merciless feat Ikaya Amber Alert

Prime Minister Give Mi Da Country Yah Fi Run Fi Day - All A Dem Pedophiles Yah Affi Get Slay"

By Di Reviewer Writer

The ‘waring don’ from Clarendon is definitely back with a bang, fresh off a long musical break that had many fans and fellow entertainers speculating his whereabouts. The ‘girls dem gizzada’ has made it clear with his new singles produced under OutAroad Records that he is here to reclaim his place in the Jamaican dancehall scene.

This single entitled Amber Alert featuring the beautiful singing sensation Ikaya is a departure from the war tunes that we are used to hearing from Merciless. It’s obvious that he has developed as an artist during his break and he is ready to show Jamaica and the world his maturity. Surprisingly the artist has put out this song with sting around the corner even though it is not a war tune.

The song deals with social commentary on the many negatives that are happening in Jamaican society particularly focusing on child abuse. This makes the song extremely relevant and easy for the fans to relate to.

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Jah Cure for Soundcheck on BETJ


International Reggae singer Jah Cure will be a special guest on BETJ's new programme, Soundcheck on November 8. Jah Cure along with his Iyah Cure band and backup singers shot the programme at the CPTC studio on an acoustic set in front of a live audience.

On November 8 at 8:30 pm, BETJ audiences worldwide will see the Danger Zone recording artiste perform favourites like 'Jamaica', 'My Life', 'Freedom', 'Longing For', 'Journey' and 'Reflections'.

BETJ's new Soundcheck programme will also feature other top Jamaican artistes. Tune in for a wonderful experience!!

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October 27, 2008

Beverly Knight (of Jamaican Parents) Against Beenie & Buju’s Homophobic Lyrics

Is Beverly Genuinely against dancehall music or is she only trying to get a bigger fan base?

beverly_knight_sexy_langerie_photos.jpgBy Kon-Vick Writer

UK’s R&B star Beverly Knight has become one of the first entertainers of Jamaican parenting that joined hands with gay human rights group OutRage on their ‘Stop Muder Music’ campaign against Dancehall artists Beenie Man and Buju Banton.

According to BBC, the singer said, "It breaks my heart that people as talented as Buju Banton and Beenie Man feel the need to appeal to the lowest common denominator for hatred for gays.

However, some believed that Beverly Knight is saying all these nice things about gay people in order to get the gays to like her as she's scared that they might not support her music due to the fact that her parents are Jamaican.

It is also reported that Beenie Man, Buju Banton, Elephant Man and Bounty Killer are a few of the seven artists that are being investigated by The Metropolitan Police and the Crown Prosecution for violent homophobic lyrics. Incitement to murder is a criminal offence in Britain.

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T.I. Returns To No. 1 On The Hot 100

Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.

ti_t.i._rapper_american_music_artste_photos.jpgT.I. remains blazing hot on the Billboard Hot 100, returning to No. 1 for a sixth non-consecutive week with "Whatever You Like." The song sold 205,000 digital copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Another T.I. track, "Live Your Life" featuring Rihanna, rises 3-2 and is the greatest gainer at radio.

Pink's "So What" jumps 4-3, while Britney Spears' "Womanizer" falls to No. 4 after a record-setting 96-1 jump the week before. Katy Perry's "Hot N Cold," Rihanna's "Disturbia" and Kevin Rudolf's "Let It Rock" featuring Lil Wayne all hold at positions 5-7.

Ne-Yo's "Miss Independent" is up 9-8, while teen star Taylor Swift earns her third consecutive Hot 100 top 10 single as "Fearless" opens at No. 9. The track sold 162,000 digital copies in its opening frame. Swift's second album, also titled "Fearless," is due Nov. 11.

T-Pain's "Can't Believe It" featuring Lil Wayne" drops 8-10, rounding out the top tier. Akon's "Right Now (Na Na Na) is the chart's top digital gainer after selling 75,000 copies, good enough for a 26-19 jump.

Jennifer Hudson's "Spotlight" begins a second week at No. 1 on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs, where Montell Jordan's "Me and U" is the top debut at No. 75. It's his first appearance on this chart since 2003.

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October 26, 2008

Cops & Soldiers curfew New Kingston's Hip Strip

No One Comes In, No One Goes Out

police_shooting_jamaica.jpgBy Krazy Katty Writer

Police & Soldiers shut down Jamaica’s party capital (New Kingston) about minutes after 2am early Sunday morning.

The police blocked every intersection - no one comes in and no one leaves the Hip-Strip without the police permission.

Party goers were searched one by one before they could exit the Quad and the Asylum Night Club that was hosting ZJ Elektra’s birthday bash titled ‘Club Elektra’.

However, after patrons waited patiently to get search by the cops - those who drove had to go through another searching process before exiting the car parks.

An photographer was on the scene taking photos but was quickly apprehended by one of the cops who told him to delete all the photos he took of them searching patrons or things will get ugly.

Recent reports:
A Soldier gunned down five persons at the Double Diamond Night Club on Washington Boulevard. It’s alleged that the soldier started shooting patrons after he got into an altercation with some guys over a girl.

The solider is now receiving medical treatment and will be interrogated by the cops as soon as he’s fit enough.

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October 24, 2008

Tami Chynn is definitely Grade-B Diva


Last week top ranking website posted a review on New Kids On The Block tour that includes Jamaican singer Tami Chynn who they defined as a Grade-B diva. was also puzzled as to why the band (New Kids On The Block) is still calling themselves kids even though they are grown men.

According to, Chynn is definitely Grade-B Diva but still fun and pop with a little reggae twist. And that’s just the kind of energy a fading boy band could suck the stem cells out of.

She’s like the Hubba Bubba bubblegum that’s fun to chew for about two minutes until all of the flavor runs out, but you find yourself going back for more and more.

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Beyonce's Stalker Arrested


beyonce-sexy-look-stalker.jpgAnother stalker has been detained! A man who referred to himself as Beyonce's lover was arrested in Connecticut yesterday. He was taken after driving recklessly and telling police he was on his way to a date with Beyonce.

Thirty-three year old Robert Williams Jr., from Michigan, was taken into custody in Milford on Sunday after almost smashing into a police car. Officers claim he stopped to ask police for directions to Detroit before driving off, narrowly missing the cop car and driving over a sidewalk.

Williams, who had flowers and a teddy bear in the car, is also alleged to have asked the cops if they were escorting him to New York City, where he claimed Beyonce had agreed to meet him at the George Washington Bridge.

Beyonce wasn't informed of the situation, but hopefully she finds out about it, because this has to be the funniest/weirdest thing we've heard in awhile!

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Lawsuit Pending For Stevie Face

steve_face_reggae_singer_artiste_jamaican.jpgLovers Rock singer Stevie Face has made quite a come back with the release of his latest hit single Tell It Like It Is (Boot Camp Records), which is currently #9 on the RETV Top Twenty reggae Chart, #11 on Jamaica's Music Countdown reggae Chart, #18 on the HITZ 92 FM Chart, #10 On the South Florida Top Twenty reggae Chart and #18 on the New York Top Thirty reggae Chart. This hit is exactly what his career needs as he has suffered several setbacks in the last few years.

Things couldn't have been better a few years ago when scored the biggest hit of his career in 2001, I'm In Love produced by Arrows Records. However while on a tour of United States the following year he suffered a very serious car accident, which left him seriously incapacitated for eighteen months. To make matters even worst his close friend and producer Phillip (Father Arrows) Linton was killed in 2004, this brought his career to a halt.

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October 23, 2008

Can She Do It Again ? - Rihanna Shoots 'Rehab' Video With Justin


rihanna_rahab_video_photos_barbadian.jpgRihanna may be on track to earn another #1 hit, her fifth one this year.

Shooting the video for her new single "Rehab" this week, Rihanna spent time with Justin Timberlake who reportedly co-wrote the single and appears in the video.

Slated to premiere in early November, the pop-sensation rocked "Rehab" in a multi-colored, somewhat retro looking leotard on the beach.

But the question is... will "Rehab" be another hit for the international star that has already rocked charts worldwide with "Take A Bow" and "Disturbia"?

With two other 'it' girls back on 'mainstreet' can Rihanna earn another hit.

What do you think, can Rihanna hold her own against Britney Spears and Beyonce?

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DJ Suketu Wins The Sean Kingston 'Bollywood Girls' Remix Competition!



Right here on Desi Hits!, we brought you the official Sean Kingston 'Bollywood Girls' remix competition! The competition gave international producers the chance to create hot tracks to prove to the world which remixer could create the best cut of 'Bollywood Girls'. It was a tough fight with DJ Suketu claiming the top spot for the majority of the contest! Suketu's remix fought hard against Nikhil Chinapa and DJ Nawed's, which pushed Suketu out of his position at a few different points during the contest. Tigerstyle and The Bilz rose up to the top tier consistently as well. While the other producers added more of a desi flare through an Indian beat or instrument, Suketu specifically used Punjabi and Hindi vocals, making him stand out from the rest! In a DH! exclusive interview, Suketu comments, "We've actually used Punjabi vocals to enhance the whole song and show that Hindi and English go together."

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Busy Signal - Tic Toc Music Video

Lyrics and mp3

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October 22, 2008

"Beenie Man bigger than Bounty, a nuh lie dat" – General B

By Kon-Vick Writer


Dancehall artiste General B a member of the Monster Empire has convinced himself to come forth and “Talk Up A Bag A Tingz” in his latest single produced by Shuanizzle on the Out-Ada riddim.

General B seems to be taking it to another level - he has now widen the lyrical warfare margin by throwing harsh words at Bounty Killer, Kip Rich, Macka Diamond, Ninja Man and Elephant Man.

The two most hilarious and disturbing lines are at Bounty Killer and Kiprich:

*“Beenie Man a di King of Dancehall - no mi nuh buy dat - but him bigger than Bounty yuh can’t seh a lie dat.”

*“Kiprich and Shebadda di two a dem tie knot, mi ask him if a true and him never deny dat, him just kimbo him hand and seh why not.”

More words from the song

Black-her mi nuh know if is a girl or a guy dat,
if ugly was a plane then Ninja Man a di pilot,
Elephant seh him cute my youth nuh try dat,
Sean Paul a di big man wi can’t deny dat,
Shaggy a Mr Diamond tell him seh nuh try dat.
Tanya Stevens mi want fi si yuh face so just move yuh nose.

Listen to some of the hot songs on the Out-Ada Riddim on the playlist below.

OutAda Riddim Hot Songs

Lyrics and mp3

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Tifa's Bottom of The Barrel at #7 & #12 on Dancehall Charts

tifa_female_artiste.jpgDancehall sensation Latifa Brown more popularly known as Tifa has taken the lead with her hit song “Bottom of the Barrel” which is currently at the #7 spot on Richie B’s Top 20 Dancehall Singles Chart and #12 on the Top 20 Hot Singles Chart.

After 11 weeks on the charts “Bottom of the Barrel” is steadily making its way up the dancehall ladder on several local and regional dancehall charts. This is Tifa’s first song to enter the charts.

When asked what she thinks about all of this, she simply replied, “God is Good.”

Tifa will be flying out this week for the Federation Sound: TNT 3 The Hard Way CD release party, which will be held this Wednesday at Santos in Manhattan, New York. Tifa along with Natalie Storm and Timberlee will be performing live at the event. The much anticipated CD was released earlier this month and has been dubbed as the “maddest mix CD ever,” by Federation Sound.

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October 21, 2008

My husband wants oral sex whenever I am seeing my period – but I kept denying him


Dear Mr Proppafix
I am having a serious problem with my marriage and I would love if you could give me your take on the situation. My husband and I have been married for three years now and we have enjoyed an excellent relationship up until a few months ago. We have never had a problem with discussing our feelings with each other, which I think is why our relationship has been so good.

The problem is - a few months ago, my husband came in from work heated for sex. This time however I was on my period and when I told him, he said something that I never thought he would say to me. He said that he wanted me to go down on him since he could not get the thing that he really wanted. I was a bit shocked at first because he has never brought any argument like that to me before.

I didn’t do it at the time but for days after my mind was still on the whole situation and I thought that It would be fun for us to go down on each other. When I suggested this to him, he became angry, said men were not meant to do those things, and women were because it is the only way we can please our man when seeing period. He claims that I should do it because he doesn't want to cheat on me when he is horny and I am unavailable to please him.

Mr proppafix, I couldn’t believe that he could reason something out like that because it’s unfair to me. Since the whole argument, our sex life has deteriorated because he has been pressuring me to do it to him whenever I am seeing my period and I have been refusing. I would have probably done it if he didn’t talk all that bullsh*t about women were designed to give head!

I don’t know what I am going to do about this whole situation because I can’t afford for something as stupid as this to wreck our marriage- pleases I would love some of your advice.


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Vybz Kartel ends Elephant Man three-week reign at the top Top 20 Hot Singles Chart


Dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel’s ‘Trailer Load of Money’ has ended Elephant Man’s ‘Nuh Linga’ three-week reign at the top of the Top 20 Hot Singles chart.

Elephant Man’s ‘Nuh Linga’ slips to third place, while Mavado’s ‘Inna Di Car Back’ holding steady in the #4 spot.

Demarco’s hit single ‘Standing Soldier’ has forced itself into the top ten, ascending from #11 to #7, which also earns him the title for this week’s Greatest Gainer.

TW means This Week, LW means Last Week and WOC means Weeks on Chart
TW - LW - WOC Artiste Name ----- Song Title ---- Record Label

01 - 04 - (09) Vybz Kartel ‘Trailer Load of Money’ - Chimney Records

02 - 02 - (08) Mavado ‘I'm So Special’ - TJ Records

03 - 01 - (12) Elephant Man ‘Nuh Linga’ - Board House - (3wks@#1)

04 - 05 - (08) Mavado - ‘Inna Di Car Back’ - Big Ship

05 - 03 - (11) Beenie Man - ‘Gimmi Likkle' - Born So Records - (Peak@#03)

06 - 07 - (07) Mavado - ‘Overcome’ - Big Ship

07 - 11 - (05) Demarco - ‘Standing Soldier’ - Versatyle

08 - 06 - (16) Assassin - ‘Dem Nuh Want Nuh Gal’ - Board House - (1wk@#1)

09 - 08 - (13) Serani - ' Stinking Rich ' - Daseca - Song To Watch - (Peak@#03)

10 - 09 - (13) Elephant Man - ' Gully Creeper ' - Shuanizzle - (2wks@#1)

11 - 13 - (02) Vybz Kartel - ‘Work Out’ - Big Ship

12 - 12 - (07) Tifa - ‘Bottom of the Barrel’ - Ward 21

13 - 10 - (22) Konshens - ‘Winner’ - Nutural Bridge/Cash Flow - (2wks@#1)

14 - 15 - (02) Aidonia - ‘In Har Belly’ - Big Ship

15 - 14 - (19) Mavado - ‘Money Changer’ - Juke Boxx (2wks@#1)

Lyrics and mp3

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Lil' Wayne's Asst Takes The Stand, Says Guns & Drugs "Occasionally" On Bus

lil_wayne_tattoo_court_photos.jpgBy Cyrus Langhorne

Lil' Wayne's assistant testified in a New York court on Monday (October 19) that he "occasionally" saw guns and drugs on the multi-platinum rapper's tour bus.

Wayne was arrested after a performance at New York's Beacon Theatre in July of 2007, after police found a .40 caliber pistol on his bus. According to Newsday, Wayne's assistant Terry Bourgeois took the stand yesterday in regards to the case, to address whether or not he believed there was a gun on the vehicle. Despite saying he had no knowledge of any weapons in the vehicle at the time, Bourgeois did confess to "occasionally" seeing a handgun and people smoking marijuana while on the same tour bus on separate occasions. Although he also said he never saw Wayne in possession of a firearm.

As previously reported by SOHH, police officer testified last month that upon smelling marijuana, she boarded the rapper's bus and witnessed Weezy trying to hide the gun.

Lyrics and mp3

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Super Producer Computer Paul Continues To Make Hits

Computer_Paul_producer_jamaica.jpgWhen you have worked on several gold and platinum selling hits as a producer or musician what have you become? A super producer/musician is the answer to the question. Very few Jamaican producers or musician might fit into the super category. However, Paul Henton otherwise known as Computer Paul is one such producer and musician, he has worked with the who's who of reggae and dancehall music, including Sean Paul, Shabba Ranks, Beres Hammond, Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Buju Banton, Maxi Priest, Shaggy, Jimmy Cliff, Inner Circle, Tanya Stevens, Monyaka, Baba Maal and a host of other top reggae and dancehall music stars.

In a career spanning over two decades Computer Paul has lent his talents to projects that have spawned several international hits such as I Can See Clearly Now by Jimmy Cliff, Mama Africa by Akon, Bad Boys and Sweat (a-la-la-lo-long) by Inner Circle. He has also played the beats on some of the most memorable Dancehall hits including Sizzla's No Time To Gaze, Buju Banton's Rampage, Richie Spice's Grooving My Girl, Louie Culture's Gangalee and Capleton's Critics.

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October 20, 2008

Jeffery Hype Tattooed Vybz Kartel’s name on his Neck?

By Krazy Katty Writer


It has been rumored that Jeffery Hype a member of the Vybz Kartel-led Portmore Empire is now sporting a tattoo on his neck with Vybz Kartel’s name.

Question: is this rumor slowly becoming a reality? Over the weekend, Vybz Kartel and Mavado exchanged heated words at ‘Champions In Action’.

During Vybz Kartel’s performance, he mentioned that, “a pure fish live inna di gully,” - The moment Mavado entered the stage the audience erupted like a volcano. During the middle of his performance, he stated that Jeffery Hype tattooed Vybz Kartel’s name on his neck - homosexual behavior that. tried multiple times to get in touch with Jeffery Hype but was not successful.

According to a source close to the Empire, “Yow it’s just a rumor, Jeffery nuh have Kartel’s name on his neck, dem things deh cannot happen inna di Empire. "But it is a fact that Jeffery Hype do has a Tattoo of Kartel's face on his hand," the source told

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OutAroad Red Carpet With Tossan AKA Tunya

tunya_redcarpet_female.jpgThis week on the OutAroad Red Carpet is the lovely Tunya who was caught on camera at her birthday party last weekend.

Tunya bought her entire outfit at Tasha-May’s Fashion. She paid JA$1,800 for her ring - JA$2,500 for her chain - JA$3,500 for her purse - JA$1,800 for her earrings - JA$2200 for her bracelet - JA$6500 for her dress and JA$3500 for her slippers.

Click on See More for close ups of her Slippers, Chain, Bracelet, Ring, Dress, Purse and Earrings

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October 19, 2008

50 Cent Unleashes His Fourth Album 'Before I Self Destruct'



50 Cent exploded onto the music scene with his blockbuster debut Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. Now he’s set to deliver his fourth major label album, Before I Self Destruct (Shady/Aftermath/Interscope), on December 9, 2008.

For the explosive Before I Self Destruct, 50 Cent returned to working closely with Dr. Dre and Eminem as he did on his first album. But Before I Self Destruct is more than an album. The package also includes a DVD with an original, gritty, feature-length movie he wrote, directed and starred in. 50 Cent proves with Before I Self Destruct that no one on the hip-hop scene is more aggressive about putting the street on stage.

With Dr. Dre and Eminem each producing and guesting on tracks, and led by the club-friendly first single, “Get Up,” produced by Scott Storch, Before I Self Destruct is darker and harder than last year’s Curtis. 50 Cent wrote much of the album while he, as Curtis Jackson, was also penning the 90-minute film of the same name that would be his directorial debut.

The film Before I Self Destruct is a coming of age story about an inner city youth raised by a hardworking single mother. When his dream of becoming a basketball player fails to materialize, he finds himself employed in a supermarket. After his mother is tragically gunned down, Clarence (played by Jackson) is consumed by revenge and takes up a life of crime in order to support his younger brother.

"My film captures the harsh realities that reflect so many communities today. There will be some who will greatly identify with the characters and the situations presented and then there will be others who may be shocked at the struggles that go on in the inner city,” states 50 Cent. "I made the film for both groups."

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October 18, 2008

Fans booed Mavado, Chris Brown & Dizzee Rascal's reps at the MOBO Awards

By Krazy Katty Writer


Jamaican singer Mavado who won his first MOBO award for Best Reggae artiste was not able to collect his MOBO award in person same as Chris Brown and Dizzee Rascal. The moment their representatives’ steps foot on stage the huge audience including award winners did not hesitate to boo them, which seems to “blew” them off stage quickly.

The 13th annual MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Awards was held on Wednesday night in London.

Mavado defeated the self-crowned 'King of the Dancehall', Beenie Man, Busy Signal, Etana and the ‘she’s royal' singer Tarrus Riley.

According to the Associate Press, the big winners for the night at the MOBO awards were singers Estelle and Leona Lewis who both walked away with two awards each.

Estelle won best song for "American Boy" featuring Kanye West and best U.K. female artiste. Meanwhile Leona Lewis slightly joined the booing crew who apologies to the fans for her absence via pre-recorded video. She won the awards for Best Video “Bleeding Love” and Best Album “Spirit”

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Throw Back - 'Segregation' by Konshens & Delus (Sojah)

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'Umbrella' named catchiest song in poll


'Umbrella' by Rihanna is the UK's catchiest song, a new poll has found.

The song, which stayed in the number one spot on the singles chart for ten weeks last year, finished ahead of dancefloor classics 'Dancing Queen' by ABBA and 'YMCA' by the Village People in research from

Other tunes listed included 'Come On Eileen' by Dexy's Midnight Runners and Kylie Minogue's 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head'.

"'Umbrella' was the hit everyone loved to hate. We loved it at first but it was annoying the 100th time," said the company.

"Even worse, while it was number one it seemed to be raining constantly."

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Gyptian launches new album in New York

By Rhona Fox

gyptian__icanfeelyourpain_album_reggae_artiste.jpgThe highly anticipated sophomore studio effort from reggae crooner, Gyptian, is set to hit stores worldwide on October 21, 2008. Gyptian will be live and unplugged in New York City to celebrate the launch of I Can Feel Your Pain (VP Records), at the exclusive Club Element in Manhattan, starting at 8PM.

The album boasts 13 heartfelt tracks that all stick to Gyptian's brand of romantic reggae ballads and are sure hits for his fans.

The launch will be Egyptian-themed in honor of the artist's alias, and will feature a special unplugged performance from Gyptian, live performances from numerous guest artists including the electrifying Ricky Blaze, a special belly-dancing showcase, an in-house fortune teller and Egyptian-styled models, just to name a few of the surprises planned for the night.

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Empire ISIS Nominated for her 11th award at the Hollywood Music Awards

Empire_ISIS_pop_artiste_jamaican_flava.jpgEmpire ISIS conquers her 11th nomination at the 2008 Hollywood Music Awards for BEST POP ARTIST for her song DON’T GO HOME produced by Prayon (Beyonce, G-Unit, Mobb Deep, Lil Kim)

The Hollywood Music Awards will be presented on Thursday, November 20th, 2008 at The Hollywood Highlands in the world famous Kodak Theater complex in Hollywood, CA.

In addition, ISIS will be performing at this years CMJ Music Marathon hosted by PHAROAHE MONCH on the 23rd of October at the Drom.

The Hollywood Music Awards (HMA) is the only red carpet style event of its kind in the world that celebrates music in new visual mediums. Honouring a variety of music styles, from traditional to experimental, the awards show will give equal attention to both signed and unsigned music artists for their music recordings. Separate categories will focus on artists whose music is used in films, television, video games, commercial advertisements, movie trailers, web-based videos and other new media.

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October 17, 2008

Alicia Keys Leads American Music Awards Nominations



Alicia Keys leads the pack after receiving five nominations for the 2008 American Music Awards; the nods include artist of the year and favorite female artist in both the pop/rock and soul/R&B categories.

Coldplay and the Eagles follow closely with four nominations each; ladies favourite Chris Brown and Hip Hop sensation Lil Wayne bagged three nominations each.

However Lil Wayne has a tough battle on his hands in the Hip Hop album category as he goes against Jay-Z and Kanye West, but few would bet against the Tha Carter III scooping the prize.

The Jonas Brothers are in the limelight once again competing against Colbie Caillat, Flo Rida, Paramore and The-Dream for the Breakthrough artist title.

The prestigious American Music Awards will be held at the Nokia Theatre on 23 November with Rihanna, Ne-Yo, Taylor Swift and the Pussycat Dolls scheduled to perform.

The online voting closes on 7 November.

View Nominees at

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October 16, 2008

Kanye West - Rihanna's new man?

Photo courtesy of
rihanna_kanye_west_photo_together_dating.jpgBarbadian beauty Rihanna seems to have her eyes on Kanye West since of late. Is it that Chris Brown is too childish for her?

Even though Rihanna and her young lad Chris Brown were always being caught by photographers in intimate position none of the two never once confirmed that they are more than just friends.

According to - Earlier this month, Rihanna was spotted backstage at a concert with Kanye, and it seems the pair were talking about more than just musical collaborations.

A source said: “Rihanna and Kanye hung out together after they performed their songs. Rihanna was sitting on Kanye’s lap, singing along to the music. Before long, the two were full-on kissing each other.”

Josh Hartnett, Shia LaBeouf, Chris Brown and now Kanye...Rihanna certainly knows how to pull a celeb!

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Vybz Kartel's Life Sweet Video

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Jamaica beats Honduras 1-0 in World Cup qualifying - One more to go

Article by Krazy Katty Writer

Photo courtesy of
jamaica_world_cup.jpgJamaica’s World Cup qualifying dream is still alive after defeating Honduras 1-0 last night at the National Stadium on Wednesday, October 15, 2008.

Jamaica’s 1-0 weekend victory over CONCACAF giant Mexico was enough confidence to lead the Reggae Boyz to another win, as Jamaica needs to win all their remaining matches in order to qualify for the next round.

Luton Shelton scored the winning goal for the Jamaicans in the 16th from a magnificent pass he received from midfield. He then beat the defender before rocketing the ball into the back of the Hondurans’ net.

Canada draws Mexico 2-2

Canada managed to pull off draw with Mexico playing at home.

Ali Gerba and Tomasz Radzinski scored for Canada but even though the night was a chilly 8 C, Matias Vuoso and Carlos Salcido replied for Mexico at Commonwealth Stadium.

Jamaica will now have to beat Canada in their November 19 encounter at the National Stadium.

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October 15, 2008

Merciless wants to attend Bounty Killer's father's funeral service

By Kon-Vick Writer

merciless_bounty_killer_clash_sting_jamaica_photo.jpgDancehall artiste Merciless is gearing up to attend the funeral service of Bounty Killer’s father even though they are not on good terms.

According to War Head, “In times like these yuh affi put a aside yuh personal differences and give the support when it is needed, he told

Merciless also mentioned that he lost his father, St. Ledger Bartley in 1994 so he knows the pain that Bounty Killer A.K.A the Warlord is carrying on his shoulder.

Mi Nuh Want Merciless at Mi father’s Funeral

According to Gadafi a member of Merciless management team, he understands Bounty Killer has made it clear that Merciless should stay away from his father’s funeral service or else, “it ago be two duppy!

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Buju Banton Evolves With John Legend


Jamaican music legend, Buju Banton has teamed up with yet another 'Legend' to deliver the seductive and sexy new tune, "Can't Be My Lover."

The steamy track, which will be the bonus cut on the platinum-selling artist/producer, John Legend's forthcoming album, Evolver, has been described as "a Reggae- tinged track that has Legend resisting the charms of a relentless seductress."

Already making the rounds online, "Can't Be My Lover" was produced by the Jamaican hit- maker, Supa Dups (of Black Chiney Sound), who has worked with the likes of Beenie Man, Reggaeton superstar, Pitbull, Sean Paul and Legend's UK protégé on his own HomeSchool records, Estelle. The album is slated to be in stores on Oct. 20th in the UK and Oct 28th in the US.

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Jay-Z To Sign 50 Cent, Beyonce & Janet Jackson?


Jay-Z wants to create a super label of his own with Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Jermaine Dupri and 50 Cent on his wish-list according to internet reports.

The Roc star who is already set to work with Norwegian production duo Stargate on a new joint venture rumoured to be called StarRoc. - wants more!

According to, Jigga wants the best on his side and an industry insider told the website:

"Jay Z approached 50 Cent earlier this year and now he's talking to Janet and Jermaine Dupri... It seems like a difficult task to get so many big artists under one roof, but I wouldn't put anything past [Jay Z]."

Although these are just rumours there could be some life in it as Janet Jackson left Def Jam this week, 50 Cent's contract is up at the end of the year and well Beyonce is Beyonce!


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Machel Montano LIVE on Miami's POWER 96

machel-montano-carnival_08.jpgMachel Montano puts his finishing touch on Miami Carnival '08 by paying a visit to Miami's hit station, POWER 96, on Wednesday, October 15. Montano is the invited studio guest for the top-rated The DJ Laz Morning Pimp Show on the mainstream pop station. The special segment with Montano will feature a rare showcase of soca and reggae music during a prime slot in a major media market, and is scheduled to begin at 7AM EST.

Montano has been a staple at Miami Carnival for years, headlining all the major shows surrounding the weekend of celebration, including Socavivor (International Flag Party) at Bayside Hut in Key Biscayne, and University Fete (U.W.I. Fete) in Fort Lauderdale.

His current single, "Defense - The Anthem" featuring Pitbull and Lil Jon, is enjoying regular play on mix shows on pop radio worldwide, including on Miami's POWER 96. While his new single, "Let Me See" featuring Busta Rhymes, is currently making an impact on mix shows on urban airwaves.

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October 14, 2008

50 Cent, Kanye West feud 'is fake'

kanye_west-50-cent.jpgBy Daniel Kilkelly

50 Cent and Kanye West's high-profile feud is a sham, hip-hop star Reverend Run has claimed.

The rappers exchanged harsh words in the press when their albums went head-to-head in September last year, but Rev - real name Joseph Simmons - has suggested that their war was not genuine.

"They are not really fighting. They are friends," he insisted. "That was just a publicity thing for their albums. I think they are really close and nice to each other. That was just a first week sales battle."

50 sparked the battle in August 2007 when he threatened to quit music if his Curtis album was outsold by West's Graduation.

West was set to compete with his rival again by releasing his new disc 808s & Heartbreak in the same week of December as 50's Before I Self Destruct, but he recently moved the date forward by a month.

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I am in love with a girl who won’t be able to have any more kids

She told me she has one kid but after two years I found out it’s five


Mr Proppa Fix march 2006 I meet this half Chinese girl so pretty that you wouldn’t want a fly to pitch on her, she’s kind, loving, caring she was something to talk about. But as time goes by I remember finding myself with a fractured ankle in the early stage of the relationship. I was low on cash throughout my injuries and she was the one supporting me with what she has. My injuries last for about two and a half month so her little has gone then I start working.

We have been together now for the past two years, but since of late I found out that she don't want me to talk much to her family, I keep on questioning myself why. Then approaching the end of the second year a serious allegation reaches my ears this was when I went fishing with her brother who told me that she has five kids, she was 33 years of age, and I get to understand that she is not able to produce any more children. When I met her, she told me she was 28yrs old, she had one child and she don't smoke.

When hearing, my idea was to end it but I remember what she did for me during my injuries so I planning to help her the way I can before telling her its over because I'm not planning to play an ungrateful role. I never confront her with it because her answers would be no and I hear from several of her family. Now that I am in Anguilla I am planning to tell her it’s over, but her family and friends are begging me not to leave her so what should be the best ideal thing to do.

-Sent from my BlackBerry


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Lil Wayne Amazed by 1 million dollars birthday present

lil-wayne-cash-money.jpgUS rapper Lil Wayne got a shocking birthday present of 1 million dollars in cash from Birdman at his 26th birthday party held in Miami.

According to DJ Khaled and Akon looked on in amazement as the "Got Money" hitmaker opened a briefcase Birdman handed him and discovered it was full of crisp new bills.

A stunned party guest says, "Lil Wayne was left speechless. He was almost in tears when he hugged his friend. I mean, who wouldn't like $1 million as a birthday gift?"
The Club Mansion bash was a lavish affair all round 00 one of the party's main attractions was an ice sculpture full of frozen $100 bills.

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October 13, 2008

KP's Fashions - Where It All Begins - Special Adveristement Feature

KP's Fashions - Shop 7 Clock Tower Plaza
Upstairs The Western Union
Tell: (876) 754 - 1179 or (876) 850 - 5706




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Mavado still fighting to take the #1 spot from Elephant Man


Mavado’s ‘I’m So Special’ has yet to remove Elephant Man’s ‘Nuh Linga’ from the #1 spot on the Top 20 Hot Singles Chart.

This week’s Greatest Gainer title goes to Vybz Kartel’s ‘Work Out’ climbing from #18 to #13.

Other singles that expected to do well on the chart are Demarco’s ‘Standing Soldier’, Black Rhino’s ‘Bend Over’ and Aidonia’s ‘In Har Belly’.

TW means This Week, LW means Last Week and WOC means Weeks on Chart
TW - LW - WOC Artiste Name ----- Song Title ---- Record Label

01 - 01 - (11) Elephant Man ‘Nuh Linga’ - Board House - (3wks@#1)

02 - 02 - (07) Mavado ‘I'm So Special’ - TJ Records

03 - 03 - (10) Beenie Man - ‘Gimmi Likkle' - Born So Records

04 - 04 - (08) Vybz Kartel ‘Trailer Load of Money’ - Chimney Records

05 - 06 - (07) Mavado - ‘Inna Di Car Back’ - Big Ship

06 - 05 - (15) Assassin - ‘Dem Nuh Want Nuh Gal’ - Board House - (1wk@#1)

07 - 09 - (06) Mavado - ‘Overcome’ - Big Ship

08 - 07 - (12) Serani - ' Stinking Rich ' - Daseca - Song To Watch - (Peak@#03)

09 - 08 - (12) Elephant Man - ' Gully Creeper ' - Shuanizzle - (2wks@#1)

10 - 10 - (21) Konshens - ‘Winner’ - Nutural Bridge/Cash Flow - (2wks@#1)

11 - 13 - (04) Demarco - ‘Standing Soldier’ - Versatyle

12 - 12 - (06) Tifa - ‘Bottom of the Barrel’ - Ward 21

13 - 18 - (01) Vybz Kartel - ‘Work Out’ - Big Ship

14 - 11 - (18) Mavado - ‘Money Changer’ - Juke Boxx (2wks@#1)

15 - 19 - (01) Aidonia - ‘In Har Belly’ - Big Ship

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On way to prison, T.I. scores 3rd straight No. 1 with 'Paper Trail'

rapper-t-ijail-guns.jpgThe artist with the No. 1 album in the country is going to prison in a few months.

Billboard confirmed Wednesday that rapper T.I., scheduled in a few months to begin serving a one-year prison term for gun possession, has scored his third straight chart-topper. The Atlanta rapper’s sixth album, “Paper Trail” (Grand Hustle/Atlantic), sold 568,000 copies in the last week. He also has the nation’s No. 1 single, “Live Your Life.”

It’s the latest high in a year, and a career, that has also seen plenty of lows. T.I., born Clifford Harris Jr. 28 years ago in Atlanta, was a drug dealer who transformed himself into a best-selling rapper and movie star. But a personal assistant was shot to death in a 2006 gunfight and last year T.I. was arrested for buying machine guns and silencers. After paying a $100,000 fine and doing community service, he will begin serving a one-year term in 2009.

All of which has been prime fodder for his career as one of the best-selling rappers ever to emerge from Atlanta and the “Dirty South” of ghetto misadventure. Much of “Paper Trail” was recorded under unique circumstances: while its maker was under house arrest awaiting trial.

With its cocky, drawling celebrations of his prowess as an indestructible anti-hero, “Paper Trail” is a far more commercial work than his more introspective 2007 release, “T.I. vs. T.I.P.” But it also addresses --- and admittedly exploits --- his real-life legal troubles.


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October 11, 2008

Dancehall Artiste Bounty Killer Mourns The Death of His Father

By Krazy Katty Writer

bountykiller_beenieman_dad_died_father.jpgDancehall giant and leader of the Alliance Bounty Killer is now mourning the death of his father Constantine Basil Pryce. gets to understand Bounty’s dad had become ill - he was rushed to the hospital but later on he succumbed to his illness yesterday (October 9, 2008). made multiple phone calls but was only successful to get Bounty Killer’s answering machine. However, according to a friend close to the family…. “Mi know right now di Killer feel it because more time him and him daddy wi even touch di road and have a drink or two, trust mi the dads father gone too soon."

On the behalf of the Entertainment Fraternity and members of, we express our deepest condolences to Rodney Pryce and his family.

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Throw back - One of The Worse Movies in History Staring Vybz Kartel

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October 10, 2008

Jamaican singer Tami Chynn hits the Billboard with ‘Frozen’ FT Akon

By Kon-Vick Writer

tami_chynn_chin_tammi_tammy_jamaica_singer.jpgJamaican reggae/pop singer Tami Chynn’s mega hit single ‘Frozen‘, featuring R&B star Akon has landed her on the Billboard charts for the first time in her career.

Last week the single ascended from #16 to #11 on the Billboard's Dance Music Club Play. With success flowing throw the air Tami Chynn is now gearing up to release her sophomore album titled ‘Prima Dona’ early next year.

Tami Chynn was also featured in the recently shot Pepsi commercial along with Dancehall Superstar Shaggy. Coming next month, she will be touring with New Kids on the Block and UK pop star Natasha Bedingfield.

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October 9, 2008

Bounty Killer Attacks – Merciless retaliates with ‘Feel Pain’

By Krazy Katty Writer

Bounty Killer lyrically attacks Merciless twice - the first was at a show held in Claremont while the second attack took place on the Magnum Road Show.

Merciless gets the Killer Cross Angry and Miserable after he made a mockery of the Killer on his latest single titled “Revolution”….. “Me tell Killa seh fi low di border - yuh cyah mek nobody si yuh a par wid Shebadah.

At the show in Claremont Bounty Killer told fans that, “Merciless go prison a foreign and come back fat - man f**k him a prison and full him up a baby ‘germs’.

In recent reports, Merciless claims he will not back from the lyrical warfare and so far he’s living up to his statement, hitting back hard at Bounty Killer with his new single ‘Feel Pain’

“Bounty Killer a heard that you put on yuh square mouth and went to Claremont,
guh pon stage a talk bout merciless come back from farin and look fat,
weh you a do admire man and things like that,
you nuh bad like mi not even inna a bl**dclaat next life,
a wi kick you in a yuh b*tty and mash up yuh sex life

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John Legend new album 'Evolver' includes a reggae track


American soul/pop singer John Legend has recently voiced a reggae track that will be featured on his latest album Evolver.

According to, the singer reveals - 'I never felt like I should be wed to one sound for my whole life,' he says. Somehow, he even makes a career decision sound romantic. He nods at the suggestion Evolver is a loaded title: 'It's consciously heavier than the last album. My songwriting might not have changed much at heart, but the beats and ideas have.'

Immediate proof of that comes in the poppy rush of his new single Green Light, featuring André 3000. Legend believes Evolver is a melange of styles - 'a reggae track, a couple of ballads, a socially conscious anthem' - but it's also the closest thing he's ever made to a club album. 'I go to enough clubs and it's weird they're the one place where my music doesn't play,' he reasons.

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October 8, 2008

Who is the man- Vybz Kartel or Mavado?

By Kon-Vick Writer

vybz_kartel_mavado_feud_song_artistes.jpgOver the years, Jamaica’s dancehall fraternity has always had two or three artists that have competed against each other to captivate the arena or be the real big man so to speak. Historically there have been conflicts between the more dominant figures in the entertainment industry. Back in the day, the likes of Supercat and Ninja man went at it in a toe-to-toe showdown at Sting in 1991, the DJ’s battlefield. There were also conflicts between Ninja Man and Shabba Ranks and Sizzla and Bounty Killer to name a few.

The most famous and long lasting conflict in the dancehall would have to be the never-ending battle between Beenie Man and Bounty Killer. It is definitely the most financially beneficial of all feuds as it has made both artists more popular and in turn filled venues with eager fans waiting to see the show down of all showdowns.

The new generation of younger artists have brewed their own new set of conflicts, like the war between Aidonia and Busy Signal - Aidonia and Munga - Devra Brat and Munga. The most popular one for the moment however would have to be the Vybz Kartel and Movado conflict. This has seen the lyrical dispute manifest into physical “beef” in the streets crossing the line between lyrics and reality (something that never really happened with past rivalries).

Both Movado and Vybz Kartel have been recording diss tracks aimed at each other with their most recent lyrical onslaughts on Skatta’s new ‘Self Defense’ rhythm on which Mavado is adamant that Kartel is a homosexual and Vybz Kartel answers twice by telling him that he will send him to hell and he couldn’t be gay because he was in an intimate relationship with his (Mavado’s) mother.

The question remains - who is the man? Who is the most dominant figure in the dancehall at this moment? Is it the Alliance DJ Mavado or Portmore Empire’s leader Vybz Kartel?

This is what the public has to say about - Who is The Big Man?

Omar, 27, Store Clerk:
Earlier on up inna di year Mavado was the man carrying the title but right now mi affi give the title to Vybz Kartel. Both artistes have out some sick tunes that are running the place but at the end of the day there will only be one and I am betting my money on the Teacha (Vybz Kartel)

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Kanye West: 'Love Lockdown'

kanye-west-pop.jpgBy Nick Levine, Music Editor

Kanye West's planet-sized ego has taken a bit of a battering in recent weeks. The initial response to 'Love Lockdown' - his bravest, strangest single to date - was so scathing that he felt compelled to rework it, beefing up the rhythm track with Japanese Taiko drums and re-recording his vocals.

That's right, vocals. West doesn't actually rap on 'Love Lockdown', preferring to sing, with a lot of help from Auto-Tune, over a house piano riff and those military-style drums. The result is unsettling, a little bit paranoid and much less radio-friendly than the likes of 'Stronger' and 'Homecoming'. An interesting experiment, but why would one of the world's best rappers want to turn himself into a barely adequate singer?

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OutAroad Red Carpet With Charly Black

charly_black_redcarpet_photos_artiste.jpgThis week on the OutAroad Red Carpet his the girls "dem" commander Charly Black. I paid US$130 for my Creative Recreation shoes - My D&G shades cost US$85 - I am not sure how my Kenneth Cole watch cost because I got it as a gift from 3 Js - This pants is just US$30 - the shirt is for US$50 - I paid US$850 for my rose gold chain and US$65 for my ring couple years ago.

Click on See More for close ups of his Shoes, Watch, Ring, Chain and shades.


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October 6, 2008

Usain Bolt & the Olympic Team partied with Fans at Quad

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50 Cent Is A Dead Man Running

50-cent-righteous_kill_movie_scenes.jpg50 Cent recently revealed that he will continue his acting career in a new movie called "Dead Man Running." Danny Dyer, a british actor, told the BBC “It’s about one guy who basically gets in a serious bit of trouble with a real gangster and he’s got one day to live or he’s going to get ironed out if he doesn’t raise the funds,” continuing, “So, it’s basically about a dead man running, which is him, and I play his sidekick who’s trying to get him out of trouble.”Tamer Hassan will also be in the new film with Dyer and 50 Cent.

50 recently was in the high profile movie Righteous Kill with Robert DiNero and Al Pacino. Danny Dyer says he's excited about working with 50, saying “I don't know about him as an actor. He's definitely a presence We come from totally different backgrounds but he's a great artist.”

In related news, 50 has another new movie (which he act in, produce and direct) and a new album both titled Before I Self Destruct. The album is set to be released on December 9th, while the movie doesn't have a set release date yet.


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I invested my brother's money in Cash Plus without his permission


Dear Mr Proppafix:

I never thought that I would be in a situation like this. I am a 26-year-old woman living in Jamaica and. I am from a close-knit family and I am always keeping in regular contact with all of them particularly my younger brother who is currently working in the United States.
My younger brother and I have always had the best relationship out of all my other siblings. I am his number one confidant when it comes on to personal matters or anything else whether it is relationship related or financial advice. He has told me on numerous occasions that he looks up to me as his mentor and that he has a lot of respect for me.

He left Jamaica because he got a good job opportunity and he entrusted me with all his financial information and even put my name on his bank account so I am able to lodge and with draw money for him, particularly as I am the one who is looking after his daughter. Since he left, he has been sending money and I have been taking care of his business and ensuring that his daughter’s school fee is paid.

My boyfriend and I had accounts in the Cash Plus scheme and my boyfriend kept on hinting to me that I should invest some of the money that my brother was sending in Cash Plus because I could reap the benefits from the interest. At first, I totally dismissed the idea but I thought about it and I figured that nothing would be wrong with making a little extra money. It could help with the rent and all the other bills.

I didn’t mention my idea to my brother because I knew that he would not want to risk his money in something so unstable. I took $300,000 of the money he had in savings and deposited into my Cash Plus account and everything was going well until the whole scheme crashed and I lost all the money.

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No Gay Police In My Division

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October 5, 2008

Elephant Man's 'Nuh Linga' holds Mavado's 'I'm So Special' , off the #1 spot on Top 20 Hot Singles chart


Elephant Man’s ‘Nuh Linga’ is still the #1 song on the Top 20 Hot Singles Chart - while Mavado’s ‘I’m So Special’ continues to make headway up the chart, ascending 3 places to removed Assassin’s ‘Dem Nuh Want Nuh Gal’ from the #2 position.

This week’s Greatest Gainer title goes Demarco’s ‘Standing Soldier’ jumping from #17 to #13.

Other singles to watch are Vybz Kartel’s ‘Trailer Load of Money’ and Mavado’s ‘Inna Di Car Back’.

Steven McGregor’s Big Ship label invades the chart with three new entries - they are Black Rhino’s ‘Bend Over’ making its debut at #20 - Aidonia’s ‘In Har Belly’ at #19 while the lyrical genius Vybz Kartel’s ‘Work Out’ debut at #18.

TW means This Week, LW means Last Week and WOC means Weeks on Chart
TW - LW - WOC Artiste Name ----- Song Title ---- Record Label

01 - 01 - (10) Elephant Man ‘Nuh Linga’ - Board House - (2wks@#1)

02 - 05 - (06) Mavado ‘I'm So Special’ - TJ Records

03 - 04 - (09) Beenie Man - ‘Gimmi Likkle' - Born So Records

04 - 06 - (07) Vybz Kartel ‘Trailer Load of Money’ - Chimney Records

05 - 02 - (14) Assassin - ‘Dem Nuh Want Nuh Gal’ - Board House - (1wk@#1)

06 - 08 - (06) Mavado - ‘Inna Di Car Back’ - Big Ship

07 - 03 - (11) Serani - ' Stinking Rich ' - Daseca - Song To Watch - (Peak@#03)

08 - 07 - (11) Elephant Man - ' Gully Creeper ' - Shuanizzle - (2wks@#1)

09 - 11 - (05) Mavado - ‘Overcome’ - Big Ship

10 - 09 - (20) Konshens - ‘Winner’ - Natural Bridge/Cash Flow - (2wks@#1)

11 - 10 - (17) Mavado - ‘Money Changer’ - Juke Boxx (2wks@#1)

12 - 13 - (05) Tifa - ‘Bottom of the Barrel’ - Ward 21

13 - 17 - (03) Demarco - ‘Standing Soldier’ - Versatyle

14 - 12 - (18) Vybz Kartel - ‘Fatta Than A Pound’ - Open Ear Music (2wks@#1)

15 - 14 - (18) Busy Signal - ‘Curfew’ - Juxx Box - (Peak@#05)

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Throw back - Shabba Ranks vs. Ninjaman at Sting 1990

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Rapper T.I. moves past street life on new album 'Paper Trail'

rapper_ti_paper_trail_album_photos.jpgATLANTA -- Before his prison sentence starts next year, T.I. wants to knock down his image as a rapper who glorifies the street life.

Perhaps nowhere is that illustrated better than on his new album "Paper Trail," which comes out on Tuesday. Fans won't find any boasts about his days as a hustler or portrayals of himself as a dangerous gangster. Instead, the 28-year-old father of five offers songs about taking responsibility for his mistakes and learning from his criminal past. And tracks that do mention crime do so in a cautionary tone.

"To specifically talk about guns and drugs in that fashion, I won't be able to do that because it's not a part of my life anymore," says the best-selling rapper, who is known for hits such as "Rubberband Man" and "U Don't Know Me."

The melancholy "Dead and Gone" featuring Justin Timberlake may be the album's best example of that, as T.I. makes it clear that he is ready to start a new and positive chapter in his life.

"It's about leaving behind certain ways that aren't conducive to progression," said T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris. "It's also in relation to certain friends that aren't here right now."

T.I., rap's self-proclaimed "King of the South," was sentenced to one year in prison on federal weapons charges after he was arrested last October before the BET Hip-Hop Awards in Atlanta for allegedly trying to buy automatic weapons. T.I., who has a prior drug conviction and spent time behind bars for a probation violation a few years ago, is scheduled to start his prison sentence in March 2009 after completing 1,000 of community service. He has spent the last several months speaking to kids and churches, warning about the pitfalls of living a hustler's life.


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October 4, 2008

Cameal Davies became the first female Digicel Rising Star Winner

cameal_davies_digicel_rising_star_winner_female_jamaica.jpgAgainst thunderous cheers and screams and with a mother running around in excitement at the Courtleigh Auditorium, Cameal Davies, hailing from the Kingston 14 community of Denham Town, emerged to create history as she snatched the well-chased 2008 Digicel Rising Star title.

Davies made history in the five year series to be the first female to win the Digicel Rising Stars Competition after past females contestants like Renee, Dianna Rutherford, Nickeisha Barnes, Lenya Wilks and Jodiann Pantry came close to walking away, but missed out to their male opponents. Davies however emerged with aggressive campaigning strategies and continuous improvements, leaving Kahlil in the dust, and take the cake in all three performances on Sunday, September 28, in what is described as a falter of Kahlil who, according to Judge Anthony, nabbed only the last performance which was "good but too late."

Just before the historic news, Nadine Sutherland told Cameal: "You are an example of what we can expect and what can come from young people, especially in the inner-city communities...Cameal you are an example especially to young females, you are a winner with grace, style and class."

Anthony offered that Jennifer Hudson's Spotlight was by far, the best song selection and performance in this season, while hinting: "You won't be winning tonight because you are a woman, but because you are the best contestant."

As the announcement of the winner came, many were not shocked, in fact many said they knew that The Denham Princess was going to win since it had many around Jamaica actively arguing about her improvements and her competition of five boys with five crowds.

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October 3, 2008

Rihanna Gets Mistaken For Prince

rihanna_prince_look_like_photo_artistes.jpgWe never would have made this connection, and it's too funny! Rihanna, with her cute new pixie haircut she's been donning all summer, has been getting mistaken for Prince!

Star magazine reports that Rihanna, who is used to people yelling and screaming for her, will pass by fans and then realize they're screaming the wrong name.

Last month, she was at the airport in London when fans started calling her the "Purple One" and yelling "Prince!"

We have to admit, when Rihanna has sunglasses on, the two definitely resemble each other. She's a hell of a lot hotter though with glasses off! Not to mention the gender difference…Do you see the resemblance?


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Bescenta - Calm Dung Yuh Nerves - Video

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October 2, 2008

Do you think Milk and Candice should have been fired for their unintentional nudity acts?

milk_siwell_candice_photos.jpgCVM Communications Group recently fired two of their best TV hosts Amelia 'Milk' Sewell and Candice Buchanan. The two were suspended for more than three months after a sex tape with Milk and nude photos of Candace were released in the public. Milk’s homemade porn video leaked to the public via a cell phone while Candice semi nude photos leaked on the internet by her obsessive ex-lover. takes it to the streets to get the public’s opinion on the matter.

Travis McFarlane, 25 - Tradesman:
Mi did know dem would have fired dem because from once they got such long suspensions yuh know that ago lead to dismissal. CVM could have shown little more sympathy on them by removing them from TV and give them something else fi do because job nuh easy fi get now-a-days especially with their history.

Cathleen Foster, 29 - Clerk:
It is sad to hear because they were two of my favourite TV personalities. In Milk’s situation, it was just a careless act that got in the hands of the wrong person. But I don’t think they should have even fired Candice because it was just some semi nude photos of her and we all know that they were dispatched by her ex-boyfriend. Life is so unfair when you have to suffer for things you had no control over.

Tricia Spencer, 24 - Supervisor:
I was bit upset when I saw Milk’s video and Candice photos because as women you have to be smart and think before you act. How can you make a video tape of yourself going down on a man with a device that can easily be lost? However, I do not believe that CVM should have fired them because they were not responsible for the release of photos and sex tape.

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Terry Linen Injured But Still Strong

terry_linen_sick_foot_new_jersey_reggae_fest_artiste.jpgIn spite of Terry Linen’s foot injury, he’s still travelling back and forth just to make sure his fans leave the venue happy.

His most recent performance was at New Jersey Reggae Fest where he shared stage with Queen Africa, Beenie Man, Demarco, Ninja Man, Barrington Levy, Bounty Killer, and Serani.

The show started late and the place was packed and the fans where getting bored of armature artists. But as soon as Terry Linen graced the stage the audience knew it was showtime - he took the vibes to a another level with songs like ‘Call On A Friend’ and ‘Couldn't Be The Girl For Me’ which made the fans go wild.

After his set was done, the fans begged for “more Terry Linen” and even when they got more the girls kept screaming for Terry even though he was long gone.

Terry Linen is now back in the island preparing tracks for his upcoming album.

"The UMI Crew just wants the world to know that this is a new walkway for Terry Linen big up all the disk jockies and my fans all over the world. Give thanks to for giving the UMI a lot of support.

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Dangerous - Dem Too Bad Mind

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October 1, 2008

Up Close And Personal With Zebra

As I entered the Princeville plaza and headed down to the studio, own by famed Dj Mister. G formerly known as Goofy. There around the mixing board in a seemingly creative manner was a familiar face I’ve longed seen. “Good afternoon empress” as he reached out with greetings,” brought back memories of an all too familiar yet unique voice and I was assured that the one and only ‘Zebra’ is back!

Gone are the days of the braided hair, dozens of cell phones lining his waist, while using one to call the other and a seemingly hyped persona. Gone however are not his usual comical suave as he routinely went in an out of character much to the amusement of everyone around.

“Now while all humor is appreciated, lets get down to business, Zebra let your voice be heard…….” - Sanya:
So how is Zebra doing?

“Zebra as always; still mastering rhymes but on a higher meds, Knowin dem use to si me … hypness… mi a appear different. - Sanya:
So how does it feel to be out after being incarcerated for what ten years?

“A 10 year di judge gi mi… well tru it wasn’t a fus offence. I get 9 months outa each year, so mi do bout seven” - Sanya:
I see that you’ve made a transformation, you’re a Rastafarian now?

“Is not about seh yuh Ras and yuh just stop eat meat, is about helping a old woman across di street, helping a yute, guiding dem. Di yute dem need fi do sum farming an ting. Mi want dem si di change… mi nuh wah be like sum man whe seh dem change but a dress inn hipsters and pink…nuff tings need fi straighten up…yeah man…” - Sanya:
Do you think the music has changed in recent?

“No di music is always di same music, is just the musicians dem attitude change…..
Well anno everyman inna the music a musician some a just ‘confusician’. Police affi train for years to become a police doh? But now a man weh just start Dj fi 2 days start come pon stage a diss man weh inna di business long time…
Dem say ah dat the people dem want still but ah nuh everything di people dem want dem need”

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