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Skull - Korea's first reggae superstar - hits the Billboard

By: Christopher “Icey Jace” Campbell Writer

skull_southkorea_reggae.jpgThere’s no denying him, his witty dynamite flow will definitely catch you off guard and have you saying. Who’s that Rasta dude singing? Skull the newest and brightest spark to hit the reggae music genre internationally is 100% authentic.

A native of the Asian country Korea Skull, sports thick shoulder length dreadlocks, is a die hard Bob Marley fan, and is bent on exploring the roots of reggae to the fullest. Musically he’s ranking amongst the best in the world with his first single Boom Di, Boom Di enjoying 8 weeks and counting on the Billboard Hot Singles Charts. Currently ranked # 14 Skull began enjoying cultural music as a youth. In fact several video clips of the Asian sensation shows he does great covers of Bob Marley hit records plus he has the lean and rock foot movement of the late great musical icon.

He still utters his native dialect but Skull has quickly started to learn the English language. Though his music is a straight up tempo reggae vibe on bouncy hybrid (fusion of genres) rhythms Skull has the unique ability of crossing musical boarders with a stellar voice. His vocal capacity and clarity allows him to be mistaken as a pop artist to unsuspecting listeners. He even depicts a hip hop image in his whole demeanor and just has a superstar quality about him.

With his unique look and lead record gaining the young star international publicity he insists that his locks aren’t for fashion appeal but is part of his cultural journey. Definitely not a stranger to the Asian Music Market he has performed several times in Japan and has already successfully toured the world circuit. Now heavily promoted in the US Skull has been courted by Morgan Carey brother of R&B Super Star vocalist Mariah Carey. Morgan who has been an industry professional for years admits that Skull could be the first Asian artist to break the cultural divide where perception is concerned.

Official on the Korean YG Entertainment Label the former member of a Skull Band just wants to be happy doing music and promises that his untainted message will remain just that. With all the distractions of becoming a successful artist Skull has plans to one day visit the tiny island of Jamaica where musically it all began.


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Donald Rose:
Posted by Donald Rose | September 17, 2007 8:11 PM

One love Skull...hope your journey to Jamaica will bring you much insight.Reggae music is felt and lived....Jah Bless

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