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P. Diddy Thanks Kanye West on YouTube

P. Diddy taped a video blog and posted it on YouTube, thanking artist Kanye West for making him fall in love with hip-hop again.

P. Diddy confessed in his first video blog, in a “keep it real” moment on YouTube, that in 1986 he saw Run DMC at The Garden, and began his dream of becoming a performer.

He then continued to say, “The other night, I go to the Kanye West concert . . . [I have] nothing but high expectations. Concert changed my life. I ain’t gonna lie. I was so impressed and inspired. It was beautiful man - and I fell in love with hip-hop again.”

Diddy created the video as a thank-you to West for his performance and vision, and for showing him [Diddy] that not all artists have forgotten what it’s all about.

Maybe his re-discovered love for hip-hop will spawn a Making the Band 5? Or a new album from Diddy himself?




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Posted by southy | May 21, 2008 2:22 PM

a true p diddy a talk. mi guh a kanye show a boston last Thursday and it did tuff man nuh do nuh talking a just straight hits.

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