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Alley Cat - Still On A Musical Mission

By: Icey Jace Writer

alleycat_dancehall.jpgCelebrating over 10 years in the music industry skilled Artist/Songwriter and Producer Alley Cat is still proving himself to be competitive in an unforgiving Dancehall culture that easily forgets good deeds.

In late 1996 it was Alley Cat with his distinctive sound that had the Dancehall jumping with the single Girl Tour on the Earcle Riddim and a year later had another hit in Hot Gal. As versatile as some artists may claim to be Alley gives the word new meaning considering the many hats he wears. Founder and C.E.O of his own label Imperial Productions he's also a composer who plays the Guitar and Keyboard in many of his Riddim tracks. Born Albert Richards in the infamous garrison community of Dehnam Town Alley Cat has toured with Beenie Man while a member of the Shocking Vibes Outfit of artists and later went on the road with Baby Cham thanks to the vision of Dave Kelly on the then Alias Project. Speaking to Alley Shared a few details about his journey as an artist in this Q&A session.
How did you come by the name Alley Cat?

Alley Cat:
Well my parents called me Alley short for Albert and then later on I use to see artists like Super Cat performing and I use to just love how him DJ and there was even an instance when my mother sent me to buy something and i gambled the money but really the name came about quiet simple.
What have you been up to, any current projects?

Alley Cat:
Well yes I have a video on RE TV Top Ten Countdown called "All You Got" it was directed by Wayne Benjamin. I'm also working on my Dancehall album called Dancehall Knowledge and it's 95% hardcore content. It's gonna be a double disc, 32 songs in all with 16 on each CD and the first single off that album will be "The World keeps Turning" featuring a rapper by the name Tenorblue.
Any other project to be released soon?

Alley Cat:
Yes, there's also the "Motion Picture" juggling which features a whole host of artists. The juggling is also available on I Tunes and will be distributed through Rebel Mix.
Who are some of the people you've worked with as a producer?

Alley Cat:
Well I’ve worked with Mavado, Queen Ifirca, Tony Rebel, Nittie Kutchie, Pinchers, I have two new artists working with as well Scorpion and East Coast as well as New Kidz. Just to list a few more there was also Gentleman out of Germany and Determine as well.
What are your thoughts of February being celebrated as Reggae Month ?

Alley Cat:
Well Reggae Month is a good thing you know Bob Marley's birthday is in February and he is a Reggae icon so I think it was a great idea to collaborate the two. I'm now a member of the Reggae Academy and I think that too is good for the industry because finally we will have a group of individual representing us in a wider market, the Awards ceremony will be on Sunday February 24th and I’ll be there doing my thing.
What would you say to the Jamaica and the world at large about Alley Cat?

Alley Cat:
You know I just hope Jamaica gives me the recognition I deserve and to the world I have some new stuff on the way so look out for that. You can checkout some of my work at


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Posted by innocent | February 13, 2008 9:39 AM

wait deh ole up!! alley cat neva rasta???? so y him a sport mohawrk now? this big ole saddle inna him head hmm

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