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Lando - A trained General of the Bounty Killer-led Alliance

By: Icey Jace

lando-alliance-bountykiller.jpgNot many young recording artists nowadays have a heritage of music rooted in their youth. Many over time develop an understanding of the craft and set out to master the art form to the best of their ability, but in the minority is a chosen few who has been blessed with musical genes that allow them to effortlessly construct lyrics and commandingly deliver single after single. One such artist goes by the stage name Lando. Notably short in stature Lando is big in voice and is reminiscent of a General in Training, with his tactical and methodical approach to music.

Currently under the management of Solid Agency Lando is among the new brass of DJ’s pushing for 2007 credits. Already a feature on several FULLY LOADED stages Lando has been doing his rounds at major events like the recently staged ATI Appleton Live Concert @ waves Negril where he got great crowd response from the mostly tourist filled venue. Cognizant of what mainstream dancehall requires Lando has broken ground with a pulsating new single entitled Step Inna Di Club which is currently being distributed in the street of Kingston. While on assignment at Solid Agency spoke with the budding STAR.
How did you become an artist of Solid Agency?

“Well how I got started out with Solid Agency, I have a friend that me and him attended the same primary school and them call him Roach who is the PR in Solid Agency who book show for artists, so a really him mi link up with and from mi link up with Roach the whole thing just connect ”.
Tell me what influenced you to become a recording artist?

“Well my uncle from back inna the day was a great song writer who use to write songs for various kinda artist in the business like BOB MarleY the Wailers and crazy other name of artists”.
Zeen, so who was your Uncle?

“Well my uncle them call him Little Chin and him drop out from back inna the days”.
Which do you think would be more effective for you in the street credits or a promotional and marketing campaign?

“Well right now street credits but promotions have to be in it at the same time, yea both of them”.
Despite the challenges has your career been progressing?

“Right now they say the sky is the limit but the sky is no limit to me right now, Sharon Burke at the same time a she make everything work so right now a connect mi a connect to the world. Yea”.
What’s one thing people would appreciate about Lando?

“Well here me now a Respect and Manners, yea straight clean lyrics you done know to how the thing set up more time you haffi do some tune that pertain to violence but a music mi say same way straight”.
What's your vision for the rest of 2007?

“Well hear mi a crazy thing a gwan fi next year cause mi just voice couple big tune plus a tune fi Danny Champaign and Payday and crazy more work so right now as mi say the sky is no limit”.
To the global entertainment industry what would you say?

“At the end of the day a me say STAR so right now mi love my fans and the world mi want them to say tune to Lando and yea me a the newest artist to come inna the next 2008 and beyond, so look out for Lando at the end of the day STAR”.