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"Why They Want to See I Guh Down" - Dangerous

By Crazy Katty Writer

damgerous_deejay_jamaicastthomas.jpgAspiring dancehall artiste Dangerous, born Lipton Russell, recently shoot the video for his fast rising single Too Bad Mind, in his home parish of St. Thomas. The single was done on the Substancial Records Label, while the video was directed by Stereo Belly, with Lukington responsible for editing it.

The track, Too Bad Mind, is a well-written and delivered single that will captivate its listener. It instantly grabs one attention, as it possesses some Rastafarian sentiments and promotes positivity. The harmony will capture you and make you want to listen the song over and over again.

Dangerous’ name may sound threatening, however, he is simply a hardcore deejay that has adopted the singjay format of delivering his ever-positive lyrical content. In the single, Dangerous openly scold bad-minded people with some of the lyrics as we have outlined below:

You don’t know me like that,
So why are you passing false judgment?
A man has to do what a man has to do to survive.

Why you want to see I go down (go down)
Why you want to see your brother drown?


Dangerous not only question his bad-minded opponent, but also give them a solution to their deed.

A clean hands and a pure heart a that me recommend

While the song possesses quality lyrics one cannot say the same about the video that accompanies it. The scenes were not well thought through and a poor result was the inevitable outcome. will not bash Dangerous’ video as it is his first and the lyrics for the single is undoubtedly well put together.


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Posted by tash/unique | April 19, 2008 1:35 PM

wats up!wey u sey u propa!! u song bad! dis ago mek it big,trust mi!

Posted by Shady | July 14, 2008 4:01 PM

Can U send me the träck of dangerous - too bad mind...I was very happy....thänx

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