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Tifa - Right Time, Right Place, Right Song

By Christopher “Icey Jace” Campbell

tifa-ward21-hotgirl.jpgBeing beautiful will no doubt garner a person some amount of attention, but when that beauty is complimented by intelligence, talent and humility sooner or later that person will become irresistible. So was the case when went in search of a young dancehall singjay by the name TIFA.

Born Latifa Brown she is regarded by many industry professionals as a diamond waiting to be unearthed. Tifa is currently working with dancehall group Ward 21 and Natural Bridge Records - Tifa who is in her early 20’s is a graduate of the University of the West Indies (UWI) who laments that she has been doing music from a tender age. ”My mother and father were collectors of music; they had shelves and crates of music”.

Along with inspiration from home Tifa says her grandmother’s bar down town use to always be a good place to hang out and listen to music. Tifa who is a full fledged Wolmerian (from Wolmers Primary to High School) was a member of the schools choir, drama club & dance group. She joined the famed Ashe Dance Ensemble in 1st form at high school and from there spent 6 years touring the U.S and Caribbean with the group. Her passion and heart for music however was irreplaceable and so the budding vocalist drop dancing and along with attending UWI started focusing on a possible music career after school. “I’m grateful for schooling but my degree is really a back up for me, music makes me happy”. After two years of working at her craft she has gradually eased into the industry with a number of songs recorded to date receiving radio and television airtime. “It feels good to just wake up in the morning and just go turn on my radio and just hear myself or just turn on my TV. I get sick, I mean sick of seeing myself on TV” she jokingly admits.

Now enjoying the fruits of her past labour Tifa has street credibility. Her Kitty Police single on the Showoff Riddim has given her career a major boost. She also had the opportunity to work out with some of Jamaica's top producers such as Ward 21, Natural Bridge Records, Jah Snow Cone as well as Flabba who have seen her network of associates grow extensively. “I’ve worked with a lot of people; I’ve come across everybody in the Industry” she reiterated.

With 2007 whining down she acknowledges the challenges she faced in just getting out there and being seen. “There’s no formula to the music business, it’s just the right time, right place, right look,”. But now it's evident that Tifa is on her way to stardom with the help of her stunning new tracks such as 'Bad Mind' on the Rae Riddim and 'I’m Leaving' that is now heating up the dancehall. Soon to be released Dem Gal Sitten Riddim by Ward 21 also featuring Tifa in all her splendor.

A fan of most other artists Tifa says she pulls inspiration from all artists veteran and new, “You know people like Dennis Brown, Bob Marley, Beenie and Bounty are like staples, Lady Saw, Tanya Stephens, Patra even the young artists, yea Etana Tarus Busy dem people deh real”. With an album in the works Tifa denotes hype and says in 5 or 6 year with focus she would like to be internationally recognized like Madonna while representing Dancehall to the fullest.

“Yow this is your girl T.I.F.A and mi a represent fi who a weh mi sey

Inna dem Clarks or Slipper look sweet dem no bitter outaroad dem a go real hard

Yep it’s your girl T.I.F.A and a outaroad weh mi sey”