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Kingston 6 Rekords drops G Maffiah Mix Tape - 'Mek Mi Tell Yuh Dis'


Kingston Jamaica: This mix tape is so good; Kingston 6 Rekords may just have to host an album-style launch for it.

G Maffiah’s mix tape is already creating a buzz in the streets of Jamaica. Released first in France and Germany by DJ Weedim from Straight Up sound, the mix tape ignited the dancehall community with G Maffiah’s sick flows and crisp quick-tongue verses.

“I got the link to DJ Weedim and Bus Eye through Bonez, that is Panther’s son, and I got together my songs, choosing tracks that represent the essence of who G Maffiah is, my autobiographical experiences, my philosophies on how to survive in a hostile environment, and how to navigate life, and the feedback has been incredible, especially on my Myspace page,” he said.

The mix tape’s success inspired Kingston 6 head honchos Akil “Akiliboy” Smith and Lorenzo “Akono” Lewis to authorize the reproduction of almost 50,000 mix tapes for distribution in Jamaica. Free!!!!! Digital download of the mix tape is also available @

“Right now, in 2008, mi come fi take my space, and take what is rightfully mine,” G Maffiah said.

G Maffiah has been creating a buzz with songs such as ‘Rising’ on the Cranberry rhythm, which is getting crazy airplay on local radio. And the mix tape is chock full of hot 16s with quotable rhymes that will have you rewinding and saying ‘did you hear what he just said’.

The streets are raving about his Bag a Noise and The Block where you can hear Maffiah’s dancehall sound riding some amped-up synth-and-drum hip hop rhythms. He uses a complex rhyming scheme and a bass-heavy voice to achieve an adrenaline-rush immediacy on More Money More Gal, while he shows his versatility with a great club banger on Been Through the Worst. The lyrics are the sick immensely quotable lines that make you want to hit the rewind button, and you can feel G Maffiah’s swagger pounding you over the head when he talks about stepping into the club and all eyes turn to him. He describes the scene: ‘mi dress code ah say ‘wha a gwaan boss’/and mi cologne mek every girl say ‘hi’ when dem a pass’.

G Maffiah! deejays over some insanely recognizable samples that show his vocal dexterity and why he is considered by many as the talent to watch for 2008. The mix tape’s high point is actually ‘Rise It’, an early leaked track that had dancehall insiders raving a few weeks ago with Maffiah’s brilliant eloquence and over-the-top tough-talk. He is one of the few dancehall deejays flexible enough to flip rhymes on Southern rap or New York-style beats, and he brings the heat on ‘Don’t You See?’ with its throwback dirty south beats. There is great pleasure to be had on his champagne-swilling boasts on ‘Invest Inna De Bank’, and even on standard guns-and-money-and-drugs tracks like Do It 4 the Cash and I’m a Hustler, he manages to achieve a sort of candidness and honesty that most deejays can only dream about. G Maffiah is a mad-talented deejay who can kick superb rhymes but he has soul. He admits on ‘Do It 4 the Cash’ that ‘ah Spanish Town mi born but mi neva choose crime life/music that ah mi life, melody and flow right’ but you believe that if he had chosen the Drug Game, he would have been the best at that too.

The mix tape totally free of big-name guest-appearances or cleared samples, but delivers the goods anyway.

“Right now, I am more focused than ever before, I am going harder this year, setting my goals higher while just being myself. I am going to let music be my canvass, yu caan follow other artiste and dem hype, or else you will drift away. I am going to get mine this year,” he said.

Mek me tell yu dis. G Maffiah ah ‘rise it’ this year. Check out his t-shirt on the mix tape cover, he is the ‘Rising Sun’ of the soil.


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Street Yute:
Posted by Street Yute | February 21, 2008 11:56 AM

G Maffiah to the world

Posted by mina | February 24, 2008 5:54 PM

big up from france to gmaffiah and akil

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