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Kanye West Wants to Make You Fat While he Makes Money And Probably Laughs at You…

By Ian Dransfield


Kanye West seems to be continuing in his quest to win at everything forever.

Not content with taking the world of music by storm, the world of blogging by monsoon, the world of being cool by tsunami and the world of producing by… drizzle… Kanye West is now moving on to the world of making people fat by feeding them fried patties of ground up cow-knees.

Not personally, of course - that would be surreal.

No, Kanye is merely opening ten Fatburger fast food joints around Chicago, rather than actually serving all who walk through their doors with his priceless smile and boundless arrogance. And a burger.

West’s company, KW Foods LLC, have picked up the rights to build the stores around the Chitown area, thus infecting countless local residents with great big wodges of fat to force down their gullets. A sound business move, we’re sure.

But why, aside from wanting to kill lots of people by making them fat, would Kanye West want to open ten fast food ‘restaurants’ (using the term as loosely as possible)?

Maybe it’s to get away from his music career and down to a more homely, normal job than he’s been used to over the last few years? At least working in a burger joint he wouldn’t be all that bothered were he to turn up to work eight hours late.

In fact, he’d just get sacked for that.




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Posted by DISGRUNTLED | August 14, 2008 11:44 AM

This is downright f#@kery. You as an individual decide whether you want to have a burger or not. It being in front of you don't necessarily mean you have to eat it. A burger every now & then won't kill you, just don't live on it

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