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Aidonia's Motion is Back - "I'm Getting Better"

By: Christopher “Icey Jace” Campbell Writer

Idonia_Dancehall_aidonia.jpgHe’s back; the man with the most creative flow, most rugged lyrics, most sensational vocal sound effects, from a heavy Bukam shotgun to the hovering helicopter reenactment Aidonia: has it all pat. Though seemingly quiet for some months Mr. “No Nonsense, No Chat, No Pree, No Cree, No Violation, No Explanation, Non Stop Run Dat” is packing even heavier punches for 2007 with his new catalog of hit singles. After giving great performances at Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest & the ATI Appleton Live Concert Aidonia has his sights set on embracing the international market. He swears that his new image & swagger is a deliberate move to raise the level of his infinite lyrical potential. As leader of the J.O.P movement Aidonia is forging ahead with his eye on the bigger picture. got the details of what’s been up with the Solid Agency managed DJ and also find out a little about Sheldon Lawrence, the man before Aidonia. Check it out
Aidonia how was the summer for you?

“Well it was good, we spent it mostly traveling cause seeing that we got the break like few years now we got a lot of shows booked for the summer, so like most of the time we deh between the Caribbean & Europe so it was a very progressive summer, whole heap a work was done and then in Jamaica we had big shows like Sumfest, so the best of the summer was there”.
Musically speaking what was the vision for 2007?

“Well is a everyday thing for me, is just progress we think bout, getting this thing better, by performance, image, delivery, types of songs, so 2007 was a year we set out to make a mark and bring the thing to a different level bring it even one step closer to what we preeing. Last year we deh pon a young artist level then after the second Sting people start look up to the thing to a different level so we deh in a graduation stage and mi feel mi get a lot done, mi just a look pon the rest of the year and 2008”.

You’ve toured extensively in North America & the Caribbean, what’s life on the road like?

“Well stressful but fun, it get tiring most of the time but at the same time it’s fun and work, um… the shows now, the response and stuff like that great cause these people them love dancehall now, the level weh dancehall deh pon is like dancehall a dem first choice a music. So is a whole heap a fun, make new links to bring the thing to a different level, crazy network fi keep the thing growing”.
You’re an exceptional lyricist; describe to me the creative process of writing?

“Well we don’t write yuh nuh that a the first thing we don’t put pen to paper its all in the meds we like a computer we just talk and record it inna the mic, music for me is life its not hard cause most of the things we talk bout a things we see or things we have done so we just keep it every day like that. We see something happen we just put it in a musical form, just like that cause a music. We put in the work and the songs just keep on coming, on a different level I’m getting better at it”.
Before Aidonia the DJ describe Mr. Lawrence the man?

“Well yuh dun know Mr. Lawrence was a Baller / Basket Baller cause from school days we a play football & basketball, that was the professional route for us after school after we get kick from Meadowbrook mi make a one fly out a gwan do the thing, come back fi do music but end up a do sports Duhaney Park that’s football and Braves Basketball. Otherwise from music a sports a wi life, that keep we out a nuff things and then from there now we get the break and start deal with the musical side of things”.
The international market is opening up to dancehall music, people like Brick & Lace, Junior Reid and Cham, how do you plan to capitalize on this?

“Well a dat we a deal with right now cause as you notice we change the flows often and you know my flow is influenced by rap music also R&B too. A the first step that to cross over internationally, now is just finding the right songs, putting everything together cause internationally it’s a package, its not just talent alone whole heap a thing come with it, promotion, production, image so we just a create the right thing for the right time. Keep building the songs, nice songs, groovy songs you know the international different from the hardcore market that we have out here, so a just setting yourself for the best and gwan travel pon the right road, hopefully in a few years cause we not in any haste because a one one coco full basket and a one one rhymes full lines so we a gwan create the break”.
J.O.P, tell me who are some of the members and how do you plan to introduce them in dancehall?

“Well a Jag One Production, production different because everybody a say crew or massive or gang but Jag One was founded in 1995 from Meadowbrook so right now you have musical members of J.O.P, Size 10, Diablo, Show Crime, Inium, Suhverto that’s where it is right now. J.O.P is where musically everything started for Aidonia if you notice from them long time deh my slang was J.O.P a endorse the thing, so is only now when mi can call few shots and make few moves that the thing a happen now make some producer voice the man dem and make dem go pon show and thing. Its just their time, it started like 6-7 months now them finding songs that the people will here, dem even in front of you right now cause is a everyday all day motion”.
Dancehall fans are waiting on an album from Aidonia, how far along is that project?

“Well as we say haste make waste and we pree album on a different level, a units we want to sell like Shaggy dem and the man dem over the years have done, so right now we a gwan do the singles same way, we a gwan do the mix tape and build a bigger fan base so we a pree a album like next year or the year after.”.
Tell me what’s fresh in the streets for Aidonia, what songs are hot?

“Well a bag a thing cause you dun know we spit rhymes every day just like that so the comeback for Aidonia now was “look how long I’ve been begging you please, fi massage up your breast and squeeze (Ah You), that’s where the new catalog start. After mi voice that mi start find some song like What’s’ Up (Wah get your body gal dat’s up dat’s up). Find a next one name Empty mi have one more name Robbery, a next one name Mi Clap It plus the one weh a shot the radio right now is one weh name Mi a Bubble Har, Irie & Zip 103 a kick it, so right now December look beautiful”.


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Posted by JOP | September 11, 2007 11:07 AM

Aidonia is really getting hot again, him and busy signal a come run back the di place munga voice nuh real suh not going to last long

Posted by tune | September 11, 2007 12:14 PM

I would recommend Idonia sit and actually start listening to himself before he records. cuz right now the way he Dj is not making it, there is no clarity at all.

Posted by Anonymous | September 11, 2007 2:57 PM

yea man big up aidonia

Posted by shabba | September 12, 2007 12:41 PM


Posted by Blackrose | September 13, 2007 2:48 PM

Aidonia has really warm,sexy and tight voice! I look so forward to his new album :)Big up Aidonia!

Peace and Love,

Posted by Marg | September 15, 2007 8:04 PM

Aidonia is HOT and SEXY but he needs to stick to singing about girls and thats about it. Anything else that comes out of his mouth is bull crap. Busy Signal now a di real big man. Aidonia ain't got NUTTIN on him.

Posted by geego | October 30, 2007 10:39 AM

this person is talking totally non sense bout aidonia dont have anything on busy.busy is good but not better than aidonia.aidonia won artist of the year 2006.busy will never win that

Posted by K.O. | February 28, 2008 11:43 PM

im from the ny aidonia your tunes are some of the best even all the way out here, no one else around has a clue who u r but dats bcus they havnt recognized who da realest is and they listenin to that bull shit modern rap by these new fake pusyholes U n jop are da realest n di best bless up from new york ..ko keazy4life27 aim

Posted by spyda | June 16, 2008 9:58 AM

yo aidonia, why some likkle fool bizzy doin folly stacking up gunz like grants pen,marvally, jungle & tivoli. ahh wehh de f**uck doo demmm...... bang boom in dem...

Posted by Zi'Mc | October 13, 2008 2:54 PM

ya man aidonia i'm french and I'd like to have a dubplate in which you called my neighborhood (Morne aux vents) and my name (Zi'Mc) answered me in giving me the price thancks

Posted by andre.. | June 3, 2009 2:10 PM

yo yo! Aidonia big up yuh self yute ah weh sum likkle p*ssy ah talk bout? Yuh tune dem badda den busy signal not even mung tune dem caah come nuh weh near fi yuh. Yo yuh kill di few p*ssy dem dem dead dem neva know seh yuh did suh bad f**ka dem bookam bookam bookam nuh pree nuh kree....anyway big up yuh bumboo-clatt self again hear mi ah seh big up di teacha vybz kartel

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