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Computer Paul Is Still Making Hits

By Ralston Barrett
Freelance Writer

Computer_Paul.jpgMany people might be wondering what has musician/producer Paul Henton aka Computer Paul been up to lately. It would seem as if the talented rhythm maker whose credits includes such memorable Dancehall rhythms such as "The Frog", "Corduroy" & "M16" along with chart topping hits such as Jimmy Cliff's "I Can See Clearly Now", Inner Circle's "Sweat" & "Bad Boys", Sizzla's "No Time To Gaze" & George Nooks rendition of "God Is Standing By" has disappeared from the local music scene. However that is far from the truth as Computer Paul is still very active, working on several projects as a musician for other producers both locally and abroad.

Recently Computer Paul received a platinum plaque for his work on Hip Hop/R&B superstar Akon's multi-platinum album "Konvicted". Current projects for the in demand musician includes an album with 1990s female Dancehall star "Queen Of The Pack" Patra, who is now once again signed to a major label. There is another heart thumping rhythm coming out soon on his Boot Camp label titled "Hypocrites", which is already generating a lot of attention on radio with songs such as "Weed" by Singing Melody, "Busted" by Heart Break Club & "Your Day Will Come" b 14 K. He also has production credits on several hot new songs such as "Hold On by Nature for Jamaican football star Ricardo Gardner's Heart Of Love label, "After Hours" by Cha'maine for New York based Coolphya Records & Looking For Love by Patriot for Grass Roots Records.