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Reggae Anthology…The Sweet Sound of Cocoa Tea

Reviewed by: Tamara Richards Writer

CocoaTea_the_sweet_sound_of.jpgThe “Sweet Sound of Cocoa Tea” is a two (2) compact discs album with 36 of Cocoa Tea's most dynamic hits. It gives a concise synopsis of the artist prolific career; his journey to success. These songs go far beyond the human ear. Disc one (1) features his first hit singles “I lost my Sonia” (track 1) and “Rocking Dolly” (track 2) of 1983. “Informer”, “Children of the ghetto”, “Hey Bobby” and “Come Again” are on tracks 3, 4, 5 and 6 respectively. It also has “Death in the Stadium” (track 7), “Tune In” (Track eight) and “Who she Love” (track 13) a joint collaboration with Home T and Shabba Ranks, it was another major hit in 1989. The Trio also voiced “Holding On” (track 14) “Pirates Anthem” (track 15) that was a mega worldwide reggae hit of the same year.

My first impression of this album was “oldies but goodies.” This album gives a diverse collection of Cocoa Tea’s greatest hit songs. It is definitely a must have for all the Cocoa Tea and reggae dancehall fans. My personal favorite “Tune In” (track number eight (8) Disc one (1)) gave high definition to one of the sickest rhythm of all time ‘Far East’. It was the title of one of his previous albums, which was released under the Greensleeves - Munich label. This song illustrates the rocking groove of the dancehall setting prior to the 21st Century.

Disc two (2) concludes the anthology with “Good Life” track one (1), “Too Young” track 2 the wicked remix of “Young Lover” (track 10, disc 1) that featured Buju Banton (another great reggae icon) and “She loves me now” (track 3).

Cocoa Tea is truly a conscious lyricist. Yet, he has managed to take a melodic approach with his sweet sugary songs “true loving don’t come easy, hold me and squeeze me; I wanna feel your magnet to my steel…come a little close you will see…that’s the way it ought to be (words from “Come Love Me” track 6, disc 2). The disc also has “Holy Mount Zion” (track 8), “Tek Wey Yu Gal” and “Save Us Oh Jah” track 17 and 18 respectively, among other great hits.

Cocoa Tea has skillfully edutained his audience with a great combination of 36 of his greatest hits. In it you will find a mixture of roots rocking/ reggae/ dancehall and a "likkle ting or two fi di rubba dub style".

He was born on September 3, 1959 as Calvin Scott. His introduction to music had begun by singing on church and school choirs. He detoured from this and gained experience as a fisherman and horse jockey. But! Cocoa Tea, him come, yeah, Cocoa Tea come back again… (Words from “Come again”). He re-entered the music industry and worked with various sound systems and developed his recognition within the dancehall.

Artist: Calvin “Cocoa Tea” Scott

Album: The Sweet Sound of Cocoa Tea

Label: VP Music Group

Ratings: 4 out of 5 stars