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Daseca beating engery into Dancehall


Since of late many young producers such as the talented group Daseca are braving the odds to mastering the art of digital audio production and recording. Once again dancehall music has evolved with the majority of current rhythms featuring synths & horn streaming over patterned percussion drum lines flooded with snapping Hi Hats all tracked, edited, mixed & mastered digitally.

At this moment Daseca is certainly one of the busiest & most credible production groups. Daseca the group is comprised of David & Craig who are brothers with Serani anchoring the unit. Known for crafting some of the hottest riddims of 2007 Daseca has been enjoying success both on and off radio play lists with projects such as Badman Place by Movado & Busy Signal, Dying by Movado & Serani, These are the days by Busy Signal and What I’m gonna do by Bugle. As young producers they’ve earned the respect and appreciation of many top dancehall artists including Bounty Killa, Movado, Alaine, Assassin and their most recent protégé Bugle. Heavy in the streets and building a reputation of consistency in quality & creativity Daseca has a quota for studio sessions but agreed to answer a few Q&A’s with us at about music production.
What’s the influence behind the name Daseca?

“Well, when wi just started doing music, wi did a try find a name that was original, it was David that actually make up the name, and is basically some thing that have all a wi name. So it’s like DA David, SE Serani & CA Craig”.
With production credits for some of dancehall’s biggest artists what would you say fuels your creative energy?

“Well firstly a love fi di music everybody have the same love, everybody have the same vision. Getting Daseca bigger it's not really a individual thing, no man not looking for it by them self, everyone just working towards getting Daseca out there so if one man build a Riddim is Daseca, if three man build a Riddim a Daseca, so anything happen any man do an interview it's Daseca. A just suh it work at the end of the day”.
Your rhythms always seem to have a cross over international feel.

“Well we try to be different, if we hear a riddim out there we try we best to stay far from it, we try wi very best to sound different because you have to bring something original to the thing you cant live your life off a next man, you have to be unique so people can say yea Daseca unique dem bad, but at the same time you have to go for the crossover sound cause at the end of the day you can love music but you haffi make money out a it, and the money is overseas so you have to try get them people in your thing”.
What’s in your production arsenal of equipment?

“Well firstly we don’t use drum machine fi build Riddim, straight keyboard we use, Triton, Phantom Motif we start using REASON now. In terms of recording we use NUENDO, anytime now we a plan fi change over to PRO TOOLS which is the standard thing, you haffi tek things in stages when we start out it was from nothing, we start out without computer is a likkle machine we did have - a 16 Track Machine a run in riddim, 2 Track and just voice an put out, so a desso it start from. Jeremy Harding help wi setup Nuendo Program".
Do you experiment with other genres?

“Well if you listen to Busy Signal These are the Days that have a hip hop feel, Dying Mavado that have a hip hop feel, we have a song with Matterhorn and Alaine so we don’t only do dancehall riddims we do music. The riddim don’t of to have that one two beat we build a riddim and if wi feel Mavado we put Mavado. Right now is Bugle thing, we have a whole heap a thing and is not your regular dancehall thing a music we a deal wid, worldwide thing”.
Name a few producers you consider credible?

“Alright, if you go international Swizz Beats, Timberlan, Dr. Dre then locally now you have a thing called Dave Kelly whole heap a ratings respect to him, Jermey Harding same way. In terms of the youth dem now Steven McGregor crazy talented youth wi rate him fi see a youth from 16 a make dem hits deh, dem thing deh make we feel good”.
The artist Bugle, what’s your plan for him?

“Firstly Bugle is signed to Daseca, is Daseca artist it's official and is the first time we doing something like that where we sign a artist, a mean we buss Mavado we send Alaine out there but we neva sign them so that’s a first. To we is a big move fi we you get mi. "What I’m Gonna Do" is the first single which was excellent we just do the video fi the next single called "Journeys" then you have the collaboration with him and Serani called "Though" which also doing well. We’ll be shooting the video for that Sunday too. So as I say we have some mad singles with Bugle which we consider to be hits, between Daseca and TJ alongside Bugle. ”.
Who are some of the International artists Daseca would like to work with.

“Alright definitely the man called R. Kelly, great no matter what dem say great great, Nelly Furtardo that’s something we would want to get done too but the real goal a fi get our artist ova desso. Bugle Serani cause even though we rate them is our thing, Daseca we a push”.


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Posted by Johnson Karonji | October 2, 2007 3:14 PM

I would like to get a contact number or email address for daseca studios. I have a TV show in Kenya Africa that airs on kenya broadcasting co-orporation ,called Club one and would like to get some videos from them. Thank you in advance.

Posted by Shashamani Records | November 8, 2007 6:03 PM

Shashamani_Records is a label in Belize.
And we would love to do something with our artist
Melodyman Escobar, And Daseca Production is the way we need to go so hit so link it up Big man!!!!
(my kid right hungry what i am going to do!!)

Blessed Love

Jeff Nelson:
Posted by Jeff Nelson | January 24, 2008 1:58 PM

whats up Daseca im a young & upcoming arstist from Boston Ma.I would love to work with you guys because i really love you guys style of music and mad riddims.My number is 6177852422 looking forward to hear from you guys so i could send you guys a demo.

tysh aka baby g:
Posted by tysh aka baby g | July 9, 2008 4:55 PM

whats up dacea family im a big fan of you an the alliance how can i get contact for movado gangsta for life

Posted by danjahrella | April 20, 2009 2:20 PM

Good day,
my dream is to become a reggae artist. I've bin djing since i was ten years old. When I was twelve years old i djayed for Beenie Man,he gave me a pound and told me my lyrics was to hard for a little girl, then invited me to his video a young girl who's dream was to dj that dream was set back,but instead of letting my dream die i took his comment and said to myself im dangerous with mines,and gave myself the name older now and still my dream is to bus and make my voice be heard.back in the days my lyrics was rude girl that im older and wiser i promote more positivity in my lyrics.i know music is what i was put on this earth to do.reggae music is where my heart is at.not enough female artist in the game thats saying too much positive,we need that.danjahrella seh so.lady-saw do it already,mackadiamond weh yah deh,tanya-stevens come back out,etana large up queen-ifrika recgonize looking for some guidance on what to do where to start,and i would love dsaeca to deal with my case.blessings to the whole of daseca productions,dont stop keep striving.even if i dont get a response from daseca,will see you up there,i was born to do this,ready now.guidance!

Posted by shani | February 9, 2010 2:00 AM

i would like love i mean, to be signed to daseca studios

Terone Kidd:
Posted by Terone Kidd | July 6, 2010 7:37 AM

DASECA you are one of the number one "#1" producer in jamaica and the world.I love the way you make your riddim and the way you mix ur music,it's great beyond great.Me Terone a.K.a RACKA and Pudy a.K.a DICTIONARY are some up coming artist and we would love chance to work with you because music is my dream our dream.So,we working together i know we can make it a reality.If you want you can contect me at 5841311 or 5874132.OH! and give bugle a shout up fi mi a one a mi artist dat.mad link!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Drewen | August 19, 2010 10:36 PM

Hello Daseca my name is Andrew Artiste name drewen as a artiste, as a new artiste mih fih seh is a long time miha meditate how daseca is doing goood stuff with the music, and mih love unnuh vybes over the years i really love how unnuh do unnuh music, for music is life innuh and a person who makes music inspires lifes.
yah i would realy love fih work with unnuh still beacause im only preeing the vybes for making the dancehall music change the exitement and enjoyment in peoples life i love music i really love it over the years being related to the music in my life i can really say i want to be an inspiration in the music.
As a upcoming artiste mih love the dancehall and vybes and riddim my number is 893 4402 Please keep in touche for i would love doing music with u .
Love and respect.

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