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Luciano - 'Jah Is My Navigator' In Stores

Luciano_reggae.jpgInternational Reggae Icon, Luciano is returning to the US for a series of concerts in the West, Midwest, and Northwest Northwest region of the US beginning March 27, 2008 and concluding May 4, 2008. Mikey General and Jahmessenjah Band will also join Luciano on this tour. Fans can expect new material from his latest album, Jah Is My Navigator, in stores today, as well as classic Luciano songs.

Luciano is undeniably an ambassador for Jah, who’s always committed to the survival of Roots Reggae. His music is timeless and edifying. His mission is to uplift humanity with inspirational messages that demand global appeal. And since the release his landmark CD in 1995, Where There Is Life, succeeded by more than 40 full-length albums that have garnered tremendous acclaim, Jah Is My Navigator, the Rastaman’s latest release on VP, is arguably the quintessential Culture album for 2008.

Seasoned with the sing-jay’s everlasting melody of spiritual salvation, repatriation, global harmony and most importantly, saving the battered souls of consciousless youth, Jah Is My Navigator embraces Luciano’s powerful baritone over traditional One Drop riddims, accompanied by prophetic lyrics that are both peaceful and nourishing. "The true navigator is the almighty," says Luciano, who penned the albums compelling heading from the title track written by Tarrus Riley. "…People depending on all different types of navigation, even vehicles now a days come with navigation system…Jah Is My Navigator is an essential title that is needed right now." Spoken like an obedient courier who truly exemplifies hope for the bleak state of authentic Roots music.

Justifiably known to many as The Messenger, Luciano, born Jepther Washington McClymont in Mandeville Jamaica, modestly admits that the key to his continued success is making positive music to inspire other people. "I’ve been true to the cause and true to my purpose, using my talent to glorify the almighty…making music is one of my greatest joy’s…as a true Roots singer…I feel satisfaction and honestly have to stay on this righteous pathway," says the international reggae phenomenon who recently joined John Legend for a benefit concert in Ghana, to raise money to fight, guinea worm, a waterborne disease.