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Cocoa Tea In Support of Barack Obama

cocoatea_reggaeartiste_jamaica.jpg“Its not class, race or creed but what the people need” are the words of the reggae veteran, Cocoa Tea, in his song titled Barack Obama in support of the Illinois Senator’s vision to make a change in the United States via the presidential portfolio.

“Obama has been able to get people from all walks of life…young and old and beyond racial boundaries to participate in the US electoral process and with Jah guidance I was inspired to add a voice to the movement” was Coco Tea’s response to what inspired him to pen the words of the song. He commented that his inspiration from “the most high” allowed him to conceptualize the song in a short period of time without actually writing down the lyrics.

Cocoa Tea further states that the support that “Obama is receiving from the younger generation is noticeable because usually when young people cry out for change…it comes.” He is now in the process of planning the video shoot in New York for the song Barack Obama later this month.

Cocoa Tea is also busy promoting his new double disc album Anthology which was released by VP Records on Tuesday March 11. In a very jovial mode he commented that the album is the “brainchild of Christopher Chin from VP Records in celebration of reggae music throughout the years.”The Anthology is a compilation of two 18 song discs of Cocoa Tea’s favorite and popular hits and is dubbed a must have to any who want to preserve the unique sound and feel of inspirational reggae music.

Calvin "Cocoa Tea" Scott is a veteran artist of over twenty years and one of the most beloved singers in reggae. His recording career started back in the mid 1970s with great influence from Bob Marley and the Wailers. He is known to many as the most consistent hit maker of his generation. Hits from this reggae legend includes: Under Mi Sleng Ting, Israel’s King, Love Me and Riker’s Island. Evidence of Cocoa Tea’s ability to appeal to all generations even after being in the business for so long is in the song Barack Obama.

Source: Headline Entertainment


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Posted by yampido | April 22, 2008 6:05 AM

big up to cocoa tea, let de black power rule

Posted by Queen | July 13, 2008 6:56 PM

I'd really like to purchase coco Tea's song endorsing Barak Obama, how can I do this?

Okezie kanu:
Posted by Okezie kanu | August 30, 2008 12:29 AM

Big up Cocoa tea!!
He may not be relatively known in the US as one said in a certain place, but he is respected among reggae fans or addicts (if you wish). Cocoa Tea has been known for his vocal way of expressing injustice against minority especially in America. so if he's unpopular among those chaps, who cares. I ran into this music like any other person while searching the spiralfrog website for his songs. It's a single that has class. He just didn't go praising Obama but he went on to open up the situation for any reggae fan to understand.( Have you listened to Rikers island...or the one immigration law? you will understand if you love roots rock reggae and dance hall and able to know when there is a blend) The instrumentation is full of the typical reggae percussions that will keep anybody coming back for it. I have been in the US for barely two months but since I picked it, I've shared it and I try to enjoy this song many times daily, sometimes repeating it till sleep picks. It's Cocoa tea in action with his regular. There are other artists who perfomed for Obama but this is my pick. Bug up Rastaman!!!. Jah Bless!!! "It's not about class, color or race, make no mistake... this is a change..." You may call him a star..or an actor. he wont be the first. Yet he is not "Rambo" or "terminator"
I heard some people say he wont win primaries and now he's the nominee. The fight is on but let's move on and say prayers for him often.

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