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My Husband blames me for financial setback


Hi, Mr. Proppa Fix

I have three children with my husband and he has a 25 year old from a previous marriage. here is my problem we recently filed bankruptcy about one year ago he had vowed to me that he would not tell any of his family members about our financial business especially with the bankruptcy, however he told his son who lives in Florida 300 miles away from us .He tells him all of our financial and personal information, I even overheard him on the phone. I asked him why he told him our secret and he said ‘so what’- he has a business degree in finance and he knows what he is doing. I feel like it is none of his damn business degree or not.

The step son was always asking us to refinance our home when he was working at the mortgage company!! I didn’t want my house refinanced at the time, but he still continued to call us every day and damn harassing me. His topic of conversation all the time is about money, that’s all he talks about and quite frankly it is disgusting!! He talks fast and in circles and he asked my husband who gets our house when we die and if we have a life insurance policy, and he tells my husband things like oh your house isn’t worth what we are asking for. I overheard my husband saying that he wants a divorce from me because of the financial setback is all my fault and that I am bipolar and that he wants his son to come here and get in my face and tell me what to do. What the hell is going on here?

My husband also 2 years ago called his ex girlfriend up and then lied to me about it. She called his cell phone that he left on the kitchen table and it has been one thing after another with this man - strange voices on his cell phone as well- females I might add. I want the divorce and I told him that 2 years ago. So please help me and get back to me I am so mad and angry and upset I know my marriage is done but my question to you is why he feels he has to tell his son all of our personal and financial information. He can’t do anything for us unless he plans on bringing us a suitcase full of money! This is a kid who loves to talk and is a big bullshitter and just wants money from his dad and to nose and pry in our business- get back to me.



Dear R.L

I must start by saying that I am wondering what you’re true reasons are for writing this letter. You clearly could have avoided all the troubles that you are facing with your marriage and your step son if you went through the divorce two years ago. If your husband is such a bad person - why are you still with him and why do you allow yourself to be disrespected by a 25 year old?

Judging from the tone of your letter I would guess that you are significantly younger than your husband and possibly nearer in age to his step son. This is more than likely the cause of your dislike and he probably dislikes you for the very same reason. He probably feels that your motives for marring his father are wrong and by prying into your business, he is trying to protect him from you. Your husband also needs to be a man and stand up to you. He seems to be afraid of you and that is possibly the reason why he allows his son to butt in to your affairs

It amazes me that most of your letter is talking about your step son instead of your failing marriage. How can this person be so important to what happens in your relationship? I think you need to grow up and focus on the true problems with your husband. If it is time to let go, then simply let go.

I noticed that you managed to leave the reason why your husband blames you for your financial problems. Maybe you need to look within yourself and see where you are the root cause of all of these issues. Are you the type of wife who spends like there is no tomorrow? And if so, how can anybody who respects your husband allow you to do this to him?

This is my advice young lady - tek it or leave it.

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Posted by junglist | August 12, 2008 3:02 PM

my girl yuh done the man money wid yuh careless shoppinng spree and yuh a act like you nuh have no clue about what he's running you fah

Posted by Flawless | August 14, 2008 11:11 AM

Junglist that no much be the case the man can be a gambler or a drunk so why it have to be the woman 95% of man don't know how to manage there money so they need a strong woman to guide tham ok so straighting up ur talk.

Posted by Rmak | August 15, 2008 6:20 PM

look in the mirror check yuhself then be honest and tell the whole truth. Because i'm sure the husband could tell us a lot more things ure leavin out

Liz T:
Posted by Liz T | August 15, 2008 11:16 PM

You leaving out something...If not the next time that stepson calls the house and you answer, deal with him...give him the "Proppa Fix". Your husband had the AUDACITY to tell his son about something you didn't want anyone to know. Also, he called his ex-gf and not to spell ex as in former...get the AUDACITY to draft some divorce papers!

Posted by Stanley | December 8, 2009 8:06 AM

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