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Dancehall giant Baby Cham coins collabo with Che'Nelle

dancehallstar_baby_cham_ti_juniorreid.jpgDancehall superstar, Baby Cham, keeps adding international acts to his list of collaborations, notwithstanding up-and-coming singers including Australian-born Che’Nelle. With the fusion of hard hip-hop, exuberant pop and complex, sensual dancehall rhythms in Che'Nelle's debut UK single, I Fell In Love With The DJ, which features Cham. Click here to listen to the track.

On the local scene, Cham’s latest songs, Conscience and Weh Dem Feel Like, are getting good reviews on the streets are written by the deejay himself. “No matter where you are, if you’re at home or on the road, you have access to the local news. No matter if you’re safe, you still have family here and I believe that something has to be said and no-one’s speaking out, everybody is just working with it. I’m not working with it and so I wrote Conscience,” said a passionate Cham.

Weh Dem Feel Like was written about two men having an altercation. “The message behind Weh Dem Feel Like is that certain things can just be dealt with between man and man - no need to bring in the Police,” he said bluntly.

Dancehall stalwart, Cham, has been ultra-busy on the international scene with the release of his sophomore album aptly entitled, Ghetto Story. The title track quickly garnered the attention of hip hop diva, Alicia Keys, who quickly signed on for the remix of the single.

Since then, Cham has also worked with other international acts such as the very popular Mims, for the remix of his club jam This Is Why I’m Hot, which also features Reggae veteran, Junior Reid.

Cham expresses, without any qualms, that the biggest challenge he has had to face in his career is the balance between being Cham the recording artiste and Damion Beckett, the father. “As a recording artiste, I want to be on the road and in the studio but at the same time I want to be there for my kids,” he said.

When asked about his slight name change on his last album, Cham excitedly replied, “Well, I reserve the ‘Baby’ for my babies, that is the ladies, and it is Cham for the rude bwoys. I left the ‘Baby’ off for the last project because I have grown musically in the business.”

He considers himself to be successful as “few artistes have consistently released hit tunes. I have been releasing hits from ’95 - Joyride, Showtime, Tables Will Turn (feat. Foxy Brown), Vitamin S to Ghetto Story and This Is Why I’m Hot Remix.

He is quick to admit that one of the biggest misconceptions held of him is that the females think he is “wild”. “People also think I’m standoffish, but I’m not,” Cham said smilingly.