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DJ of the Year, Bestselling Author and Now Businesswoman

Macka-Diamond-diamonddistrict.jpgIt is official: Teenage Choice Awards’ Female DJ of the Year, Macka Diamond, has severed all ties with her former representative, Ray Alexander of Khool Booking Agency, and has now formed her own entertainment company, DiamondDistrict Ja. Macka Diamond, whose real name is Charmaine Munroe, says there are no hard feelings, "a jus progress and growth, we cyaan stay inna di same place all wi life, what would we have accomplished?”

Macka talks strong and backs it up with action. She could very well be the busiest female Dancehall artiste out there right now, and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Just recently an official ceremony, attended mostly by officials from the National Library of Jamaica, was held in Macka Diamond’s honor at their East Street Premises, in which a copy of her spicy novel, BUN HIM!!! was signed over for preservation as a piece of Jamaica’s Cultural History.

That same day she attended a book signing at the Mary Seacole Hall on the Campus of The University of the West Indies, after which she performed at a Aids Benefit Fundraiser in aid of a family affected with the HIV virus, at The Student’s Union.

Sounds hectic, well that’s a typical Macka Diamond day, and while we are

talking about it, let’s add rehearsals, recordings, interviews, weekly overseas engagements, all that plus a family and personal life to attend to.

It’s hectic, but Macka Diamond is on the move. BUN HIM!!! Her novel is a hit, literally flying off the shelves, and selling off at book signings all across the island.

Her latest effort ‘Dandy Shandy’ has just entered the charts, and just last weekend, Macka added yet another notch to her lyrical belt by becoming the recipient of two Teenage Choice Awards, (Female DJ of the year, and best Dressed Female DJ of the Year), and now this!

DiamondDistrict Ja. A recent news report stated that Macka Diamond and her Publicist of three years, Ray Alexander, had some type of falling out. The word was out, speculation was in the air, and instead of adding fuel to fire the Diva fired back hard …… Introducing to the world, DiamondDistrict Ja.

Yes it’s official, Macka Diamond has taken it to the next level, doing just like her song said, ‘nuh inna nuh war ting wid nuh one,’ and doing what every independent and strong black woman seems to be doing these days, (taking charge of their own situation) by setting up her own entertainment entity, Diamond District Ja.

Macka explains the reasons behind such a bold and daring move. ‘I won’t even get into what happened between me and Mr. Alexander, because what’s done is done, I wish him all the best and thank him for all he did for me, but this is a new day, same book but a new chapter, and right now I see it as only fitting to take charge of my career in an official way, because to tell the truth, I have never had a manager, I have always handled most of my own affairs, so all I am doing is making it official now.’

Macka explained further. ‘None of what I am about to do is new to me, because all of us as entertainers have done it before, and as time goes on, we learn the more professional approach, and can deal with things more in depth because of the passion wha drive wi, because at the end of the day, this is our (Entertainers) careers, not our managers or publicists.’

But what about her hectic schedule? Answered like a true diplomat Macka said, ‘no man or woman is an island, so I am not going to try and do this on my own; I have a competent support team,’ said Macka with a smile, refusing to elaborate further on the matter, but was quick to make it clear that Diamond District Ja is not only about Macka Diamond, but about the development of any artiste that her company decides to work with.

On the issue of business she states that all previous confirmed bookings will still be honoured, but effective immediately, all business-related matters will be handled by her office.