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Bugle – 'What I'm Gonna Do'

bugle_dancehall_girlshot.jpg2007 Promises to be one of the biggest and most exciting years in dancehall with more than just a fair share of excitement hitting the genre since its beginning. Both veteran heavyweights and the experience cruiser weight artists have been throwing knock out punch lines while stamping there mark with an arsenal of lyrically inclined hits dominating radio and television airwaves. Working their way up each year, a new breed of challengers emerges into the local arena capturing the spotlight by reliving past and present thoughts through a mic. For most it’s their only shot at the big time but for some the mainstream only requires exercise, and after exercising his lyrical skills for several years now this new challenger is fit enough to see the year through, But some how he still laments “exercise everyday and I’m still not fit” “What I’m gonna do, What I’m gonna do, What I’m gonna do”.

This summer its all eyes on Bugle and his street symphony single “WHAT I’M GONNA DO”. spoke with the Dj as he enjoyed the wonderful sights of Red Stripe Temptation Isle in Negril to get the full story behind the Daseca connection and the making of the single.

Given Name : Roy Thompson
Community : Coorville Gardens
Credits : DJ / Singer / Writer
Credo : Work Work Work!! - When did you first realise your love for music

“Well a from primary school mi jus love music yuh nuh, me is just a musical youth that always a write and all a dat. From bout 2000, 2001 a producer a voice mi pon a riddim and him did want Elephant Man voice me too, dem time deh scare dem jus break up an him actually ask me fi write dah song for elephant man cause him have me as one a the greatest writers. Of course mi write the song an Elephant Man come through a the studio and hear di song and like it then voice it. From that me an elephant man have a link. Dat get me more inna the business so automatically mi up an out too when him a roll or tour”.
ReadMore-color.jpg - How did the connection with Daseca come about?

“Mi did a roll with a girl inna a car, mi did a go consumer plaza and Serani (member of Daseca productions) a listen to something inna di vehicle while driving and same time the girl slur something cause is a song we did a listen to pon di radio and Serani look pan her like YOU CAN SING and she say YES so Serani tell her fi link him up and bring a demo to him because him always a look fi new talent, so like two days after dat me and her go link up Serani and Serani a listen to the demo. We start have a musical conversation and then him say to mi say him would want to do some work with me but him want me fi bring a idea to him. By the time him say this mi pre something same time yuh nuh so mi link him back like the day after that with the idea and him listen to it”. A just so it start - Who build the riddim for the track Exercise Everyday?

“The song actually name What I’m gonna do, but yea from him listen to it him just take up him keyboard and start play same time cause Serani is a man weh have him studio. So as him listen the idea him start build the riddim same time. Di riddim neva tek 30 minutes fi build”. - How challenging was it for you penned the creative lyrics?

“As him dun build the riddim we just go inna the studio and dump it inna the studio and mi voice the song which neva tek 30 minutes either”. - What was the concept behind the song, what were you trying to get across to people?

“Well exercise everyday and I’m still not fit. nuff people might tek it literal like yow exercise everyday and I’m still fit, but its not a literal thing you get mi. cause the second line dun explain the first line exercise everyday an I’m still not fit, my kids are hungry and I ain’t got shit. It’s like you a work, a try you best fi mek you youth dem eat but it’s like it a tek forever, but dat nuh say we a give up”. - What’s next, any new singles being released?

“Definitely, we have a new ting with serani pan it. It mad, you see it”. - What about an album, can we expect that this year?

“Yes definitely. Mi have some ting mi not even want talk bout, mi nuh really ready fi buss it yet”. - Alright, last question. What can we expect for the rest of 2007?

“Ah jus Work Work Work cause is a non stop ting, this a just the beginning me start get more serious. Is jus like any other business you haffi maintain it so a just Work Work Work and we always ago have new things a drop. Now wi finally get the chance so we just mek the best of the opportunity and don’t get carried away”.

With that came the end of our Q&A with Bugle but not before he sung high praises to Bounty Killa who he says deserve maximum respect. “You can’t leave out the Killa cause a desso the ting start. Big up Bounty Killa you see it”.


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Dion Hall:
Posted by Dion Hall | August 22, 2007 11:07 PM

Big tune youth love the tune do yu ting youth

Posted by Darren | November 22, 2007 7:19 AM

What is the name of the riddim ???

Posted by bj | June 17, 2008 9:14 AM

big up youth . nuff luv n respect from ghana . rastafari

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