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Sponsors Please Don't Blame It on the Music

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Letter To The Editor

I grew up seeing guns but never had the desire to use one.

fire_people_jamaica_party.jpgViolent movies are made and viewed regularly. Violent music made in other genres every day.

Now I am not condoning violence in music but on the same note why not boycott violent movies and music (from other genres).

In my view the root problem of violence in society is:

1) Bad or insufficient Parenting
2) Poverty and lack of educational and economical opportunities etc.
3) Lack of Mental strength
4) Lack of proper Governance of the Country

The order from 1-4 is important also.

I was born and raised in Kingston 13 along with my sisters many of my cousins. Only one of my cousins turned out bad and that was because of bad parenting.

I lived near a weekly dancehall session for most of my childhood and adolescent years. I grew up seeing guns but never had the desire to use one. Death was an ever present sight especially in the election time but my relatives and I never partake in the violence.

Most of my high school and university friends came from the deep ghettos and know violence but we never indulged.

All of my friends from High School and University that I am in touch with are doing well economically and in many other ways and I have never heard that they were ever involved in any violent acts.

Most of my relatives, friends and I grew up on violent movies and we watch them even now and listen to Movado, Killer, Ninja, Shaba, Beenie, Kartel, Buju, Capleton (yes Buju and Capleton did a lot of violent songs) etc. even now but we don't commit violent acts.

Now what did the hundreds of persons that I am talking about - did that enabled them to not commit violent acts? One thing is present in almost all of those people’s lives and that is GOOD PARENTING.

Maybe violence in songs influence violence in real life but (if they did a study they might realize that it is minuscule - nothing that a little better parenting cannot solve) with the above four things in place especially GOOD PARENTING; then violence in songs will probably virtually no impact.

Partially to say violence in songs influence real violence is to avoid addressing the real issues of parental neglect, ineffective parenting skills, lack of opportunities, government ineptitude (high unemployment, high interest rate, high inflation rate, ineffective policing and corruption) etc.


1) Men must be much better fathers

2) Parents must learn good parent skills

3)Parents must help their children to be strong willed and have good morals, ambition, education, obey the law and respect the rights of other citizens etc. Parents must teach them to love, forgive, give, empathize, help, aspire, to have self-esteem, loyalty, to keep their word, to save, invest, spend, treat the opposite sex properly. Teach them about sex, marriage, divorce, faithfulness, emotional control etc.

4) Government must manage the economy much better in order to provide better opportunities for their citizens.

5) Policing (yes I know it is a part of governance) must be much better than it is now (e.g. training, facilities, remuneration and equipment).

What do you think the crime level would be if all the points from 1 - 5 were done properly (even just to 50%)?



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Posted by yes | April 7, 2008 9:06 AM

the writer right till he/she cyan right no more these are the main causes of violence in the world but more so Jamaica and the GOVERNMENT uses music/dance hall as a distraction for the people to see the main causes and the current situation the country is in...if only people would realize and stop the foolishness!!!! hey I'm not saying that there aren't better ways the music can go instead of highlighting violence but its not the cause of violence........

Kiss Teet:
Posted by Kiss Teet | April 7, 2008 9:12 AM

What kinda idiot letter this?

Stop Fight di Music Fi True:
Posted by Stop Fight di Music Fi True | April 7, 2008 9:24 AM

Kiss Teet yuh damn mouth want fi clean I can better you are one of those uptowm s**kers who are fighting against dancehall music, how yuh what kind of idiot letter is this, there bigger problems but they are looking an easy way out so they blame it on dancehall, Ian Boyne and him friend them nuh like fi si poor people survive, yuh know how many pickney dancehall music send to school, a full time dem stop from fight the music, it seems like the gays them tekking a new route and we don't even saw it coming

make a stand:
Posted by make a stand | April 7, 2008 11:54 AM

Many social ills are in society, and the garbage music is one. Some people when they see undesirable things they only complain and do nothing else. Some people see drug dealings in their neighborhoods and grumble and don't tip-off the authorities. Some know bout child molestation and grumble and turn a blind eye. Some know bout the youth next door a skip school, and kiss them teeth and say a him alone will become illiterate and can't get a job.

Well, Red Stripe see the local music being reduced from a respected art form that brought joy to the world, to a disgraceful pile of screeching noise that leaves a feeling of anger and embarrassment. How many of you have the guts to stand up for anything meaningful? Would it not be nice if all Jamaicans would join them in an effort to promote the production and promotion of music that builds on the foundation of classic uplifting reggae, rather than the ragga ragga rubbish that promotes the don man, gallis, rude yute and shottas, who only contribute to the social ills that are stunting the country?

mr p:
Posted by mr p | April 7, 2008 3:49 PM

from one ghetto yute to annodah....well said and as a ghetto yute i am in agreement about parents,and strong up-bringing of all kids. DE ARTIST DEM A a different mattah mi breadah, dem fi take into consideration how dem critize the violence weh a happen around de yutes dem,but instead dem a motivated the uneducated jamaicans wid some of there songs,bout shoot inna face, say why de man get shot inna im face,dont do song to tell de yutes dem fi shot inna face if a guy dis. ARTISTS DEM HAFFI TEK SOME RESPONSIBILITY TOO.A DEM A PREACH IT, NOT ONLY PREACH IT & DEM DEMONSTR8 IT TOO.i would say it need fi fix up.

Posted by DEFENDER | April 7, 2008 6:12 PM


Posted by enough | April 7, 2008 8:10 PM

The United States has a genre of music we all know as rap some of it is commonly known as Gangsta Rap, I have yet to see a major sponsor pull out of a show that say 50 cents has or TI will be performing at based on the lyrical content of the songs they perform. Now call me the queen of the CONSPIRACY THEORY but I find it hard to believe the withdrawal of sponshorship by RED STRIPE is not a form of subtle pressure on Promoters to try to influence the dancehall artists in reference to the obvious disgust with the rise in blatant Homosexual behavior in Jamaica. Canada wants to boycott Jamaica unless Buggery is removed from the laws of the country. Now can you believe the utter gall of this country to try to dictate what we can do or say in our own little Jamaica. Do you think that Bruce can tell Canada or any other country for that matter what they can and cannot have as laws. Violence is created when there are socieoeconomic issues that have not been addressed. Lack of Education and the ability to earn a living wage. If the Politicians had handed out Bibles instead of guns Jamaica would today be a different country.

Kiss Teet:
Posted by Kiss Teet | April 7, 2008 8:33 PM

Fight the music? They aren't fighting the music you simpleton. Locking down one likkle section of Kingston and locking down the world are two different things. The likkle chump change that DJ get from a sing out dem belly 5 night a week is nothing compared to what they could be making if them clean up dem act and stop look force forward offa gun tune.

Posted by dancehall-r-us | April 8, 2008 12:30 PM

red stripe is not the only sponsor, nuff new beer/liquor/energy drinks trying to come up, and dem willing to sponsor, sure, dem money at as tall as red stripe, so just tek on a lotta dem, mek red stripe and dem coalition ghey.

Posted by Pookie | April 8, 2008 2:21 PM

You people are acting as if the crime rate in Jamaica was not high before the upcoming of violent lyrics.People are often under the influence of alcohol when shootings take place at dances so both have a say in violents,redstripe need to take note of that.

Posted by Speng | April 9, 2008 4:29 PM

This letter displays one of Jamaica's greatest problems - justifying f@#kery! The fact is that a young "at risk" boy will more easily identify with a dancehall artist, and will seek to emulate him. The dancehall experience is also much closer to our own and the lines between lyrics and life are more easily blurred. Artists have a responsibility to their clients (yes we are clients, not just fans) to 1. provide us with entertainment, 3. provide a voice to air (not necessarily glorify) the ills of society, when necessary and 4. to place themselves in a position to do the above.

Other genres glorify violence, but we have to take responsibility for ourselves, we cant keep doing things because other people doing it.

Red Stripe has taken a position and is backing it up with their money and more companies will follow. Red Stripe is setting the example that high calibre artists should have been setting for the "just comes".

Crime and violence is not new thing in Jamaica, but we only need to take a look at the average school boy and see that society is breaking down, violent and negative lyrics is merely speeding it along.

We can blame people and compare with "Gangsta rap" all we want, but we'll still have a problem. This mentality of "America doing it, so it a'right" need to stop - America legalize gays!

I supported the artists when the gay rights people are fighting them - but mi cyan defend dem when it come f#$king up di place!!

Posted by Melissa | December 5, 2008 1:03 PM

I thank the Lord for giving us the gift of brilliant preachers!

Posted by Julia | March 14, 2009 10:34 AM

Da nu Nah

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