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Stephen Marley Wins Grammy…again

By: Secret Agent Writer

stevenmarley_grammy_mindcontrolgirls.jpgStephen Marley climbed to a new pinnacle in his far-reaching career last night, after grabbing the coveted Grammy Award for the best Reggae Album at last night’s 50th Grammy Awards. His album, ‘Mind Control’ beat out some of Reggae’s biggest names to take the coveted prize. They’re Burning Spear with ‘The Burning Experience’, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry with ‘The End Of An American Dream’, Sly and Robbie with ‘Anniversary’, and Toots and the Maytals with ‘Light Your Light’.

This is not his first award but this may well be the most crowning one for him, as he’s
already accomplished a lifetime worth of awards during his dedicated years in music. Starting off as a child vocalist with big brother Ziggy and the Melody Makers Band, he has moved easily from vocalist, to musician, to a Producer with a steady string of hits and Grammy Winners, to vocalist again. He has already won five Grammy awards for his work behind other winning albums as a producer, but this is first Grammy as an artist.

Stephen’s ‘Mind Control’ is a solid Reggae album which has been doing fairly well in terms of sales, and online downloads. A quick check of his Myspace page, shows just how many thousands listen to the sample tracks every day.

The album packs excellent production values, experienced mixing, and great beats.
It also incorporates Hip Hop influence with talented acts such as Mos Def, Mr Cheeks, and Snoop.


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Posted by bongo | February 11, 2008 10:12 AM

well done good and faithful servant all singers coming should try follow your footstep and make positive music this a bag a man pon riddim naw mek it internationally.I wish u well my Bro.

Posted by anonymous | February 11, 2008 10:18 AM

yow...all other reggae artiste should boycot the grammy's because once a marley nominated dem no stand a chance...everytime a marley get nominated for the grammy's dem win....a real foolishness dat cause stephen album is mediocre and below Marley-standards (whatever that is, cause ziggy album was crap) big up all the other nominee dem. a nuh fi unnu fault why unnu never win.

marley again:
Posted by marley again | February 11, 2008 11:21 AM

the marleys' are going to always win that's the legacy their father left behind so then again we can't too let it bother us because each time they won they don't on the own is their daddy who really won

Big Fan:
Posted by Big Fan | February 11, 2008 11:27 AM

the man deserved to win this award, steven campaigned very hard and all his tour them sell the album was also a winner the difference with the marleys and our other reggae act is that every track is well put together and most of them are new songs

The truth:
Posted by The truth | February 11, 2008 12:01 PM

the grammy is nothing different from the EME awards that held at the pegasus last week pure f**kery buy out

Posted by sherona | February 11, 2008 12:53 PM

the marley dem will always have an edge because they are more be known that the others when it comes on to international voters so it's not that the other are not making good music but the marley dem work together and share each other fan base our other musicians don't live good with each other so what you expect

Posted by Jammediawatch | February 11, 2008 2:06 PM

Congrats yaah mi yute. Mi nuh care weh nuh one waan fi seh, di Marleys (although mi nuh like di Ziggy him) are one a di few weh inna di music weh naah spew di war ting and sing concious lyrics. Yes a true seh dem have some advantage because a who dem faada is but, dem vibe still right. Dem is one a di positivity fi Ja music ting right now. Every weh mi read dis yah artiste a fight genst dat deh artiste deh...rahtid, wi lucky seh any Jamaican artiste up fi nominations dis year. Music Business inna Ja come een like a war ting dese days. When annuh gun lyrics, a man inna jail fi gun, murder and rape. Unnuh expect seh nuh baddy waan si all like dem clown deh inna dem good good Award ceremony? Biggup all di artiste dem weh just a go tru pon di positive side of entertainment. Dem r di artiste weh just a do di ting weh dem love and a entertain di people dem wid it. Man like Shaggy, Sean-Paul always high inn my books. Definately di old school like Berres, Freddie, and others. Junior Gong, u have it lock...Stephen a long time u living up to u father's legacy. Gyptian, u have mi weak. A man like dem deh mek mi still have faith inna di music industry. Di ongle time u hear dem name call is when dem do dem keep us entertained. Keep up di good work.

Posted by innocent | February 11, 2008 3:49 PM

lissen me!! these marley bwoys dont deserve to win except junior........all they doin is gettin pic cuz of their b*w c*t daddy yes i said it bob was a b*w c*t

Posted by Val | February 14, 2008 5:21 PM

Congratulations Stephen. You deserve that Grammy. All the illiterates and jealous people who are fighting down the Marley brothers should be ashamed of themselves. Bob Marley is a Reggae Icon internationally and locally and because of him Ja.and Reggae has gotten a lot of respect all over the world. No matter how well the Marley brothers do they will always say it is because of their father. What do they want you all to do, change your name. The Marley's music is clean and respectfully and young people can learn a lot from it. I also love Shaggy, Bere Hammond, Mortgage Heritage and the other reggae artists who do not disrespect women in their music. One love Stephen and keep up the good work my son."One Love"

Posted by ravi Budhooram | February 16, 2008 1:31 PM

Congrats. Stephen 'Mind Control' is a strong album. people one has to understand that the grammy choices people have to be registerd before they are nominated. and the releases have to be with in a certain time frame. most of our dancehal artist are not registerd so they cannot be nominated. also they have not been releasing albums, next year the same persons might be nominated again because, person are not making albums as much and also the lyrical contents as well are not understandable. if the majority of the world cannot understand the music, clearly the music wont have a huge fan base, another thing is touring and promoting the album, if the artiste don't tour and if their managers dont market the album how will it sell, or even be heard of, radio airplay alone cannot do it. three days or weekends is not a tour. a album promotion tour is suppose to be a year or more. when last u heard a song from lees scratch perry or burning spear, the radio has not given them much air play, but they tour every single time, burning spear and perry have not sen their home for the past two years, simply because of album work and promotion. our dance hall artistes are lacking not with talent but with business. so dont hate on stephen. each year grammy selectors look on the artists and their progression, and if a man at the age of hugh lee 'scratch' perry is still sitting around a mixing board, in the cold winter night of sweden and making albums and rising early to do tours with bands and to assist stephen marley with his album then clearly, our dancehall artiste are just idling. cleary the lip war that is happening in the dancehall factor is clearly killing the 'yute and yute' built music. as the culture artistes are older and still going strong are very consistent with their grammy nominations and work. with akk things give thanks

Posted by Michele | June 30, 2008 3:15 PM

I love the Marley brothers, most siblings from different mothers do not unite the way we see these brothers come together. They could have spent time fighting over their legacy but instead they unite and carry on his legacy. I love this album YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS!! Come on people the boys look like they only have love and unity to share wid the world....

Posted by Anonymous | September 28, 2008 12:59 AM

hey yall marley haters steven marley is a good producer coz of him thats y jr gong won 2 grammys and hes been in music all his life but i feel yall when ppl make money they are hated upon coz broke ppl are always negative i dont know y coz the marleys give back to the community in jamaica even to the black community inafrica and u.s.a. I personally respect burnining spear he is as much known worldwide close to bob marley he great a living legend and hes still respected all over the world. grammy thing is not everything its over rated so yall chill no one can take those reggea singers who were nominated place they were nominated coz theyre good nuff respect.

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