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Buju Banton's Inna Heights 10th Anniversary Edition gets rave reviews

bujubantoninna-heights-10th-anniversary.jpgMusic icon Buju Banton's Inna Heights 10th Anniversary Edition is even better the second time around! The follow up to Banton's classic 'Til Shiloh album, Inna Heights, originally released in 1997, furthered the artist's exploration of roots Reggae with such spiritually enriching tunes as "Destiny," "Hills & Valleys," "Give I Strength" "Love Sponge" and "Close One Yesterday."

The digitally remastered Inna Heights 10th Anniversary Edition boasts 3 previously unreleased tracks from the time period: "Bad Boy", "Politics Time Again" and "Situations" featuring Morgan Heritage. The 2 disc deluxe package also includes a bonus DVD containing 40 minutes of rare live footage from Reggae Sumfest, circa 1996.


"Whether crooning bible verses on 'Destiny' or rattling a cappella about social inequality ('Circumstances'), he doesn't so much vocalize as emote, radiating intensity with every syllable...This reissue features and a live-performance DVD showcasing Buju in his element: onstage in Jamaica, exhorting and electrifying." -- Blender Magazine

"It's one of those records that long-time Banton fans either own or else they know at east half of the songs by heart... The lyrics were all hard hitting and went straight for that invisible soul bone right between your third and forth vertebrae and had the ability to make you dance, jump, lean, nod or just sway with whatever track was coming out of the speakers at the time..."
-- Broward/Palm Beach New Times

"Buju is perhaps the greatest Reggae artist since Bob Marley... And song by song, lyric by lyric, this matches up to anything Marley ever recorded... If you've never listened to Buju before, consider this your chance to catch up with one of the very greatest Reggae artists ever, one who can make you appreciate life a little more." -- Amazon.Com

"Also included in the set is a steller DVD, which amounts to about 40 minutes of live footage of the legend, and music video for his biggest hit to date, 'Destiny.' With the green-black-and -red over his shoulder and the entire history of Jamaican-African heritage, Buju Banton is pure roots Reggae."
-- John Shelton Ivany Top 20

The Buju Banton Inna Heights 10th Anniversary Edition is being distributed in North America, UK & Europe through VP Records. Penthouse is handling distribution in Jamaica and the Caribbean


Comments (3)


Posted by Johnny | February 28, 2008 4:25 AM

Great records, one of my all time favourites!!

Posted by Nicky | February 28, 2008 11:34 AM

True comments. I've always loved Buju (dread or baldhead). His songs in the latter part of his career are just so inspirational. I remembered when I used to be studying for my exams back in the days and when I was stressed I just went and listen to my Buju CD... especially the part of his song = it's not an easy road when him say 'I've been travelling morning with such an heavy load, now it's noon and I cannot afford fe put down my burden long side the road... tune

Posted by jahmercy | March 10, 2008 7:17 AM

mi love buju to di bone - i remeber when mi use to study fi di exams dem i would play close one yesterday and all mi friends dem knew what reggae was. just keep your head above watter and seh one day things must get better.......... respect sutte , jiten , anael , jiwe