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Assassin - Another succesful project of the Ghetto - Gully Sit'N

assassin-spragga-vybzkartellovegirls.jpgGully Sit’N is live and as Assassin begins promoting his sophomore project more and more people are getting to know the versatile DJ. He’s not as elusive as many may believe; in fact it only took one call to the office of VP Records to get Mr. Jeffrey Campbell to do an exclusive.

Yes Assassin has come of age and yes the album sell off no doubt about that one. With all this focus now on a potentially viable mainstream album the industry is finally paying attention, Assassin is being closely watched to see if he can be next through the international door. A masterful creator of music Assassin insists it’s his passion, he’s determined to prove that dancehall can sell units in its purest form. Gully Sit’N brings it back to the basics, back to the roots of Kintyre Papine where he resided for most of his youth. From the explosive Count up Intro to the sinisterly crafted Beep Out conclusion Assassin highlights Garrison levity from start to end on Gully Sit’N. “Check Check its Another One”.
With your album Gully Sit’n now released what are the expectations behind it?

“Well of course is sweat and tears we put into it so obviously we a look fi go all the way with it and of course try to maximize the potential of the project, and me a do my part in terms of making sure we get all a di promotional work done and getting the word out cause we believe it’s a good effort”
Talk to me about the making of the album?

“Well what we wanted to do was just keep it simple and keep it real and just make the riddim them and the whole vibe determine the direction a di thing - so we never did a try buss wi brain, we just hold a vibe and just make it be fun and get it done”
Did you hand pick the production line up of the album?

“We definitely have people who we respect how dem work and regardless of what is happening we definitely want to work with them. People like Lenky, Christopher Birch and the Dave Kelly, Don Corleon, Daseca dem, these are people who prove over the years that they can get it done and as such regardless of what is happening in the market I’ll always be willing to work with these people”
Infiltration introduced Assassin to the world but what was the main purpose behind Gully Sit’N ?

“When I really look at Infiltration it wasn’t the truest representation especially for a first project, it was kind a diluted and that was one approach, but with this album Gully Sit’N its more keeping it real with what we are about from day one, the type of music we did coming out of high school, the type of music mi love doing as a youngster so this album defines Assassin and as such the word coming in is that people rate what they are hearing”
What’s Assassin’s main goal, what’s the bigger picture for you?

“For me it’s about the music that I love so much, Dancehall music and knowing that the music can move forward and I can be a part of that and all of my efforts are centered around how mi ago prepare myself for when the time come to tek the music to a level. That is my main objective, to be apart of this movement of Dancehall”
What’s been the secret to your success so far.

“Well I think more than anything else it’s the love that I have for the music and then that kind a cause you to do things that may result in success, but success within itself is relative and we are not at a point yet where we feel we can feel as if the Mission accomplished”
Tell me some of the artistes Assassin listen to?

“Mi rate Eminem and mi a listen Kanye now, mi nuh get the new album yet but me ago get that as soon as mi go away this weekend and as mi land, me ago get it. We listen people who tek dem work serious, Tarrus Riley - mi have the R Kelly Double Up CD mi a hold a vibe on. Just music in general as long as it is properly done, we appreciate music.”
Is collaborating something you’ll be pushing towards in the coming months?

“When you have certain established people that want you to do a collab, introduce you to their audience and vice versa, but for me it have to be real and not just go record a collabo because an artists is hot. There’s a thing called chemistry and just like how certain things don’t mix, certain artist nuh mix either so that to me is the deciding factor.”
Do you think VP Records can do more to bring Dancehall internationally?

“Well more can always be done but we have to say nuff respect to them for the much that they are doing, at this point in time its the best bet we have in terms of getting our thing out to the masses but I cannot subscribe to the view that it is solely up to them, I take it up on myself to do as much as I can do with my thing and as such work around the system”
What officially was the first Single from the album?

“Boring Gal tune did a get some vibe and before the album was finished we decided to put some muscle behind it so we can keep the visibility going and get a buzz for the album but now 'Don’t Make Me Hold You', 'Beep Out' and 'We Love The Girls' start doing really well, is just a matter of deciding where we are going to go from here.”

Versatile wicked and wild check this out nuh this is ASSASSIN and yuh done know yuh log on to a talking bout OUTAROAD yuh done know the Gully Sit’N album it outaroad it mad. A murder so get a copy and don’t copy.


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brian morris:
Posted by brian morris | October 1, 2007 12:43 PM

How come unnu neva ask him why the original Gully Sit'n nuh de pon di album?

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