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Busy Signal dialed his second #1 - 'Nah Go A Jail'

busy_signal_jailbountykillermavadoalliance.jpg'Busy Signal tops the chart again with "Nah Go A Jail" - this makes it his second # 1 song on the chart for 2007. The changes in his management and style of music seems to reflecting positive for Mr. Signal as seemed to have revamped himself into a chart topping artiste. It now seems highly probable that we might be looking at a keen competitor for 'The Artiste Of The Year' title. Beenie Man better watch out.

Beenie Man & Barbee's " Give It Up" have slipped from the top spot to the # 2 Position. The song dominated the top spot for over three weeks, but regrettably all good things must come to an end.

I-Maroon's "Mi Salt" remains in the # 3 Position. Mr. Saltness seems to be proving that he is up for the challenge and is apparently aiming for the top. Busy better watch out as I-Maroon might be tying to throw his saltness on him by replacing him for the top spot. Whatever the case Mr. Maroon is surely not salt anymore.

'The Shot to Watch' this week is Bugle's "What I'm Gonna Do" the song seems to be steadily moving up the chart to the # 4 Position. Bugle seems to want in on the action for the top spot, but can he really reach the top.

Demarco's "Fallen Soldiers" is 'The Greatest Gainer' this week. The song moved three spots up to the # 12 Position after only three weeks on the chart. This popular song seems to be sailing up the chart.

There are two 'New Entries' on the chart, the first is Lutan Fyah's "St. Jago De La Vega" the song makes its debut at the # 19 Position, while the other is Garrison Hawk's "Gangsta Roll" which is at the # 20 Position.

Christmas seems to be on the horizon and the chart seems to be definitely burning hot.



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Posted by PrettyWoman | December 5, 2007 11:11 PM

Keep doing your thing busy. I really dont think Jail is a nice place, and mek sure if you have been, you really Nah go a jail again.

Posted by Jessica | December 6, 2007 10:32 AM

Busy you r my baby i dont think you have a bigger fan than i just keep doing your thing and know that i loves you. soun it!!!!!!

you a di biggest and madest ting a road.

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