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Fire Pashon Blazing Hot on North American Tour

By: Icey Jace


There’s an empress emerging into dancehall and with her comes a rich heritage of music. As the daughter of the legendary singer “Sugar Minott”, Fire Pashon is as engulfed as they come.

Born Tamar Minott she is genuinely passionate about making music and proving herself a strong capable female DJ. She has come along way in a tough industry which is testament to her dedication to keep improving, while trying not to be discouraged. Having toured extensively in North America with her father Pashon has credits as a stage performer but is still searching for that break out hit single. Coming close a few years ago Pashon released the savvy, temperamental record “Dem Grudgeful” on Jah Snow Cones Applause Riddim which gained her street credibility. Now working out of her fathers label Black Roots Recording Pashon is steadily building a catalog. She recognizes that the international market is receptive to reggae & dancehall and has capitalized by constantly performing abroad. But her last performance locally at Capleton’s “A St. Mary Mi Come From” showed that she still has a strong fan base a yard. Slated to grace Big Yard’s next Riddim, Pashon is ready for whatever card she’s dealt. spoke with her recently and found out just how beloved she is overseas. Check it out.
“Pashon how has your music been progressing / what have you been up to?”

“Well I must say overseas I’m doing very fine, I tour every year with my father and I’m trying to do some ground work down here in Jamaica, trying to get on some of those riddims. Just trying to do more work in Jamaica “
“Who are some of the producers you’ve worked with?”

“Well I’ve worked with Snow Cone, I have to big up Snow Cone, Big Yard and my father Label which is Black Roots Label, that’s where I’m really at. I do most of my work there but Snow Cone is really one of the producers I’m working with right now“
“What are some of the things you’ve planned to do to become relevant again in Jamaica?”

“Just by doing more songs, if producers would give me a chance, because they some time don’t want to voice you. But I’m basically saying free up Fire Pashon and mek we blaze some fire. lol “
“Your Current catalog, what’s the hottest singles you have out now?”

“O.K everybody knows the Grudgeful song on the Applause Riddim and they can relate to it because everyday we face that, people hate you for no reason at all. I have a new thing called It Ain’t Easy and I’m about to do a video for that. Plus I voice a song for Snow Cone new riddim called Love Yourself. So that’s what’s up now “
“You mentioned family do you have your own family?”

“Lol. Definitely Yes I do, I have 2 daughters. “
“Aright the international market is accepting dancehall right now, how are you taking advantage of that?”

“Well reggae & Dancehall is really breaking mainstream now and I think I’m on my way in doing that, some time when I go to places like California and just bring the fire to the stage, just seeing all those white people jumping is like a joy so I think I’m on my way. “
“Where was your last tour?”

“O.k. we were in California We did Sierra Nevada Reggae Festival and I also did Monterey Reggae Festival in august and it was very good. “
“So they receive reggae music very well over there?”

“Very well dem love it, when you hear dem even speaking the patois it really move you and they show me a lot of love “
“Final question. Who make up your promotional team?”

“ You have Nicky Davis she’s from Oregon in California and she’s doing a lot of ground work over there in terms of when I’m there she gets me on interviews, radio interviews, talk shows, anything she can hook up. So I have to big up Nicky Davis who is my fathers manager“


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Claudia B.:
Posted by Claudia B. | September 29, 2007 9:21 PM

Tamara (Fire Pashion),

Good to see you doing ur thing, keep up the good work. We're school pals (RPPS). Respect.

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