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Greensleeves Presents Ragga Ragga Ragga 2008

ragga-ragga-ragga-2008-dancehall.jpgThe RAGGA RAGGA RAGGA series has consistently been the most powerful and popular dancehall compilation and is always the highlight of the year for the most ardent dancehall fan. RAGGA RAGGA RAGGA spawns the biggest and most exciting hits of the year, and this collection RAGGA RAGGA RAGGA 2008 is no exception, with big tunes and future hits all the way.

Dancehall’s finest - Mavado Demarco, Busy Signal, Vybz Kartel, Collie Budz and Elephant Man - are just a few of the artists that make this compilation a surefire recipe for success. Starting with all the right ingredients, the album opens with Mavado’s #1 hit “On The Rock” and leads into massive hits “Duppy Know Who Fi Frighten” by rising star Demarco and “Jail” by one of the hottest deejays Busy Signal. Things begin to heat up with the smoking hit “Money Fi Spend” by Vybz Kartel and the hard-hitting tune “Rise It” by Bermudian-born Collie Buddz.

“As the definitive cutting edge dancehall compilation this year’s Ragga Ragga Ragga is truly one of the best ever as it pulls together tracks from the combined artists rosters of VP and Greensleeves Records,” states Greensleeves Product Manager Dan Kuster.

Ragga Ragga Ragga 2008 will be in stores next week on May 6, 2008.