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February 29, 2008

Busy Signal's Pon Di Edge takes over from Erup's Click My Finger - Top 20 Hot Singles Chart


TW LW WOC Artiste Name ----- Song Title ---- Record Label
01 03 (2) Busy Signal - 'Pon Di Edge' - Star Kutt

02 01 (2) Erup - 'Click My Finger' - Truck Back

03 02 (2) Queen I-Frica - ‘Daddy Don’t Touch Me There’ - No Doubt Records

04 06 (2) Mykal Rose - 'Shoot Out' - John John

05 04 (2) Serani feat Bugle - 'Doh' - Daseca

06 09 (2) Mavado - 'Gangsta Life' - John John

07 07 (2) Demarco - 'Duppy Know Who Fi Frighten' - John John

08 05 (2) Demarco - 'Fallen Soldiers' - Star Kutt

09 11 (2) D'Angel - Blaze - Arrif Cooper ---- Hot Shot

10 08 (2) Bugle - 'Journey' - Daseca

11 10 (2) Sean Paul - 'Pick It Up & Drop It' - Birchill

12 15 (2) Fantan Mojah - 'Stronger' - Maximum Sound

13 13 (2) Beenie Man - 'Buffer Zone' - Truck Back

14 12 (2) Harry Toddler - 'Don't Run In' - Truck Back

15 19 (2) Beenie Man - Wine Gal -TJ Records --- Song to Watch

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Chevelle Franklyn to headline Ebenezer's 75th Anniversary Gospel Concert

chevellefranklyn.jpgInternational gospel singer Chevelle Franklyn, who made a successful transition from dancehall to gospel music in 1998, will headline the inaugural Ebenezer's 75th Anniversary Gospel Concert on Friday, March 14, 2008 at Lehman College, 250 Bedford Park Blvd in the Bronx. Other performers include Unconditional, the EPHN Temples of Praise Dancers and Choeur Magnificant.

Franklyn is no stranger to the limelight. She garnered major success in the early 90's with smash hits "Nice and Naughty" and "No Pushover" that were staples on reggae charts globally. This led to performances with some of the hottest reggae stars of the day and collaborations with Spragga Benz and dancehall icon Shabba Ranks. It was however her 1997 combination hit single Dancehall Queen with Beenie Man that had this singing sensation soared to musical heights. Over a hard driving drum and bass, disco-fueled rhythm, supplied by the creative genius of Sly and Robbie, Franklyn wailed a tribute to the queen.The song was featured on the "Dancehall Queen" soundtrack for Island Pictures and won her international acclaim. This eventually led to her signing to the Island Jamaica label.

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February 28, 2008

Five sex questions with D'Angel - the thought of getting caught turns me on

What was it like having sex for the first the time?

There is no way I could forget that moment, I was really nervous, but curious at the same time.
How often do you have sexual intercourse?

It all depends on my mood and also if my partner is great in bed. So it can be as little as once a week or all day, (Everyday). But unfortunately I am not in a relationship at this time.
Does the size of a man d*ck matters to you?

It’s not about the size because there are some guys who are properly equipped with the right size but don’t know how to used it, so at the end of the day it’s not about the size of the gun but how effective the bullet hits the spot.

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Rihanna is not afraid of exposing her sexy side

Rihanna was too sexy for Africa Unite show held at James Bond Beach St. Mary.



Lyrics and mp3

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Virgo Don "The Lyrical Sultan" Is Getting Ready To Take Jamaica By Storm

Virgo_don_dancehall.jpgVirgo Don is one of the brightest and most creative new artist in the Dancehall arena today He was born in Birmingham, England. His family migrated back to Jamaica when he was still a toddler where he lived for a little while before migrating back to England. While Virgo Don is not yet established on the local music scene this super talented deejay has been very busy performing on many events both locally and abroad.

He has performed locally on events such as Pepsi Teen Splash, Old Harbour Star Jam and Mountain Dew Stunt Fest. He has also performed abroad in countries such as the USA, the UK, France, Germany, Spain (including the Balearics), Italy, Switzerland, Gambia and Senegal. Virgo Don is totally committed to taking his career to the next level in Jamaica. He is currently hard at work in the studio putting together his debut album. So far he is very pleased with the results and will be releasing two singles very soon "Please Credit Me" and "Fi Wi Place", on his Lyrical Sultan label. Virgo Don says he is very confident that his name will soon be on the lips of every Jamaican as soon as these two tunes hit the airwaves.

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February 27, 2008

Buju Banton's Inna Heights 10th Anniversary Edition gets rave reviews

bujubantoninna-heights-10th-anniversary.jpgMusic icon Buju Banton's Inna Heights 10th Anniversary Edition is even better the second time around! The follow up to Banton's classic 'Til Shiloh album, Inna Heights, originally released in 1997, furthered the artist's exploration of roots Reggae with such spiritually enriching tunes as "Destiny," "Hills & Valleys," "Give I Strength" "Love Sponge" and "Close One Yesterday."

The digitally remastered Inna Heights 10th Anniversary Edition boasts 3 previously unreleased tracks from the time period: "Bad Boy", "Politics Time Again" and "Situations" featuring Morgan Heritage. The 2 disc deluxe package also includes a bonus DVD containing 40 minutes of rare live footage from Reggae Sumfest, circa 1996.


"Whether crooning bible verses on 'Destiny' or rattling a cappella about social inequality ('Circumstances'), he doesn't so much vocalize as emote, radiating intensity with every syllable...This reissue features and a live-performance DVD showcasing Buju in his element: onstage in Jamaica, exhorting and electrifying." -- Blender Magazine

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Pay Day Music - One of the best

kevlarr.jpgWhat more is there to be said about a production company that takes pride in getting paid so much so that a simple merger of two words becomes their titled moniker.
That was the vision Austin Yolando Green otherwise known as Kevin had for his Productions Label when he started it almost 2 years ago back in the summer of 2006 and till this day still believes strongly in its underline meaning.

The proud owner of PAYDAY MUSIC PRODUCTIONS Kevin is no stranger to the local Dancehall fraternity having been in the industry as a Producer / Engineer since 1998 when he started mixing tracks at Gargamel Records for the masterful DJ Buju Banton.

As a producer he has worked with some of the biggest local artists in the business including Bounty Killer, Mavado, Busy Signal, Bugle and Sizzla not to mention Beres Hammond. As for album projects he's done mixes for Buju on both "Too Bad" and "Magic City" and is currently taking on the task of fine tuning a few singles for Bounty Killer's upcoming album Extra Bullet.

A savvy entrepreneur Kevin spent sometime with in this Q&A session to discuss the future of PayDay.
What made you decide to start a Music Production Label?

Well I always wanted to be my own boss, I'm a very creative person who likes to use my energy, I don't like to wait on other people to sign off on or promote my thing. I like to manifest my own ideas without asking questions.

Lyrics and mp3

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February 26, 2008

Jah Cure, Queen Ifrica and Mavado got no awards at the Reggae Academy - That's Madness

By Chat Too Much


All mi fans who miss mi big up uhnu self and all dem artiste deh who nuh like mi thru mi Chat Too Much nuh watch nuh face just doing my job darling, but when mi done today uhnu going to love mi.

First thing mi a touch and di only topic is di Reggae Bacademy it’s not even fitting fi use di prestigious word academy. Mi nuh vex about who and who won awards but fi know seh mi dressed like Beyonce and hot like Rihanna and touch di red carpet, I felt like a star for di first time inna mi mix up life, but as soon as mi step through di door is a peanut man dat approached mi, “nuts or winter fresh” - I was so shocked, I then paused for a moment looked around and then even went as far as fi asked someone if this is di venue for di Reggae Academy. People mi could not believe dat di peanut man got invited in a him cut off foot pants and waan wash out shirt it was a disgrace after a nuh stage show wi deh.

A next thing dem have two different place for presenting the awards what was the purposed mi nuh kno because di two back ground luk di same way so wha di sense. Di poor little photographers running from left to right trying to keep up wid di pace, even Asafa would a get tired.

No Award for Mavado

At least Queen I-Frica and Jah Cure got nominated even though them nuh get nothing but Mavado wasn’t even on di nomination list, ‘mi can’t believe mi eye’, that’s rather insane di youth album di good, uhnu fi give di youth dem a chance man, trust mi dem diss David Brooks AKA Mavado and some people call him Mafraudo. People pure things gwaan a di Academy, oohps, sorryyyy, mi mean Bacademy as mi seh before the word academy too decent fi describe dat deh show. Anywaz mi hear seh “Don Call Nayomi” get vex and walked out when Steven McGregor won di award for dancehall compilation of di year something like dat.

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Scenes from Reggae Academy


Lyrics and mp3

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February 24, 2008

Rihanna, Chris Brown 'unite' at Africa Unite in Jamaica

By Kon-Vick Writer


When Rihanna graced the stage at the Smile Jamaica-Africa Unite concert at James Bond Beach, St. Mary it was approximately 2:10 a.m. Sunday morning. Dressed in short colorful dress, laced with various beads, and golden frills attached around the edge, she was a remarkable sight - especially the dresses hugging breast cups.

However, it was not her attire or her sparkling performance that garnered the attention of the patrons. Rihanna was accompanied by R&B artiste Chris Brown, and the two immediately stole the spotlight at the Africa Unite Concert, which was staged in celebration of Bob Marley When the ‘good girl gone bad’ (Rihanna) entered the venue and was spotted by her adoring fans, it was like a pandemonium, which grew when they were made aware of the fact that Chris Brown was there with her. The backstage area, which was reserved for VIP guests, was flocked as soon as word of Chris Brown’s presence was made public.

Rumours have been circulating in recent weeks that the two are an item. These rumours were recently fuelled by their appearance in Barbados a few weeks ago, and one can now speculate that the sparks are going to be flying after their appearance together in Jamaica.

Look out for continued review of the concert.

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ZJ Liquid is back on Air

roach_zjliquid_dancehall_zip103.jpg“It's really nice being back on air, because when your job is your hobby and your hobby is your job then you will miss it a lot,” ZJ Liquid outlined to after being cleared to once again ‘liquefy the airwaves’.

The blazing hot radio disc jock is now back on air after he was slapped with a two-week suspension for accidentally playing a song that was not fit for airplay. According to reports, Liquid received a letter from the Broadcasting Commission last year November stating that he had played a song with expletives and sexually explicit content. After reviewing the situation, Liquid was given a two-week suspension in early February 2008.

“I just want to say that no one is perfect and I will continue to play with the vibes and energy that the listeners love to hear," a beaming Liquid outlined.

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February 23, 2008

Spice 'Up Inna Di Spotlight' - European Tour

spice_deejay_dancehall.jpgThe bad gal of dancehall Spice having conquered the local scene will now be turning her attention on the European front where she will be on a one month tour with Cham and Pinchers.

With her biting lyrics and lethal performance Spice has really endeared herself to the dancehall massive.

Her quick wittiness and charming personality ensures she is a favourite with the massive.

But of course all this is not news to her many fans on the European side and certainly not to the man who discovered how sharp she could be on stage when he toured in 2002 with her in England. Baby Cham could not believe the DJ who was without a hit song at the time could mash up the show like a pro!

Now with some strong ammunition on her catalogue of songs including 'Up Inna Di Light' on the Gear Box rhythm which is rapidly climbing its way up on the Hype TV Top 20 Charts. The song is now sitting in the #8 position and seems to climb even higher.

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February 22, 2008

Beenie Man, Shaggy, Assassin & TOK for Spring Break JamFest 2008

beenieman_shaggy_assassin_tok_photos.jpgThe Ultimate Spring Break Party Series is JamFest Negril, Jamaica: -- Spring Break is always a special time of the year which brings with it a new realm of entertainment. This year the organisers of JamFest will bring a fresh, exciting concept to the production of live events.

Student Travel Services and Sun Splash Tours have combined efforts to create a package uniquely designed to appeal to visitors from overseas and on island. Set for the Wavz in Negril Westmoreland the combination beach party, talent competition and concert, JamFest will be held on Monday nights on March 3rd, March 10th, March 17th ending on Easter Sunday on March 23.

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Tafari's new single "Ain't No Stoppin" featuring Junior Reid creating a buzz online

By Sophia Mckay

Tafari_juniorreid_nostopping.jpgThe moment the single "Ain't No Stoppin" was uploaded to Tafari's & Junior Reid myspace, "we have noticed a wave of request coming in from DJ'S across the United States" says Karamo Rowe, Chief Executive Officer, Hy-Grade Entertainment, management company for Tafari. "A lot of them applaud the artiste for his relentless effort, creativity, original sound and yaad vibe".

Like an on going drill, the punchline "Ain't No Stoppin" is a message of hope and determination, two main ingredients necessary for the making of a Super Star. Who else can relate to this non stop campaign, none other than International Reggae Artiste Junior 'One Blood" Reid also featured on the single with the Rude Bwoy hussler. Junior Reid is known in the Industry as one out of many Reggae artiste who has for years single handedly distribute his music across the globe before becoming a popular figure in the International market, a trait that is similar to that of TAFARI a loner, who has withstand all negative criticism and kept his focus on his goal.

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February 21, 2008

Another Legend for Smile Jamaica

john_legend_jamaica_festival_photos.jpgThe sultry soul singer John Legend has been added to the star packed line up for the Smile Jamaica-Africa Unite concert on Saturday February 23 at James Bond Beach.

The Smile Jamaica-Africa Unite concert will be the Grammy winner’s third performance in Jamaica. Legend wowed Jamaican audiences at Reggae Sumfest as he performed alongside rapper Kanye West and he also headlined the Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues festival. Legend exploded on the scene with Ordinary People. The Track and album were local and International hits. His follow up album spawned the chart topper Stay with You, a favourite of Jamaicans, Legend will have audiences singing along.

John Legend grew up in Ohio, surrounded by every musical influence from gospel to hip-hop. While attending university Legend found time to make his own music, whether it was recording his own albums, performing at talent shows and open mics, or directing the choir at a local church. In 1998, John got his first taste of success, playing piano on Everything is Everything off Lauryn's Hill's multiple-Grammy winning album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. In 2001, a college roommate introduced John to the then up-and-coming producer/artiste Kanye West. By 2002, Legend was part of West's creative team, appearing on albums by Talib Kweli, Common, Aleica Keys, Mary J Blige and on West's 2004 breakthrough The College Dropout.

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Kingston 6 Rekords drops G Maffiah Mix Tape - 'Mek Mi Tell Yuh Dis'


Kingston Jamaica: This mix tape is so good; Kingston 6 Rekords may just have to host an album-style launch for it.

G Maffiah’s mix tape is already creating a buzz in the streets of Jamaica. Released first in France and Germany by DJ Weedim from Straight Up sound, the mix tape ignited the dancehall community with G Maffiah’s sick flows and crisp quick-tongue verses.

“I got the link to DJ Weedim and Bus Eye through Bonez, that is Panther’s son, and I got together my songs, choosing tracks that represent the essence of who G Maffiah is, my autobiographical experiences, my philosophies on how to survive in a hostile environment, and how to navigate life, and the feedback has been incredible, especially on my Myspace page,” he said.

The mix tape’s success inspired Kingston 6 head honchos Akil “Akiliboy” Smith and Lorenzo “Akono” Lewis to authorize the reproduction of almost 50,000 mix tapes for distribution in Jamaica. Free!!!!! Digital download of the mix tape is also available @

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Erup gets first #1 on Top 20 Hot Singles Chart Top 20 Hot Singles Chart

TW means This Week -- LW means Last Week -- WOC means Weeks on Chart

erupt_erup_clickmyfinger_lyrics.jpgTW -- WOC Artiste Name ----- Song Title ---- Record Label

01 -- (1) Erup - 'Click My Finger' - Truck Back

02 -- (1) Queen I-Frica - ‘Daddy Don’t Touch Me There’ - No Doubt Records

03 -- (1) Busy Signal - 'Pon Di Edge' - Star Kutt

04 -- (1) Serani feat Bugle - 'Doh' - Daseca

05 -- (1) Demarco - 'Fallen Soldiers' - Star Kutt

06 -- (1) Mykal Rose - 'Shoot Out' - John John

07 -- (1) Demarco - 'Duppy Know Who Fi Frighten' - John John

08 -- (1) Bugle - 'Journey' - Daseca

09 -- (1) Mavado - 'Gangsta Life' - John John

10 -- (1) Sean Paul - 'Pick It Up & Drop It' - Birchill

11 -- (1) D'Angel - Blaze - Arrif Cooper ---- Hot Shot

12 -- (1) Harry Toddler - 'Don't Run In' - Truck Back

13 -- (1) Beenie Man - 'Buffer Zone' - Truck Back

14 -- (1) Busy Signal - 'Nah Go A Jail' - Jam 2

15 -- (1) Fantan Mojah - 'Stronger' - Maximum Sound

16 -- (1) Deva Bratt - 'Bagga Talking' - Truck Back

17 -- (1) Bugle - 'What I’m Gonna Do' - Daseca

18 -- (1) Jimmy Riley & Taurus Riley - 'Pull Up Selector' - (Taxi)

19 -- (1) Beenie Man - Wine Gal -TJ Records --- Song to Watch

20 -- (1) RDX - 'Everybody Dance' - Apt 19

Top 5 New Joints

1 Junior Gong - Mission (Warfare) - Baby G
2 Mavado - On The Rock - Baby G
3 Busy Signal - Curfew - Shane Brown
4 Bugle - What have I done - Daseca
5 Serani - Everywhere I Go - Firelinks

Lyrics and mp3

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American Based Reggae Artist Eric Smith Aiming To Make His Mark Locally

Erick%20Smith.jpgAmerican based Reggae artist Eric Smith who hails from Papine, St. Andrew has been carving a niche for himself on the North American Reggae scene. He has been performing in the US for the past five years, stomping his class on events such as the Vermont Roots Festival and the Woodbury Reggae Festival in Connecticut, sharing stage with the likes of Steven Marley, The Wailers Band and Tinga Stewart. Last summer saw the release of Eric's debut album "Rocky Road" which was produced and released in America by Cultural Talent Agency/ Mighty Roots. "Rocky Roads" is available through,,,,, barnes&;, and

"Rocky Road" is a fifteen track strictly Roots Reggae album, which features Eric's crystal clear vocals which is hauntingly similar to that of former Black Uhuru lead singer Michael Roze, who is also one of Erics greatest influences. Several songs from the album such as "Selassie I Rule" & "Oil War" have been receiving good rotation in the US and also in Jamaica.

Lyrics and mp3

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Anthony B's American West Coast Tour doing well

anthonyb_reggaedancehall_artiste.jpgAnthony B’s current US tour has parachuted along the US West coast. According to reports, the tour has been going well and fans have been coming out in their numbers to sample the musical offerings of the firebrand reggae artiste.

The tour kicked off on February 16 at the Ragga Muffins Festival in South Beach, California. The following day the tour moved into Sacramento, California where more than 20,000 patrons reportedly came out to groove to hits like Tease Her, Good Cop, Fire Pon Rome and Mr. Heartless among others.

The tour which will run until March 17, is scheduled to make stops in areas including Santa Cruz, Santa Rose, San Francisco and Eureka in California. It will also make a trek into Colorado stopping at areas including Fort Collins, Boulder, Breckenridge, Vail and Aspen.

Anthony B’s recent collaboration Chippin with soca artiste Farmer Nappy, is currently riding the charts in Trinidad and Tobago.

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February 20, 2008

Dancehall artiste Beenie Man to stand trial on tax evasion charges

By: Kon-Vick Writer

beenieman_d%27angel_yardflex_876radiocom_1876.jpgComing March 25 international artiste Moses 'Beenie Man' Davis will know his fate when he will appear in court on several tax evasion charges.

In recent reports it is stated that the controversial deejay owes the country J$47-million (US$ 661, 00) in taxes. gets to understand that the King of Dancehall Beenie Man has not yet made any arrangement with the court as to how he will settle his unpaid taxes.

Beenie Man is still protesting his innocence and claimed that his former Manager of Shocking Vibes production to be held responsible for his taxes not being paid as they were the ones who also dealt with all of his other bill payments.

In October last year (2007) a warrant was issued for the arrest of Beenie Man after he failed to appear in court to answer to several tax evasion charges.

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Shaggy featuring Akon "What's Love" Video Premieres on will exclusively debut dancehall superstar Shaggy’s new Hype Williams directed video “What’s Love” featuring international hitmaker Akon on Feb. 20th, 2008 at 12PM PST (3PM EST). The 20 times platinum reggae icon contemplates leaving his girl for all the wrong reasons while Akon adds his silky smooth chorus on this track off Shaggy’s latest album Intoxication (VP/Big Yard). The legendary Hype Williams, also known for his works with Kanye West, Beyonce, Jay-Z and Missy Elliot, perfectly complements “What’s Love” with his colorful and bold direction. The video premiere will also be coupled with a special behind-the-scenes making of this high concept, high fashion video.

Shaggy recently performed this burgeoning hit off his critically acclaimed release on NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and now the reggae/dancehall single is currently receiving the most U.S. radio airplay for its genre.

Intoxication “merges catchy choruses with deep, fluid growls landing like smart bombs over irresistible beats” (Village Voice), and debuted at #1 on the Billboard Reggae charts. People magazine raves club smash “Church Heathen” “ingeniously intermixes dancehall riddims and Gregorian chant.”

Lyrics and mp3

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February 19, 2008

Sexy Shara Camile heading to the top Model of The Week

shara_camille_sexy_model_photos2.jpgShara Camille (born Shara Camille McGriff) was born August 19th, 1983. The daughter of a bi racial mother of Japanese and African American descent and to a father of full African American descent, Shara got the best of both having a close relationship with both sides of her background. Being born and raised in the diverse San Francisco Bay Area helped Shara feel even more at home with her background due to the vast amount of bi racial peers with the similar Black and Asian descents.

Shara got her start in modeling at the age of 19 while attending Junior College in San Bruno (by way of San Francisco). She received formal model etiquette training at Barbizon Acting and Modeling School in San Francisco. What started off as a simple side hobby became a full on job. In the beginning, her modeling career started with simple promotional modeling at local clubs and events. Shara now has grown a name for herself and is considered one of the hardest working models of her area. Presently, Shara has a respectable amount of experience under her belt including modeling for runway, print ads, promotions, spokes modeling, and of course, video modeling. Shara made her music video debut on local Bay Area Artist Bailey’s video “U C IT” featuring J. Valentine which aired frequently on MTVJams and California radio stations.

Lyrics and mp3

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Chris Brown & Elephant Man collaboration - "This tune a go dun the place"


18 years-old Pop and R&B singer Chris Brown, is the latest in a slew of international acts to have combined their talents with that of dancehall's Energy God, Elephant Man.

Brown, who is now riding high with the song 'With You', teamed up with Elephant on the single, Girl Tonight. Still on pre-release, all indications are that the song will be another hit for Elephant Man, who is definitely no stranger to number one songs.

"This is a really nice tune and already it is getting a lot of love," Elephant Man declared. "Chris Brown is a good yute and working with him was just magic he understands and respects dancehall music and he is talented," Elephant revealed.

Lyrics and mp3

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February 18, 2008

Five sex questions with Spice - "Mi love wine pon di edge"
What is your favourite sex position and why?

Siddung pon it is my favourite sex position because I am always in control and mi love wine pon di edge.
During sex do you like it when your man is in control or do you prefer to be in charge?

I like to be in control because it’s the only time I get to feel like I am in charge and I love just watching him getting weaker & weaker.
Being an artiste how often do you get to have sex?

Well as an artiste you can scale it down to once per year, but in real life I would do it like everyday.


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February 17, 2008

Rihanna caught her Dad smoking crack


rihanna-dad_crack.jpgAccording to - Superstar Rihanna's dad told last night of his shame after she caught him smoking crack cocaine when she was just nine years old.

Ronald Fenty revealed how the singer - who hopes to win best international female artist at Wednesday's glitzy Brits awards do in London - watched him indulge his lethal habit as she peered through a gap in the kitchen door.

Ronald revealed: "I turned and looked Rihanna in the eye and instantly came back down from the high I was on. I saw her run for her mother, ask her something and then they both started to cry. I had no idea she had been watching.

"It was the lowest point - life just stopped and I realised what a fool I had been."

The moment tore apart Ronald and Rihanna's lives. He was thrown out of the family home in Barbados and stopped from seeing his daughter. But Ronald, 54, managed to kick the drugs and now plays a full part in her life - even joining the 19-year-old sensation on tour. He has also done his best to warn her off drugs - though he's sure she wouldn't touch them anyway.


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Up Close & Personal with D'Angel

dangel_music_beenieman_barbie.jpgIn tandem with her propelling career success from last year, D’Angel is now embarking on a new venture and she will include some friends along the way. The “Up Close & Personal with D’Angel + Friends Concert” is a live concert on Saturday, February 23rd at the Asylum Night Club in New Kingston (Jamaica).

Come out and be treated to a night of musical pleasure with D’Angel and Friends live in Concert, hosted by Nikki Z from ZIP 103FM and backed by Uprizing Band. Admission for this event is only $700.00; show time will be at 1:00AM sharp and please note that the dress code will be Casually Elegant to compliment the Red Carpet Theme. The main sponsors for the “Up Close & Personal with D’Angel + Friends” are Hypnotic and Magnum.

D’Angel will be performing all the hits from her catalogue including Downtown Girl, Baby Father, One Man, Blaze, Lucky Charm amongst many other favorites. The “Up Close & Personal Concert” will also feature a number of her friends, namely LUST, Aisha and many other special guests.

Lyrics and mp3

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February 16, 2008 - Have it your way


Lyrics and mp3

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Scenes from Bacchanal Dreams - Carnival Style



Lyrics and mp3

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Show Them The Dance - Garrison Hawk - Break Out Artiste For The Month of February

Lyrics and mp3

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February 15, 2008

Education is 'No Joke' school tour gets serious

dangel_hotgirl_photos_beenieman.jpgFACT: "Young people face many challenges as they pass through puberty and face explicit media messages on sex and with little or no parenting support. Based on the increase in the number of children having first sex at an earlier age, the increase in child and teenage pregnancy, as well as HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), children and teenagers are in need of help". - Heather Little-White, Ph.D, Lifestyle Consultant.

The main aim of the "Education Is No Joke" school tour is to sensitize students as to the importance of a good education and motivate them to adopt positive lifestyles. The tour has been reuniting some of Jamaica's most popular artistes with their Alma Maters and this week surprised the students of three schools in different parts of the island. Browns Town High School was visited on Monday, February 11 by Busy Signal, on Tuesday, February 12th D'Angel visited her Alma Mater, St Catherine High and Jose Marti was visited on Wednesday February 13th by Macka Diamond.

The response to the tour has been overwhelming and the welcome from school administrators has been encouraging but even though the artiste did not perform at any of the schools, the students received them very well. The organizers of the "Education Is No Joke' school tour, VP Records and No Joke Entertainment thought it would be better for the students to talk to their favourite artistes on a personal level and felt that entertainment would overshadow the positive message. The artistes on the tour have been focusing on some of the more troublesome issues facing students and have been using their influence to motivate students to develop positive attitudes towards their academics.

Lyrics and mp3

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Morgan Heritage - Music's most celebrated reggae group - 'Mission In Progress'

Morgan_Heritage_reggaejamaica.jpgNew York, NY February 12, 2008--Morgan Heritage, one of the most influential reggae bands today, have announced that they are set to release their highly anticipated 10th album MISSION IN PROGRESS on April 15, 2008.

Renowned worldwide for their riveting live shows, Morgan's Heritage's new release captures the band bottling the power of its stage performance on disc and infusing its songs with a heavier dose of hip-hop. Produced by Morgan Heritage (with a few songs helmed by Shane Brown and Stephen McGregor son of reggae singer Freddy McGregor), MISSION IN PROGRESS lyrically finds the group continuing their quest to bolster their love for reggae music through romantic, street-wise and conscious songs built on slabs of spirituality. Musically however, MISSION IN PROGRESS is the realization of Morgan Heritage’s “ROCKAZ” concept: reggae music with an edge.

"I think this record is the most aggressive one that we've ever done both musically and personally," says vocalist/keyboardist Una Morgan. "A lot of our inner feelings from growing up in the industry and the experiences that we've had touring the world, specifically in Africa, are reflected here and served as the inspiration for this album.”

Lyrics and mp3

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Luciano - 'Jah Is My Navigator' In Stores

Luciano_reggae.jpgInternational Reggae Icon, Luciano is returning to the US for a series of concerts in the West, Midwest, and Northwest Northwest region of the US beginning March 27, 2008 and concluding May 4, 2008. Mikey General and Jahmessenjah Band will also join Luciano on this tour. Fans can expect new material from his latest album, Jah Is My Navigator, in stores today, as well as classic Luciano songs.

Luciano is undeniably an ambassador for Jah, who’s always committed to the survival of Roots Reggae. His music is timeless and edifying. His mission is to uplift humanity with inspirational messages that demand global appeal. And since the release his landmark CD in 1995, Where There Is Life, succeeded by more than 40 full-length albums that have garnered tremendous acclaim, Jah Is My Navigator, the Rastaman’s latest release on VP, is arguably the quintessential Culture album for 2008.

Lyrics and mp3

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February 14, 2008

Elephan Man - Let's Get Physical - "I'm Bad Boy for life"

“If you saw me today you are never gonna forget me…my hair, my clothes, my style…I’m crazy man, I’m the Energy God…Father of the Dancehall…”

elephantman_letsget_physical_badboy.jpgDancehall King, Elephant Man, will release his latest studio CD, Let’s Get Physical, on April 8, 2008. Along time in the making, the star-studded project is the first release from a new venture which joins Sean “Diddy” Combs’ Bad Boy Records with the largest independent Jamaican music label, VP Records. Let’s Get Physical features the hit lead single “Five O,” on which Wyclef appears.

The remix for “Five-O” is blazing a trail with rising digital sales and has caught attention at radio with an all star line up from Swizz Beats, Assassin, Yung Joc and Diddy. “Jump,” the hard-hitting, high energy second single, also features Swizz Beats. Barbados-born Rihanna appears on the steamy dance track “Throw Your Hands Up” and Elephant Man-fan Chris Brown lends his vocals to the bouncy “Feel the Steam.” Also check out “Body Talk” featuring Dominican R&B singer Kat Deluna and female rapper Jha Jha, and the hot remix for “The Way We Roll” with Busta and Shaggy. The set is executive produced by Sean “Diddy” Combs, Chris Chin, Harve Pierre and Willie Daniels.

Lyrics and mp3

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Mariah Carey Announces E=MC²!!!

This exclusive was brought to you courtesy of and ThinkTank Marketing


Performer and songwriter Mariah Carey has set April 15th as the in-store date for the most eagerly anticipated album of the year, E=MC². The 11th studio album of her career, E=MC² is the follow-up to The Emancipation Of Mimi, Mariah’s worldwide 10 million selling #1 album, which generated three Grammy awards (including Best Contemporary R&B Album), 2 #1 singles and countless more industry honors during its 18-month stay on the charts.

The first single from E=MC² is “Touch My Body,” written and produced by Mariah Carey, C. “Tricky” Stewart, and The-Dream, and blasting out worldwide on February 12th. The video for “Touch My Body” was directed by feature filmmaker Brett Ratner - internet, cable and network premieres for the video will be announced in the weeks ahead. In addition to C. “Tricky” Stewart and The-Dream, other guest producers joining Mariah on E=MC² will include Jermaine Dupri, DJ Toomp, Stargate, Will I Am, Bryan Michael Cox, Nate "Danjahandz" Hills and James Poyser. E=MC² is executive produced by Mariah Carey and Antonio “LA” Reid, Chairman, Island Def Jam Music Group.

Lyrics and mp3

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February 13, 2008

Scenes From Trinidad Carnival

Photos by: ZJ Sparks
ZIP 103 FM



Lyrics and mp3

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Behind the scenes of Elephant Man's video shoot for 'Gully Creeper'


The energy god Elephant Man is steaming up the dancehall and airwaves once again with his new joint titled ‘Gully Creeper’.

Last week hit the streets with Elephant Man to captured behind scenes on the video shoot for ‘Gully Creeper’ which features various top dancers such as Ice from Roses Corner, Mad Michelle and members of 1St Class Dancers Latonya Styles and Ladii-Kadii

Video shoot was master minded by budding video directing Julia Braham and the single was produced by Shawn Nizzle.

Locations: Barbican’s gully beside the football field, Roses Corner home of the late Gerald 'Bogle' Levy, Fire Links’ Hot Mondayz and ended at Q45 Studio on Burlington Avenue.

Lyrics and mp3

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Lutan Fyah - "I am innocent"

Lutan%20Fyah%20dancehallreggae.jpgThe public may have heard of my recent arrest on the charge of arson. This comes out of an incident in Spanish Town which I was accused of being involved in.

I would like to state that I am innocent of all charges and find this conspiracy misleading and wanton. I have constantly contributed to the development of youths in Spanish Town and would never get myself involved in such activities. Lutan Fyah symbolises positivity and upliftment of the people and the music.

2007 was a good year for Lutan Fyah, Indeed I was able to spread my message world wide and bring reggae music to new peoples. I understand my obligation to my fans, Jamaica and the music and would never under any circumstance manifest such evil behavior.

I continue to give praises to my supporters for their continued faith in my music and I look forward to continuing the positive trend that I am known for.

-Lutan Fyah

Lyrics and mp3

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Richie Spice presented with award for his contribution to the community and reggae music

richiespice_reggaesinger.jpgKnown for his uplifting songs, and sterling support of his community, reggae artiste Richie Spice was recently presented with an award to acknowledge his positive contributions.

The award was presented on stage shortly after a credible performance at the recently held Black My Story stage show which was held in Red Hills, St. Andrew here in Jamaica.

The award was conferred to the singer by a representative from Culture Minister Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange’s office.

Spice who has expressed his appreciation for the recognition, has been the recipient of numerous musical accolades in recent years.

Lyrics and mp3

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Half Pint leaves for England to promote his album "No Stress Express"

half_pint_rasta_jamaican.jpgAfter launching his album No Stress Express on Saturday January 26, 2008 at the Half Moon Hotel, Montego Bay, Jamaica, Reggae Superstar Half Pint now turns his attention to promote the16 tracks album, he leaves this Wednesday for three shows in England, on February 15 , Bradford, then on the 16, Birmingham and 17 London.

The hot tracks on the album includes “Unity” featuring Jack Maness from Long Beach Dub All Star/Sublime, “Bad Boys” featuring Sizzla, “Babylon Release The Chain featuring Dollarman, ‘Mind over Matter”,” Suzie” and "Madonna”. The album will be released worldwide on March 11, 2008 and will be distributed via Universal Music Group Distribution. Ra-Umi Alkebu-lan his publicist will accompany Half Pint. Tour dates for the US and Europe have already been confirmed.

Lyrics and mp3

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February 12, 2008

Vybz Kartel and Aidonia freed by Operation Kingfish

By: Kon-Vick Writer

vybzkartel_aidonia_idonia_courtjamaica.jpgAfter several hours of intense interrogation by the cops, gets to understand that both Vybz Kartel and Aidonia who was wanted for questioning by Operation Kingfish regarding a disturbing photo of both men posing with high power weapons were freed of such allegations yesterday.

Attorney-at-law Valerie Neita-Roberston who represented both deejays made clear it to Operation Kingfish (Cops) that the photos were taken outside of the jurisdiction of Jamaica and that the weapons were for a stint in a video.

Now that Aidonia is freed of the above allegations he will now have to embrace himself towards his other court case after he was accused of being involved in an alleged shooting incident that left one man dead.

Lyrics and mp3

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Alliance Member Bling Dawg Signs To In The Streets

blingdawg_dancehallartiste_alliance.jpgAlliance member Bling Dawg has signed with Byron Murray's In The Streets label. Bling Dawg (real name Marlon Williams), a member of the Bounty Killer led Alliance, began his professional career in 1994. Five years later he signed with Shocking Vibes Productions. However that relationship was short lived, as Bling Dawg decided to take his career into his own hands.

Byron Murray worked in the banking sector for ten years before venturing into the entertainment field. Before launching his own company he was the road manager at Danny Browne's Main Street label in the early 1990's. In 1997 he discovered and signed Dancehall artist Mr. Vegas. He has also played a major role in the career of several other artists such as Kip Rich, Chico, Hawkeye, Alozade, and Kid Kurrupt.

Bling Dawg formerly known as Ricky Rudie has a long list of hits including Say My Name, Kiss My Baby Good Morning, Phone Call (with Vybz Kartel), Exercise; Shotta Ting and the chart topper Circumstances.

Lyrics and mp3

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February 11, 2008

Stephen Marley Wins Grammy…again

By: Secret Agent Writer

stevenmarley_grammy_mindcontrolgirls.jpgStephen Marley climbed to a new pinnacle in his far-reaching career last night, after grabbing the coveted Grammy Award for the best Reggae Album at last night’s 50th Grammy Awards. His album, ‘Mind Control’ beat out some of Reggae’s biggest names to take the coveted prize. They’re Burning Spear with ‘The Burning Experience’, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry with ‘The End Of An American Dream’, Sly and Robbie with ‘Anniversary’, and Toots and the Maytals with ‘Light Your Light’.

This is not his first award but this may well be the most crowning one for him, as he’s
already accomplished a lifetime worth of awards during his dedicated years in music. Starting off as a child vocalist with big brother Ziggy and the Melody Makers Band, he has moved easily from vocalist, to musician, to a Producer with a steady string of hits and Grammy Winners, to vocalist again. He has already won five Grammy awards for his work behind other winning albums as a producer, but this is first Grammy as an artist.

Lyrics and mp3

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Alley Cat - Still On A Musical Mission

By: Icey Jace Writer

alleycat_dancehall.jpgCelebrating over 10 years in the music industry skilled Artist/Songwriter and Producer Alley Cat is still proving himself to be competitive in an unforgiving Dancehall culture that easily forgets good deeds.

In late 1996 it was Alley Cat with his distinctive sound that had the Dancehall jumping with the single Girl Tour on the Earcle Riddim and a year later had another hit in Hot Gal. As versatile as some artists may claim to be Alley gives the word new meaning considering the many hats he wears. Founder and C.E.O of his own label Imperial Productions he's also a composer who plays the Guitar and Keyboard in many of his Riddim tracks. Born Albert Richards in the infamous garrison community of Dehnam Town Alley Cat has toured with Beenie Man while a member of the Shocking Vibes Outfit of artists and later went on the road with Baby Cham thanks to the vision of Dave Kelly on the then Alias Project. Speaking to Alley Shared a few details about his journey as an artist in this Q&A session.
How did you come by the name Alley Cat?

Alley Cat:
Well my parents called me Alley short for Albert and then later on I use to see artists like Super Cat performing and I use to just love how him DJ and there was even an instance when my mother sent me to buy something and i gambled the money but really the name came about quiet simple.

Lyrics and mp3

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Ecstasy Model Diamond is more than a Treasure Model Of The Week

model_diamond_shorts_sexy.jpgName: Diamond Treasure
Age: 27
Hometown: Houston TX
Measurements: 36-24-40

Tell us about your favorite experience on a video and/or photo shoot (what video, what artist/song):

"I was working on the set of the Game's Belongs to me video set (UGK). I had the best time working with Bun B and Pimp C.

What's your worst experience on a video and/or photo shoot (what video, what artist/song):

"I have been blessed so far not to have one yet".

What part of your body do you like the most and why:

"I love my legs, they are long, sleek, sexy and shapely.

What part of your body do you like the least and why:

I know this sounds crazy but I love every part of my body, that is what makes me DiamondB.

What your ideal man looks like, acts like, sounds like:

My ideal man would be around 6'7, nice body, well dressed, clean cut man with a bad shoe game. He has to be able to take charge kind of man, you know a protector (A BOSS). Oh and last but not least he has to smell good, oh that makes me weak in the knees.

Lyrics and mp3

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February 10, 2008

Queen Ifrica dominates the Hype TV Top 20 Charts for a second week

queen_ifrica_emeawards.jpgThe Fire Woman continues to blaze up the chart. Queen Ifrica's "Daddy Don't Touch Me There" is still at the # 1 Position for two consecutive weeks. Her presence continues to be strongly felt in the dancehall fraternity with all her songs being hits after hits.

Erup's "Click My Finger" retains the 'Shot to Watch' title for three consecutive weeks. The song also remains in the # 2 Position. The song is on the Truck Back label and continues to do well, but will this song extinguish the Queens fire any time soon?

Other songs doing well on the "Truck Back" label are Spice's "Up Inna De Light" at the # 11 Position and Deva Brat's "Gussie Clark" at the # 16 Position.

Sean Paul's "Pick It Up & Drop It" rose one spot up to assume the # 3 Position. Mr. Temperature seems to be heating up and preparing for the top.

'The Greatest Gainer' this week is Serani feat. Bugle's "DOH" this song is definitely a hit as it rose five spots up from the #12 position to occupy the # 7 Position. This song is expected to do well on the chart but things are not always what we expect, so let's see how far this song can truly go.

Lyrics and mp3

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GT Taylor Gives Back To His Community

gt_taylor_iriefm.jpgIRIE FM radio personality George Taylor popular known as GT. Taylor the Dancehall Master is a man who is firmly committed to the betterment of his community and his fellowman, he is always willing to give help where it is needed. As a member & PR Officer of St. Elizabeth Care Committee he is relentless in his efforts to help the street people of St. Elizabeth, through this organization which was formed primarily to help the street people of that parish several years ago. He has been able to source much needed aid for them through his his radio show which is aired on IRIE FM on Thursday & Friday nights weekly and his annually held Magnum GT. Taylor Reggae Christmas Extravaganza. Many of his fans have reached out to help the Care Committee, with their mission of care for the street people of St. Elizabeth. They have have donated items such as clothing, footwear and food supplies to the organization.

On Tuesday the 29t of January Mr. Taylor who is a son of St. Elizabeth, donated a freezer & food supplies to the St. Elizabeth Care Committee. The Committee's headquarters which is located behind the parish council building in the Black River, was also given some much need renovation courtesy of Mr. Taylor. He also donated a four burner gas stove to the New Town Early Childhood Institution, in Black River.

Lyrics and mp3

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February 9, 2008

Five sex questions with Tunya Campbell Palmer - Formerly Miss Jamaica Petite

What’s the easiest way for you to come?

Easiest way for me to come is when I’m on top having sex while kissing him at the same time.
Which do you prefer, having sex on the beach or one late night at your guy’s work place on his office desk?

I rather have sex on the beach because that’s more romantic and comfortable.
Where is the weirdest place you ever had sexual intercourse?

That would be on the deck of a yatch in the middle of the ocean – the sun was scorching hot too, lol.

Lyrics and mp3

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Lutan Fyah under 'Fire' - Charged with arson

By: Secret Agent Writer

lutan_fyah.jpgConscious dancehall fire-burner Lutan Fyah has been arrested by police. The 31-year-old Spanish Town born artist, whose given name is Anthony Martin, was yesterday slapped with charges of arson.

The police have alleged that Lutan Fyah was responsible for a fire that destroyed a house in Thompson Pen in the town.

According to the police, late last year Lutan Fyah went with a group of men to a yard in Thompson Pen to look for a man.

Allegations are that the DJ claimed that the man had disrespected him some time before at a stage show.

The police further allege that when the deejay couldn’t find the men, they torched the yard and attacked another man who was there. It was reported that this fire left nearly 20 people homeless. Lutan Fyah has been one of the most consistent members of the new batch of conscious talent. A former footballer, he has released scores of hits and four full length albums. They’re ‘Dem No Know Demself’, ‘A Time and Place’, ‘Phantom War’ and ‘Healthy Lifestyle’.
Among the tracks which have climbed local charts are ‘St Jago de La Vega’, and ‘Save The Juvenile’. He’s to face the Spanish Town Resident Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Lyrics and mp3

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Dancehall artiste Salanyde is makings moves - Grand Cayman

Salanyde1.jpgCayman based Jamaican deejay Sean Gordon aka Salanyde is busy making all the right moves to take his career to the top. The talented deejay who is arguably the top Dancehall act in Grand Cayman was in Jamaica during the recent Christmas season. During his visit he recorded several tracks and made appearances on several events. He also released a video for his soon to be released single "Girls Lead" (Torie-Shae's Production), which will be released in March.

The video is enjoying good rotation on several television stations such as RE TV, HYPE TV & NTV. "Girls Lead" will be released on the BIG record label and will be distributed by In Di Streets Distribution Company. Salanyde who is known in Grand Cayman as the "Off Di Meter" deejay, says his recent visit home was his first in years since migrating to Grand Cayman and it was a very good one as he used the opportunity to promote his music and connect with the people. In March Salanyde will be back in the island to do more studio work and promote his music.

Lyrics and mp3

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February 8, 2008

Scenes from the EME Awards - Part One




Lyrics and mp3

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Jamaican singer Cherine Anderson's "Good Love'" for Grammys

cherine_anderson_photos.jpgIn 2007, Cherine Anderson went to work. The release of several chart topping songs and videos, directing the video for her powerfully relevant "Kingston State of Mind", commanding the stage while headlining the summer's Sly & Robbie tour, and co-starring in MTV Tempo's interactive TV drama Choices. Now all Cherine's efforts in 2007 are definitely being recognized.

Cherine's song "Good Love" (her first official single, written and vocally arranged by her), is one of the songs which make up Sly & Robbie and The Taxi Gang's Anniversary album, which has been honored with a 2008 Grammy nomination for Best Reggae Album. Cherine is thrilled to have contributed to this album, feels blessed to have association with a Grammy nomination at this early stage in her career and wishes Sly & Robbie the best at this Sunday's Grammy Awards.

Cherine will be attending the First Annual Reggae Academy Awards, February 24, 2008. She will be in attendance as a presenter and will be performing at the event. Cherine is proud of the two nominations she has received from the industry: Best Solo Female Vocalist and Best Collaboration/Duo for "Coming Over Tonight" with Chuck Fender.

Lyrics and mp3

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Daddy & Hypa from France linkup with Konshens

By: Icey Jace Writer

daddy_hypa_konshens_jamaica.jpgFour weeks after officially began the promotional campaign for the January Artist of the Month Konshens we are proud to announce that a number of great things have materialized for the budding Dancehall DJ.

Currently signed to Natural Bridge Records Konshens has in the short space of a month increased his status quo as he is already being regarded as a credible up-comer in the business. Now receiving heavy radio rotations for his singles Winner, Jah Protect I, So High, Ratta Tatta and a brand new release for the Carnival season dubbed Lock The Whole Dance Down, Konshens believes his stint on helped to boost his visibility.

" really help with the buzz in the streets, the text message campaign and the website promos set the thing to a level weh people nuh stop call mi and say dem see a ting so trust mi have it lock".

Just recently the young up-comer was visited by two of West France's finest disc jocks - D&H - Daddy & Hypa who after meeting Konshens two years ago through the popular myspace network finally decided to make a trip to Kingston Jamaica. D&H who hails from Rennes is no stranger to the reggae fraternity in France. They are members of a live band that often times backs for reggae acts on tour in their country and when they're not producing Reggae riddims their hosting their D Roots Direct radio station which is complimented by a label D&H Records which the two started after putting more than 10 years in the music industry.

Lyrics and mp3

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February 7, 2008

Dancehall artistes Vybz Kartel and Aidonia to take legal actions

vybz_kartel_aidonia_idonia_cops.jpgTop flight deejays Vybz Kartel and Aidonia are in consultations with their legal team with a view to taking legal action against The Gleaner Co. Ltd. with regard to the publication of a particular photograph on the front page of the Daily Star published February 7, 2008.

“We view with some concern the publishing of a photo by The Star in circumstances where the authenticity of the document as well as its origin is not known by the newspaper especially in circumstances where that same newspaper has certain ethical guidelines which it has laid down for itself with respect to news reporting,” Valerie Neita-Robertson, who represents both deejays, said in a statement.

“Both deejays have always indicated that they do not support violence in any form and have openly stated that on and off the stage. The deejays are presently consulting with their attorneys with a view to taking legal action against the newspaper.”

Lyrics and mp3

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Urban Music Awards Nominates Sizzla Kalonji

For Best Album “Overstanding” and Artist of the Year

sizzla_kolonji_reggaeartiste_pictures.jpgLaunching its 1st Annual Caribbean Urban Music Awards in Jamaica on April 26th, 2008 at James Bond Beach in Ocho Rios, The Urban Music Awards has nominated Sizzla Kalonji for Best Album, “Overstanding” and Artist of the Year.

The Urban Music Awards is one of the biggest international awards ceremonies held in the USA, UK, France, and Germany, broadcasting worldwide to an audience of 14.5 million viewers annually. With over 3 million urban music fans nominating and voting on the official UMA website internationally per year, voting for Sizzla Kalonji will commence after February 14th on

The UMA’s celebrated its 5th anniversary in 2007 by launching for the first time in New York on the 7th of July 2007. The Urban Music Awards was born out of the need to build a worldwide and independent awards ceremony to recognize the achievement of 100% urban based artists, producers, club nights, DJ’s, radio stations, record labels and artist that are a product of the current Urban music scene.

Lyrics and mp3

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Mavado - Lyrics - On The Rock - Jehovah Guide Me - Gospel

You can sing along by just playing the song on the music player on the right.

Baby G
Yeahhhhhhhhhhh (I)
O lawd o lawd (o lawd o lawd)
My name is so excellent
throughout this earth

Jehovah guide me
be my guidance
greater salvation for me
Jehovah guide me
be my guidance
no they could never stop me

I'm on the rock (I’m on the rock)
higher than I and I (higher than I and I)
Jehovah guide me
I am on the rock (I am on the rock)

go tell my enemy
I am on the rock
selasi guide me
and a me them cyaaa stop
I will never look back


Lyrics and mp3

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CRMA's Calling Nadine Sutherland's Name

Nadine%20Sutherland%20-%20Call%20My%20Name.jpg2008 is off to a great start for Jamaica's beloved reggae diva Nadine Sutherland. Her critically acclaimed album Call My Name (released last May) is up for two Canadian Reggae Music Awards. The popular lead single, "Big Tingz", has been nominated for Best Reggae Single - International while the full album (produced by Kenroy "YahBreeze" Archibald and Nadine for Eight76 Records) is up for Best Reggae Album in the International category.

Nadine, who is headed to South Florida next week to perform at the highly anticipated Evening of Love & Togetherness Concert, was thrilled when she got word of the nomination. "Call My Name is such a special project, and when I see it being recognized I am happy. We never had a big budget like a lot of other labels and producers, not a lot of the big promotion dollars, so we have just really worked hard to let people know about Call My Name and get to hear the album. The response to the music is true and sincere, so I am thankful".

Lyrics and mp3

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Red Stripe, Renaissance - 'Beer It All' - 'Mardi Gras Edition'



Lyrics and mp3

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February 6, 2008

Dancehall artistes Vybz Kartel and Aidonia wanted for questioning

By: Kon-Vick Writer

vybzkartel_aidonia_guns_dancehall.jpgMembers of Jamaica's number crime fighting team Operation Kingfish issued a statement earlier today (February 5) requesting a meeting with both Adidjah 'Vybz Kartel' Palmer and Sheldon 'Aidonia' Lawrence for questioning concerning a photograph that shows both Vybz Kartel and Aidonia posing with various high power weapons.

According to the statement the cops are anxious to speak with both Aidonia and Vybz Kartel but prefer to do so in the presence of their lawyers - from there they should be able to explain freely as to how these weapons came about.

Further investigation also revealed that none of the two are valid licensed firearm holders.

It was just recently that Aidonia got released on bail after he was accused of being involved in an alleged shooting incident that left one dead. And it was just yesterday that Vybz Kartel was freed of charges for using indecent language while performing at his own Birthday Party held at the Amnesia Night Club, Ocho Rios (Jamaica). will keep you posted on this matter.

Lyrics and mp3

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February 5, 2008

Garrison Hawk - Break Out Artiste For The Month of February

By: Icey Jace Writer - Break Out Artiste For The Month of February

garrisonhawk.jpgThe month of January has now ended and once again went to the streets in search of another muss buss artist, we did our research and after deliberating we came back ready and proud to introduce the February Artist of the Month. Based on our initial assessments the monthly promotional feature has sparked quite some amount of interest as viewers can now get the scoop on who's next to hit the mainstream circuit from the Caribbean’s #1 Entertainment News and Gossip website.

In January brought you closer to a Winner by the name of Konshens and now it's time to turn the spotlights on another lyrical bomber with more of an international appeal, so without further a due we bring you the budding Reggae / Pop artist Garrison Hawk.

When determination is complemented by hard-work there is no doubt success will soon follow and so said so done. Garrison Hawk began enjoying the sounds of Reggae Icons Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Yellow Man he was only eight but had already showed a keen interest in performing, this he did at home for his extended family of 6 brothers and sister but when the family left the cool Manchester parish of Jamaica and moved permanently to The Bronx in New York there was no turning back for the then youngster.

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ZJ Liquid on two weeks suspension

zjliquid_dancehall_discjock_radio.jpgPopular ZIP 103 FM disc jock ZJ Liquid received a two weeks suspension after complains from the Broadcasting Commission suggested that Liquid breach the Regulations and code act during his stint called Fresh to Death Wednesdays’ (November 7, 2007).

According to reports Liquid played a song that had expletives and sexually explicit that was mistaken for an edited version. Within that time (November 7, 2007) Liquid received a letter from the broadcasting commission. But According to an inside source - “Liquid’s day time spot is a very difficult one because even if you played songs that are edited you can still get suspension or even lose your job. You can play one or two edited songs and get away but the moment your segment began to sound like it’s too much of a gangsta segment then you can look out for either a warning from Broadcasting Commission or suspension and if it happens again after serving your suspension then your next letter will see you OutAroad. made several attempts to get in touch with ZJ Liquid but was only fortunate to get a comment from his voice mail, “leave a message”.

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February 4, 2008

Passa Passa - Beenie, Barbee & D'Angel - "Grung God Dunn Bad"

By: Chat Too Much


People after mi dun chat today nuff people ago vex but who cares, is my mouth and nuh body caan stop mi from Chat Too Much, nuh mis a man or gal.

Mek mi start tings off with dancehall’s favourite soap opera duo D’Angel and the Doctor Beenie Man co-staring baby giant, ooops! I mean 19 year-old Barbee. People mi seh Barbee and Beenie Man gwaan wid pure tings pon stage a di Youth View awards - poor Fallen Angel, it must hurt har fi si Barbee and Beenie Man acting like lovers. But mi personally believe that Beenie Man really regrets not being with D’Angel anymore and we all know that when Beenie Man miss being with someone he sings about it.
"Mi wife gimme bun wid annoda man,
so mi just find annoda gyal..”

Mi hear seh after Beenie Man done performed D’Angel went up and seh ‘God over Devil’ what a piece a cas cas. Even though Barbee and D’Angel a nuh friend mi predicting that before 2000 and love done both of them ago duh a song together.

Bounty Killer Flip Flop?
Mi seh people for about three long months mi a watch di Alliance closely because mi kno something never right. Yes mi chile, mi hear dat Grung God fire him manager Jolly-Ann and gone back to Solid Agency. People nuh ask mi how mi kno so much is mi job - anyway mi source informed mi seh is either Jolly-Ann not handing over enough money or Grung God is jealous of Jolly-Ann not paying enough attention to his career. But guess what not even Gullyside a par wid him owner manager Jolly-Ann, what a youth loyal to Grung God, yuh kno how long Grung God a look for someone who will be loyal to him. Most people claim seh di Filla badmind but a just loyalty him did want.

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Jamaica's Dancehall artiste Busy Signal Declared to be Young, Hot & Hype

busysignal_dancehall-jamaicaphotos.jpgScreams erupted inside the Courtleigh auditorium as top dancehall artiste Busy Signal was announced as the winner of the Young Hot and Hype Personality of the Year category as well as Celebrity Role Model, at the inaugural staging of the Youth View Awards on Saturday February 2, 2008.

Looking very intense in a Carlton Brown design, Busy Signal stepped onto the stage to collect his awards with a brilliant smile as the fans screamed his name.

"It's just a overall joy because this is coming through the next generation straight to me… it's the youth of tomorrow and they chose me and mi just a give thanks for the support and the love they have for the music… I'm happy that they found something in me to gravitate to", says Signal

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February 3, 2008

Patrons 'galang' bad at Foot-Loose - 80's, 90's style


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4th Annual Excellence in Music & Entertainment Awards Nomination List 2008

barbee_and_dangel_photos.jpgFor Recordings Released During The Eligibility Year October 01,2006 - September 30,2007

Note….. more or less than five (5) nominations in a category is the result of ties

(1)DJ OF THE YEAR (Male)
(for a solo vocal performance)


(for a solo vocal performance)


(for a solo vocal performance)


(for a solo vocal performance)


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New York EMI making moves on the local & International music scene

sizzla_kolonji_reggaesuperstar_photos.jpgU.S. Based entertainment company New York Entertainment Movement Inc was formed in 2003. This company is a lifelong dream of its President Wayne A Gordon and, who hails from the parish of Manchester (Jamaica). He started out in the music business as a promoter in the early 90's when he moved to live in the Jones Town area of Kingston. While living in Kingston he promoted several dances with the popular "No Retreat, No Surrender Promotions" featuring sound-systems such as Stone Love and Metro Media. Over the years New York Entertainment has successfully staged various events both in New York and Jamaica, working with sound-systems such as Stone Love, Metro Media, Bass Odyssey, Young Hawk, Top Secret, Black Kat among others. The most recent event staged by the company was, the annual Unity Is Strength family fun day and stage show, on April 1, 2006 in Comfort, Manchester.

The company also owns and operates a subsidiary called New York Entertainment Movement Records. Both entities are operated by Mr. Gordon and his wife Lorna Channer-Gordon who came on board in the capacity of Vice President in 2006. She brings to the team 14 years of valuable marketing experience garnered while working with companies in Jamaica such as Courts Jamaica Ltd, Jamaica Observer, Jamaica Lottery and Jamaica Cultural Development Commission.

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February 2, 2008

Scenes from Spectrum 2008


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Janet Jackson - A Passion for Discipline

This exclusive was brought to you courtesy of and ThinkTank Marketing

janet-jackson-sexyphotos.jpgSitting across from a roaring fireplace one winter afternoon in Vail, Janet is curled up on a dark leather couch as she discusses the unlikely topic of Discipline, the title of her new album. Beyond the floor-to-ceiling window, long graceful branches of towering trees are heavy with snow. In the distance, a lift carries skiers up an imposing mountain awash in white. Janet’s wearing a midnight-black sweat suit, her hair pulled back to the nape of her neck. Her body language is relaxed and her eyes are smiling. She’s trim, and also a little hoarse, having just fought off a cold. The whisper-quiet texture of her voice adds to the intimacy of the conversation.

Discipline has been much on my mind,” she says. “It’s the idea that unifies the songs on this record. As a concept, and even a lifestyle, discipline goes extremely deep. It can be applied to so much about ourselves. In my case, I see it as one of defining aspects of my character. Discipline was there for me from the start. But it was not until this record that I began to understand its full meaning.

“In putting Discipline out front-- as both the title of the album and title of a song about sexual surrender--I wanted to announce that I was venturing into new creative waters. That meant working with producers like Jermaine Dupri, Rodney Jerkins, and Ne-Yo, whose songs spoke to the immediacy of my emotions. Like all my records, this one, whether intentional or not, has autobiographical roots. It’s difficult for me to work any other way. I don’t feel it, if I don’t believe it, I can’t sing it.

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Scenes from RJR Cross Country School Tour


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February 1, 2008

Viewers Prefer Rihanna Over Beyonce

Plus... Diddy Doesn't Care About White People


So it was brought to my attention that Entertainment Weekly did a poll to find out who most viewers were looking forward to seeing perform at this year's Grammy celebration.

After bulldozing her way into overexposure, Beyonce came in under Rihanna as most anticipated Grammy performance.... WTF?

To that I say... "Don't you ever for a second get to thinking, you're IRREPLACEABLE!"

Meanwhile, former music man, Diddy, is making noise on the catwalk this year for Fashion Week.

It's turns out that


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Anthony B - Never Gonna Give Up

Anthony B’s Tease Her video added to Tempo’s regular rotation

anthony_b_jamaica_reggaeartiste.jpgAnthony B is known for his conscious and roots offering. Last year stepped out of the box and delivered a chart topping single dedicated to the ladies, titled Tease Her. The song which went to number one in Jamaica also topped several reggae charts worldwide.

The video for Tease Her which was directed by Ras Kassa, has been added to regular rotation on Tempo.

His latest offering is a remake of the Rick Astley 1987 recording Never Gonna Give You Up. The song which features Jamaican dancehall artiste Singer J, is primed to become another hit for Anthony B.

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