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Dancehall artiste Assassin album launch party - more than a Gully Sit'N


Two years after his 2005 debut album Infiltration for which Assassin gained much respect from his fans and dancehall lovers - Jeffrey Campbell better known as Assassin is back with the sophomore effort Gully Sit’N.

At the official Album Launch Party on Sept 11th at Terra Nova Hotel, Assassin clad in a red blazer addressed media representative and several other industry players in what can be described as a short but spicy promotional presentation.

As the invited guests enjoyed refreshments DJ Flames of RJR chaired the proceeding and went right into introducing the special guests seated at the podium table. Engineer of many of Assassin’s tracks Bones and Brother/Manager of Assassin’s career Garath Campbell joined him front and centre to speak of Gully Sit’N the album. Yolan Zanders Marketing Manager for VP Records was however first at the podium and reiterated VP’s commitment to promote and market the album in all the major territories worldwide. She further praised the DJ for rising to the occasion and expressed gratitude to the media stations for their support.

Garath Campbell then spoke of the hard work Assassin put into the making of each track. He said that his brother’s main focus for the album was to bring it back to the basics with more songs that are reflecting life in the ghetto. The man of the moment was next at the microphone, “Check Check, Nuff Respect, On all Aspect” were the first words he uttered in his trademark melodic pattern. He further thanked the gathering for attending the launch then went right off into a full disclosure of Gully Sit’N. He stated that making a second album was a dream come true because it just never seemed possible at age 8 while sneaking out of bed in his PJ’S to go to street dance with his brother who Assassin credits for being their from day one.

“Gully Sit’N celebrates growing up inna Kentire. Is not just pure gunmen inna the ghetto”, he stated ”I was happy while growing up in the ghetto," he said with a smile on his face.
He then went on to spoke of the challenges in creating the album, things like losing his mom, the changing of management. "It all affected my creativity”. Even so Assassin stands behind Gully Sit’N, “Is real straight up dancehall”, he humbly stated, “No Short change water down”.

At the end of Gully Sit'N press release the party, some persons went straight ahead to the food line/bar, others took the time out to socialised while tracks from Assassin's album streamed in the background. Celebrities in attendance were Recording Artists Busy Signal, Tanya Stephens, Shane O, Courtney John - Host / Personalities Nikki Z, Ms. Kitty, Candice Buchanan - Producer Shane Brown as well as Media Reps from Hype TV, CVM TV, RE TV, Island Groove Magazine and yours truly

Other big names who arrived late and missed the press presentation were Brick N Lace, LA. Lewis, Voice Mail, party disc jock Biggy of Razz & Biggy and also production members of Daseca. All in all it was a good launch.

Please mi a beg uhno fi go buy a copy of Gully Sit’N Album and don't burn a copy gi yuh friend mek dem buy them own.


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Posted by djill | September 13, 2007 6:29 PM

Gwan my yute, u dun know dem cant stop you. Good over evil

Posted by tweety | October 10, 2007 7:55 PM

this is one album that i most definitely had to buy... no burning thing roun' here... and i must say it was a good buy... I LOVE THE ALBUM... peeps y'all need to cop a copy at the record stores... Music Mart and Derrick Harriot's in Twin Gates Plaza have it... yes i must say again album SELL OFF... gone a grass root, bringing back the things in dancehall. The track entitled PAIN... a must listen... real things... Assassin gwaan do your thing same way.

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