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September 30, 2007

Wyclef Jean Gets Rave Reviews - Carnival II: Memoirs of an Immigrant

wyclefjean-carnival-rihanna.jpgWyclef's new album Carnival II: Memoirs of an Immigrant has a new release date. The album featuring Lil' Wayne, TI, Chamillionaire, Mary J Blige and more hits stores December 4th just in time for the holidays.

The reviews are in, the critics loved Wyclef Jean's performance for the The Dream Concert - MLK Memorial at Radio City Music Hall!!

Check out what they are saying about Wyclef's performance below:

Daily News
“Hip-hop refugee Wyclef Jean was the best and first to really engage the audience. When Jean wasn’t getting a big enough rise from the audience, he took his act off the stage and into the crowd, rousing the sedate fans from their pricey, $1,000 seats.” - Jim Farber on 9/20/07 - NY Daily News

The New York Times
“Everything seemed pretty tentative until Wyclef Jean took the stage; if any hip-hop star knows how to get a well-heeled audience to stand up and dance, it’s this one.” - Kelefa Sanneh on 9/20/07 - New York Times

Lyrics and mp3

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Busy Signal's hit single 'The Days' standing firm over Munga's 'Wine Pon It'

By Richie B, host - “HOT MIX” on Hot 102FM


01 1 10 The Days-Busy Signal-Daseca (2wks@#1) NM
02 3 12 Wine Pon It/Talk To Me-Munga - Casper Productions U-1
03 4 7 Conscience-Cham - Don Corleon U-1
04 2 19 Caan Cool - Chuck Fender-Birchill Records (3wks@#1) D-2
05 5 13 Bounce Along-Miss Triniti feat Edee-Unseen Lab NM
06 7 8 Give It Up-Beenie Man feat Barbee-357 Records U-1
07 8 8 Love Is Wicked-Brick & Lace - 180 Entertainment U-1
08 10 7 Take My Place-Munga-Don Corleon U-2
09 12 7 What You Gonna Do-Bugle-Daseca U-3
10 13 4 Bubble Like Soup-Timber-Lee - Ward 21 U-3

Lyrics and mp3

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Queen Ifrica's 'Below The Waist' still standing firm in the #1 spot - Hype TV Top 20

queen-ifrica-tonyrebel.jpgQueen Ifrica's "Below the waist" continues to reign on the chart as she is still holding on to the # 1 Position. Let's see if this queen can hold on firmly to the top spot.

Busy Signal seems to be warming up the chart this week as there are two songs on the chart for him. The artiste career seems to be blossoming with great improvements just after his change in management to Shane Brown. One of the songs on the chart is of course "The Day". This song also happens to be this week 'Shot to watch' and it moved two spots up to the # 2 Position. Can we therefore say that the song seemed destined for greatness or will this threat last only temporarily?

Incidentally this week newest entry is of course Busy signal's "Nah Go A Jail" at our # 19 Position. This is his second song on the chart and it is making its debut just after his video premier last week. Will the video give the song an added push up the chart?

Ce'Cil's "I'm Waiting" is making great strides up the chart as the song moved five spots up to the # 9 Position. The song seems to be building up it's momentum on the chart at an excellent pace, but will this pace slow down.

TW LW WOC Artiste Name - Song Title - Record Label
01 01 11 Queen I-Frica - Below The Waist - Penthouse-2wks@#1
02 04 09 Busy Signal - The Days- Daseca-Shot to Watch
03 03 10 Munga - Wine Pon It - Casper Productions
04 05 08 Cham - Conscience-DonCorleon
05 02 18 Tarrus Riley - She’s Royal - Cannon - 4wks@#1

Lyrics and mp3

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September 29, 2007

Sexy Mira Craig - The Beautiful Girl With Many Sounds

sexygirlmiracraig.jpgMira Craig is an artist with a very different sound, she experiments with her voice and mixes styles from all over the world in her productions. She samples her voice and makes a lot of the other samples and live sounds so the beats will sound organic. Her sound is an edgy mix of various styles such as Dancehall, Soca, Keiso, Raggasoca, Crunk, Southern Bounce, Norwegian Folk music, Japanese Folk music, Opera, Charleston, and many others. It’s a new and urban type of world music. She calls her sound Tribal Dreams. She also has a very distinctive voice, although she uses it in many different ways. She is songwriter and Producer.

She has her own company called Homemade Records and is the first artist to sell to gold with R&B in Norway. She makes all her own clothes for videos, stage and pictures. She co-directs, produces and co-edits her own videos. She does all the styling and choreography for her videos. She also does her own CD design. Her debut album, Mira Mira, went to gold without a TV commercial. She had 3 singles off that album, Boogeyman, Headhunted and Who Make Yuh, which all became huge hits. Her second album Tribal Dreams has just come out and the first single Leo was the first Norwegian video to get MTV’s highest rotation in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland simultaneously.

She has worked with respected artists and producers such as Snoop Dogg and Timbaland. She was featured on Timbaland’s album Shock Value, where she laid the opera voices in the production of Come and Get Me featuring 50 Cent and Tony Yayo. Snoop Dogg put her on his compilation Welcome to the Church - The Album, where she featured on the song Sisters n Brothers and he even put one of her songs from her first album Mira Mira on the compilation, called Dinner In Bed.

Lyrics and mp3

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September 28, 2007

Avah Taylor - Experience a Sexy Lifestyle


AVAH TAYLOR was launched in early 2006 by Kerry-Ann Thompson, the Founder and Creative Director alongside Patroe Belcher, the Director of Visual Arts. Together their aim is to establish a unique clothing brand which fuses elements of the Caribbean culture with high quality, class and glamour.

The t-shirt line, which is just the beginning, mixes urban slogans, dancehall slang and various design techniques to create a dynamic look. “Our designs are aimed at men and women who are confident about who they are and what they want out of life. Our culture and roots are very important to us and we wanted the shirts to be a reflection of that love for Jamaica,” Patroe explains.

The duo also has plans to expand production to include denim, hoodies and accessories in the future but for now both agree they are focused on introducing AVAH TAYLOR to the world. However, Kerry-Ann states “We don’t want to place ourselves in a box, so when we say dancehall lifestyle brand, that doesn’t mean we cater to solely to the dancehall, it’s just where we look to for inspiration. That’s also one of the main reasons we launched the Avah Signature Collection, to help solidify our position as a fashion brand and not just a label. ”

Look out for AVAH tees in a store near you.

For more information and to view our catalog visit


Lyrics and mp3

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50 Cent Outsells Kanye West In Europe

By: Kenny Rodriguez

50cent-cashgirlssexy.jpgIt seems Kanye West and 50 Cent are still feuding over first-week sales - “Curtis” has outsold “Graduation” on the European charts, despite Kanye initially winning in US and UK markets.

50 Cent’s “Curtis” debuted at No. 1 this week on the European Top 100 charts - which includes sales from Italy, Germany, and France - while Kanye’s “Graduation” peaked at No. 3.

Meanwhile, Spanish singer Manu Chao’s “La Radiolina” took second place.

No word yet on sales figures.

To recap: three weeks ago “Graduation” outsold “Curtis” in the UK; two weeks ago Kanye won again in the US; and this past week 50 Cent triumphed on the European charts.


Lyrics and mp3

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September 27, 2007

Mary J. Blige is 'Just Fine'

maryjblige-growingpains.jpgMary J. Blige, the Queen of Hip Hop Soul is back! Mary premieres her new single 'Just Fine' on AOL Music, produced by "Tricky" Stewart and Jazze Pha. This is the first single from Mary's new album "Growing Pains".

The unstoppable Mary J. Blige will release her eighth studio album, 'Growing Pains,' on November 27. "I've done the work mentally, physically, spiritually and intellectually," she told US Magazine of her follow-up to 2004's 'Breakthrough,' which won Grammys for Best R&B Album and Best R&B Song.

Blige teamed producer Terius "The Dream" Nash -- the same mastermind behind Rihanna's 'Umbrella' -- for 'Pains.' If 'Just Fine,' the album's first single, is any indication, folks can expect fun, danceable beats from the the woman Mya calls "the queen," and to whom Nelly Furtado attributes her music career.

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September 26, 2007

Canada's Kool Haus Denounces "Murder Music" - Elephant Man

elephantman-diddyrihanna.jpgAs released in an official statement to the Toronto Star and PROUD FM, late Friday afternoon, The Kool Haus does not support any form of violent and aggressive lyrics against the gay/lesbian community; including those sung by Elephant Man, scheduled to perform at The Kool Haus, Friday September 28th.

CEO of The Kool Haus, Charles Khabouth, has released the following statement:

"Had I been aware of the nature of the lyrics, I would not have allowed the booking; unfortunately, I was only made aware after the fact. It is impossible for a venue that hosts hundreds of shows a year to be aware of all violent and discriminatory lyrics performed by artists. Furthermore, had I had the ability to pull the show altogether, once I was made aware of the nature of the lyrics, I would have. Due to a contractual agreement that was signed before the matter was brought to my attention, I was not able to act as I would have liked. I want to make it clear, I am not comfortable with this show at The Kool Haus, and I in no way, support the musician or his lyrics; I am simply bound to a contractual agreement that I am unable to break.

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Assassin - Another succesful project of the Ghetto - Gully Sit'N

assassin-spragga-vybzkartellovegirls.jpgGully Sit’N is live and as Assassin begins promoting his sophomore project more and more people are getting to know the versatile DJ. He’s not as elusive as many may believe; in fact it only took one call to the office of VP Records to get Mr. Jeffrey Campbell to do an exclusive.

Yes Assassin has come of age and yes the album sell off no doubt about that one. With all this focus now on a potentially viable mainstream album the industry is finally paying attention, Assassin is being closely watched to see if he can be next through the international door. A masterful creator of music Assassin insists it’s his passion, he’s determined to prove that dancehall can sell units in its purest form. Gully Sit’N brings it back to the basics, back to the roots of Kintyre Papine where he resided for most of his youth. From the explosive Count up Intro to the sinisterly crafted Beep Out conclusion Assassin highlights Garrison levity from start to end on Gully Sit’N. “Check Check its Another One”.
With your album Gully Sit’n now released what are the expectations behind it?

“Well of course is sweat and tears we put into it so obviously we a look fi go all the way with it and of course try to maximize the potential of the project, and me a do my part in terms of making sure we get all a di promotional work done and getting the word out cause we believe it’s a good effort”

Lyrics and mp3

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Dancehall Star Macka Diamond - Her Story - Bun Him!!

mackadiamond-bunhimsexystar.jpgHate her or love her, but Macka Diamond is HOTTTT!!!!.....Recently scoring her third number one song with the very hot 'Hula Hoop', and quickly following up with Dandy Shandy, both of which came after the monsters like, 'Done Already' and what some have labeled the women's anthem, the ever popular 'Bun Him,’ done in combination with Black-er.

Yea, Macka is without doubt, HOTTT!!!, but it does not stop there, because after all that, Macka is at it again, this time creating HISTORY, or is it, HER-STORY, by becoming the FIRST Jamaican entertainer (male or female) to ever write and release a full length novel, which for the record, already has everybody talking.

Lyrics and mp3

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September 25, 2007

D'Angel Blazin' on the remix of Alicia Keys' latest single - "No One"

d%27angel-beeniemanwife-sexy.jpgDespite all the media hysterics that unfolded a short time ago, Michelle Downer aka D’Angel has been non-stop working. She has been doing a lot of recordings in the studio both here and abroad. Currently, D’Angel has released her new single called “Blaze” produced by Arif Cooper of Fresh Ear Productions and the song has been blazing up the airwaves hard in Jamaica.

“Blaze” is in rotation abroad on urban and reggae stations in New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, L.A., and Miami as well as on underground stations. D’Angel just returned from New York doing promotions and recording new tracks for her up-coming album. She was featured on a remix with Alicia Keys on her new track titled “No One”. She was also the special featured guest at the Reggae Twins Fashion & Style party at the Club Carib in New Rochelle, NY over the weekend.

D’Angel is putting together her album for 2008 and is now busy in the studio working with some of Jamaica's top producers such as Wee-Pow (Stone Love), Sly & Robbie (Taxi Gang), Arif Cooper (Fresh Ear), Steve McGregor (Big Ship), and Don Corleon, amongst others including some international producers. Prior to her new single, D’Angel’s catalogue stems back to several chart hitters including her break out song “Downtown Girl (Living Uptown)”, One Man featuring Beenie Man, and Baby Father with Vybz Kartel.

Preparations are also in place to shoot a video for “Blaze”. The video will hit the local TV and cable stations in a few weeks.

Lyrics and mp3

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MS. Nikki 'Bad From She Born' - Armed and Sexy


I am a vibrant 26 year old who loves life. I love experiencing new things, and just trying some sh*t that would be completely out of the ordinary. I am currently in nursing school, and will hopefully be graduating this December.

The most important thing to me at this point in my life - I want to make a better life for my folks than the one I had. I'm not saying that I grew up in poverty, but my mama struggled like a mutha f*cka to pull us through. So everyday, I grind so my kids can live the best life they can, lol. And as for my hommies; I love 'em all. If I didn't have them to keep me afloat when I couldn't hold myself, I'd be f*cked up GOOD.

Lyrics and mp3

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Is Kanye West getting mad? - Watch the video - Rated 'D' for 'drunk'


Lyrics and mp3

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September 24, 2007

Is Barbee Short on TLC With Boyfriend Since Beenie Man?

barbee-barbiebeenieman-d%27angelwife.jpgAre Barbee’s musical relations with Beenie Man causing discomfort for her boyfriend?
That’s the single most important question running around in the dancehall circuit right now.

Dancehall’s newest female addition Barbee, has been the talk of the town since she was snapped by cameras holding tightly to the King of The dancehall Beenie Man. The pictures seemed to do wonders, as she has pushed head-first into the deep end of the pool of public interest…forced to either sink or swim.

She has enjoyed a fair amount of success since then. In fact, talks in dancehall circles are that she's one of a few artistes that were propelled to stardom without a hit song at the time….well except for L. A. Lewis who is always popular without a hit tune. But news in the streets is never scarce, and get to understand that the latest word in the entertainment circuit is about Barbee's boyfriend. According to sources close to her boyfriend, he's been complaining of not getting enough TLC from the eye catching beauty since she teamed up with the Doctor Beenie Man.

The question is - if Barbee has a boyfriend, then has Beenie Man finally landed himself a contract as Joe-grind?
Many news sources have revealed that Beenie Man went shopping recently, buying Barbee all that she needs. Some websites have even reported that the two were caught kissing while auditioning for dancers to appear in a music video.

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Ce'Cile dispels rumours of being pregnant for Bounty Killer

cecileandbountykiller.jpgKingston, Jamaica: - Recently, rumours have been circulating that Ce'Cile is pregnant, and it has also rumoured that she is pregnant for Bounty Killer. Ce'Cile has decided to make a statement to clear up all gossip once and for all.

"No, I am not pregnant, I was never pregnant and I have never been romantically involved with Bounty Killer nor have I ever said that I was."

The rumour started when Ce'Cile decided to test just how rumours can start, due to rumours that had been spread about the artiste in the past.

"It's amazing how things can get out of hand. On Friday June 1st, I appeared on Hype TV's Up & Live to premiere my new video Goody. Anju Val (Hype TV VJ) had mentioned rumours about me having had breast implants. Amused by this new rumour, I remarked that I am never sure how these rumours get started but am intrigued by them. Jokingly, I said to Anju Val that we should start our own rumour and see how far it gets. On live TV, I said, while laughing 'OK Anju, let us say that I am pregnant for you'. It still amazes me that even though I actually said that we were joking about it, people ran with it.

"As for Bounty's involvement, I'm not quite sure why his name came up, think we were seen together at an event, and probably because people now thought I was pregnant, they were looking for the baby daddy, so now it's Bounty's baby. I'm still in shock at how this has gotten out of hand".

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Rihanna Shut Up and Drive Lyrics & Video

[Verse 1]

I've been looking for a driver who's qualified
So if you think that you're the one step into my ride
I'm a fine-tuned supersonic speed machine
With a sunroof top and a gangster lean


So if you feel me let me know, know, know
Come on now what you waiting for, for, for
My engine's ready to explode, explode, explode
So start me up and watch me go, go, go, go

Got you where you wanna go if you know what i mean
Got a ride that smoother than a limosine
Can you handle the curves? Can you run all the lights?
If you can baby boy then we can go all night
Cos I'm 0 to 60 in three point five
Baby you got the keys-

Now shut up and drive
(drive, drive, drive)

Shut up and drive
(drive, drive, drive)

Lyrics and mp3

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Ce'Cile's the 'Bad Gyal' in Japan

Ce%27cile-cecilebadgal-sexygirls.jpgAfter dominating the dancehall scene with so many hits, Ce'Cile finally released her debut album titled 'Bad Gyal'. Ce'Cile's 'Bad Gyal' album release on the Japanese label outfit, Avex, took place in Tokyo on September 5.

The album contains 15 masterly created tracks and features a healthy mix of popular and new tracks with a blend of different genres.

Ce'Cile, who spent a few weeks in Japan promoting the newly released album, came back home on a high following the response she received in that country. While there, she did a photo shoot for a clothing company, interviews with newspapers and magazines in
between performing on a few shows.

Her first stop was at the Ageha, one of the biggest clubs in Tokyo. She then went on to Nagoya for Reggae Explosion where she performed alongside Sugar Minott and others.

Her final stint was another club setting with homester Junko and that went very well with most of
the Japanese female dancehall fans referring to themselves as 'bad gyals!'

Lyrics and mp3

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September 23, 2007

Rapper - P Diddy Defends Britney Spears

By: Owen Williams


Rapper Sean ‘P Diddy’ Combs has jumped to the defense of troubled pop star Britney Spears - claiming that she’s not a big drinker, nor is she the party girl everyone thinks she is!

The ‘Bad Boy For Life’ rapper reportedly said: “The times I was around her, in her defence, she didn’t drink any alcohol. I didn’t see her drink.

“I was hospitable, I offered everybody a drink and, you know, she had water.”

However, Diddy Combs did admit that he neglected to advise Britney not stay out late and get some much needed rest before her big comeback.

“Everybody has their own way. Some people deal with nerves, they can’t go to sleep.”


Lyrics and mp3

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September 22, 2007

Elephant Man slammed door in receptionist face - No Fight Occurred With Diddy!!


Recently a malicious rumor cropped up recently in the Reggae Industry, that International Dancehall Star Elephant Man been involved in a physical tussle with Bad Boy Entertainment CEO Sean “P Diddy” Combs.

In-depth investigation by our US West Coast Correspondent Althea Cummings has revealed that the rumor was sparked by a disgruntled employee of Bad Boy Entertainment who has been relieved of her post at that company.

We contacted the fourth floor security supervisor at 1710 Broadway Avenue, in Manhattan, New York Home to Bad Boys Entertainment’s Headquarters. The security supervisor present at the time of our visit stated that he was not on duty at the time of the incident but did confirm that a report had been made by a receptionist who is no longer employed to the company.

After a few moments of persuasion the supervisor contacted his colleague who was on duty when the incident occurred and he then relayed the details of the incident.

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Daddy Turbo Ripping up the UK airwaves

daddyturbo-50centuk.jpgBy the age of 15 Daddy Turbo was DJing at school dances and youth clubs. After leaving school he spent a year studying music. Despite pursuing a football career, becoming an apprentice for Colchester United, Daddy Turbo kept his passion for music alive by playing at underground Reggae party's and buying records in London.

In the 1990s he was offered a media course with CSV Media and was than given a slot at ICR FM presenting a Reggae & Dance hall show which ran for 3 years. A change in the management and music policy at the station lead to Daddy Turbo leaving and starting Ipswich's first 24 hour underground station called Vibes FM, re launching as Flex Fm. Daddy Turbo has been in the business for 25 years and has become well known within the reggae industry in both the UK and overseas, especially Jamaica which he visited for the second time in 2006 where he met with top artists and producers. When asked the question "what has been the highlight of your career so far?" he replied "playing in front of a Jamaican crowd in Montego Bay". He currently hosts the Thursday night Reggae & Dancehall Link up Show from 7pm till 9pm . Log on to for more details and he also has a Sunday Radio show 4pm till 6pm UK time on BBC Radio Suffolk .

YES YES its Daddy Turbo blazin' a fire with the hottest Dancehall Reggae tunes! Every Thursday 7pm till 9pm on

Lyrics and mp3

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Busy Signal's hit song 'The Days' takes over the #1 spot

By Richie B, host - “HOT MIX” on Hot 102FM

busysignal-idonia-bountykiller.jpgTW LW WC TITLE/ARTISTE/LABEL
01 2 9 The Days-Busy Signal-Daseca (1wk@#1) U-1

02 1 18 Caan Cool - Chuck Fender-Birchill Records (3wks@#1) D-1

03 3 11 Wine Pon It/Talk To Me-Munga - Casper Productions NM

04 5 6 Conscience-Cham - Don Corleon U-1

05 6 12 Bounce Along-Miss Triniti feat Edee-Unseen Lab U-1

06 4 21 Tease Her-Anthony B-Trinity 7 Records (2wks@#1) D-2

07 8 7 Give It Up-Beenie Man feat Barbee-357 Records U-1

08 9 7 Love Is Wicked-Brick & Lace - 180 Entertainment U-1

09 7 18 Back It Up -Beenie Man-357 Records (5wks@#1) D-2

10 12 6 Take My Place-Munga-Don Corleon U-1

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September 21, 2007

Sean Kingston & Rihanna Take MOBO 2007


Barbados-born teenage sensation Rihanna, who earlier this year topped the British singles charts for ten weeks running with "Umbrella", was named Best International Act at the awards ceremony at London's O2 Arena, hosted by Jamelia and Shaggy.

The winners:

Best UK Female -- Amy Winehouse
Best UK Male -- Dizzee Rascal
Best International Act -- Rihanna
Best UK Newcomer -- N Dubz
Best Song -- "Because Of You" (Ne-Yo)
Best Video -- "Stronger" (Kanye West)
Best Hip Hop -- Kanye West
Best R-n-B -- Ne-Yo
Best Reggae -- Sean Kingston
Best Gospel -- G-Force
Best DJ -- Tim Westwood
Best Jazz Soweto Kinch -- 2face Idibia
Best African Act -- 2face Idibia

ReggaeWire News Network

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Sexy Elite Model Ali aims to become a software programmer

Information Provided by:
Elite Entertainment

Sexy Myspace-Girl of The Week

Alicia-sexygirls-jamaica.jpgAlicia, also known as Ali/lici/Alia by others, was born in Mona, St.Andrew. As an only child, she had a modest upbringing being brought up by a single mother; she knew what it was to struggle. But she was raised by a strong woman who taught her to set her goals high and to work hard to bring them to realization.

Alicia grew up loving the performing arts and fashion. Approached by many about her looks and talents, she never thought modeling or Dancing was her calling. Alicia has never shied away from hard work, remembering the example set by her mother. Struggle and perseverance has lent her a highly developed sense of humility and gratitude. Now in 2007 she's blessed to be working with a great Talent agency (Elite Entertainment) that will take her to the top.

Alicia is awaiting the perfect opportunity which will showcase not only her striking physical features, but her quick wit, intelligence and determination. As her true aspirations relies on becoming a software programmer and a promoter or events planner. Alicia aspires to be a household name. With those endearing assets, that goal might not be too far off.

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Daseca beating engery into Dancehall


Since of late many young producers such as the talented group Daseca are braving the odds to mastering the art of digital audio production and recording. Once again dancehall music has evolved with the majority of current rhythms featuring synths & horn streaming over patterned percussion drum lines flooded with snapping Hi Hats all tracked, edited, mixed & mastered digitally.

At this moment Daseca is certainly one of the busiest & most credible production groups. Daseca the group is comprised of David & Craig who are brothers with Serani anchoring the unit. Known for crafting some of the hottest riddims of 2007 Daseca has been enjoying success both on and off radio play lists with projects such as Badman Place by Movado & Busy Signal, Dying by Movado & Serani, These are the days by Busy Signal and What I’m gonna do by Bugle. As young producers they’ve earned the respect and appreciation of many top dancehall artists including Bounty Killa, Movado, Alaine, Assassin and their most recent protégé Bugle. Heavy in the streets and building a reputation of consistency in quality & creativity Daseca has a quota for studio sessions but agreed to answer a few Q&A’s with us at about music production.
What’s the influence behind the name Daseca?

“Well, when wi just started doing music, wi did a try find a name that was original, it was David that actually make up the name, and is basically some thing that have all a wi name. So it’s like DA David, SE Serani & CA Craig”.

Lyrics and mp3

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Dancehall Artiste Bramma Heading to The Top

Youtube Video of The Week

Lyrics and mp3

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September 20, 2007

Gays Pressured Canada To Ban Elephant Man and Sizzla

By RiddimJamaica


If Gay activist get their way, Sizzla and Elephant Man will no longer be allowed to enter the Canadian Capital of Ottawa.

In a damning move, Canadian Gay Rights Lobbyist in collaboration with the US Based “Stop Murder Music” Campaign, have decided to convince city officials in Ottawa to ban the Reggae Artists, based upon their refusal to sign the Reggae Compassion Act, a document of allegiance to the Campaign mission.

The Group is claiming that the performers who insight hatred against gays and lesbians, are breaching Canada’s anti-prejudice laws which states that people who instigate or influence hate crimes may not be permitted to enter the country or its borders.

Lyrics and mp3

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Scenes from George Nooks album launch


Lyrics and mp3

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Reggae singer George Nooks releases new album "So Excited" at Acropolis

By: Christopher “Icey Jace” Campbell Writer

georgenooks-albumjamaica.jpgVeteran lovers rock singer George Nooks added one more to his already stellar catalog of albums when he introduced his new album “So Excited” to media and industry representatives at the official album launch hosted at the Acropolis Restaurant & Bar on Sept 18th.

Nooks who is celebrating over 35 years in the entertainment fraternity partnered with producer / songwriters Ian Clough & Calvini Bakker of C & I RECORDS to create the 12 tracks compilation which for the most part was recorded abroad. So Excited which also features the lead single of the same name is easy on the ears, its’ smooth mystic flow is a perfect blend of reggae, jazz and rock steady. George Nooks who’s known for delivering scintillating performances seem to get better over time. No longer doing cover tracks as often as he use to - Nooks has never sounded better, his vocal control and strength really shines on this effort.

Lyrics and mp3

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September 19, 2007

Nikki Z - Zippin up Jamaica's Hype With Style

Christopher Campbell Writer

nikkiz-zipfmhypetv-sexygirl.jpgAs one of the sexiest DJ’s on radio NIKKI Z has earned her famed personality status in the Jamaican Entertainment Industry. From being a resident DJ on the hottest FM band Zip 103 to being the host of several programs on Jamaican cable TV station HYPE TV.

Nikki Z is a true in the streets Go Getta. Her superior work ethic and ambitious charm has brought her success both locally and internationally. A native of Jamaica who resided abroad for most of her youth Nikki’s diverse personality has kept her relevant in the publics' eyes. She’s everywhere, from snatching production credits on gangsta DJ Mavado’s Symphony of David Brooks Album to doing TV commercials. Nikki represents to the fullest. A budding producer in her own right Nikki’s entrepreneurial mind set and her innovative ideas has given her a bird’s eye view of the industry. She’s well connected and is constant on the move making things happen while staying informed. It’s easy to pick the red haired dread lock empress out of a crowd. Her super sexy tanned frame delivers shock treatment but if that’s not enough her down to earth personality and straight up honesty will have you in awe. She’s s hot and doesn’t waste anytime in showing off her god given assets. A huge fan of Nikki Z was excited to share her experience with us in this extended Q&A session.
“Aright Nikki talk to me about music, describe how music makes you feel.”

“Music is what keeps me alive basically, I mean everything that happens in your life. To me there’s always a song to get you out of any rut you’ve been in and for me that’s how music became a part of my life, If I was miserable and I heard music I’d just feel better. “
“Tell me how long have you been a radio DJ?”

“Officially I started in college radio in about 1998-99, right after I got out the army. “

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Fire Pashon Blazing Hot on North American Tour

By: Icey Jace


There’s an empress emerging into dancehall and with her comes a rich heritage of music. As the daughter of the legendary singer “Sugar Minott”, Fire Pashon is as engulfed as they come.

Born Tamar Minott she is genuinely passionate about making music and proving herself a strong capable female DJ. She has come along way in a tough industry which is testament to her dedication to keep improving, while trying not to be discouraged. Having toured extensively in North America with her father Pashon has credits as a stage performer but is still searching for that break out hit single. Coming close a few years ago Pashon released the savvy, temperamental record “Dem Grudgeful” on Jah Snow Cones Applause Riddim which gained her street credibility. Now working out of her fathers label Black Roots Recording Pashon is steadily building a catalog. She recognizes that the international market is receptive to reggae & dancehall and has capitalized by constantly performing abroad. But her last performance locally at Capleton’s “A St. Mary Mi Come From” showed that she still has a strong fan base a yard. Slated to grace Big Yard’s next Riddim, Pashon is ready for whatever card she’s dealt. spoke with her recently and found out just how beloved she is overseas. Check it out.
“Pashon how has your music been progressing / what have you been up to?”

“Well I must say overseas I’m doing very fine, I tour every year with my father and I’m trying to do some ground work down here in Jamaica, trying to get on some of those riddims. Just trying to do more work in Jamaica “

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September 18, 2007

I Get Money Remix featuring Jay-Z and Diddy


Diddy and Jay-Z are killing the track alongside 50 Cent on this remix also dubbed the "Forbes 1, 2, 3 Remix" as a reference to the Hip Hop Kings Charts published by Forbes in august. Too bad to see that Fifty loses his cool and cancelled his UK concerts after his highly successful 5-borough tour in NY.

Fifty may have lost against Kanye West in the Soundscan competition since Kanye is already #1 on the UK charts but he did a great job to promote his album and Curtis may just outsell Graduation in the next couple of weeks when the industry will start focusing on total sales.


Lyrics and mp3

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A Day In The Life of Aidonia

By: Christopher “Icey Jace” Campbell Writer

aidonia-idonia-bountykillervybzkartel.jpgMiami based media station & internet website Karib Link recently visited Kingston Jamaica in search of the No Nonsense, No Chat, No Pree, No Cree No Violation, No Explanation, Non Stop, Run Dat DJ Aidonia.

Karib Link who bridges the gap between people of the Caribbean and those living in the states decided to feature Aidonia in their A Day in the Life of TV program. Aidonia who has had a busy summer touring and performing locally at several shows including Reggae Sumfest, Fully Loaded and ATI Appleton Live Concert recently got word that the station was interested in highlighting his daily activities and welcomed the opportunity. With Solid Agencies PR/ Promotion Agents arranging and supervising the proceedings, the day got underway with the first couple of scenes being shot at his tucked away uptown residence. Clad in A multi colored, multi layered polo shirt and dark blue jean Aidonia played host to the camera and sound crew who got a glimpse of the DJ’s everyday life as he played Video Games (Fifa 2006) and interacted with his three dogs.

Lyrics and mp3

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Queen Ifrica gets her first #1 - 'Below The Waist'


The Females are surely the stars of almost all our categories this week on the chart, as Queen Ifrica's "Below the waist" as finally dethroned Tarrus Riley's "She's Royal" from the #1 position dropping him to the # 2. This is quite an achievement as it is her first # 1 single on any chart and she is also the second female to top the Hype T.V. Top 20 chart for 2007. The first being Macka Diamond the Female deejay of the year for 2006 with "Hula Hoop". Let's just see how long this Queen can stay in power.

The 'Shot to Watch' this week is Barbee featuring Beenieman's "Give it Up". Just like the steamy duet this song is surely warming up the chart as it moved three spots up from our #11 position to occupy our # 8 Position. The question to ask is how far can this pair go?

The 'Greatest Gainer' is Ce'Cile's "I'm Waiting" as it moved four spots up the chart to occupy the # 14 Position. This song is showing good movements up the chart after only three weeks on the chart. It obviously has potential so therefore, can it wait long enough to seize the top spot or will it just simply expire?

Bugle's "What I'm Gonna Do" is the 'Newest Entry' on the chart. It is making it's debut at our #19 Position. The song is very clear in expressing the statement on every chart watchers mind which is 'what is the song really going to do'. Will it make great movements up the chart or will it be marginal movements, if any at all.

TW LW WOC Artiste Name - Song Title - Record Label
01 02 10 Queen I-Frica - Below The Waist - Penthouse-New#1
02 01 17 Tarrus Riley - She’s Royal - Cannon - 4wks@#1
03 03 09 Munga - Wine Pon It - Casper Productions
04 04 08 Busy Signal - The Days- Daseca
05 07 04 Cham - Conscience-DonCorleon

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September 17, 2007

Pop Star Rihanna bad and loving it

rihanna-jayzbeyonce.jpgAt 19, stunning Barbados R&B beauty Rihanna has already sold 5.4 million albums, released five No. 1 singles, worked with industry mega-stars, been compared to one-woman-brand Beyonce and insured her legs for $1 million US.

That might explain the barely-out-of-high-school teen's new bad-girl demeanour, which comes complete with scandalous outfits, sexy videos and diva behaviour.

Rihanna's fittingly titled third record, Good Girl Gone Bad, has been dominating the charts based on the prowess of the catchy first single Umbrella, which features a guest spot by iconic rapper Jay-Z, who discovered the singer and put her on his Def Jam label.

The record has also ushered in a naughtier image for the fresh-faced singer, who was first introduced to us as a soft, island beauty with songs such as last summer's inescapable dance hall smash S.O.S., club classic Pon De Replay, power-ballad Unfaithful and R&B staple We Ride. Now, Rihanna has traded in her ballads and tropical dresses for latex booty shorts, fishnet stockings and, sometimes, nothing but body paint, such as in the video for Umbrella.

"I basically took the attitude of the bad girl and I really got rebellious and just did everything the way I wanted to do it," she says of her new album. "I didn't want to listen to anybody. I didn't consult with anybody. I just want to have a little more fun with my music and be a little more experimental in terms of my image and my sound. I just reinvented myself."

Source: - Read Full Story:

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Da'Ville gives shocking performance in Tokyo, Japan


Da'Ville continues to captivate the minds of fans all over the globe with his smooth, energetic and infectious performances.

Japanese fans were treated to a full course of diverse entertaining performance when the singer rocked the Ageha Club in Tokyo, Japan on September 7. He had the patrons in the full to capacity club eating from the palms of his hands as he satisfyingly fed them with songs such as 'In Heaven', Can't Get Over You', 'This Time I Promise', 'On My Mind', 'I'm In Love With You', 'My Grade', and his two most recent singles 'Give Thanks For What You've Got' and 'Fling It Up Pon Mi.' Singjay female artiste Ce'Cile also performed on the show and was well received by the audience.

Da'Ville who, in addition to singing, also entertained fans with his electrifying to caressing moves, had female Japanese fans reaching for the skies as he stood in control centre stage. His performance was awesome!

Lyrics and mp3

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Dancehall Diva Macka Diamond and New Comer Stacious At War?

macka-diamond-sexygirls.jpgSources in Jamaica have alerted ReggaeWire to a developing saga in Kingston Jamaica.

Dancehall diva, Macka Diamond whose hit single “Bun Him” catapulted her to the international arena, has allegedly confronted new comer Stacious.

The incident transpired at a popular New Kingston night club last week. It is alleged that Macka Diamond aka “Money O” approached a senior member of Stacious’s entourage and began elaborating on her need for not a lyrical war, but real war, suggesting the inclusion of guns and ammunition.

Stacious who seemed confused by the motive for the altercation agreed to a lyrical war but was taken aback, when Macka Diamond reiterated the need a street war.

Stacious then left the club after which Macka Diamond left moments later.

Up until press time, a motive for the confrontation could not be confirmed, and members of The Stacious management team could not provide any verification behind Macka Diamond’s threat.

Posed by the critics to become the next lady Saw, Stacious whose real name is Stacy Scarlett, emerged on the local dancehall scene in 2005 with the single “Thug Gal”. Since then she has made various appearances on local and international events. Her current single “No Ordinary Girl” is receiving heavy rotation worldwide.


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September 16, 2007

Jamaican Sean Kingston Keeps Top Spot In UK Charts


R&B sensation Sean Kingston has held onto the top spot in the U.K. singles chart for a second week. The 17-year-old's track "Beautiful Girls" remains at number one while Plain White T's move up to number two with "Hey There Delilah."

Kanye West's hit "Stronger" was pushed into third place and James Blunt took fourth spot with 1973. Girls Aloud enter the charts in fifth place with their new hit "Sexy! No No No."

Hard-Fi top the album chart with "Once Upon A Time In The West" while Amy Winehouse remains in second spot with "Back to Black."

Plain White T's take third place with "Every Second Counts" while Newton Faulkner and Athlete take fourth and fifth place respectively.

Source: Click for more

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Mavado's Deh Yah Pon Di Gully Side - lyrics

mavadogangstaforlife_bountykiller.jpgMi Nuh Gone Nuh Weh
No no no, mi deh ya, mi deh ya same way yeh
Mi Nuh Gone Nuh Weh
Dem lose again yo

Yo di gangsta deh ya pon di gully side
If you wah no weh fi fine me
Shoot informa mek demm holey side
B cah dem si to much dem fi avoid we
Dats why mi deh ya pon di gully side
If you wah know weh fi find me
Gi pagon g*n sh*t and mek dem holey side
Cah dem si to much dem fi avoid we

Verse 1:
From weh deh me here some ah talk seh
God know dats why me seh dem chat to much
So mi tell dem go clean up dem heart yeh
Because dem badmind and dem dam corupt
You ah hear mi mek we keep the music real
Cah mi nuh wah fi turn it inna battle field
Because ah if ah real war we nuh response
Gangsta's ah rise K's and beat uo the 6 pans
But mi nuh wah fi kill di music bredda
Mek we focus and mek we try fi build the music bredda
but it seem's like Ah war dem redda
So mi stay one side and low dem

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Ky-Mani Honored to be Special Guest on the 2007 Van Halen Tour

Ky-Mani-Marley-father.jpgAAO Music, Inc., the home of REALITY and its label partners, Vox Music Group and Purfek Storm Productions, are pleased to announce that Ky-Mani Marley has been selected to support Van Halen on the group's highly anticipated North American tour.
"This is truly a great opportunity for Ky-Mani, not only to support his new release, but to present his considerable musical talent to a mainstream audience," said Peter G. Kuys, Chairman of AAO Music, Inc. Kuys was instrumental in brokering the deal with Monterey International to represent Marley's personal appearances.

The tour will coincide with the release of Ky-Mani Marley's CD titled Radio. The CD will be his first release since his Grammy nominated album, Many More Roads, five years ago. Radio features several key singles including "One Time," "The March" and "Conversation" among others. All of the singles contain Marley's unique sound of classical reggae beats mixed with contemporary hip hop. Each song will be promoted heavily at radio, in print and other media and at retail. In addition to his exploding musical career Marley has also starred in several feature films including the cult favorite Shottas.

Son of the legendary Bob Marley, Ky-Mani continues the exodus in a different, but difficult world after 30 years. Radio by Ky-Mani Marley will be available from AAO Music, in conjunction with Vox Music Group and Purfeck Storm Productions beginning September 25th.

Lyrics and mp3

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September 15, 2007

Skull - Korea's first reggae superstar - hits the Billboard

By: Christopher “Icey Jace” Campbell Writer

skull_southkorea_reggae.jpgThere’s no denying him, his witty dynamite flow will definitely catch you off guard and have you saying. Who’s that Rasta dude singing? Skull the newest and brightest spark to hit the reggae music genre internationally is 100% authentic.

A native of the Asian country Korea Skull, sports thick shoulder length dreadlocks, is a die hard Bob Marley fan, and is bent on exploring the roots of reggae to the fullest. Musically he’s ranking amongst the best in the world with his first single Boom Di, Boom Di enjoying 8 weeks and counting on the Billboard Hot Singles Charts. Currently ranked # 14 Skull began enjoying cultural music as a youth. In fact several video clips of the Asian sensation shows he does great covers of Bob Marley hit records plus he has the lean and rock foot movement of the late great musical icon.

He still utters his native dialect but Skull has quickly started to learn the English language. Though his music is a straight up tempo reggae vibe on bouncy hybrid (fusion of genres) rhythms Skull has the unique ability of crossing musical boarders with a stellar voice. His vocal capacity and clarity allows him to be mistaken as a pop artist to unsuspecting listeners. He even depicts a hip hop image in his whole demeanor and just has a superstar quality about him.

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Taurrus Riley's She's Royal is the #1 song in Jamaica for more than three weeks

Tarrus-Riley-jamaicansexygirls-reggaelady.jpgUnlike the recent Political Change where one party lost it's ruling Position Taurrus Riley's "She's Royal" remain firmly in its #1 Position for the fourth straight week. Let's see just how long this song will be able to hold on to the top spot.

Queen Ifrica's "Below the waist" is on the move again after rising to the #2 position. It is therefore the shot to watch as she is really representing for the ladies. Will she be the second female artist to reach the #1 spot this year on the Hype Tv Top 20 Chart.

Busy Signal's "The Day" is positioning directly for the top spot after moving four spot s up to the # 3 Position. Is this song destined for the top?

Movado's "Pon Di Gully Side" who was threatening the #1 position for three weeks slips down the chart to the #5 Position.

The greatest gainer this week is Cham's "Conscience" as it is clearly on the go. It moved five spots up the chart to the #7 spot, after only three weeks on the chart. Is it heading to dethrone the number one song?

There are two new entries on the chart this week. These are I-Maroon's "Mi Salt" which makes its debut at the #16 position. This song has already skipped four spots up the chart. The other entry is Assassin's "Move Like A Sissy" which is at the # 19 position. This song enters the chart just after the launch of his second album Gully Sit'n.

TW LW WOC Artiste Name - Song Title - Record Label
01 01 16 Tarrus Riley - She’s Royal - Cannon - 4wks@#1
02 03 09 Queen I-Frica - Below The Waist - Penthouse Shot to Watch
03 04 08 Munga - Wine Pon It - Casper Productions
04 08 07 Busy Signal -The Days - Daseca
05 02 13 Movado - Gully Side - Fire Links-Peak@#2

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Tanya Mullings ready to take over the US

tanyamullings_reggaesinger-sexygirl.jpgTanya Mullings the Canadian born diva who has won the heart of fans all across Canada and the Caribbean, is now poised and ready to take over the US.

Being the daughter of the late great Jamaican reggae music Producer Karl Mullings, means Tanya has been taught by one of the best. [in every sense]

She has a brand new album out...'Music Is My Life', and the reviews have been nothing but positive. "I personally endorse this album. It bad!!! One of my favorite tracks has got to be 'I Don't Mind' featuring Morgan Heritage".

Tanya has been branded as the, 'pioneer female reggae artist' in Canada...and no, I didn't make that up, nor did she. It is documented in the encyclopedia of music. That's hot!
I could tell you about the many many awards she has won, but I'd rather you read it for yourself. guessed it. I am sending you to her MySpace page. Just click on her pic.

Lot's more info will be coming your way shortly on Tanya. This was just an intro.

The album is available for purchase on her page also.
Get your copy. You won't be sorry.

Lyrics and mp3

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September 14, 2007

T.I. Leads BET Hip-Hop Nominee Pack With 9 Nods

By Allen Starbury

ti-bet-awards.jpgFollowing a crazy ceremony from the VMAs, BET is gearing up for their second annual BET Hip-Hop Awards, going down in Atlanta Georgia and airing on October 17th.

Of this year's nominees, T.I. comes out on top, much like he did last year, during the awards show's first ever ceremony. This year, T.I. tops everyone with nine nominations including Lyricist of the Year, MVP of the Year and Hustler of the Year.

Lil Wayne comes in behind the "King of the South" with a total of seven noms, while Kanye West drew six, Common earned five, Jay-Z grabbed four, and Ludacris and 50 Cent got three each.

"We are so glad to be back in Atlanta again for this year's version of what, in its debut, became the single hottest show in hip-hop," said Stephen Hill, executive vice president of entertainment, music and talent at BET.

The show will be hosted by comedian Katt Williams for the second time, while performances will include Nelly, Lil Wayne, Kanye West and Common.

The network will also honor the legendary KRS-One with the I Am Hip-Hop icon award.

Source: Read full story

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Know the reason why Beenie Man married to D'Angel

By: Chat Too Much


Yes mi fans, mi back from off the gullyside - yeah uhno done know dat a me and Mavado a par because a him tell me seh mi chat too much so from that day on a so everyone call mi - mi never like the name at first but when him buss the song chat too much that’s how mi know him rate mi.

Anywayyyyyy!!!!, uhno know that mi come fi chat people business, as mi seh if it nuh guh so it near guh so - a Jamaica this and people don’t tell lie or commit suicide, we leave dem things deh to the whiteman.

Mi know that a lot of us want to know the true story behind Beenie Man, Angel and the Warlord Bounty, but the reason why a lot of us can’t find out why Beenie Man married Angel is because there is a link missing from di saga. But mi a one gal nuh sit down and wait pon the truth because curiosity not going to kill this yah cat, so mi go get the news mi self and mi ago buss it today.

Everybody done know that any girl Bounty believe him fi get, him tek it, so mi hear dat Beenie Man bring this hot gal come a Jamaica from one small island, have har lock down in a him cabin for couple months well hiding her from the sharks. But true “I are di one” Bounty have a gal detector, him and the katty linkup secretly right under the Doctor’s nose. Them say when cats away rat take over, so after Beenie Man left the girl at him house and gone pon tour by the time him place him first foot pon di plane the girl was well lock down enjoy the comfort of Bounty Killer’s Rodney.

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Pleasure unleashed at Hedonism II, Jamaica - Sep 23-30


NEGRIL, JAMAICA, September XX, 2007 - Sexy PENTHOUSE pets battle it out in a cadre of Hedonistic activities including topless water volleyball, sexy lingerie fashion, and less at the Hedonism II/PENTHOUSE Key Girl of the Year Competition, Wednesday, September 26.

The curvaceous Exotic Dancers of Washington DC’s Club 55 will have you tempted to touch at a saucy wet T-shirt showdown - just when you thought the fantasy was all over they’ll take it all off in the Miss Black Nude 2007 Pageant, Saturday, September 29. Seriously, a Key Girl Escape topped off with Chocolate is just one of the many Hedonism II concoctions guaranteed to spoil you rotten.

With so many ladies around there will be lots to see. But the Sight-seeing is only half the fun.
Hedonism II is a lush garden of pure pleasure bursting with a myriad of ways in which to flex your muscles, explore the underworld of the Caribbean Sea, do a back flip into the main pool and glide like a rip tide down the waterslide or slow it all the way down with a long soak in one of five Jacuzzis and allow a massage therapist to tenderize aching muscles with an aromatic lavender body massage at the Blue Mahoe Spa.

Lyrics and mp3

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September 13, 2007

Scenes from Assassin's Gully Sit'N Album Launch - Terra Nova Hotel


Lyrics and mp3

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Di-Shaw working out with Dancehall producer Skatta

Dshaw-skattaburrell.jpgIn music having a credible connect with a solid reputation in the industry can be the determining factor of who gets a shot at a successful career and who gets left behind, it’s that simple.

Music is highly competitive and raw talent alone won’t get you through many doors. So when an artist is cosigned (given stat quo) by a superstar producer or A&R the industry naturally reacts with their undivided attention. Recently internationally acclaimed dancehall producer Cordell “Scatta” Burrell the man responsible for Nina Sky’s break out hit single “Move Your Body”, as well as Aidonia and the successful Inevitable riddim. Will now help to guide the talented and positive singer Di-Shaw. Why? Simply because Mendanzo “Di-Shaw” McKoy can deliver, he’s that one artist that slipped under the radar but was never gone. Now back with a massive 150 song catalog Di-Shaw is gearing up to release a wave of music in Jamaica. Though seemingly unknown to most Di-Shaw has been doing his rounds for some years as a recording artist. He’s worked with the veteran Beenie Man, the melodic Luckie D, and the soulful Junior Kelly as well as R&B producers The Alarm Squad.

Lyrics and mp3

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Dancehall artiste Assassin album launch party - more than a Gully Sit'N


Two years after his 2005 debut album Infiltration for which Assassin gained much respect from his fans and dancehall lovers - Jeffrey Campbell better known as Assassin is back with the sophomore effort Gully Sit’N.

At the official Album Launch Party on Sept 11th at Terra Nova Hotel, Assassin clad in a red blazer addressed media representative and several other industry players in what can be described as a short but spicy promotional presentation.

As the invited guests enjoyed refreshments DJ Flames of RJR chaired the proceeding and went right into introducing the special guests seated at the podium table. Engineer of many of Assassin’s tracks Bones and Brother/Manager of Assassin’s career Garath Campbell joined him front and centre to speak of Gully Sit’N the album. Yolan Zanders Marketing Manager for VP Records was however first at the podium and reiterated VP’s commitment to promote and market the album in all the major territories worldwide. She further praised the DJ for rising to the occasion and expressed gratitude to the media stations for their support.

Lyrics and mp3

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Reggae Singer Chuck Fenda holding down the #1 spot for a second week

By Richie B, host - “HOT MIX” on Hot 102FM

chuckfenda_Eternalflames.jpgTW LW WC TITLE/ARTISTE/LABEL

01 1 17 Caan Cool - Chuck Fender-Birchill Records (3wks@#1) NM

02 2 8 The Days-Busy Signal-Daseca NM

03 5 10 Wine Pon It/Talk To Me-Munga - Casper Productions U-2

04 3 20 Tease Her-Anthony B-Trinity 7 Records (2wks@#1) D-1

05 6 5 Conscience-Cham - Don Corleon U-1

06 7 11 Bounce Along-Miss Triniti feat Edee-Unseen Lab U-1

07 4 17 Back It Up - Beenie Man-357 Records (5wks@#1) D-3

08 9 6 Give It Up-Beenie Man feat Barbee-357 Records U-1

09 11 6 Love Is Wicked-Brick & Lace - 180 Entertainment U-2

10 8 20 Dance-RDX featuring Jigsy-Apt 19 D-2

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Lando - A trained General of the Bounty Killer-led Alliance

By: Icey Jace

lando-alliance-bountykiller.jpgNot many young recording artists nowadays have a heritage of music rooted in their youth. Many over time develop an understanding of the craft and set out to master the art form to the best of their ability, but in the minority is a chosen few who has been blessed with musical genes that allow them to effortlessly construct lyrics and commandingly deliver single after single. One such artist goes by the stage name Lando. Notably short in stature Lando is big in voice and is reminiscent of a General in Training, with his tactical and methodical approach to music.

Currently under the management of Solid Agency Lando is among the new brass of DJ’s pushing for 2007 credits. Already a feature on several FULLY LOADED stages Lando has been doing his rounds at major events like the recently staged ATI Appleton Live Concert @ waves Negril where he got great crowd response from the mostly tourist filled venue. Cognizant of what mainstream dancehall requires Lando has broken ground with a pulsating new single entitled Step Inna Di Club which is currently being distributed in the street of Kingston. While on assignment at Solid Agency spoke with the budding STAR.
How did you become an artist of Solid Agency?

“Well how I got started out with Solid Agency, I have a friend that me and him attended the same primary school and them call him Roach who is the PR in Solid Agency who book show for artists, so a really him mi link up with and from mi link up with Roach the whole thing just connect ”.

Lyrics and mp3

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DJ Envy & Red Cafe ft Fabolous & Jermaine Durpri - DOLLA BILL

envyredcolor.jpgKOCH Records is pleased to announce the release of a new collaboration album, The Co-Op, by acclaimed mix tape guru/HOT 97/Sirius Radio personality, DJ Envy and esteemed lyricist Red Café. The album will be released on September 25th, 2007 and features guest appearances from some of the biggest names in hip-hop including Fabolous, Fat Joe, Styles P and Sheek Louch, Paul Wall, Nina Sky and many more.

The 1st single pair of singles off the new album will be “Dolla Bill” which features Fabolous and JD and “Things You Do” featuring Nina Sky.

DJ Envy is a two time Just-O Mix Tape Award recipient and one of New York’s leading mix tape DJs. Since starting his career in the early 2000s, he has steadily climbed the ranks of the hip-hop world, becoming known for featuring the hottest tracks and exclusives on his mix tapes by some of the best in the game including Jay-Z, Cam’Ron, and The LOX. He has also produced vigorous tracks for artists such as DMX, Foxy Brown, Ja Rule, Fabolous, Petey Pablo, and Juvenile.

Mainstream music listeners are just now getting a taste of Red Café, the man who underground audiences have heralded as a legend for almost a decade now. Red had laid down tracks with the some of the best; from 50 Cent to LL Cool J, and when he wasn’t crafting his distinctive flow, he was spreading his talent around, penning memorable songs for others.

Listen to song Dolla Bill PLAY

Lyrics and mp3

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September 12, 2007

Pirates & Wrenches Celebrity Party - low turnout, but good vibes

By: Christopher “Icey Jace” Campbell


It was an amazingly great experience at Morgan’s Harbour Hotel & Marina on Friday night as the CVM TV Port Royal Music Festival got underway with the staging of its September 7th event Pirates & Wrenches Celebrity Party.

The Premium Ultra All- Inclusive Party which prepared a five star menu and had a stunning variety of liqueur with all the high anticipations did not disappoint. With music being provided by the now 18 year old sound system Renaissance Disco along side Richie D and Yohan Stevens the night progressed smoothly with 70’s and 80’s rock steady grooves from veterans and legends like Bob Marley, Alton Ellis, Barrington Levy among others. Never stalling in vibe or excitement Renaissance went deep in their catalog to provide some great techno and alternative rock spins at minutes after 12.

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Jah Cure - Curefest Moves to Trelawny and Montego Bay


Kingston, Jamaica: - Due to the overwhelming response for Curefest since Jah Cure's release, the promoters have decided to move the 3-day event to 3 separate locations to enhance the individual experience of each night, include Jah Cure's hometown and to facilitate the crowd expected to attend Longing For. Curefest, the 3-day event celebrating Jah Cure's freedom presented by Danger Promotions, Iyah Cure Promotions and Brass Gate Promotions, due for Friday, October 12 - Sunday, October 14, will now be held at 3 venues: Starfish Trelawny, Pier 1 and Trelawny Multi Purpose Stadium

Friday October 12, Reflection, an all-inclusive, all-white tribute dinner event hosted by Jah Cure will be held at the all-inclusive Starfish Trelawny Hotel while Saturday October 13, "45 Cure's will be held in Jah Cure's home town, Montego Bay at Pier 1. The main event, Longing For, on Sunday October 14, will be held at the new Trelawny Multi Purpose Stadium.

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Reggae Artiste Ky-Mani Marley to lead VOX Music Group

Ky-mani-marley-voxmusicgroup.jpgKy-Mani Marley, international reggae phenomenon and son of the iconic Bob Marley, serves as the premiere artist for the newly launched label.

With reggae music finding mainstream success in the United States and abroad, the crossover appeal of superstar talent such as Sean Paul, Elephant Man, and Wayne Wonder has resonated with artists creating fan bases worldwide. Now Ky-Mani Marley, international reggae phenomenon and son of the iconic Bob Marley, is giving back to his fans in a whole new way.

Marley serves as the premiere artist for the newly launched VOX Music Group, an independent record label created by Voxonic Inc., innovators of a patent voice conversion technology which can convert songs into over 1,400 languages with a 99% accuracy and voice retention rate. Marley will be releasing his first album in five years on the label, with various singles to be released in languages such as Spanish and French.

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September 11, 2007

Aidonia's Motion is Back - "I'm Getting Better"

By: Christopher “Icey Jace” Campbell Writer

Idonia_Dancehall_aidonia.jpgHe’s back; the man with the most creative flow, most rugged lyrics, most sensational vocal sound effects, from a heavy Bukam shotgun to the hovering helicopter reenactment Aidonia: has it all pat. Though seemingly quiet for some months Mr. “No Nonsense, No Chat, No Pree, No Cree, No Violation, No Explanation, Non Stop Run Dat” is packing even heavier punches for 2007 with his new catalog of hit singles. After giving great performances at Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest & the ATI Appleton Live Concert Aidonia has his sights set on embracing the international market. He swears that his new image & swagger is a deliberate move to raise the level of his infinite lyrical potential. As leader of the J.O.P movement Aidonia is forging ahead with his eye on the bigger picture. got the details of what’s been up with the Solid Agency managed DJ and also find out a little about Sheldon Lawrence, the man before Aidonia. Check it out
Aidonia how was the summer for you?

“Well it was good, we spent it mostly traveling cause seeing that we got the break like few years now we got a lot of shows booked for the summer, so like most of the time we deh between the Caribbean & Europe so it was a very progressive summer, whole heap a work was done and then in Jamaica we had big shows like Sumfest, so the best of the summer was there”.

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Sexy Tita - she's hot - she's blazing

sexygirl_tita.jpgHey, my name as you all know is Tita, I was born in Jamaica but spent most of my adult life traveling. I can’t wait to get back home to party like a RockStar - just kidding; my aim is to finish college and to be my own boss. After school I am going to still pursue my modeling and I am not going to stop until I’m at the top and beyond.

What she do in her spare time:
I love my family so whenever I get the chance to hangout with them I do. Apart from that I love to go to the beach to show off my sexy figure and relax. But on a cooler side, I will stay home watch movie, read, and doing cross-word puzzles.

Who she wants to be like:
It’s not that I am disrespecting anyone, but I only want to be me, there are persons who I idolize - but at the end of the day don’t you ever try to be like them.

Advice to others:
Life is story so be careful how you turn the pages. Meaning, in what ever you do, think before you do so because it’s not a wonderful feeling to make decisions that will haunt you for the rest of your life.

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September 10, 2007

R&B Star Sean Kingston lands the lead role for Notorious B.I.G. movie

seankingston-jamaica.jpgJamaican born chart toping 17 year old superstar recording artist Sean Kingston is once again dominating the spotlight - this time for successfully auditioning to play the lead role in an upcoming featured film that biopic the life of slain Hip hop legend Christopher “Biggie Small” Wallace.

It’s understood that Fox Searchlight Pictures facilitated nation wide castings for persons interested in the role of the film said to be titled NOTORIOUS. Kingston however told "When I first heard about that movie, it was through management. My management told me about it and you know I had auditioned for it and I met with the director and I nailed it and he gave me a shot now at being in the movie." His lack on big screen acting skills didn’t seem to be a problem for the casting selection team that was said to be deliberately searching for an unknown star to depict the music icon.

Biggie also known as NOTORIOUS B.I.G was shot and killed in Los Angeles in March 1997. According to the movie will be produced by Voletta Wallace “B.I.G.'s mother” along side Wayne Barrow and Mark Pitts “members of B.I.G.'s former management team”. BadBoy Entertainment C.E.O and Owner of Sean John clothing & apparel Sean “P. DIDDY” Combs who will be the Executive Producer based on a screenplay written by Cheo Hodari Coker and Reggie Rock Bythewood. Though a schedule date for the film has not been confirmed as yet - fans of the late great Biggie Small can expect a great story.

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Tifa - Right Time, Right Place, Right Song

By Christopher “Icey Jace” Campbell

tifa-ward21-hotgirl.jpgBeing beautiful will no doubt garner a person some amount of attention, but when that beauty is complimented by intelligence, talent and humility sooner or later that person will become irresistible. So was the case when went in search of a young dancehall singjay by the name TIFA.

Born Latifa Brown she is regarded by many industry professionals as a diamond waiting to be unearthed. Tifa is currently working with dancehall group Ward 21 and Natural Bridge Records - Tifa who is in her early 20’s is a graduate of the University of the West Indies (UWI) who laments that she has been doing music from a tender age. ”My mother and father were collectors of music; they had shelves and crates of music”.

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Scenes from Boom Party


Lyrics and mp3

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September 9, 2007

Reggae Artiste Shaggy, 50 Cent, Kano and Craig David head for Mobo's


The 12th annual Mobo Awards will broadcast on BBC Three from the O2 Arena on Wednesday 19 September.

Hosted by platinum-selling reggae artist Shaggy and British R'n'B star Jamelia, the star-studded awards ceremony will feature performances from Shaggy, Mutya Buena, Kano and Craig David, plus top American talent 50 Cent, Ne-Yo and Robin Thicke, and more acts still to be announced.

BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra BBC will bring reports, news and updates - both in the build up to the awards, and on the evening itself - and BBC One will broadcast the edited show on Friday 21 September. This is the fourth year that the BBC has exclusively broadcast the awards.

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Foxy Brown Sentenced To One Year In Jail For Violating Probation

foxy-deaf-prison.jpgA New York criminal judge sentenced Foxy Brown to one year in jail on Friday (September 7) for violating her probation multiple times, according to a New York spokesperson for the Department of Probation. The troubled, pregnant rapper received the maximum penalty.

Brown (real name: Inga Marchand) had been in custody at the all-women Rose M. Singer Center at Rikers Island prison since August 22. She was ordered there after violating her probation in two separate incidents (see "Foxy Brown Sent To Jail For Violating Probation"). The violation stems from two separate incidents, Ryan confirmed: Brown's recent arrest for allegedly assaulting her neighbor with a BlackBerry cell phone and for leaving the jurisdiction of New York without court permission.

In a separate hearing earlier in the day, Brown was indicted on assault charges stemming from the physical encounter with her neighbor.

Spokesman Jack Ryan told MTV News that Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Melissa Jackson held a "lengthy" hearing in which she scolded the rapper for not abiding by her probation guidelines, which included attending anger-management classes and regular meetings with a probation officer.

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Ce'Cile is Bad Gyal but still a Goody


The long anticipated launch of Ce'Cile's Bad Gyal album on the Japanese label outfit 'Avex' took place in Tokyo on September 5th. The album is the first for Ce'Cile on the Japanese label and after a successful tour of Europe Japan was ready for her debut.

The album contains 15 masterly created tracks and features a healthy mix of popular and new tracks with a blend of different genres. The first track Worth It is the first track on the CD and seems to prepare the listener for what is in store. Ce'Cile is at her best as she rides the rhythm to her second song, the smash hit: Goody which has been doing well internationally and spent seven weeks at number one on the Tempo Cross Caribbean Countdown. The song is another one of the host of professionally produced tacks on the album. It has superb arrangement and the vocals blend perfectly with the instrumentals.

Track number 4: Hot Like That is another dancehall favourite only this time it is even better, remixed with rap superstar Trina and boasts the production of icons Steely and Cleevie for Danger Zone and Sobe Records. Jamdown, appropriately placed as the 5th track is a well-suited ode to Jamaica. The track, produced by Ce'Cile, is a song that highlights the positives of Jamaica. "I've travelled to so many places but in the end, no matter how nice abroad is, there is no place like yard. I always look forward to coming back home." Ce'Cile explains. "With all the negatives people sometimes have to say about Jamaica, I wanted to speak about the positives of my home."

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September 7, 2007

D'Angel - 'Man FI Get Bun'

d%27angel_beenieman_babymacrodean.jpgD’Angel and Beenie Man are at odds again, and this time it is ‘The Doctor’ that is complaining. According to reports from a website, Beenie Man is claiming that D’Angel has voiced a song with lyrical content suggesting that she cheated on him during their disastrous marriage that lasted less than a year.

The allegations seem to have some substance as managed to get the lyrics to the song that has been causing a lot of controversy. As usual we aim to please our readers and for this reason we will share a verse out of the songs with you below:

“Bwoy gwaan like him waan come hate me body
Just through him hear say me a par wid Teddy
Through him know say dem man de big and heavy
And di man plan fi buy me a brand new Chevy
Mi dun tell the bwoy mi waan a strong man fi come hackle mi body
From wah day ya, mi notice say the bwoy nuh ready”

When got in touch with D’Angel she denied Beenie Man’s allegation saying that it was false. According to D’Angel the song was done a long time ago.

“This song was done from 2005………Music never dies… … ...what can I say, I have to meet the demands of the majority that love and support Reggae Music and have been supporting my music over the years,” said D’Angel ending with her trade mark slang … AN’SO!!!!!!”

Efforts to get a comment from Beenie Man proved futile as it was reported that he was out of the island.

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Reggae Super-star Kymani Marley - Creating An Impact In Entertainment

kymani_marley_juniorgong.jpgWhen it comes to musical legends, few have made the worldwide impact of reggae super-star, Bob Marley. His star is so bright in fact, that it shines on in the musical talent of his offspring, and second youngest son Ky-Mani is no exception. With his debut album Radio dropping September 25th on Vox Music Group, and his hit single One Time (click here to listen) blowing up the airwaves, Ky-Mani is now able to announce his tour plans with rock megastars Van Halen. Beginning September 25th in Miami, FL with an in-store promo stop at the Dolphin Mall, the tour routes through 51 major cities, including Canada .

Ky-Mani's musical versatility makes him the perfect candidate for this tour as he refuses to be pigeon-holed as just a reggae artist. Instead he incorprates everything he loves into his sound, including blues, world music, hip-hop and rock, preventing categorization. The end result is one that transcends all cultural lines. Like his father, Ky-Mani's raw, unadulterated, spirit-filled sound captures his listeners and reverberates his life story. Radio is filled with such music and boasts the production of Red Spyda, Ky Miller and J Vibes.

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Marcia Griffiths & Diana King Headline Trinity Tour 2007

dianakingand_MarciaGriffiths.jpgJamstar Productions and Jamaica Arts Holdings have announced that the Trinity Tour, featuring some of Jamaica’s premiere female artists, will take place in major North American cities this fall. The tour will allow fans to appreciate live, and intimate, performances by Marcia Griffiths (the Queen of Reggae), Diana King (Reggae/R&B Superstar) and a third emerging Jamaican female artist to be announced. The Trinity tour project was developed in an effort to increase the awareness of talented female artists in the reggae music industry. These phenomenal women represent some of Jamaica’s most prolific talent and their pioneering creativity will be showcased in this unprecedented tour.

The North American tour will begin October 18th on the east coast.

Marcia Griffiths’ career spans over 40 years highlighted by #1 hits in every genre of Jamaican music including ska, rock steady, reggae and dancehall. Her most recent album, “Melody Life: Reggae Anthology”, is an epic anthology and comprehensive insight into the works of one of Jamaica’s first female recording artists. The album is currently ranked #1 in NY, Jamaica and South Florida reggae chart. She is also one of the first female solo recording artist in the reggae industry, and she hit the Billboard chart with “Electric Boogie Song” and created a world class dance, the Electric Slide. She has also toured the world as a member of the I-threes with Bob Marley and the Wailers.

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September 6, 2007

Alison Hinds' anticipated debut album Soca Queen - Nov 6

allisonhinds_socaqueen.jpgHailing from the tropical island of Barbados, and crowned the undisputed "Queen of Soca" by fans worldwide, the British born ALISON HINDS is set to introduce the rest of the world to the power and passion of Soca (Southern Caribbean) music, which is rapidly gaining popularity among music lovers around the globe.

Since its dominant reign at the top of charts throughout the Caribbean, to New York City's prominent HOT 97 airwaves, to the BBC Radio in England, to Canada's premier music channel Much Music, ALISON HINDS' first single and video "Roll It Gal" has been gaining major global momentum, setting the stage for the highly anticipated U.S. release of her solo debut album, aptly titled SOCA QUEEN (1720 Entertainment/Black Coral) on November 6, 2007.

SOCA QUEEN is an upbeat collection of original songs, which captures ALISON HINDS' passionate sensual vocals, infectious driving rhythms and spirited lyrics. Armed with the stronghold support of her worldwide Caribbean fan base, the superstar touch of executive producer Salaam Remi (Amy Winehouse, Nas, Fugees), and fortified by the highly regarded Caribbean production team comprised of Shelshok (Wyclef Jean, Machel Montano, Maximus Dan), Chris Allman (Rupee, David Kirton), and Nicholas Brancker (Shabba Ranks, Simply Red, Rob Flack), the Soca Queen is prepared to broaden her domain.

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Tarrus Riley's She's Royal makes it a trio on Hype TV Top 20 Singles Chart

Hype TV Top 20 singles chart for September 7th, 2007


Tarrus Riley's "She's Royal" is still #1 on the chart after securely controlling the spot for about three weeks. This song seems to be on a serious mission of remaining at the top, let's just see.

Movado's "Pon Di Gully Side" continues to be in its #2 position. Will this song ever seize the #1 spot or will it dwindle away?

Queen Ifrica's "Below the waist" remains the shot to watch at the #3 spot. Let's see if the queen will dethrone the royal song or not.

The females seem to be making great momentum on the chart this week, as we have approximately four females shining bright that is Etana, Bar-Bee, Queen Ifrica and the illustrious lady Ce'Cile with her "I'm Waiting" song. This is our newest entry on the chart and it is making its debut at the #19 spot.

This week greatest gainer is Baby Cham's "Conscience" as it moved six spots up the chart from the #18 position to the #12 position. This song is really on the move after being on the charts for only two weeks. This song seems to be destined for success.

TW LW WOC Artiste Name - Song Title - Record Label
01 01 15 Tarrus Riley – She’s Royal – Cannon –3wks@#1
02 02 12 Movado – Gully Side –Fire Links
03 03 08 Queen I-Frica - Below The Waist - Penthouse Shot to Watch
04 07 07 Munga - Wine Pon It - Casper Productions
05 04 13 Pressure - Love & Affection - Don Corleon - Peak@#4
06 06 09 QQ - Tek It To Dem - Jus Kauz
07 05 18 Beenie Man-Back It Up-357 Records -5wks@#1
08 10 06 Busy Signal - The Days- Daseca
09 11 05 Jah Cure - Sticky - Danger Zone
10 08 11 Da’Ville-Give Thanks For What You Got - Fresh Ear-Peak@#7

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Kenny 'Babyface' Edmonds and Tricia Yearwood - CMT Crossroads Special airs Sept 21

Babyface_kevinedmonds_moddona.jpgThe series that proves great music knows no boundaries returns, bringing together multiple Grammy winners, Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds and Trisha Yearwood. Known for his smooth voice and prolific songwriting, Edmonds joins country superstar Yearwood for a magical evening that was taped before an invitation only audience in Nashville. The two soulful voices will join as one on the latest episode of CMT CROSSROADS: KENNY “BABYFACE” EDMONDS AND TRISHA YEARWOOD premiering Friday, Sept. 21 at 9:00 p.m., ET/PT.

CMT CROSSROADS: KENNY “BABYFACE” EDMONDS AND TRISHA YEARWOOD will be re-telecast on Saturday, Sept. 22 at 4:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.; Sunday, Sept. 23 at 10:00 a.m.; Tuesday, Sept. 25 at 2:00 p.m.; Saturday, Sept 29 at 10:00 a.m.; and Sunday Sept. 30 at 2:00 p.m. All times are ET/PT.

Singer, songwriter, movie producer, record producer, multi-instrumentalist, and 10-time Grammy award-winner Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, whose work on his own music and others' has resulted in more than 100 million career sales, has been a dominant creative force for nearly two decades. He hooked up with partner Antonio “L.A.” Reid in the late 1980s, first in the Indianapolis R&B group the Deele, and later as co-founders in Atlanta of BMG's LaFace Records, one of the most successful labels in R&B history, home of Toni Braxton, OutKast, TLC, and Usher. Babyface's countless honors, which include Grammy awards for Producer Of the Year in 1992, '95, '96 and '97 (the only one in history to win three consecutive years), plus numerous NAACP Image Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and American Music Awards, established him as the greatest hitmaker of the '90s. In addition to his work with Mary J. Blige, Toni Braxton, Mariah Carey, Eric Clapton, Celine Dion, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Lionel Richie, and TLC (to name a very few), Babyface's own string of pop and R&B crossover hits is equally impressive: "It's No Crime," "Tender Lover," "Whip Appeal," "When Can I See You," "This Is For the Lover In You," and "Every Time I Close My Eyes" topping the list. In 2007, Babyface's signing as the first major artist on the Island Def Jam Music Group's Mercury Records label takes flight with Playlist (in stores Sept. 18), a collection of new compositions and cover versions of some of his favorites, including the first single, James Taylor's "Fire & Rain."

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September 5, 2007

Dancehall Diva Keiva Wedding Plans?

By: Kon-Vick Writer

dancehall-diva-keiva-boyfriend-jamaica.jpgWord had been circulating like wildfire on the streets of Jamaica that dancehall diva Keiva and her lover Leon are busy making wedding arrangement plans. heard about this rumor almost two weeks ago but decided to do our own investigation after receiving several emails from concerned fans.

Getting in touch with the diva via telephone proved to be a tedious tasked, however our determination propelled us to her recently opened store in Princeville Plaza on Constant Spring Road. Upon arrival we saw her accompanied by her prince, who plays several vital roles in her life including her accountant and road manager.

When queried about her marriage arrangements the diva, who had appeared in several of dancehall’s biggest video was just as surprised as us when we first heard the rumor. Her response was a restrained: “This is news to me.” She soon burst out into a loud laughter holding firmly onto her lover.

“I have been hearing about this rumor myself and even if we did have plans to get married this would be something for us to look into and make sure we are both ready to say I do because marriage is not a game,” she pointed out to

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Ecstasy Models Stepping up The Pace

EcstasyModels_tierra.jpgAfter two years of extensive research and behind the scenes work in helping models further their careers, Ecstasy Models(Formerly Paradise Models) is stepping up and moving into the forefront in the modeling industry.

We feel there is a void needing to be filled for models who are up and coming in their careers to become a Top model. So to fill that void Ecstasy Models has moved into the management and photography side to give models who are up and coming the right place to not only showcase their talent but also assist them in the right way to reach their goals. Because Ecstasy is a state of being.....being in the right place, at the right time with the right people behind you.....that's ecstasy - Here are a few photos of some of our models - Tierra, Britteny, .

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Reggae Singer Lutan Fyah gearing up for the Winter

LutanFyah_reggaesinger_bujubantonJamaica.jpgOn Tuesday, August 28, Reggae Singer Lutan filmed the video for his newly released single: Four Seasons, a love song produced by Kevin 'Iceberg' Blake, in Heaven's Gate, Mt. Calm and Village Café in Kingston. The video, directed by Marlon Brown and Robin Chin for Enhance Realizm Films, features Sasha Leigh Gordon, one of the contestant in the 2007 Miss Jamaica World pageant. The video sees Sasha fashioned for each season as Lutan expresses his love for his queen in all four seasons.

Lutan then filmed the video for his hit single: St. Jago Dela Vega on Friday, August 31 in Dela Vega, Spanish Town. The track, produced by House of Hits, is an ode to the old capital of Jamaica and the video captures the happenings of the town now and shows clips of Spanish Town in its hay-day. The video, directed by Simeon, was shot on location at the Old Court Yard, the 1st Emancipation Park and on rooftops to capture a bird's-eye-view of the old capital. St. Jago Dela Vega already enjoys heavy rotation on local radio stations.

Both videos will be released this month on local television. Four Seasons and St. Jago Dela Vega will be included on Lutan's upcoming album. His 7th album, yet to be titled, will be released this winter.

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September 4, 2007

Sean Kingston, Faulkner Lead The Pack On U.K. Charts

seankingston_reggae_jamaica.jpgSean Kingston's former Billboard Hot 100 chart-topper "Beautiful Girls" (RCA) moved up 2-1 on the new U.K. singles chart yesterday (Sept. 2), and the top 10 included climbers by Plain White Ts, Rihanna and Freaks and a new entry for James Blunt. Newton Faulkner's "Dream Catch Me" (Ugly Truth/Sony BMG) started a second week at the top of the album chart.

Kanye West's "Stronger" (Def Jam/Universal), which topped the singles survey for the last two weeks, fell to No. 2, while "Hey There Delilah" (Hollywood/Angel) by Plain White Ts climbed 6-3 in its seventh chart week, after falling from No. 5 last week. Rihanna's "Shut Up and Drive" (Def Jam/Universal), which has spent six weeks on the chart thanks to download sales and last week dipped 14-16, jumped to No. 5 after its physical release.

Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry" (A&M/Universal) moved back 9-8 in its 11th chart week ,while Freaks' dance hit "The Creeps (Get on the Dancefloor)" (Azuli) climbed 21-9. James Blunt's "1973" (Atlantic) debuted at No. 10.

RCA's latest weekly Elvis Presley reissue resulted in a No. 14 debut for "Hound Dog," almost 31 years after the song reached No. 2 in the U.K. British rapper Kano climbed 24-18 with "This Is the Girl" (679), which features U.K. R&B star Craig David. U.K. trio Scouting For Girls enjoyed a No. 19 entry with "She's So Lovely" (Epic/Song BMG) and K.T. Tunstall's "Hold On" (Relentless/Virgin/EMI) bounced back 39-21 following physical release.

The success of Faulkner's debut album is causing international interest in the London singer/songwriter. He's signed via Ugly Truth to Sony BMG for the world, and Billboard understands that a deal with one of the major's labels for U.S. release is imminent.

Read More:

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50 Cent's Lyrics and video - Amusement Park

Ferrari F-50

Shorty you aint gotta take 'em panties off just move it to the side
If you wanna ride on a roller coaster baby come on and ride
It goes up and down and round and round
Stand up or get on the floor
Its only night I know what you like
And I just had a break yall

[Verse 1:]
Good Evening Ladies I tell you from the start
I'm hoping you enjoy my amusement park
There's lots of activities fun things to do
And now I find my pleasure in pleasing you
Some rides go fast some rides go slow
If your heights went up high HELL yeah I go low
It tastes so sweet let's dig in cotton candy
if we get carried away we'd be starting a family
It's a perfect time for a magic trick
Girl you know there's no fun without the magic stick
Now watch me as I pull a rabbit out a hat
Then you can use the rabbit all over your cat
Applause now it's the first half of my act
Started as a pimp now I'm more like a mack
I don't need your paper just don't f**k with my stats

(Oh it's like that?) Yeah it's like that

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Dancehall artiste Macka Diamond' Lyrics and Video - 'Hula Hoop'

Yooo, sample 6
ah weh Caleb deh
she ova deh so
di new dance
mek dem business fix
ha ha
put di hula hoop
inna di girl dem arm
so wah dem a say sateesh
take it away

Verse 1:
Yo car ah pass, jump up pon di bonnet
Climb up pon di truck front and mek den kno u have it
Wine up pon di R6, rinse out yuh habbit
Handcart a pass yuh bail up pon it
Some gyal body nuh good
Dem caan wine like u
Infection inna dem back
Dem cannot hula hoop

Hula hula hula hula hula hoop gyal
Mek up u face gyal like u ah screw gyal
Hula hula hula hula hula hoop gyal
U ah 1 and de whole ah dem a 2 gyal
Hula hula hula hula hula hoop gyal
Buss dah dance yah, dah one here brand new gyal
Hula hula hula hula hula hula

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September 3, 2007

British Model Sues Newspaper For Reporting She Had Sex With 50 Cent

danielle-lloyd-and-50-cent.jpgBritish model Danielle Lloyd has filed a defamation lawsuit against The Daily Mirror for claiming that she had sex with 50 Cent.

The Press Gazette reports that Lloyd claims that The Daily Mirror published a story on their newspaper and website on July 11th headed “Fiddy’s No Diddy” which reported that she sexually propositioned herself to 50 Cent thus leading to end of the relationship with her boyfriend Marcus Bent.

Lloyd also claims that despite her publicity agent Ray Levine stressing to a writer for The Mirror that she had no sexual involvement with 50 Cent; the newspaper still published the story and didn’t add Levine’s response.

Lloyd also alleges that The Mirror’s report spawned two stories on two unnamed websites with titles that read: “Danielle Lloyd's steamy sex session with 50 Cent” and “Marcus Bent No Longer Bangs This Chick.”

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September 2, 2007

Rihanna expose it all - And denied relationship with TV star

rihanna-bra-sexygirls-beyonce.jpgRihanna is denying rumors that she’s romantically involved with Transformers star Shia LeBeouf. Talk of possible coupledom began when the two were photographed by the paparazzi while getting cozy at an L.A. nightclub.

Shia’s next project is the fourth installment of the Indiana Jones series, and according to insiders the romantic rumors were “all the talk of the Indiana Jones 4 set.” A second supposed sighting of the two at a romantic dinner only added fuel to the fire.

But when the Good Girl Gone Bad singer was asked about her relationship with the Disturbia stud, she denied that anything was going on between the two.

In fact, according to Rihanna, the press got it all wrong, because, “Me and Shia, we are just friends, you know, we barely even know each other.”

Enjoy the photos of Rihanna on the set of her upcoming music video “Hate That I Love You.”


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Jamaica - Inmate Rehabilitation Through Music

black_inmates.jpgBehind the walls of the General Penitentiary Prison in Spanish Town Jamaica, lies a budding rehabilitation program. Designed by the Jamaica Constabulary Force community outreach Division, in collaboration with the Department of Correctional services, the project named “Rehabilitation Through Music” is catching the attention of Justice and inmate correctional facilities worldwide.

Implemented in 2003, the unique project serves to enhance and expose the musical talents hidden behind the looming walls of the facility commonly known as “GP” in Jamaica.

Conceptualized and initiated by JCF member Gladstone Wright, the program was catalyzed in 2005 with the involvement of then incarcerated Reggae star Jah Cure.

Hesitant at first, Jah Cure eventually joined the program as its main test subject given his reputation in the general population. From this association came the hit single “True Reflection” that has since become an international sensation.

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September 1, 2007

The Man Who Gave Reggae Singer Jah Cure A Second Chance

jahcure_prison.jpgA towering physical figure, Gladstone Wright may be classified as a Teddy Bear by close friends and family. But in the Jamaica Constabulary Force, he is a man of impeccable repute, and one with a heart of gold.

The mastermind behind one of the most revolutionary inmate rehab programs in the western world, he is the man who gave Jah Cure a second chance.

Speaking to Netradio in an exclusive interview, “Moses Wright” as he is commonly known, spoke about Jah Cure, the first graduate of this fledging project.

The project involves honing the musical talents of inmates within the Jamaican prison system. “People would not believe the mass of musical and literary talent that lies behind those walls, all they need is just a chance”, he quipped. And this he did, by personally starting the program with limited help from the public and private sector.

His first subject of the program was Jah Cure. “It took us a while to convince the Cure to “fullticipate”, but he eventually did”, beamed Mr. Wright.

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Natural Bridge - One of Jamaica's 'strong hole' in the Dancehall Fraternity

Christopher “Icey Jace” Campbell Writer


If the saying what you reap is what you sow is really an indication of hard work paying off then there’s nothing to worry about as far as Mark Pinnock is concerned. As C.E.O of one of Jamaica’s most diverse record labels Natural Bridge, Mark has come a long way. His entrepreneurial spirit, good sense of business and solid work ethic above all is what has carried him down the path of success and allowed him the respect and credibility he currently boast. There’s a story to be told of the man but also one of the business enterprise Natural Bridge.

Established in 1994 Natural Bridge provided talented young DJ’s with a professional set up to music production and recording since then - however the studio has evolved and expanded its operations. A cut above the rest Natural Bridge has both a local office here in Kingston Jamaica and another in Bronx New York. It core business stems from in house Production & Distribution services that facilitates the current handful of artists aligned to the Label. Most recognized for strong production in dancehall rhythms Mark Pinnock has on several occasions switched hats from C.E.O to a seasoned Producer / Engineer making waves musically. He has worked with some of the biggest names in dancehall and has an extensive track record stemming from Bounty Killa’s hit single “the Mystery is the Mystery” to the memorable “Rice and peas Rhythm” to the “Bun Bun Rhythm” then the unforgettable “Gully Slime” production.

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Marley Family Sues Verizon & Universal Records

marleyfamily.jpgNEW YORK - THE family of late reggae singer Bob Marley said on Thursday that they will sue Universal Music Group and Verizon Wireless for using the iconic pop star's name, likeness and image without permission.

Fifty Six Hope Road Music, which is owned by the Marley family, said in a news release that Universal Music had entered an agreement with Verizon Wireless that granted the US mobile service provider the right to utilize Bob Marley's name, likeness and image to promote a new set of ring tones.

The offer, announced on Tuesday, said Verizon Wireless customers would be able to purchase ring tones of some of Marley's music exclusively on its service.

'The agreement was entered into without the permission of the Marley Family,' said the statement from Fifty Six Hope Road Music.

Universal Music Group (UMG), the world largest music company, owns Island Records, the label through which Marley recorded most of his global hits, such as One Love and I Shot The Sheriff. His greatest hits compilation, Legend, is the biggest-selling reggae album of all time.

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