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November 30, 2007

Akon charged over fan-throwing incident

akongirls-chargephotos-tpain.jpgR&B star Akon has been charged over an incident which saw him throw a fan into the audience during a gig.

The Smack That hitmaker is set to appear in court charged with a misdemeanor count of endangering the welfare of a minor and second-degree harassment in connection with the controversial concert which took place in New York in June.

Akon was performing in Fishkill when an audience member threw an object at him, with the singer insisting security brought the culprit to the stage. Akon then hoisted the teenager onto his shoulders and threw him back into the audience. The human missile landed on another teenager who later claimed she had been diagnosed with concussion, according to

Police have been investigating the incident since the summer and have now found enough evidence to press criminal charges against the star, who will appear in court in Fishkill on Monday to face an arraignment hearing.

It isn't the first time Akon has faced controversy over his behavior at his concerts. In May he was heavily criticized for dancing with an underage female fan on stage and in October a show at Atlanta's Emeroy University had to be canceled after several people were injured while setting up for the gig.


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Busy Signal Nah Go A Jail - lyrics

Free up! (Busy) From captivity - Sound it
all who cut off the f**king bracelet - watch it
all who dead from the leash - refugee

Seh wi nah go a jail again - oh no!
and wi never going fail again - oh no!
like a ship wi ago sail again - oh oh!
you would a never see mi call mi friend fi bail again

Nah see mi a court house no more - oh no!
nuh praise get up inna house no more - oh no!
mi step out and hold mi own fi sure - oh oh!
real hustlers a road a mek money galore.

Verse 1:
So mi seh if you never been to jail before,
you affi keep a eye open even if you snore,
wha mount a card board some man a beat it pon di floor,
tire fi mark X and hear the state doors a roar - plus di warder dem,
if you ever been behind the bars,
all though some innocent dem of to live with the scars,
you can’t snitch cause any day you come a road a war,
you can weak because man wi dip in a you cookie jar

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Christopher Martin 'Giving It Right' to his fans

christophermartin_jamaicagirlsphotos.jpgA star has risen. Christopher Martin, the talented singer/performer from Back Pasture in St. Catherine who shot to instant fame and recognition shortly after winning the coveted Digicel Rising Stars title in 2005, is fast becoming one of the most sought after performers on the Jamaican music landscape.

With a slate of singles permeating radio and the Jamaican music charts including Giving It and Jamaican Girls, Christopher created history when he became the first Digicel Rising Stars alumni to score a hit single on any chart in Jamaica.

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November 29, 2007

Jamaican artists/director talk openly about issues related to HIV/AIDS


Dancehall artist Ce'Cile, along with Tanya Stephens and video director Ras Kassa, talk openly about issues related to HIV and AIDS in a newly launched production: Xpress. fraternity

In partnership with UNICEF, MTV Networks International's global multimedia HIV and AIDS prevention campaign, ' Staying Alive', the multimedia global HIV and AIDS prevention campaign, launched Xpress for World AIDS Day. A co-production between 'Staying Alive' , MTV Brasil, MTV Latin America and Caribbean channel Tempo, Xpress will be translated in English, Spanish and Portuguese and will air globally starting on December 1.

The one-hour special sees dancehall sensations Ce'cile and Tanya Stephens give their take on gender roles, while acclaimed music video director Ras Kassa discusses the impact dancehall has on the Jamaican culture. Set against the backdrop of the vibrant dancehall scene in Jamaica, the favelas of Brazil and the violent scenes of gender violence in Juarez, North Mexico, young people, musicians, and actors across the Latin American and Caribbean region talk candidly about core issues that affect them including sexuality, homophobia, gender roles, poverty and HIV and AIDS. Ce'cile, Tanya Stevens, MV Bill, Firebug and FLU provided music for the Xpress soundtrack.

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Busy Signal dialed his second #1 - 'Nah Go A Jail'

busy_signal_jailbountykillermavadoalliance.jpg'Busy Signal tops the chart again with "Nah Go A Jail" - this makes it his second # 1 song on the chart for 2007. The changes in his management and style of music seems to reflecting positive for Mr. Signal as seemed to have revamped himself into a chart topping artiste. It now seems highly probable that we might be looking at a keen competitor for 'The Artiste Of The Year' title. Beenie Man better watch out.

Beenie Man & Barbee's " Give It Up" have slipped from the top spot to the # 2 Position. The song dominated the top spot for over three weeks, but regrettably all good things must come to an end.

I-Maroon's "Mi Salt" remains in the # 3 Position. Mr. Saltness seems to be proving that he is up for the challenge and is apparently aiming for the top. Busy better watch out as I-Maroon might be tying to throw his saltness on him by replacing him for the top spot. Whatever the case Mr. Maroon is surely not salt anymore.

'The Shot to Watch' this week is Bugle's "What I'm Gonna Do" the song seems to be steadily moving up the chart to the # 4 Position. Bugle seems to want in on the action for the top spot, but can he really reach the top.

Demarco's "Fallen Soldiers" is 'The Greatest Gainer' this week. The song moved three spots up to the # 12 Position after only three weeks on the chart. This popular song seems to be sailing up the chart.

There are two 'New Entries' on the chart, the first is Lutan Fyah's "St. Jago De La Vega" the song makes its debut at the # 19 Position, while the other is Garrison Hawk's "Gangsta Roll" which is at the # 20 Position.

Christmas seems to be on the horizon and the chart seems to be definitely burning hot.

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November 28, 2007

Make way for the sexy Lady Nicole A.K.A. Queen Kong

QueenKongsexy_girls.jpgMake way for the queen…Queen Kong that is. Lady Nicole aka Queen Kong was born Lekisha Nicole in Oakland, CA. This multi-talented beauty is the second oldest of four children and the only female child. Being raised in a six person household in Oakland, CA was not an easy task and Lady Nicole’s parents struggled together to make ends meet and raise their children. Lady Nicole’s father eventually turned to drugs as a way of escape and was absent in most of Lady Nicole’s life. Being raised in a now single parent household, Lady Nicole experienced poverty and all the setbacks that come with it. Yet, there was something in Lady Nicole that caused her to persevere against the despair that was around her.

In the late 80s, early 90s, Lady Nicole’s mother moved her and her brother to Sacramento, CA, where she met her god sister, Shawnna, wife of Brotha Lynch Hung. Lady Nicole soon found herself writing lyrics and used this talent as a way of escape. Over time, Lady Nicole developed her own style and swagger that set her apart from other female rappers. As with other artists, Lady Nicole began to experience writer’s block and turned to modeling as a way to remain busy while she worked through her artistic downtime. Lady Nicole was found to be talented and successful as a model as well.

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Beenie Man's estranged wife D'Angel speaks the truth

By: Michelle Downer-Davis A.K.A. D'Angel


This release is to break the silence on matters concerning my relationship with my husband Moses Davis a.k.a. Beenie Man. In recent times I have restrained myself from discussing the breakdown of our marriage in interviews as I was always of the view that it was a family matter and private.

Over the past five months I have been vilified and maliciously maligned by the lies and comments of Beenie Man and after recent comments made by him in connection with the case in Court I feel I need to speak out and make the public aware of the facts so that this matter will come to an end with the truth.

On the Programme Onstage broadcasted on CVM TV on November 24, 2007, in an interview with Winford Williams the host, Beenie Man made comments which were misleading to the public concerning matters pending in Court.

On the 8th of August 2007 I obtained an interim restraining order against Beenie Man for my personal protection and that of our son Marco Dean. The restraining order which prevented him from having access to Marco Dean was lifted by the Court on the 23rd of August 2007. It was agreed that the arrangements for access of Marco Dean by Beenie Man would be discussed through our respective Attorneys. There was no objection to access on my part as I believed that it was important for Beenie Man to see his son, but arrangements had to be put in place, as there was still a restraining order against him for my protection. Knowing that there was no injunction restricting him from seeing Marco Dean, Beenie Man went on the airwaves and lied to the public that I had an injunction preventing him from seeing his son.

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November 27, 2007

Adults boo Sean Kingston

sean-kingstonphotos-jr.jpgAFTER being warmly received by scores of young fans at his matinee show, 17-year-old R&B/hip hop artiste Sean Kingston got a lukewarm response from the audience at his adults-only show on Saturday night at the Zen nightclub in Port of Spain.

Several patrons even booed the young performer when he finally appeared on stage at 1.25 a.m., singing songs off his album that few people were familiar with including "Kingston" and "Drummer Boy".

Calls for people in the audience to put their hands up were, for the most part, ignored by hundreds of patrons, while some in the crowd simply screamed: "Sing 'Me Love'."

Kingston, the first artiste signed to hip hop super producer J R Rotem's Beluga Heights label, then turned in a sub-par performance of his hits "Me Love" and "Colours and Your Sister", as he relied heavily on backing tracks with vocals to support his singing and on co-performer Young Leek and hype man Hype King to rev up the crowd.


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Feds Gunning for T.I.

TI-shadephotos.jpgThe feds are literally pulling out the big guns in an effort to convict T.I. of weapons charges.

According to papers filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Atlanta, prosecutors will attempt to present evidence showing the hit-making emcee illegally possessed firearms three times prior to his highly publicized arrest last month.

The U.S. Attorney's Office says the priors show T.I. has a history when it comes to illicit weapons.

The rapper, whose real name is Clifford Harris Jr., was nabbed for allegedly trying to purchase machine guns and silencers Oct. 13, just hours before a scheduled performance at the BET Hip-Hop Awards.

He has pleaded not guilty to two felony counts, possession of unregistered weapons and possession of firearms by a convicted felon. The charges carry a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine per count.

Judge Alan Baverman allowed T.I. released on $3 million bond and placed him under house arrest with 24-hour electronic and human monitoring until his trial.


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November 26, 2007

Beenie Man Goes Bust, D'Angel Goes To The Bank

beenieman-andd%27angelmarcodeanphotos.jpgIn a judgment handed down by the Jamaican court last week D’ Angel has been awarded full ownership of a number of business entities which were jointly operated with her now estranged husband, Beenie Man.

D’Angel now holds full rights and interest in the Production House and Clothing Boutique. Plans are now in the works to merge the entities under one business umbrella in a hope to capitalize on the D’Angel branding power.

This shocking revelation, comes weeks behind Beenie Man’s multi-million dollar tax liability case in which it is alleged by local tax officials that the king of the Dancehall owes the Jamaican Government over forty million dollars.

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12-year-old Lil Lion tells Barbee 'Age Is Just A Number'

barbeebarbie-photossexyladies_rihannanipple.jpgA buzz is currently on the streets of New York surrounding the hot new rap sensation Lil Lion, who has teamed up with Barbee, well known for her hit collaborations such as Missing You with Junior Kelly and Paddy Cake with Beenie Man. 12-year-old Lil Lion and Barbee have recently written and recorded the new track: Age Is Just A Number produced by Ingoma and Daine 'Jimmy' Clarke for Mel-Shar Entertainment of New York.

The track, Age Is Just A Number, introduces Lil Lion to the reggae market and demonstrates his lyrical competence as a Deejay. As a rapper Lil Lion has shown quality beyond his years, which has already earned him the admiration of both fans and members of the Hip-Hop fraternity. Now reggae fans have the chance to see him hone his skills in this genre.

Born in New York, Lil Lion claims reggae heritage as his father, a Jamaican producer who migrated to New York in the late eighties, has had considerable influence on his musical tastes.

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Reggae singer Tarrus Riley for Welcome To Jamrock

tarrusriley_welcometojamrock_photos.jpgThe steady but hushed hums that have been circulating all year about the Welcome To Jamrock concert, have now turned into robust conversation pieces for fans of the remarkable December event. The conversations in the industry are now loud and powerful, because the official show date is out, as well as the list of a few of the stars that will grace the stage on Friday, December 21 at the Constant Spring Football field (Jamaica).

Leading the charge - as usual - are the cream of Reggae’s rich and fertile crop, who have all represented the Reggae and Jamaican brands well in their respective careers, and who have all taken the music to remote corners of the globe with enthusiastic receptions there. The Marley brothers head the list, with solid tunes behind their names, backed up by robust sales for their respective albums, and firm stage performance reputations.

Joining the list of greats this year is the humble yet powerful Tarrus Riley - a Reggae meteor- if ever there were a comparison to make. He has shot into the sky like a comet, joining a host of stars each shining brightly with the Reggae light. He floats into the line up this year buoyed by a string of memorable, conscious and motivational tunes, such as Stay With You, She’s Royal, Beware, all packed into the album Parables.

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November 24, 2007

Dancehall Superstar Beenie Man wants to do a DNA test

By Kon-Vick Writer

Beenieman-d%27angelmemorieswifemarcodean.jpgIt was last week that dancehall lyricist Vybz Kartel had made it public that he will do a DNA test in an interview with a local Jamaican website - due to the fact that he’s not a 100% sure if he’s the father of Adi-anna who would be his first and only daughter determine on the results.

This week Beenie Man joins the DNA testing wagon declaring that he’s not sure if he’s the father of one-year-old Marco-Dean the son of his estranged wife D’Angel. tried several times to reach both D’Angel and Beenie Man but was not successful. But according to a source close to Beenie Man who begged us not to disclose his name had this to say.

“Beenie Man is a youth that is very showoff because before the child even born Beenie had baby clothing hanging from the roof of his Lexus van. But when the baby born it was a different thing and let me tell you this as much as D’Angel was saying that she don’t want Marco Dean to be exposed to the public, if Beenie Man did feel please about Marco Dean being his child then you would see him all over with di pickney pon ER, On Stage you name it,” he explains to

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Robin Thicke Spanks Rihanna

robin_thick_rihannaspanks_photos.jpgI have a huge crush on Robin Thicke, there's something so damn sexy about him. In the new issue of GQ magazine, Robin Thicke is photographed during a spanking session with fellow chart topper Rihanna.

“The first time Pharrell heard the song, he said it was a smash,” Thicke says. “The first time Bono heard it, he said it was an incredible smash. But it still took three and a half years for anybody else to hear it.”

Rihanna had a different reaction to her hit song "Umbrella," she said she thought it sounded a little weird. “Then I got to the part that everybody loves,” she says, “Ella, ella, eh, eh, eh. I said, ‘Oh, my God, I have to have this.’ ” A couple of months and one Jay-Z guest verse later, and half the world was going through the exact same process: First, “This is weird.” Then, “Oh, my God! Ella, ella, eh, eh, eh!” And finally, “I have to have this song.”

To read the full article and see more exclusive pictures from the GQ shoot check out

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More dancehall acts cancelled over homophobic lyrics controversy


As it did in October a coalition of queer, black and human rights groups has succeeded in preventing Jamaican musicians from performing in Canada.

Shows by dancehall musicians Capleton, Baby Cham and Beenie Man have all been cancelled. The artists were scheduled to perform in southern Ontario in November and December. The Stop Murder Music Canada coalition (SMM) opposed their entry into the country on the grounds of homophobic lyrics the coalition says violate Canada's hate laws.

"All three are gone," says Helen Kennedy, the executive director of queer lobby group Egale Canada, a member of SMM. "None of the artists who violate our criminal code will perform, which is good news. Our objective is to raise the awareness of the human rights violations when these artists come to this country."

Kennedy says SMM sent a letter to Minister of Immigration Diane Finley asking her to deny entry to the artists on the grounds that their songs violate Canada's hate laws. But Kennedy says they have received no reply. Nobody from Finley's office returned calls from Xtra.

SMM met with the promoters of the Baby Cham and Beenie Man shows and demanded the artists publicly sign - in Jamaica - the Reggae Compassion Act, a contract in which the artist apologizes for writing and performing homophobic songs and pledges not to perform them any more.

Kennedy says she thinks the artists probably didn't take well to the demand.

"One can guess that the conversation didn't go very well," she says.

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November 23, 2007

Sexy model Neshelle - doing her thing



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November 22, 2007

Alicia Keys tears up Billboard charts

alicia-keys-as-i-am-album-cover-girls.jpgThe Billboard 200 was in a state of flux this week, as every album in the Top 10 fluctuated by more than 100,000 units this week, but when the dust had settled, Alicia Keys came out on top and had the second-best-selling album of the year so far. Alicia Keys managed to sell 742,000 copies of her new album, "As I Am", according to a report from Nielsen SoundScan.

With the almost three-quarters of a million albums sold by Alicia Keys, this has been one of the best weeks for the slumping music industry this year. Not only did the nine-time Grammy Award winner outsell the competition this week, but the first four albums of her career - Song in A Minor, The Diary of Alicia Keys, Unplugged and As I Am - have now all accomplished that feat. Alicia Keys is now the only female solo artist, other than Britney Spears, to have topped the Billboard 200 with the release of their first four albums. Alicia Keys' "As I Am" is now the second highest-selling album of the year, behind Kanye West's "Graduation", which sold a whopping 957,000 in its first week of release in September.

With Alicia Keys holding the top spot this week, Josh Groban managed to move up to second spot on the Billboard 200. Groban's holiday album, "Noel", shot up from sixth place last week to second place with 223,000 copies sold. That increase in sales also allowed Josh Groban to beat out Celine Dion's first album in four years. "Taking Chances" debuted in the third spot on this week's charts, as Dion's latest offering managed to sell 214,000 copies. In fourth place this week, "Now 26", the compilation album that never seems to end, managed to move 208,000 copies this week. That beat out Garth Brooks' "The Ultimate Hits", which fell from third spot to fifth spot on the strength of 204,000 copies sold.

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Reggae singer Sophia Brown's career soaring to new demension

sophiabrown_photossexygirlsrihanna.jpgSinging Diva Sophia Brown has picked up the pace and is now poised to take it to another dimension.

Her latest single “Love You Pure” is certainly getting musical justice, as it is now #5 on the CVM's HIT LIST CHART which is also enjoying heavy rotation on all major radio stations in Jamaica such as IRIE FM, ZIP FM , FAME FM LINKZ FM HITZ FM AND WAVS FM IN FLORIDA.

In the past few weeks Sophia Brown has been busy doing several interviews with various radio and TV stations such as Hype TV's blazing nightly show 'Up and Live', Negril TV the entertainment giant of Negril and the smooth flowing Linkz FM Radio. Sophia also made a special appearance on a outside broadcasting show with host RICHIE B at Mega Mart where she got a warm welcome from the customers who attended the event.

Things are really looking positive for the petite singer as her hot music video that was directed by herself and Asha is also enjoying heavy rotation CVM TV, HYPE TV, MUSIC PLUS, JUICE TV AND CHANNEL 14.

Sophia Brown is set to take her place among the many female artistes who are climbing the ladder of success.

After all that is said and done Sophia Brown will be heading to South America in early February to place the finishing touch on her debut album.

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November 21, 2007

Macka Diamond to wed in Paris/Jamaica


While Christmas bells will be ringing for many, wedding bells will be sounding for dancehall entrepreneur Macka Diamond.

What started out as a gossip soon blossomed into reality when in the streets reporter Kon-Vick contacted the Hoola Hoop singer. At first Macka was a hard nut to crack on the issue, but soon melt like ice.

According to Macka the wedding will take place early next year and it will be an exquisite affair.

“Well, the wedding will take place either in Jamaica or Paris, but if the wedding take place in Jamaica then we will be honey mooning in Paris,” she told

For Macka it was a scary situation when he first proposed to her, but then true love shine from within and she just could not say no.

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Beenie Man got roaring applause at 35th American Music Awards

beenieman_d%27angelsexyhot_bountykillerphotoswife.jpgOver forty million viewers worldwide including Jamaicans had their eyes glued to their televisions sets last Sunday night for the staging of the 35th American Music Awards which featured dancehall top mega superstar Beenie Man, Junior 'One Blood' Reid and Chaka Demus & Pliers.

The high point of the night, however, from a Jamaican perspective was definitely when Beenie Man hit the stage singing 'Who Am I' to a huge roar as he joined Alicia Keys.

Prior to Beenie Man's performance Junior 'One Blood' Reid and Chaka Demus also got a huge welcome from the fans on hand.

Despite his many ordeals, Beenie Man consistently remains one of Jamaica's most beloved dancehall acts who can be called upon to perform on any stage worldwide as he knows how to connect with the audience.

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Great Performances At Negril Impact


The first ever Negril Impact stage show staged by HAH Entertainment on Saturday November 17th at the Long bay Beach Park in Negril. Will go down in history as one of the most exciting stage shows ever held in Western Jamaica. There were prizes and surprises galore with lucky patrons winning cell phones, stereo systems, flat screen TVs and a Honda Motor Bike. The event was plagued by rumors that self the proclaimed King Of The Dancehall Beenie Man would be a no show because of his commitment to perform on the American Music Awards with Alicia Keys in Las Vegas. However thousands of patrons came out to witness what turned out to be a very exciting event from start to finish.

The first segment of the show saw very good performances from the likes of Timmi Burrell, Edge Michael, Ras Slick, Whisky Baggio and Shyam Moses. These early acts proved that they were more than worthy of their place on such a high profile event, with very tight entertaining sets.

The first of the main acts to hit the stage was Terry Linen, delivering hits like "Call On A Friend", "Funny Love" and "Couldn't Be The Girl For Me" he could do no wrong. He was followed by one of Jamaica's finest singers, Richie Stevens. He belted out hit after hit thrilling the crowd especially the ladies who went wild when he delivered love songs such as Take Me Away, Got To Get You & Rose In Spanish Harlem. Thus earning a well deserved encore.

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November 20, 2007

Wayne Marshall skipping 'Pot Holes'

waynemarhsall_dancehallbountykiller_alliancephotos.jpgWAYNE MARSHALL is at it again, after blazing radio airwaves this year with songs like Cocky, Astronaut, Who & Dem, Smoking and his most recent release Pot Holes.

The Alliance DJ will finally be putting out his second solo album soon. Marshall who has been having a great year was recently present at a photo shoot for an upcoming December 23rd event and had this to say on what fans can expect the second time around. “Well I'm working on my second album, in the studios with Steven McGregor, Jam Two, Delly Ranks, Left Side and Esco as well. I'm also doing work with various producers right now but the album is the thing that’s number one on the agenda so mi kinda a take it to them more to the street, create the buzz and get everybody calling the name and anticipating the project and then we can eventually drop the album probably some time next year. We working on tracks with Sean Paul right now in the studio for my album that’s going to be hot, but it’s not finished yet. The same thing for Junior Gong - me and him have two prospective collaborations in the works which I’m looking forward to, me and Tessanne Chin is going to be rocking on the album as well, plus me and Chino did some hot stuff recently. It’s a whole heap a work, I'm just going to do a lot of hot songs and scale down to make sure the album is an All Star cast when it actually comes out”.

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November 19, 2007

Beyonce, Rihanna, Fergie And Justin Win At American Music Awards


A host of stars including Rihanna, Fergie and, Vanessa Hudgens and Alicia Keys attended this year’s American Music Awards - but there was no doubt that the night belonged to Beyonce.

The singer stole the show with her figure-hugging gold satin gown that showed-off her bootylicious, er, booty to full effect.

The singer joined an exclusive club of artists such as Michael Jackson, Rod Stewart, Led Zeppelin, and Aerosmith by picking up the International Artist Award of Excellence.

Justin Timberlake was named Pop/Rock's Favourite Male Artist and his album FutureSex/LoveSounds beat off the competition in the Soul/Rhythm & Blues category.

Fergie - who took to the stage in a silver mini-dress and red heels to open the show with a rendition of Fergalicious with - bagged Pop/Rock's Favourite Female Artist.

Other winners included Rihanna and High School Musical 2, which picked up Favourite Soundtrack Album.


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November 18, 2007

Kanye Loses It on Stage in Paris

Kanyewest_mom_crytears_sadpicturessexygirls.jpgKanye West broke into tears last night when attempting to perform the song "Hey Mama" at a concert in Paris.

Members of the audience told PEOPLE that Kanye had dedicated the song to his mother and began to start performing -- when he suddenly became overwhelmed with emotion. One audience member told the mag, "A back-up singer, the DJ and a guitar player came over to console him. It looked like he might collapse. He just couldn't continue. He just stood there in a spotlight, crying while the band continued playing."

West left the stage, but eventually returned to perform the song "Stronger" with the audience yelling out their support. He is expected to return to the U.S. for his mother's Tuesday funeral in Oklahoma City.


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The Angry Lion - Steven Marley

stephenmarley_bob_juniorgionggirls_photos.jpgStepping out from behind the boards and into the spotlight, producer, performer, and songwriter Stephen Marley will soon release his long-awaited solo debut, Mind Control on the Tuff Gong / Ghetto Youths / Universal label. The album is a rich and varied musical banquet-strictly ital of course-lovingly prepared by a master chef.

The production mastermind behind Damian “Junior Gong” Marley’s double-Grammy-winning Welcome to Jamrock has appeared as a guest vocalist on all three of his youngest brother’s albums dating back to 1996. Junior Gong returns the favor on the boisterous beat-box-driven hit single, Traffic Jam. Said tune, which has been bubbling all over radio waves this winter, must be the most cheerful song ever recorded about a ganja bust.

This playful mood is balanced by the preceding track, Iron Bars, through which Stephen channels the outrage of an innocent man incarcerated for partaking of a sacramental herb. Let me out, he roars, I’m an angry lion. That track’s only flaw is that Spragga Benz’s ferocious guest verse is so powerful that it proves impossible to follow (leaving one listener fiending for a full Benz album, but I digress). Elsewhere, Mos Def contributes a tasty verse to the tender Hey Baby but such a personal song doesn’t really require another point of view; the cameo feels tacked on rather than organic. Ultimately, the strength of this record is not in the guest spots, but the main attraction.

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Luciano and John Legend concert in Accra, Ghana

luciano_johnlegend_photosconcertgirls.jpgReggae artiste Luciano recently joined 5-time Grammy Award winner John Legend and South Africa-based Nigerian jazz guitarist Kunle at the Independence Square in Accra, Ghana for a benefit concert to raise funds to fight guinea worm, a waterborne disease. Dr. Kwesi Owusu of Creative Storm explained that "This is a great gesture of solidarity with the people of Ghana. Over 300,000 people have been displaced by severe floods in northern Ghana, whole villages and farms washed away, with real threat of famine and outbreak of diseases in the coming months... The concert is a rallying call and a timely response."

Luciano, born Jepther McClymont in Davey Town, Jamaica, is also called "The Messenger." He and John Legend will visit areas in northern Ghana that are affected by the guniea worm disease, and have dedicated their concert to the UN relief efforts in the country. Reggae music is popular in Ghana, and Luciano's Ghanaian fans are eager to hear performances of Never Give Up My Pride, Sweep Over My Soul, It’s Me Again Jah and No Night In Zion. The event will also include a traditional Ghanaian durbar concert with many local reggae artistes including Reggie Rockstone, Obrafour, Tinny, Slim Busterr, King Ayisoba, Ohemaa Mercy, Mac Tontoh, Gyedu Blay-Ambolley and Wulomei. The concert is being produced by an events company named Creative Storm and Tigo, a mobile telecom company.

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November 16, 2007

Apple Launches New Album for Shaggy

Shaggy_Intoxication_dancehallphotos_konshens.jpgVisitors to the Apple Store in downtown Manhattan got the shock of their lives when they literally bumped into dancehall superstar Shaggy. The reggae icon unveiled his new album, Intoxication, for fans and media on Wednesday, November 7.

"The Apple Store event was a preview of the album to support our iTunes downloads, and also to have an intimate setting for our fans," reveals Shaggy. Joined by members of the Big Yard family, including Rik Rok and Rayvon, plus Collie Buddz and Da'Ville, Shaggy performed new tunes from Intoxication, including his latest single featuring Rik Rok, Bonafide Girl.

"The thing that I look forward to the most about this album is that it bridges the gap between my core audience and my mainstream fans," discloses the 20-times platinum, Grammy Award-winning artist.

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Former Miss England Wins Damages Over 50 Cent Sex Claims

By Rudy West

lloydcent_photossexy.jpgFormer Miss England Danielle Lloyd won a substantial, undisclosed amount of damages against the UK’s Daily Mirror, after the paper claimed she had sex with rapper 50 Cent.

The Daily Mirror published a story last July titled "Fiddy’s No Diddy, Danielle Looking Wobbly After A Big Night In With 50 Cent."

The story claimed that Lloyd had propositioned 50 Cent and had sex with the superstar rapper while she was dating football player Marcus Bent.

Lloyd’s attorney Magnus Boyd told judges that story was completely false and denied Lloyd had sex with 50 Cent.


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Juke Boxx releases Run Dem - Featuring Busy Signal, Morgan Heritage and more


The potent combination of dancehall lyricist Busy Signal and cultural commentator Morgan Heritage is richly captured on the latest release from Juke Boxx Productions, Run Dem Weh.

The warm, emotional vocals of Peter Morgan paint the picture of present day society in musical notes; he criticises of the depravity and violence that plagues the world. "How can you expect the population to sit back, kick back and just relax? Bun dat!" declares Peter as he pleads for each man to take responsible action.

Deejay Busy Signal compliments the track with his own observations. His deejay style gets increasingly aggressive as the impact of his lyrics unfold. "Youths want food to fill up them pot. You treat them bad. So why you think they won't react," Busy Signal warns the listener, reinforcing Peter's views. The deejay continues his delivery to say, "'Is the time for love not hate. It's not time to separate. The youths fi unite and live great."

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November 15, 2007

'American Gangster' is Jay-Z's 10th No. 1 album

americangangster_jayz_photos_beyonce_rihanna.jpgJay-Z's album inspired by the film "American Gangster" scores him another No. 1 album on the U.S. pop chart, selling 425,000 copies in its first week in stores. The rapper withstands a strong second-week showing from the Eagles' "Long Road Out of Eden" to earn his 10th album at No. 1, making him only the third artist in history to land 10 or more albums in the pole position.

The rapper is tied at No. 2 with Elvis Presley. Only the Beatles logged more No. 1 albums, with 19. "American Gangster" went to No. 1 without the support of iTunes, as Jay-Z opted not to sell the album via the digital retailer.

Meanwhile, the actual soundtrack to "American Gangster" enters at No. 36 after selling 21,000 copies.

"Long Road Out of Eden" falls to No. 2 after selling 359,000 copies. In two weeks, the Wal-Mart exclusive has sold more than 1 million copies -- sales no doubt buoyed by other retailers beefing up their Eagles inventory from Wal-Mart.

The "Ultimate Hits" collection from country star Garth Brooks enters at No. 3, selling 352,000 copies. The album comes as Brooks has again been playing live, and is pondering multiple-date stints in select cities.


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Baby Cham's Conscience takes over from Beenie Man & Barbee

babycham_dancehallphotos_girlshotnude.jpgBy Richie B, host - “HOT MIX” on Hot 102FM


01 2 14 Conscience-Cham - Don Corleon (1wk@#1) U-1
02 1 15 Give It Up-Beenie Man feat Barbee-357 Records (3wks@#1) D-1
03 3 19 Wine Pon It/Talk To Me-Munga - Casper Productions(1wk@#1) NM
04 6 10 Nah Go A Jail-Busy Signal-Jam 2 U-2
05 4 14 What I'm Gonna Do-Bugle-Daseca D-1
06 7 9 Dem A Sissy-Assassin-Don Corleon U-1
07 5 11 Bubble Like Soup-Timber-Lee - Ward 21 (pp#5) D-2
08 9 8 Tell Dem Don't Follow-Buju Banton-Heart of Love U-1
09 13 5 Everybody Dance-RDX - Apt 19 U-4
10 10 7 Me and My Dogs-Mavado - Baby G NM

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Dancehall artiste Assassin targets the U.K.

assassin_gullysitn_spraggabenzgirls_foxybrown_photos.jpgThe most exciting deejay in the game is back from giving U.K. fans a sample of the sounds from his latest album, Gully Sit'n (VP Records). Assassin performed for sold out crowds at two back-to-back shows in London, on November 3-4.

The artiste brought his dancehall anthems to the Karib Feva: Best of Both Worlds event - a showdown of the hottest faces in reggae and soca, with an incredible lineup that included Machel Montano, Jadine, Mr. Vegas and more, on Sunday, November 11 in New Jersey (see more below).

Assassin will also be celebrating his birthday in December and will soon make the announcement for his official soiree in Kingston, Jamaica.

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Welcome To Jamrock anticipated by all

JAMaicaROCK_juniorgongmarley_photos.jpgAs December gets closer this is the time of year that we look forward to the highly anticipated WELCOME TO JAMROCK concert set to take place on Friday, December 21 at grounds of The Concert Spring Football Field. The venue was once again used because “when all the lights are put in place, it is a delightful spot in Kingston” according to Rupert Bent of BentSpeare Entertainment, producers of the concert.

Ever since the release of his album WELCOME TO JAMROCK, which entered Billboard’s Top 200 Albums Chart at Number 7, selling over 85,000 units and making it the biggest opening week for Reggae, Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley along with his mother and step-dad (Cindy Breakspeare and Rupert Bent Snr.) saw the need to stage this event on an annual basis.

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November 14, 2007

Kanye West's Mother Dead After Cosmetic Procedure

Kanyewest_andmother_diedphotos.jpgThe mother of Grammy-Nominated hip-hop star Kanye West died of complications related to a cosmetic surgical procedure on Saturday, November 10th at the age of 58. The LA County Coroner's office said it would perform an autopsy on West later this week to determine the exact cause of death.

At the time of reporting, it was not immediately clear what type of cosmetic procedure had been performed on Dr. West, who helped manage her son's businesses and educational foundation after retiring in 2004 after 30 years as an English professor at Chicago State University. Paramedics responded to a 911 call around 7:35pm on Saturday night when she stopped breathing. According to a hospital representative, they attempted to resuscitate her, but were unsuccessful. She was then transported to Centinela Freeman Hospital in Marina del Rey where she was pronounced dead around 8:30 PM that night.

There are reports that state West had approached a plastic surgeon months ago about a procedure but declined because of a pre-existing medical condition. It is not known at the time of this reporting the exact said medical condition that concerned this surgeon.

The surgery was not performed at the hospital where she died. It is not immediately clear where she had the surgery, or what the procedure was for.

The Kanye West Foundation referred calls to a publicist who did not immediately respond to messages for comment.

Kanye West flew home to Los Angeles from London on Sunday to be with family members.

Our hearts go out to Kanye West and his family.


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Spice is back hotter than ever

Spice_djdancehallsexyphotosrihanna.jpgDJ Spice is back and making no bones about it! She made the statement very clear with her single titled 'I'm Back' on the North Coast rhythm for House of Vibes label. The single is expected to be released by the end of this month and the dancehall world will definitely be getting a more improved lady DJ.

The only artiste who worked throughout her pregnancy and within six weeks of giving birth launched back in the thick of things, Spice is definitely taking things in strides when it comes to her career.

Now with the added motivation of being a mother, she is even more determined to accomplish her dream and is now surrounding herself with a fully armed professional team as she prepares to take her career to the next level. Forming the team is publicity firm Khool International headed by Ray Alexander, booking agent, stylist, road manager and a street team, plus she already has Madhouse dealing with most of her productions. She is also working with other top ranked producers.

According to Spice, she will be doing more radio and television friendly songs. "Of course, I will still have rude girls songs for dancehall fans…but it's all about flexibility and being more corporate friendly," she shared.

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I-Wayne re-writes The Book of Life

I_Wayne_Book_of_Life_Album_Cover.jpgKingston, Jamaica: - The mystic sound of I-Wayne will disarm fans once again with VP's sophomore release Book Of Life. Not many roots and culture artists can say that they have landed a hit on major urban/hip-hop radio as I-Wayne did in 2005 with his fiery single, Can't Satisfy Her, on heavy rotation at New York's Hot 97 radio station; or receive critically acclamation on their debut album as he did with Lava Ground. I-Wayne has undeniably raised the bar for roots reggae of this generation by captivating the world with his distinct sound and deep insight.

On his eagerly awaited release Book Of Life, I-Wayne polishes his enchanting smooth sound over airy instrumentals with simplistic yet profound lyrics that remind listeners of an essential truth-that life is a gift for which we can be grateful. The title track, which is the CD's first single, provides an overview of the set, expressing everything I Wayne has learned in his 28 years of life and his desire to share his experience-a glowing example of the personal rendered universal.

This uniquely positive worldview comes across most clearly in Life Is Easy, in which I Wayne flips the script on reggae's usual recounting of the sufferer's trials by reminding listeners that the way out of suffering is to give thanks for the blessings nature gives us. He also covers domestic violence in Jealousy and Abuse (featuring the great Lady G); male and female intimacy inNeed Her in I Arms; and worldwide divisions and anarchy in Politics and Religion. Following his philosophy throughout Book of Life, I-Wayne advises: "Just appreciate life as it is and praise it. We need to care for life more. We can't have too much love for material because then we disregard life. I'm not here to force anyone but to share some of life's knowledge - just being 'naturous'."

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November 13, 2007

Vegas' 'Must Come A Road' picking up momentum

mr.vegas_dancehallmusicsexygirls.jpg"Mi must come a road…mi must come a road…" the catchy phrase is delivered in a style like only Vegas can.

He kicks off the single with an engaging telephone conversation as a prelude to his message.

In this one Vegas venture into the street happenings and the perception given to informers. He also delves into some of trials faced in lock up.

Vegas inject some humor and yes harsh realities into 'Must Come A Road'.

But then again that's not strange to the singjay as one of his most popular song 'Heads High' was like an anthem for all the 'good girls' as he took a definite stance in encouraging them to keep their dignities.

'Must Come A Road' since its release has been enjoying some heavy rotation and whenever it's played in the dancehall…it's pure lighters. This one definitely sell off! He is currently doing the treatment for the video which will be shot in the next 2-3 weeks under the supervision of director Jay Will.

The song is produced by Stanley Hayden it is expected that this song will be in the popularity ranks leading into the Christmas season.

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Hectic Schedule for DaVille this month

da%27ville_daville_seanpaulhtgirlsmodels_photos.jpgPopular lover's rock and multi-talented singer, Da'Ville's hands are full this month as he will be performing on a number of shows overseas.

The artiste continues to be very much in demand in the Caribbean, US, Europe and Asia. Daville is now back in the island after two successful shows in the US, he performed in New York on November 3 and in Washington DC on November 10.

He will then travel to Belize to perform alongside DJ Bounty Killa at the Belize Civic Centre on November 17 at the 'Poor People Fed Up' show after which he will embark on a mini tour of Canada.

Upon his arrival in Canada, Da'Ville will be doing a promotional stint on November 21 and 22, which will see him meeting members of the press. Then come November 23 he will perform at an event dubbed 'Da'Ville In Concert' at the Vision Night Club in Montreal, Canada. On November 24 he along with DJ Lexxus will perform at 'This One Is For The Girls' - Nitro's 9th Anniversary in Toronto.

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November 12, 2007

Get ready for 'iSHAGGY' - Intoxication


First iMacs then iPods, now Apple is celebrating dancehall icon Shaggy. The Apple Store in downtown Manhattan is opening up its doors for the Grammy-winning, 20-times platinum recording artiste, as he prepares to drop his newest studio effort, Intoxication.

New York fans can look forward to a live preview of the album when Shaggy performs his new tracks on Wednesday, November 7 at 9pm. It's a rare chance to see one of the world's best-selling artist in action, for free.

If you cannot make the New York launch, Shaggy will be on the road promoting his new sounds, including coveted couch time on Late Night with Jay Leno(NBC) on day of release, and stints with Tavis Smiley (PBS) and Craig Ferguson (CBS), just to name a few.

Intoxication drops on Tuesday, November 13 on Big Yard/VP Records, and will be available in stores and where else - on iTunes!

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Beenie Man and Barbee doing it their way - 'Give It Up' this week's #1 song

beenieman_and_barbee_barbie_photos.jpgThe hottest Pair in dancehall today 'Beenie Man and Barbee' has grabbed the # 1 position on the Hype TV Top 20 Chart with there song "Give It Up". This chart topper experience occurs immediately after the eve of the making of their video 'Paddy Cake'. The pair definitely seems to be on a roll but will their spark die out soon.

"Sticky" by Jah Cure slipped two spots down to the # 3 Position, after being at the top of the chart for only two weeks. It seems Mr. Cure could not stay glued to the top, but let's see if he has anymore substance to counter an attack.

"Bad Girl" Ce'Cile's "I'm Waiting" is this weeks 'Shot to Watch' as the song remains in the # 2 Position for about two weeks. Ce'cile seems to be seriously coveting the top spot so Beenie and Barbee better watch out as she seems to have her eyes on the prize.

'The Greatest Gainer' this week is Busy Signal's "Nah Go A Jail" as was expected the song moved four spots up to the # 5 Position. Can this song move any faster is the questions on everyone's mind and does this song truly have the potential for the top.

Brick & Lace's "Love Is Wicked" is the 'New Entry' this week the song makes it debut at the # 18 Position. The song seems to be already on a roll but can it truly rise to the very top.

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The Fight is on to become Jamaica’s Next Supermodel!


After weeks of public voting, tear-jerking eliminations and a series of challenges, Fallon Harris - 19, Heidi Ann Jamieson - 17, Racquel Jones - 19, Saskia McIntyre - 17 and Rochelle Notice - 15 are ready to battle it out ‘face to face’ on the final and decisive local runway staging of the Caribbean Model Search (CMS) Reality Series. Vying to ‘make their name’ in the high flying fashion world, the five beauties are more than ready to go all out as they inch closer to fulfilling their dream of representing Jamaica in the international leg in the Search for the Caribbean’s Next Supermodel.

As the addictive series, which airs on CVM TV, accelerates to the final showdown this Friday November 16th at 9:00pm, the girls will be charged to exhibit great discipline, render top notch photographs and present their ‘toned hardware,’ personality and abounding confidence.

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November 11, 2007

"I don't trust people, Don't trust police - We got guns" - Keyshia Cole

keyshiacole_nudenakedtopless_sexygirlsphotos.jpgIn this month’s issue of Vibe magazine Keyshia Cole chats about security measures that she’s going to put in place at her mansion. Keyshia Cole also stated in the interview that she’s more confident in being her own security because she trust no one, not even the cops. Below is a snippet from the article.

"I don't trust people," Keyshia says. "Don't trust police. We don't need help, we got guns in the house and they're registered. We got guns because it's all women in the house. Who knows what men are going to do?

Men have been a source of pain throughout Keyshia's life, from the father she's never met, to the men who broke in and raped her sister, to an old boyfriend who never made good on promises.

Get your copy of Vibe Magazine for full story

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Reggae superstar Junior Reid :- Remix King For 2007

By: RiddimJamaica

Jr.reidphotos_sexywomen.jpgSince his first recording at age fourteen, Junior “One Blood” Reid has consistently captivated the world with his hypnotic soundscape. From his first major release in the early eighties under the Sugar Minott endorsed “Youth Promotion” Label, Reid stamped out a series of hits that has riveted his name into the halls of the Jamaican Music scene at home and aboard.

His self branding single “One Blood” iconized Junior Reid, and by the late eighties he was a fitting replacement for Micheal Rose when he decided to exit the “roots and culture” reggae group, Black Uhuru.

After nearly half a decade and two albums later, Junior Reid returned to the solo scene in 1994 with the single “Wife De Pon Top” on his own J.R Productions imprint.

In 1996 his appearance on the critically acclaimed Bounty Killa Album, “My Xperience” opened new boundaries and introduced his unique sound to Urban and HipHop musicians from around the world, including British Rock band The Soup Dragons, UK Hip Hop giants Poor Righteous Brothers, and the German based electronic group, Dub Syndicate.

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Kiprich records second album for Big Yard

kiprichphotos_bigyardgirlssexy.jpgDJ Kiprich is busy in the studios working on his second album for Big Yard, which is expected to be completed soon.

VP Records, who were also responsible for distributing his first album titled 'Outta Road', recorded for Big Yard.

Not only is Kiprich working on his new album, he also has recorded singles titled 'Bun Fi Bun' and 'On My Mind' on the Big Yard label, 'Rosie Whine' on Birchell label and '40 & Over' on the Total Cil label.

Christened Marlon Plunkett, the DJ who was born in Waterhouse, St. Andrew, went by the stage name Crazy Kid when he just started out in the music business. Crazy Kid was not doing any justice for his career so he changed it to Kiprich, which was to give him the big break he so desperately wanted.

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November 9, 2007

Beyonce Takes Cues From Rihanna


It’s been well-publicized that rap mogul Jay-Z mentored Rihanna to her current position as the pop/R&B chart topper. And now his longtime girlfriend, Beyonce Knowles, is calling up a few favors from the “Umbrella” singer.

Namely, the “Bootylicious” one is enlisting the services of a new production team to take her to the next level in the studio. Sources say she wants a more “Rihanna-flavored” follow-up to her platinum “B’Day.”

Dance producer duo The Freemasons are all set to work with Miss Knowles, and they’re confident that the collaboration will yield some amazing results. James Wiltshire (of The Freemasons) told press, “The album is going to be huge. It will rival anything the likes of Britney and Rihanna have done recently.”

Wiltshire added, “Beyonce and her team can see where mistakes were made on the last album. It was very American, very R+B and stripped back. They want to go for a more international sound this time. She wants to hit as many audiences as possible.”


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Beenie Man, Freddie McGregor and Richie Steven For Negril Impact


Music lovers will be in for a treat on Saturday the 17th of November when the first annual Negril Impact unfolds at the Long bay Beach Park in Negril. The self proclaimed King of the Dancehall Beenie Man along with topflight Reggae singers Freddie McGregor & Richie Stevens will headline this event, which will also feature several other popular artists such as Macka Diamond, Professor Nuts, Little Hero and Terry Linen. There will also be several talented acts from in and around the area such as Timmy Burrell, Ras Slick, Shyam & Edge Michael on Negril Impact.

Over the years fans have grown accustomed to high level stage performances from Beenie Man, who is undoubtedly one of the most exciting stage performers ever. The prolific hit maker is always a hit on stage. Armed with a repertoire of hits spanning almost two decades it is expected that Beenie Man, will unleash the full impact of his musical powers at Negril Impact. Veteran Reggae singer Freddie McGregor is also expected to please fans easily with hits such as Big Ship, Fever, Bobby Babylon & I'll Wait For You. Richie Stevens who is currently riding a wave of success with new singles such as My Girl Dis feat. Maxi Priest & Love Me Forever feat. Jigsy is always a crowd pleaser with his huge repertoire of love songs.

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Jamaican reggae singer Half Pint ink distribution deal with Universal Music Group

halfpint_reggaesingerphotosjamaica.jpgEssential Media Group LLC and Loyal Haylet Management are pleased to announce the signing of a Joint Venture deal for the Half Pint Music catalog and the venerable chart topping Dancehall Reggae superstar, Half Pint.

Half Pint has enjoyed a long history of success dating back to the early 1980’s. He was the first major artist produced by Prince Jammy (later King Jammy), and together they helped establish a lighter, more relaxed, more melodic approach to dancehall that made for an easy transition into the digital ragga era. His first big hit “Winsome” was later covered by the Rolling Stones in 1986 (under the new title “Too Rude”. Many hits followed: "Money Man Skank," "One in a Million," "One Big Family," "Pouchie Lou," the socially conscious "Mr. Landlord," and the all-time dancehall classic "Level the Vibes." The huge hit “Substitute Lover” came in 1992, and in 1996 the rock group Sublime covered another Half Pint classic, “Loving”.

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November 8, 2007

No charges for Diddy in club attack

By Michael White
Daily News

blige10puffdaddy.jpgTrouble-prone rapper Sean (Diddy) Combs dodged criminal charges for an alleged bathroom beatdown last month because the victim would not cooperate with prosecutors, officials said Tuesday.

Combs was initially accused of punching 31-year-old Steven Acevedo twice in the mouth last month in SoHo's swanky Kiosk club after trading insults over Acevedo's ex-girlfriend, who is dating the rapper.

During the alleged assault, Acevedo told cops, a member of Combs' entourage boasted, "We won't shoot you. You can even hold our guns," sources said.

No weapon was displayed, and no witnesses saw a gun, sources said.

Acevedo filed a police report, but yesterday Combs' lawyer said in a written statement prosecutors would not pursue the case.

Lawyer Benjamin Brafman commended police and prosecutors for a "thorough and very fair investigation ... and not allowing this private disagreement between two acquaintances to turn into a criminal charge."


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Jamaican Singer Devonte Trods New Paths

tantometroanddevonte_photos.jpgDevonte of the duo Tanto Metro & Devonte, has been working on some solo projects and new collaborations with long-time producers. He discusses some of his latest work and upcoming projects in this interview.

“I have a new single out called Bicycle Bar, the track was produced by Free Willy, and has received a lot of air-play in the past weeks, and I give thanks for that.” This track features a lovers rock, one drop beat that Devonte cruses smoothly though, with creative lyrics like;
She says, ohh pon mi bicycle bar,
Pedal all night,
Ride hard and ride far…

“I’m getting ready to shoot the video for it soon,” commented Devonte, who expects the video to have a vintage concept a mixture of old and new styles. He has recently finished shooting a video with Ricky Sprackett for a song called Ten A Dem also produced by Free Willy.

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November 7, 2007

Cash Money Sat-Day - Special Advertisement Feature

Cash Money Sound in association with Paradise Club presents Cash Money Sat Day every week at the Paradise Club, Oak Park Plaza, Marine Park Portmore – Ladies drink and enter free before 12 - Admission JA300.

Contact Cash Money: (876) 365-3534 or (876) 302-6590
Paradise Club: (876) 467-7724 or (876) 373-5465


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Munga Honorable and Aidonia settled beef live on air with Robbo Ranx gets to understand that Munga one of Jamaica’s hottest artists right now and the lyrically genius Aidonia have settled their beef live on air with UK DJ Robbo Ranx. Both artistes sat together for the first time under the same roof and dealt with the situation professionally.

When Robbo Ranx asked both artists of the feud between BigShip Records and Don Carleon - Mung was quick to answer. “What tek place is mi see Steven and mi seh to him youth me and you can’t stop the people them from compete and compare - there is only one #1 spot.

There is nothing personal between the camps”.
-Aidonia’s reply was, “everything propa”

Munga then went right into explain to Robbo Ranx that there was no verbal war between him and Aidonia before thought becoming a professional deejay.

Aidonia and Busy Signal was have a little thing going and when mi fly in and heard what’s going on, mi used the opportunity and step in a di war because none a dem nuh bad like me. But it’s just a lyrical war because this way we all eat food and get a better vibes to build songs.

Visit: to listen to the full interview

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November 6, 2007

Rihanna admits to Josh Hartnett Romance

rihanna-josh-hartnett-datingphotos.jpgRihanna, 19, has confirmed that she and Josh Hartnett, 29, are dating. The unlikely pair sparked rumors of a romance after they were spotted at Pink Elephant, a New York club. Witness’s claims the couple were “making out.”

“I’ve fallen for him big time,” says the ‘Umbrella’ singer. “I would be lying if I (said) we were not more than just friends. He is so hot and he is really sweet to me. When we hang out it feels right - even though it’s still pretty new.”

Rihanna was previously linked to ‘Transformers’ actor Shia LaBeouf.


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Jamaican artists Shaggy and I-Wayne videos added to VH-1 Souls rotation

Shaggyandiwaynegirlsphotosexy.jpgThe video for Shaggy's new hit single Bonafide Girl featuring Rik Rok and Tony Gold on the 'Shanty Town' Riddim, from his latest VP Records' album: Intoxication, has now been added to the VH-1 Soul's rotation.

The video for Bonafide Girl was filmed in September in New York and Miami and directed by Jay Will for Game Over. In the video, Shaggy plans a surprise romantic night for his girl who assumes he's cheating upon finding clues of the plan.

Shaggy's new album Intoxification on VP Records / Big Yard Music Group will be released on November 13th and features hit singles: Church Heathen, What's Love featuring Akon and Bonafide Girl. The album also features guest artistes Sizzla and Collie Budz.


Also added to the VH-1 Soul's rotation is I Wayne's double video for his 2 latest singles Book of Life and I Need Her In I Arms from his upcoming VP Records' album: Book Of Life. The video for Book of Life / I Need Her In I Arms was filmed in Kingston in September and directed by Ras Kassa.

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Rap superstar Pitbull returns with the much anticipated release of 'BoatLift'


New York, NY - Respected MC Pitbull is joined by a star-studded crew of artists and producers on the November 27th release of his highly anticipated third studio album “The BoatLift” (TVT Records). Pitbull teams up with GRAMMY award winning producers Play-N-Skillz (Chamillionaire - “Ridin,” Kia Shine “So Krispy”) for his first single “Secret Admirer” feat R&B sensation Lloyd. The single is racing up the charts having held a steady position on the Rhythmic Top 40 charts for the past 5 weeks and steadily climbing. In addition, Pitbull recently shot the video for the single, directed by up and coming director David Russeau. The video features cameos from Fat Joe and Steven Bauer who starred as Manolo Ribera in the cult classic, Scarface.

“The Boatlift” showcases Pitbull’s lyrical prowess as he crusades through 18 tracks penning clever and captivating visuals on each song. Pitbull has created an incredibly diverse album ranging from R&B influenced sounds with his hit single "Secret Admirer" feat Lloyd to techno/dance inspired tracks like “The Anthem,” as well as songs like “Midnight” that are heavily mainstream/pop influenced and down south inspired tracks like “Dookie.”

“The Boatlift” boasts standout appearances from Trina, Jim Jones, Don Omar, Twista, Lloyd, Frankie J, Young Berg, Trick Daddy, Fabo of D4L and Young Boss. Pitbull teams up with Trina and Young Boss on the hypnotic club banger “Go Girl,” which he also filmed a video for in Miami. Other album notables include “Sticky Icky” produced by Lil Jon, featuring Jim Jones, “Fuego” feat Platinum artist Don Omar, produced by Mr. Collipark and the Twista assisted “Candy Man” produced by Echo.

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November 5, 2007

Nikki Z and Rolex Together – "Who the hell spreads such garbage"

Christopher “Icey Jace” Campbell Writer

nikkiz_rolex_photosgirls.jpgOnce again rumors are spreading like wild fire. This time it’s not about Beenie Man, it’s not D’Angel, It’s not Bounty Killer or Barbee – this time it’s the classy radio personality Nikki Z.

This will be the second time of this year she has been targeted by rumors of a romantic involvement. Dancehall artiste Mavado was the first to be placed on the romantic list of rumors, but this time the newest member on Nikki’s romantic list is popular Bembe Sound System DJ ROLEX.

Nikki Z who recently won the Teen Choice Award for Favorite Media Personality decided to clear the air in an exclusive interview with
“I can’t believe it, it’s like so crazy, when I heard - I was like what, who the hell spreads such garbage. I really want to clearly state for the record me and ROLEX are not together, I’m annoyed at how easily things like this happen, they had me and MAVADO dating earlier this year now this, I mean right now I’m just focused on my work, I have a lot of big things happening, and this is just too negative”.

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Bounty Killer and Rihanna dating?


Who would have guessed it? The Killer and Rihanna heading into Club Xtreme in Barbados hand-in-hand. recently received hordes of emails from fans across the Caribbean who wanted to know if there was something going on between the two. According to an informant, he could not believe what he was seeing when he saw Bounty Killer walked into the club holding hands with Rihanna.

“She left the show and partied with Bounty Killer at Club Xtreme in Bridgetown until daylight. Rihanna held hands with the Killer as she entered the club and spent the whole night whining with him and whispering in his ear as if they are a couple in love, there must be some romance going on between them,” he said.

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Dancehall singer Wayne Wonder stays current on Foreva

waynewonder_forevaphotos.jpgSince its debut a month ago, Wayne Wonder's Foreva has been sitting solid on Billboard's Top Reggae Albums chart. Foreva peaked at #6 on Billboard and has remained in the Top 10 ever since its release.

Though it's been four years since the release of his breakthrough album No Holding Back, and although the musical landscape has changed a lot since then, Wayne Wonder remains current on his latest album Foreva for VP Records.

Assisting Wonder on this voyage are producers Christopher Birch, Tony 'CD' Kelly, Steve Obas, Donovan Bennett, Rohan 'Sno Cone' Fuller, Steven 'Lenky' Marsden, Garfield Hamilton, Troy McLean, Matthew 'Dread Lion' Tronger, Wayne 'DJ Wayne' Morris, Collin 'Bulby' York, Lynford 'Fatta' Marshall and Dwayne 'Supa Dups' Chin Quee.

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November 4, 2007

Dancehall Artiste Busy Signal donated over 150,000 to accident victim

busysignal_seanbrown_photos.jpgDancehall artiste Busy Signal opened up his heart and his wallet when he handed over one hundred and fifty thousand dollars to accident victim Oneika Taylor and Ransford Roper, who suffers from a case of extreme bowlegs - both teenagers attend the St. Jago High School in Spanish Town (Jamaica).

A charity concert put on by the Star newspaper, to benefit these teens, was held at the high school on Wednesday October 31 and several persons from the entertainment fraternity turned out for this worthy cause.
When Busy Signal stepped out, it wasn’t only to give an exceptional performance for the persons packed tightly in the auditorium, but to present individual cheques to both students to assist in their medical expenses.
The crowd erupted in cheers and chants, screaming Signal’s name as he made the presentations.

“ I heard about these kids and I knew I had to do something to help them…they (kids) should not suffer” - Signal

Oneika was unable to attend the concert as she is still in hospital but her mother collected on her behalf. She requires reconstructive surgery on one leg and the other requires two surgical pins. Ransford walked on stage proudly as he collected his cheque which will assist in purchasing correctional braces for both legs.

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Tessanne Chin - "I always knew that I was gonna end up singing"

Tessannechin-sexyposephotos.jpgTessanne is the fresh soulful voice of a new generation of Jamaican musical talent. Her sultry fusion of Dancehall and Reggae with a edgy rock riffs mixed with the honest, heart felt and conscious lyrics she pens herself create a musical style that is uniquely her own. Her exceptional vocal talent and her exotic looks - mix of Chinese, Caucasian, Cherokee Indian and African heritage give her unmistakable stage appeal.

At the age of 22, Tessanne has already opened on stage for such musical greats as Patti Labelle, Gladys Knight, Peabo Bryson and Roberta Flack, Atlantic Star and Boys II Men. She also toured the world as a backup singer with the Reggae Legend Jimmy Cliff for three years. It was during that time that her love for the road, music and the stage was sealed. With blockbuster songs such as Hideaway, Tessanne is still giving us hit after hit. She recently finished shooting the video for her latest track Black Books.

"I always knew that I was gonna end up singing or have something to do with music, but touring gave me a chance to really test the waters, to know my limits…more than anything, it just fired me up even more to get out there and want to do my own tour" revealed Tessanne.

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November 3, 2007

Sean Paul Watches Gal Dem Roll

seanpaulwatch-dem-roll-video.jpgWatch Dem Roll, the latest music video to drop from Sean Paul, was shot on location at Siren Studios in Los Angeles CA late last month.

Steve Wilson from Mystic Urchin was interviewed about his experience at the shoot.

Watch Dem Roll directed by Rich Newey/Jessy Terrero, stands out as a black and white video that features Sean Paul and appearances by Jason (Jigzag) and high energy, free-style dancing by sexy female dancers.

Open call auditions for dancers where held in L.A., Tanisha Scott choreographer, directed the selection process for the dancers “she weeded it down to 11 of the best girls, with the most unusual but interesting dance styles” said Steve. The final assessment of the dancers was done by Sean Paul, Jason (Jigzag) and Steve, resulting in only four dancers to appear in the video.

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DJ of the Year, Bestselling Author and Now Businesswoman

Macka-Diamond-diamonddistrict.jpgIt is official: Teenage Choice Awards’ Female DJ of the Year, Macka Diamond, has severed all ties with her former representative, Ray Alexander of Khool Booking Agency, and has now formed her own entertainment company, DiamondDistrict Ja. Macka Diamond, whose real name is Charmaine Munroe, says there are no hard feelings, "a jus progress and growth, we cyaan stay inna di same place all wi life, what would we have accomplished?”

Macka talks strong and backs it up with action. She could very well be the busiest female Dancehall artiste out there right now, and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Just recently an official ceremony, attended mostly by officials from the National Library of Jamaica, was held in Macka Diamond’s honor at their East Street Premises, in which a copy of her spicy novel, BUN HIM!!! was signed over for preservation as a piece of Jamaica’s Cultural History.

That same day she attended a book signing at the Mary Seacole Hall on the Campus of The University of the West Indies, after which she performed at a Aids Benefit Fundraiser in aid of a family affected with the HIV virus, at The Student’s Union.

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Beenie Man his Barbee going strong for a second week

By Richie B, host - “HOT MIX” on Hot 102FM



01 1 13 Give It Up-Beenie Man feat Barbee-357 Records (2wks@#1) NM

02 2 17 Wine Pon It/Talk To Me-Munga - Casper Productions(1wk@#1) NM

03 3 12 Conscience-Cham - Don Corleon NM

04 4 15 The Days-Busy Signal-Daseca (4wks@#1) NM

05 6 12 What I'm Gonna Do-Bugle-Daseca U-1

06 5 9 Bubble Like Soup-Timber-Lee - Ward 21 (pp#5) D-1

07 9 8 Nah Go A Jail-Busy Signal-Jam 2 U-2

08 8 7 Dem A Sissy-Assassin-Don Corleon NM

09 7 13 Love Is Wicked-Brick & Lace-180 Entertainment (pp#5) D-2

10 11 6 Tell Dem Don't Follow-Buju Banton-Heart of Love U-1

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November 2, 2007

BBC global music talent search competition comes to Jamaica


BBC World Service and BBC World Television are looking for the future of music in a major global music talent search - THE NEXT BIG THING 2007. We are scouring the world looking for exciting new music, bands and performers who will shape the future.

The Next Big Thing 2007 touches down in Kingston Jamaica on Saturday 3 November, inviting all bands and artists to come down and meet the Next Big Thing team and to hand over a CD or DVD of their music. This is not an audition and there will be no performances but there is a chance to be interviewed for the BBC. Musicians can also enter online at

The Next Big Thing 2007 in Jamaica - in association with Radio Jamaica and Television Jamaica - takes place between 10am and 6pm at:

The Gazebo at the Ashanti Oasis Restaurant
Hope Gardens
Hope Road


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November 1, 2007

Beenie Man apologies to JLP government

beenie_man_jlptaxevasionphotosgirls.jpgInternational dancehall recording superstar, Moses 'Beenie Man' Davis has offered his humble apology to the Jamaica Labour Party for recent comments made, after his alleged tax evasion case on Monday, October 29.

The apology came after Beenie Man was asked by someone in court, not knowing the person was a reporter, if he thought he was being targeted because of his political affiliation. The dancehall artiste - without giving it proper thought - immediately responded, saying that he believed he was in fact being targeted, and that it is being strongly said around the music circles.

Jamaica Labour Party General Secretary Karl Samuda sent out a press release dismissing the allegation as "misguided, mischievous and absurd."

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Jah Cure riding "Sticky" in the #1 spot on the Hype TV Top 20 Chart

JAH_CURE_reflection_stickysongsphotos.jpgJah Cure's "Sticky" continues to soar at the top, the song remains in the # 1 Position for about two weeks. Jah Cure seems determined to stay glued to the top. Let's hope for his sake that is glue does not wear out very quickly.

"Bad Gyal" Ce'Cile is showing that she is on a mission for the top with her "I'm Waiting" song, as it moved two spots up to the # 2 Position. Watch out Jah Cure Miss Cecile seems to be aiming for your spot.

The 'Shot to Watch' this week is Beenie Man feat. Barbee with "Give It Up" the song moved two spots up to the # 3 Position. The sensational pair seems to be entering the competition for the top spot.

The Queen of the dancehall Lady Saw's "Silly Dream" is the 'The Greatest Gainer' this week as the song moved three spots up to the # 14 Position. The song was last weeks newest entry.

Shaggy's "Bonafide Girl" is the 'New Entry' the song makes its debut at the # 19 Position. If only we know the future we would find out if Mr. Bombastic is destined for the top, but time will surely answer some questions.

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