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Make Boyz Cry - Hustlin Life - Win or lose

By Kon-Vick Writer

mbc_makeboyzcryreggaegirls.jpgMBC’s (Make Boys Cry) latest single Hustlin Life is a definite hit. The song, which features three young ladies exercising some strong vocals, has been creating a wave locally and has the potential to become an international hit.

Hustlin Life gives the feeling of a movie sound track and the chorus is especially catchy. The correct chemistry is what makes the song such a good one. MBC harmonized well, and the sections of the song deejayed by Diamond were undoubtedly fascinating.

Versatility shone through as veteran producer Computer Paul, with whom the girls are currently working, brought together three strangers that synchronizes well to produce good songs. The title of the song reflects its lyrical content in every way. The introduction of Hustlin Life was short and spicy and MBC came on strongly as they dominated the rhythm, which fuses well with their melodious voices.

Hustlin Life is about individuals who had to make certain decisions because ‘nutten nah gwaan’ - the life of a hustler became almost inevitable. After making certain connections and the hustling game was favourable the individuals began to live large.

Excerpt from song:

“We living large (x3) / ‘Cause we a hustle, real hustler / That’s the way we choose / It doesn’t matter win or lose / So don’t you try walk in our shoes / Because we a hustler (real hustler).

The quality of the production that went into Hustlin Life is evident in the end product, a song that has the potential to burn up the local charts and climb the international ones. MBC comprises of Foxy, Miss Chin and Diamond, three beautiful and talented young ladies that will be sure to grab your attention both lyrically, and otherwise.

You can listen to Hustlin Life on the media player.



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Janeen Johnson:
Posted by Janeen Johnson | May 19, 2008 12:58 PM

The Song is hot girls, would have been perfect sound track for a movie like American Gangsta.
Keep holding it down Ms.chin, Foxy, Diamond and Computer Paul

Nuff Love


Posted by Krysy | July 21, 2008 10:00 AM

What i cant understand is, how these girls that are so talented and beautiful can't reach any further.

Troy Brown:
Posted by Troy Brown | July 22, 2008 4:13 PM

hey girls wats up nuff respect to joy-ann is me Troy U former class/school mate like di vibes.

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