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"Ain't no time fi 'Kotch Aroun'" – Kris Kelli

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kris_kelli_kelly_female_singer_artiste.jpgArtist: Kris Kelli
Song: "Kotch aroun"
Production: Mario Music factory
Rhythm: Smooth sailing rhythm

‘Kotch Aroun’ done by one of Jamaica’s finest female reggae singers Kris Kelli is the kind of bubbly feeling song that we have grown to expect from her. It is a light easygoing reggae tune without any hip-hop or R&B influences. Just pure Jamaican baseline, lyrics and melodies with a catchy chorus that will have you singing.

This song will definitely become an instant hit with the ladies as Kelli’s lyrics are centered around female liberation and independence in a male dominated world. She hits good topical issues in Jamaican society - one of which speaks about deadbeat guys who depend on their women for financial support.

“Dem come in like a grab in a barrel, eye red-a than a sorrel,” are some of the few lines that best describes Mr. “Kotch Aroun”

The genius of this song lies in Kelli’s ability to comment on an important social issue without it becoming a ‘battle of the sexes’. She has achieved what most have failed to do in creating a song that even a man can appreciate and love without being offended in any way even though she chit-chats about some of the negative things that men do.

Listening to this song gives the listeners an idea of Kelli’s amazing vocal abilities. OutAroad audio reviewer gives Kelli 3.95 stars out of 5 for the single ‘Kotch Aroun’.


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Posted by Lady Loy | August 27, 2008 10:30 AM

Kris Kelli - Kotch around - I have a conscious reggae segment on Saturdays and would like to air this track in the UK. Please send mp3 to Bless.

Posted by Eye_Candy | August 27, 2008 10:36 AM

lovely song kelli run weh di worthless man si yuh thing start gwaan and him left him job want fi live off a yuh a wonder yuh song based upon a real life story, lol

Shauna Fung Yee:
Posted by Shauna Fung Yee | September 2, 2008 10:15 PM

Yes mi gal Krissy the song bad
nuff potential. Yes Music Factory you did it again YO

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