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Flamze...A Ball of Fire for The Airwaves

flamze_hype_tv_girl_beach_swimwear.jpgFlamze: A hot glowing mass of burning gas, often carrying incandescent particles; a brilliant reddish orange color often used to describe one’s personality.

Born Sidony Smith, she got her entry in radio land with the name Flamze. ‘I first came by the name Flamze when I heard that I was going to be doing a show called "96 Degrees" in the 1-5pm slot for 5 days a week, so my female cousin (an inspiration to me called simply Ghetto Yute) and I sat down and brainstormed for a few hours and we had chosen a few other names like Pepper, Ginger, Heat and finally she said Flamze. That had a great ring to it and it truly was the best word to describe my personality and the kind of vibe that I wanted to transmit to the listeners’, Flamze revealed. The radio station that she started was a community radio station in Savanna-la-mar Westmoreland known as LINKZ 96 fm.

Flamze, who is also one of the Caribbean’s most sought after MC,s was born and raised in the Marine Park area of Portmore in St. Catherine. She lived there until she was six years old, when her family relocated to Linstead in St. Catherine. She stayed in Linstead until she was 17 years old, where she then relocated to Kingston while attending Excelsior Community College where she pursued an Associates Degree in Tourism, Hospitality and Entertainment at the Excelsior Community College.

In 2003, she attended the Phillip Sherlock Center for the Performing Arts and did a Voice & Speech Course with renowned broadcaster Tony Patel. In the summer of that year, she returned to the UWI campus for the Radio Announcing and Presentation Course that was facilitated by another broadcasting legend, Fae Ellington.

The following year she completed a short course in News Writing & Editing which was facilitated by Prof. Kendall Moore. Since then Flamze has further trained with renowned broadcaster Paula Ann Porter Jones.

After her tenure at LINKZ 96 FM, Flamze made her move to ZIP 103 FM, and later was invited by Judith Ann Bodley, former Station Manager to work for RJR 94FM. “Judith Bodley was the first main stream media manager who saw my talent, believed in it, and was willing to further hone my talent by taking me under her tutelage. I owe most of what I now know to Judith and will forever be grateful to her for that”. For the past 2 years Flamze has been igniting the airwaves of RJR94 fm, and though now absent from radio due to internal issues, this multi-talented woman has landed the position of VJ, for HYPE TV’s VTX Countdown, and has been getting rave reviews since she started. Viewers can look out for Flamze and Treasure on Up & Live, Tuesdays on Hype TV.

In her talent pool, Flamze is an established MC, Disc Jock, VJ, and Events Manager, and has graced the stage of many local and Caribbean events. Asked if she hadn’t gotten her foot in media what other career path she would’ve pursued, Flamze said: ‘I would definitely still be in entertainment probably as a dance major from the Edna Manley School of performing arts. I would also try my hand at music producing and Artiste Management or without a doubt Public Relations. I would not survive in an office just filing papers everyday music is in my bones cause back in the 70's my father owned and operated a huge sound system(which I refuse to name) and I guess it’s hereditary”.

She also loves to chill at home, cook and watch National Geographic channel. Musically she loves listening to old school music including rock and alternative, hip hop, dancehall, disco, pop and jazz.

As for her ultimate goal in life, it is to become a Lecturer at the UWI Mona campus in Communication or Psychology. ‘I also want to do at least 5 more years in Jamaican radio and hopefully land a job doing a weekly all Jamaican radio show on HOT 97 in New York, representing for the best in Jamaican music. I also want to manage a radio station one day. But I'll get there in baby strides’, she joked.


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Posted by tippa | August 24, 2008 5:07 PM

di living definition of sexiness and beauty hype tv mi luv har gwaan through mi jamaican women

Posted by Can | August 25, 2008 10:20 AM

I never did understand what Judith Bodley was doing at RJR, with all the non-sensical changes, so while I personally dont have any ill feelings towards Flamze (cus I dont know her personally), I never liked her show. However, of late, I've started to listen again because Ms Kitty & Niron really bring a certain chemistry that that 1-5pm slot had with Wild Child & lacked post Wild Child.

As I said, nothing personal, but we the RJR audience are still waiting on more reversals from Judith's changes.

Stink Kitty....nasty:
Posted by Stink Kitty....nasty | August 25, 2008 12:28 PM

Listen, Judith Bodley is a woman who fights for her workers, and the management of RJR(Executive Body) were the ones who gave her the mandate to fire Miss Kitty in the first place because of her lewdness, yes check the internal poli-trix......the so-called Fluffy Diva can never walk in Flamze shoes cause she is a likkle pickney who inna a old ooman body....Miss Kitty younga dan Flamze unnu believe dat? YES...she is....anyways,Miss Kitty fans, hope unnu love har same way when unnu see har ba**y f**kin video weh deh a to di wooooorrrlllllddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous | August 25, 2008 4:01 PM

This young lady Flamz is definitely a epitomy of a real talented individual she has being around quite sometimes now in the business but was always getting a fight because she never wanted to get laid by any of her superiors so that posed a problem but girl let me tell you this the sky is the limit keep holding your head high keep on the same path you will get there .love all the time

Kandy fr: Florida

Posted by Can | August 25, 2008 4:59 PM

Well I know for a fact that Judith Bodley is not a wonderful person (my first encounter with her was her being a b*tch). At that time I was a fan of hers, but after her nasty attitude - I wasn't a fan anymore. Home girl don't even say a general morning when she walks into a room. I've witnessed people chuckling when they thought a car that was being towed was hers, instead of trying to warn her - you know why - because she's not nice. So my opinion is that anybody tight with her must be kissing her a*s. I agree Wild Child needed some toning down & she has done so since being at Zip, but Flamze & her fake deep self didnt cut it either.

Now if Ms Kitty have a sex tape a road, release di ting cus they need to learn (the hard way) to keep their private business private. As I said it ain't nothing personal, I'm just being real about what I feel.

Posted by Anonymous | August 25, 2008 5:19 PM

What can I say? Brains and beauty combined. She not only can play music she knows music an area in which Miss Kitty falls woefully short. No ill feelings to the Fluffy Diva but I never perceived her as RJR material. But where as she brings a particular set of listeners, RJR has lost another set.

Catch a fiyah, always blazing.

Posted by Kingrock | August 26, 2008 6:40 AM

Flamze to left a big shoes that Fluffy Diva cant fill ... Searching all the airwave to hear your voice . Love you girl from LINKZ 96 FM days .

Debs 90:
Posted by Debs 90 | August 26, 2008 12:43 PM

Flamze is the perfect example of a hard working jamaican woman. I was a avid fan of catchafyah on RJR and i have been searching down the airwaves for her. Thanks for the info outaroad. Big up mi friend Flamze(Lion Paw). Tek it to dem!!!!!! P.S. Miss Kitty Cannot fill that shoes(Pun intended).

A Di Truth:
Posted by A Di Truth | August 26, 2008 3:16 PM

Well is so much which could be said, but wi a go keep it short. Flamze is talented, not overly so, but talented. A bit arrogant, but then look who she look to 'Miss Inferiority Complex who tried to act Superior' - Judith Bodley. Kitty has come a far way, ok she can't spin, but she is also multi-talented. The thing that can be said about Wildchild is that ah true she did over the top sometimes, but she did bring a naturalness to radio, mek it real Jamaican radio, she did mek Dj Nyron more exposed to the public. Mi hear him was at RJR long before she come and ah she carry him pon di road fi the broadcast dem and mek him popular. Plus the girl leave RJR cause dem di a go dump Dorraine. She left pon principle. Kitty did leave fi di same reasons. The real reason dem did fire Flamez is cause she neva did a draw big numbers of ears to the afternoon show. Wish har the best still. Onoo need fi get real facts and not illusion before onoo comment.

Ha ha ha ha ... Whoa:
Posted by Ha ha ha ha ... Whoa | August 26, 2008 3:21 PM

ah di truth still Flamez multi-talented still, but she neva all dat. Ok she have the spinning ting over Kitty, but she nuh have the vibes weh Kitty have. So wah if Kitty have sex tape. Ah nuh like she go stadium to mek it when it full. Wi miss Wildchild still, but wi understand seh she did leave pon a issue ah principle; cause dem did a go dump Dorraine and gi Wildchild the morning slot and she neva did want nobody lose dem work. A true still Wildchild did kinda ova di top sometimes but onoo haffe gi it to har, she did mek Jamaican radio real and she did gi di yute Dj Nyron nuff exposure. She was a decent smady. Flamez did too stiff still. Kitty have far better vibes. Anyway ah so Jamaican ungrateful, onoo only wid people when dem deh pon top. Onoo forget dem jus as easily

Posted by calvin | August 26, 2008 7:57 PM

flamze yuh hot yuh mek mi heart waan catch a fire, now that I know what yuh look like I do not think yuh voice fit yuh personalty yuh look too girly fitalk like yuh rough

real man:
Posted by real man | August 27, 2008 4:59 PM

well mek we chat facts den.......Flamze and Kitty is like apples and oranges; while being fruits, they are very different....While Kitty wi get the big vulgar show dem, Flamze wi do di sophisticated shows dem....dats the way it is....U will hardly if ever see a miss kitty doing a show like Tribute to the Greats weh gone wah day yah.....Flamze get it is just who dem targeting as individual emcees.....thats the straight to the firing issue...she wasnt fired....di bald ooman a look inna har lawsuit now cause RJR think dem too big and dem can deal wid people anyway.....all who talking how unnu woulda feel if u gone pon u vacation and hear seh u job inna newspaper being given to someone else.....Flamze nuh have a problem wid Kitty, a di viper dem a RJR she disgruntled wid....flamze we will forever love are beautiful and very talented...a true u humble...miss kitty mek di most a di spot and try pay off u van loan....mek u name and some money...dat a di truth and nutten more nuh need fi be piece a love a dash weh pon everybody....

Ha ha ha ha:
Posted by Ha ha ha ha | August 29, 2008 2:24 PM

ha ha ha. Hilarious. Distortion is a b*tch

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