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August 31, 2007

April Jackson - Miss Jamaica UK 2006 - not only beautiful, but exceptionally driven

By Christopher “Icey Jace” Campbell

April_Jackson_missJamaica_Uk1.jpgAfter traveling half the globe as a delegate of Jamaica living in England, April Jackson, the reigning Miss Jamaica UK will this year relinquish her title as queen.

April who won the title back in 2006 is best described as a vibrant young beauty that is very much in touch with her local heritage. At 18, April, who incidentally was born in April, is an exceptional communicator and a grounded individual that has a positive outlook on life. This former student of the Hillel Academy was valedictorian of her graduating class, and a recipient of several distinguished awards.

Not a big fan of beauty pageants April sites entering Miss Jamaica UK as a way of changing the stigma attached to Jamaicans. I entered Miss Jamaica UK because I actually have a deep love for Jamaica, I've lived here for eight years and I come back every few months because I do consider it home and honestly I just wanted to portray Jamaicans in a positive light because I do feel that although I find the rest of the world has that deep love for Jamaica, there's also a lot of negative stereotypes that I wanted to kinda change, she explains to

Lyrics and mp3

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Scenes from Passa Passa Street Dance - still going strong crew hit the party scene on Wednesday (August 29) at the Quad Night Club in New Kingston. We party like a Rock Star until the club was empty and after partying like a Rock Star, we now decided it's time for us to party like 'wi mad', so our partyvibes took us to the hilarious streetside Jam called Passa Passa held in Tivoli. It was crazy fun and laughter and we wish to share the moment with you - have fun!



Lyrics and mp3

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Wyclef Jean invites Paul Simon, Shakira, SoaD + more to the 'Carnival II' this Fall

wyclefjean_carnival_album.jpgWyclef Jean -- the Grammy Award-winning musician, producer, hip-hop pioneer, and humanitarian who founded the legendary ensemble the Fugees -- returns to Columbia Records with "The Carnival II: Memoirs of an Immigrant," the artist's first full-length album for the label since his third solo album, "Masquerade," entered the Billboard Top 200 at #6 in June 2002. "The Carnival II: Memoirs of an Immigrant" is slated for release this autumn.

With "The Carnival II: Memoirs of an Immigrant," his sixth full-length studio album, Wyclef Jean continues the autobiographical musical odyssey he began a decade ago with his 1997 triple-platinum debut solo album, "Wyclef Jean Presents The Carnival Featuring Refugee All-Stars" (aka "The Carnival"). Wyclef gave his fans their first taste of "The Carnival II" with the release of the album's lead-in single, "Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill)," featuring Akon, Lil' Wayne and introducing Niia. Released in August, the single rapidly made its first Billboard chart appearance entering the Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart at #3. "Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill)" is now available digitally.

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Chuck Fenda's 'Caan Cool' hotting up the #1spot on Richie B's Top 20 Chart

By Richie B, host - “HOT MIX” on Hot 102FM



01 3 15 Caan Cool - Chuck Fenda-Birchill Records (wk@#1) U-2

02 1 18 Tease Her-Anthony B - Trinity 7 Records (2wks@#1) D-1

03 6 6 The Days-Busy Signal-Daseca U-3

04 2 15 Back It Up - Beenie Man-357 Records (5wks@#1) D-2

05 4 18 Dance-RDX featuring Jigsy-Apt 19 D-1

06 7 8 Wine Pon It/Talk To Me-Munga - Casper Productions U-1

07 5 17 Set Up (No Man) - Monster Twinz-Birch Hill Records D-2

08 11 9 Bounce Along-Miss Triniti feat Edee-Unseen Lab U-3

09 13 3 Conscience-Cham - Don Corleon U-4

10 9 13 Gully Side - Mavado-Firelinks (pp#6) D-1

Lyrics and mp3

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August 30, 2007

Rap Mogul Jay Z Threatens to Kill Rihanna?

jayz_rihanna_kill_beyonce.jpgFirst she told in June that Jay-Z hand-picks men she can date. Now Rihanna, R&B songstress behind mind-numbing super-hit Umbrella, is accusing him and his label of death threats.

According to her story, five years ago, Rihanna gave a successful audition in front of Def Jam execs, including Jay-Z. They were so taken with her that they wouldn’t let her leave without signing with the label. She was fourteen at the time. "The audition definitely went well,” she said, according to Contact Music. “They (Def Jam) locked me into the office till 3am and Jay Z said, 'There's only two ways out. Out the door after you sign this deal. Or through this window...' and we were on the 29th floor.”

I may be jumping the gun, calling bullshit on this, but something doesn’t seem quite right. First of all, the signature of a 14 year-old on any contract is about as legally binding as a pinkie-swear. Second, why wait five years to drop the bomb, especially when you’ve got a song with the man you’re accusing riding the megahit wave? It just doesn’t make sense.


Lyrics and mp3

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Tarrus Riley's She's Royal standing firm in the #1 spot


This week on the Hype TV Top 20 singles chart Tarrus Riley's "She's Royal" continues to secure the #1 position for approximately 2 weeks. The question to ask is how long the song will be able to hold on to this royal position.

Movado's "Pon Di Gully Side" remains in its #2 position. This song is a looming threat as it might overthrow "She's Royal" or it might just simply descend the charts.

Queen Ifrica's "Below the waist" seems to be aiming for the royal spot, as it seizes back our 'Shot To Watch' post after moving two spots up to our #3 Position. This song as been ascending the chart at a fast pace and thus it should be regarded as a dangerous threat.

The Greatest Gainer this week is Jah Cure's "Sticky" as the song raced four spot up to our #11 Position. Let's see how fast this song can run up the charts or will it just be stuck in that spot.

Our Newest Entry is the notorious Cham's "Conscience" at our #18 Position. This song enters the chart with great expectations, after already jumping two spots up or it just might crumble under pressure.

Lyrics and mp3

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August 29, 2007

Beenie Man and Barbee Jazzing it up - 'Paddy Cake'


‘Paddy Cake’ the combination single by Barbee and Beenie has been taking the Jamaican airwaves by storm and is now enjoying a steady rotation on all major stations.

‘Paddy Cake’ is a fun song that will have you singing to the catchy phrase that Barbee and Beenie Man jazzed up in this one-time-hear immediate hit single.

Speaking about ‘Paddy Cake’ Barbee says she wanted to find the right balance that both older and younger listeners can enjoy themselves.

Listening to the track we can safely say that she has succeeded in achieving just that.

Barbee’s other single ‘Light Some Candle’ is now enjoying worldwide airplay and its great vibes coming from some of the jocks that are spinning this one on the turntables.

Lyrics and mp3

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He's an Assassin, But Not an Outlaw

“Assassin is the one to take dancehall music to an international level and step up on it like I have been doing it, Beenie Man, Shaggy… The girls dem like him, the lyrics he puts together are always top, he chooses good melodies, and he has an image.”

assassin_girlsrihanna_deejay.jpgWhen Jeffrey Campbell first became involved with the music business at the age of 17, he adopted the moniker Assassin for a deliberate reason. Although he never claimed to be a killer per se, the DJ’s energetic, rough-edged vocal style and uncommonly well constructed lyrics allowed him to pick off all competitors with cold-blooded precision. Yet somehow they never see him coming.

Once upon a time, you could go back and forth with another artist lyrically and it would just be about music, and trying to establish dominance on a musical note. But when it starts to become about who is the bigger gangster, then it is not about music anymore. I am an artist. I am not proclaiming to be no bad man. I want to make music. I don’t want to be involved in a situation where me haffi start move like a outlaw, with a million man ’round you all the time. I never got involved in music for that purpose. I wanted to do what I love and contribute positively to the industry.

Lyrics and mp3

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Rootz Underground will Rock Califonia, Reggae Style

rootz_underground_reggaestars.jpgRootz Underground, riding high from the success of their 1st hit single Victims of the System, will take over California in September.

After their performance in Miami on August 30th to a crowd of over 300 at PS14, Rootz will jet off to California for 5 shows. On September 1st, Rootz performs for over 5000 personas at the Monterey Bay Reggae Festival. A week later on September 8th they move on to Berkeley to perform at the Shattuck Down Low. On September 12th Rootz will rock at the Temple Bar in L.A.

The California tour continues as Rootz performs at Jamaica 360 on September 13th, a charity concert designed to bring awareness and prosperity to the empowerment of Jamaica by building schools and training facilities, training and educating students and creating jobs. Access Hollywood's Jamal Munnerlyn will host the concert at the Key Club in L.A. Also performing are Spragga Benz, Half Pint and Doug E. Fresh. Rootz doesn't stop though; they continue the same night to perform a late night set at Jamaica Live at Dragonfly in L.A.

Lyrics and mp3

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August 28, 2007

Nelly Furtado is the Biggest Selling Female Recording Artist


Global sales of Nelly Furtado's third album, Loose, have passed 6.1 million and counting. No other female recording artist has achieved this level of sales during the past year, according to Universal Music Group.

Additionally, Loose has racked up 7.4 million digital singles sales worldwide and 4.4 million in ringtones

This week Loose will celebrate it's 60th continuous week on the Billboard Top 200 Album chart, where it debuted at #1 after being released June 20, 2006. The album also recently returned to #1 for the second time on Billboard's European Top 100 Album chart where it is currently at #2.

Loose has been certified gold and platinum in 31 countries worldwide.

Furtado has been nominated for Female Artist of the Year honours at MTV's Video Music Awards, airing live on September 9 from Las Vegas.

Lyrics and mp3

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She's Royal lyrics and video - Taurrus Riley

Ooo Ooo, Natural Beauty, She Is

No I never met someone shy
Until I seen your eyes
Still I had to try, yeah
Oh yes, let me get my words right and then approach you
Woman I treat you like a man is suppose to
You never have to cry, No
I know everyone can relate to when they find That Special Someone

And She's Royal, Yeah So Royal
And, I want her in my life.
I never knew anyone so One-Of-A-Kind, No
The way she move to her own beat
She has the qualites Of A Queen, She's A Queen
Ooo Ooo What A Natural Beauty
Nuh need no make-up to be a Cutie
She's A Queen, She's A Queen

And when they ask what a good woman's made of
She's Not Afraid And Ashamed Of
Who She Is,

Lyrics and mp3

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August 27, 2007

The Queer War Against Dancehall/Reggae Music - When Will it Stop?

By: Gibbi Geraz


During the last three years, Gay organizations worldwide have banded together to rally against reggae musicians who they claim create, inspire and promote “murder” music.

But what is murder music?

The definition by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance against Discrimination states that murder music is “music which promotes the killing and abuse of homosexual people”.

But have they taken into account the cultural moral values of the society from which this music originates?

To me it seems as though the Gay movement in its zest to gain outward social acceptance within the Caribbean region has used Reggae as a scapegoat in a quest to quell the cultural constitute that homosexuality is wrong.

In the predominately black community of Jamaica, the Christian religious philosophy is a powerful influence on the moral views of the people, whether they are practicing Christians or not. The family values and attitudes are based on the bible and its laws. Even the Rastafarian principles are guided by the good book. The biblical interpretation of sexual guidelines state that homosexuality must not be practiced or preached, and it is this rule which is the core dispute in the current gay onslaught of reggae music.

Lyrics and mp3

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Spicey Model Kimberley - Just Want to Have Fun Sexygirl of The Week

Who is Kimberley? A model a fun loving person excited about life. I'm a 21yrs old Taurus who sees everyday as a great opportunity of expressing one's ability. I wake up day by day looking forward to doing something great, life is to short so why don't "YOU MAKE THE BEST OF IT". Apply to all persons who have nothing positive to say do not bring any negativity to my page, I'm here to meet persons who are here to socialize, meet friends and converse on an intellectual level.

Who I'd like to meet?
I would like to meet persons who puts a smile on my face:)

Her Interests:
My interests are: Singing, doing adventurous things, Dancing and Socializing

Lyrics and mp3

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R&B Singer Keyshia Cole to Perform National Anthem During NFL Opening Kickoff 2007!

keyshia_cole_sexy.jpgRock & Roll, R&B and gospel soul will fill the RCA Dome during the “NFL OPENING KICKOFF 2007 PRESENTED BY SPRINT” on Thursday, September 6.

Award-winning R&B singer-songwriter KEYSHIA COLE will be joined by Ft. Wayne, Indiana’s VOICES OF UNITY YOUTH CHOIR in singing the National Anthem to kick off the 2007 NFL season. Indiana legend JOHN MELLENCAMP will celebrate his Super Bowl XLI champion Indianapolis Colts with a live performance.

As part of the show, the anthem and the celebratory moment will be televised live from 8 - 8:30 PM ET on NBC and the NFL Network and leads into the season opener between the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints (NBC, Westwood One Radio Sports, 8:30 PM ET). For the first time, the live pre-game broadcast will also be available via NFL Mobile on Sprint’s wireless service to Power Vision pack subscribers with multimedia enabled phones.

The performances are part of the celebration to kick off the 2007 season and to honor the Super Bowl champion Indianapolis Colts and the city of Indianapolis.

Lyrics and mp3

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Dancehall/Pop - Shaggy Teams With Akon, Sizzla On VP Debut

Mariel Concepcion, N.Y.

shaggysexyladies_ravonhotnaked_church.jpgDancehall superstar Shaggy will inaugurate a new joint venture with Big Yard and VP Records with his next album, "Intoxication." Due Oct. 16, the set is led by the single "Bonafide Girl" featuring "It Wasn't Me" collaborator Rik Rok and Tony Gold. Akon, Collie Budz, Kalonji, Mischieve, Nasha and Sizzla make guest appearances as well.

"While creating the album I wasn't signed to any particular label so I didn't have the usual interference into my creative process." Shaggy says. "That's what I was trying to get back to with 'Intoxication' -- both hardcore dancehall and reggae. It's a climatic musical roller coaster ride for all to enjoy."

Other tracks on the set include the electro-tinged opener "Can't Hold Me" and the club banger "Out of Control" featuring Rayvon ("Angel"). On "Church Heathen," Shaggy criticizes organized religion, chanting "Preachers dip into the collection basket for Benz payments / and women doing the Dutty Wine Saturday night look for salvation on Sunday."


Lyrics and mp3

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D'Angel getting her Groove on

By Christopher “Icey Jace” Campbell

d%27angel_beenieman_barbeebarbie.jpgMichelle D'Angel Downer estranged wife of veteran DJ Beenie Man recently made an appearance at the Sovereign Centre Liguanea to autograph Island Groove Magazines Issue # 2. The former model now DJ / Entrepreneur appear on the cover of the second Issue where she is said to speak of her current marital status in a detailed 3 page Q&A session.

Dressed in a red hoodie D'Angel arrived at approximately 3:18pm with a small entourage of family members. Danesia Williams Editor-In-Chief of the entertainment print explained that D'Angel was invited to do an autograph signing session for buyers of the magazine so as to help promote the fairly new Publication.

D'Angel who just a week ago had another public confrontation with her soon to be divorced spouse Beenie Man at their Mafia House establishment came prepared with several promotional treats such as Wall Posters which she signed for the many onlookers present as well as a Compact Disc featuring twelve (12) tracks some of which seem like exclusives from her pending debut album. After weeks of negative publicity D'Angel seized the opportunity to connect with her fans and well-wisher who greeted, hugged and waved at the smiling seemingly happy sing jay. I will be concentrating on my musical career she was heard lamenting. On site covering the proceeding were RE TV and Hype TV.

Lyrics and mp3

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Dancehall artiste Mental rocking with The Alliance

By: Christopher “Icey Jace” Campbell

mental_alliance_bountykiller.jpgSolid Agency, known for its outstanding work in booking, promotions and production has over the years guided the careers of some of dancehalls most prominent recording artists. Wayne Marshall, Movado, Busy Signal & the five star general himself Bounty Killa have all upheld the agencies reputation, but for 2007 and beyond the world can expect some new faces from the camp. One such face will be that of 26 year old MENTAL who has been quite visible performing at several major events like Fully Loaded & the Appleton Live Concert held at waves Negril. Known for his savvy punch lines and deep bassy voice Mental is one step away from seeping into the local mainstreams of dancehall. He is currently heavy in street credits for a slamming girl’s anthem entitled “DIFFERENT”. Having been with solid agency from 2002 Mental has toured the local circuit extensively and has voiced with several credible production companies. A recent visit by to Solid Agency brought us face to face with the DJ who was in the company of Busy Signal and Payday Producer Kevin, though not planned we had a few Q&A’s for the Unusual.
How did you get the name Mental?

“Well the name Mental came about from as far as about 1996 when I first started out my musical career. Some of my friends use to see me and say Mental mi love how yuh style yuh flow, yuh different so the name Mental is really of the brain”.

Lyrics and mp3

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August 25, 2007

Wyclef Goes Back to the Carnival with Help from Akon and Lil' Wayne

wyclef_jean_bountykiller_Jamaicanmodelsgirls.jpgWyclef is taking us back to the Carnival! His new album Carnival II (Memoirs of an Immigrant) hits stores November 6. The first single "Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill)" features everybody's favorite featured artists Akon and Lil' Wayne.

About Wyclef Jean

Wyclef Jean (born October 17, 1972) is a rapper, producer, and member of the superstar hip hop trio The Fugees, known now for a series of high-profile hit singles.

Born in Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti, Jean moved to Brooklyn when he was nine, then to Northern New Jersey, where he began playing the guitar and studying jazz in high school. In 1987, Jean, his friend Prakazrel Michel (Pras) and his classmate, Lauryn Hill, formed a group called the Tranzlator Crew before becoming The Fugees.

The Fugees signed to Ruffhouse Records and released their debut, Blunted on Reality, but the album was panned and sold poorly. Their eclectic follow-up, The Score, however, sold over 17 million copies worldwide and turned the trio into international superstars. Jean soon announced plans to begin a solo career with 1997's Wyclef Jean Presents the Carnival Featuring the Refugee All-Stars (more typically called simply The Carnival). The album's guests included Hill and Pras along with Jean's siblings, the I Threes (back-up vocals for Bob Marley), Neville Brothers and Celia Cruz. The album was a major hit, as were two singles: "We Trying to Stay Alive" (adapted from The Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive") and "Gone 'Til November" (recorded with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra).

Lyrics and mp3

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Dogs 'neglected' at DMX's home - Arizona

dmx_dogs_guns_sexygirlsbeyonce.jpgPolice have raided the home of US rap star DMX, finding 12 apparently neglected dogs and a number of guns.

The pit bulls terriers were not being fed or given water, and have been removed, police said. The bodies of three more had been buried.

No arrests have been made and DMX said he had not been at the property in Arizona for at least two months.

His lawyer said a caretaker was left in charge and DMX was disturbed to hear the animals had not been looked after.

"We had a caretaker that wasn't taking care, that's what happened," DMX's lawyer Murray Richman said.

"He loves dogs - he loves these animals. Those dogs are practically his family."

Dog theme

The 36-year-old musician, real name Earl Simmons, has sold 20m albums as one of the most popular stars of hip-hop in the US.

The cover of his latest album, Year of the Dog... Again, which came out last year, featured him with a pit bull straining at the leash.


Lyrics and mp3

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August 24, 2007

Dancehall artiste Anthony B - 'Tease Her' in the #1 spot

JAMAICA MUSIC COUNTDOWN - By Richie B, host - “HOT MIX” on Hot 102FM

anthony-b_reggaemusic_jamaicangirls.jpgTW LW WC TITLE/ARTISTE/LABEL

01 1 17 Tease Her-Anthony B-Trinity 7 Records(2wks@#1) NM

02 2 14 Back It Up - Beenie Man-357 Records (5wks@#1) NM

03 4 14 Caan Cool - Chuck Fender-Birchill Records U-1

04 3 17 Dance-RDX featuring Jigsy-Apt 19 D-1

05 6 16 Set Up (No Man) - Monster Twinz-Birch Hill Records U-1

06 9 5 The Days-Busy Signal-Daseca U-3

07 10 7 Wine Pon It/Talk To Me-Munga - Casper Productions U-3

08 7 12 Drop Dead-Elephant Man-Big Ship D-1

09 8 12 Gully Side - Mavado-Firelinks (pp#6) D-1

10 5 22 Bad From Mi Born-Munga - Don Corleon (1wk@#1) D-5

Lyrics and mp3

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Sizzla thugs beat Norris Man - watch the video has watched the video of the disturbing altercation between Dancehall giant Sizzla and Norris Man and we think that this is another disgraceful moment for dancehall music. Can we all live as one, it's the same music, same lyrics and both are rasta men - Many have known Rastafarians to be peaceful persons who only demonstrates love and happiness amongst each other. But the question is, can we still categorise Rasta Men in that same love and happiness category?

You can give your feedback by leaving a comment below

Lyrics and mp3

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Kenny 'Babyface' Edmonds Hits Most Added At Radio!!!

Babyface_playlist_jayz_beyonce.jpgKenny Babyface Edmonds finds a welcome reception for his version of James Taylor’s “Fire & Rain,” the #2 most-added single at AC radio and #1 most added at Smooth Jazz in its first week of release. “Fire & Rain” is the first pick from PLAYLIST, in stores September 18th, the first album on the newly re-launched Mercury Records label, a division of the Island Def Jam Music Group.

PLAYLIST is the first Babyface album devoted (mostly) to cover versions of some of his favorite songs, including Bob Dylan’s “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door,” Dan Fogelberg’s “Longer,” and others from James Taylor (“Shower The People”), Eric Clapton (“Wonderful Tonight”), Bread (“Diary”), Jim Croce (“Time In A Bottle”), and Dave Loggins (“Please Come To Boston”), plus two new compositions by Babyface, including the beautiful song he penned for his two children, “Not Going Nowhere.”

Building on the momentum of the album’s release week, Babyface has set television appearances on NBC’s The Today Show and ABC’s Live with Regis & Kelly, both on the morning of September 19th. Two mornings later on Friday, September 21st, Babyface sits in on the syndicated “Wake Up with Whoopi” [Goldberg] show. That same night, Babyface shares the stage with Country music star Tricia Yearwood, as they perform together on cable tv’s CMT Crossroads Concert Special in Nashville.

Lyrics and mp3

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Get Ready for Keyshia Cole! - Just Like You


R&B songstress, Keyshia Cole, is set to release the follow up to her platinum-selling, debut The Way It Is with Just Like You on Geffen Records with a release date of September 25th, 2007.

On her new album, Keyshia collaborates with A-list producers including Geffen Chairman Ron Fair, Rodney Jerkins, Babyface, Scott Storch, and Bryan Michael Cox!

The Benny Boom-directed video for the first single, “Let It Go,” featuring Missy Elliot and Lil’ Kim, shows the Oakland native’s party side with the fun-infused Missy Elliott produced track.

Since her last album release Keyshia Cole has been busy diversifying her career. She has a starring role in the upcoming MTV film “How She Moves,” and is currently working on season two of her BET reality show called “The Way It Is 2” which is Executive Produced by Keyshia and her manager Manny Halley.

Lyrics and mp3

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August 23, 2007

Rapper Foxy Brown gets jail time - Violating her probation

by Jane Ivory

foxybrown_injail_rappersexygirls.jpgFoxy Brown is not getting away with violating her probation after attacking a Brooklyn neighbor with her BlackBerry: the judge has put her behind bars.

Rapper Foxy Brown has been getting herself in one too many illegal situations, determining a New York judge to order that she be locked up until her next status hearing on Sept. 7.

Foxy notoriously used her BlackBerry in late July to hit a neighbor she was quarreling with over the loud music coming out of her car’s stereo. The woman reportedly needed medical attention and ended up with a swollen lip, loose teeth and a black eye.

She filed a complaint against the 27-year-old rapper. Foxy, real name Inga Marchand, turned herself in to authorities and was booked on charges of felony assault in the second degree, assault in the third degree, menacing, harassment and criminal possession of a weapon.

Lyrics and mp3

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Reggae/Pop Singer Tessanne Chin reveals her Black Books

tessannechin_reggaepop_divasexygirls.jpgTessanne Chin1. Who produced your new single, Black Books?

Well Rudy Valentino produced the single along with Paul Kastick. I originally did the song when I was in Mile high and they are actually responsible for the music.

2. What was your inspiration for writing a song like Black Books?

It's a typical breakup song but it was written in stages (hahaha), over a period of time. The inspiration would be, I guess, walking away, with your head up, from a situation that just isn't worth yah crying over anymore and realising that you are "The Bomb", no matter what. hahaha

3. Is it dedicated to anyone in particular?


4. What kind of feedback have you been getting?

Very very good feedback especially from my fans on Myspace, which is just awesome because it is always a little nerve wracking putting out something new.

5. Can we anticipate a music video for the single?

Most definitely, we working on that as we speak, I'm so excited!

Lyrics and mp3

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Irie Jamboree to welcome 2006 Rising Star Winners One Third


2006 Digicel Rising Star winners One Third will make their highly anticipated New York debut at the award winning Irie Jamboree on Labor Day Sunday, September 2, 2007 at Roy Wilkins Park in Queens .

The group has been riding a wave of popularity in Jamaica, with stellar performances at Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest in Montego Bay, the Little Ochi Seafood Festival and the Portland Jerk Festival. The group is excited about their first performance in New York and in a recent interview said, "Irie Jamboree is well known and has been well supported over the years and for us, a young group, this being our first international performance, we are just very elated, appreciative and eager to display our talents to our extended Jamaican family and others abroad."

When asked what special treat they have for their fans in New York , group member Miguel Walters said, "For all those who'll come out to see us, they can expect nothing but the very best. For the first time they will see the depth of talent that lies in Jamaica. We know there are some fans that are familiar with our songs and some who have seen us perform in Jamaica. Fans in New York can look forwards to a great show," he reiterated.

Lyrics and mp3

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August 22, 2007

Jamaican born Sean Kingston's 'Beautiful' Summer


The person who makes you the happiest can hurt you the most - just ask 17-year-old Sean Kingston. "I was going out with this girl for two years - the most beautiful girl in school - but she cheated on me with my best friend," the Miami-born, Jamaica-bred rapper/songwriter says about his first heartbreak.

The experience, though, served as inspiration for the record-setting, J.R. Rotem-produced Beautiful Girls, from his self-titled debut, released Tuesday, July 31 via Beluga Heights/Epic Records. The single, which samples Ben E. King's 1961 classic Stand by Me, entered the Hot 100 Airplay chart in June at No. 58, and in just four weeks jumped to No. 5, the quickest climb by a new male artist since Lou Bega in 1999.

DJ Felli Fel, who first aired the record in May at KPWR (Power 106) Los Angeles, says he knew the song was going to be huge at first listen. "When I received the record through J.R., I immediately called him and said, 'Do you guys know you have a hit in your hands?' It had a familiar sound and the concept, mixed with Sean's vocals, fit the track perfectly. That same night, I blasted the record off."

Lyrics and mp3

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Lyrics and Video for Rihanna's Umbrella - ft Jay Z

Ahuh Ahuh (Yea Rihanna)
Ahuh Ahuh (Good girl gone bad)
Ahuh Ahuh (Take three... Action)
Ahuh Ahuh

No clouds in my storms
Let it rain
I hydroplane into fame (Eh eh)
Come'n down with the Dow Jones
When the clouds come we gone
We Rocafella (Eh eh)
She fly higher than weather
And she rocks it better
You know me
An anticipation for precipitation
stacks chips for the rainy day (Eh eh)
Jay, rain man is back with lil Ms. Sunshine
Rihanna where you at?

You had my heart
and we'll never be world apart
Maybe in magazines
but you'll still be my star
Baby cause in the Dark
You can see shiny Cars
And that's when you need me there
With you I'll always share

When the sun shines
We’ll shine together
Told you I'll be here forever
Said I'll always be your friend
Took an oath
I'mma stick it out 'till the end
Now that it's raining more than ever
Know that we still have each other
You can stand under my Umbrella
You can stand under my Umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh)

Lyrics and mp3

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Ms. Jamaica World Visit at Hedonism II


Contestants in the Miss Jamaica World 2007 Pageant pose for pictures with circus pros, Dean and Okuson, backstage at Hedonism II. The Contestants and their Chaperones, including official Chaperone and past Miss Jamaica World, Terri Karelle-Griffith were being hosted for dinner at the Superclubs super all-inclusive resort.

Lyrics and mp3

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Lyrics for T.O.K.'s 'Mix Up Wid No Man'

tok_jamaica_reggae_modelsrihanna.jpgIntro: Craigy T

NO WAY!!!! NO WAY!!!! NO WAY!!!! NO WAY!!!!

Chorus: Craigy T (T.O.K.)
We nah go mingle wid!!!!
(NO MAN!!!! NO MAN!!!! NO MAN!!!! NO MAN!!!! NO MAN!!!!)
(NO MAN!!!! NO MAN!!!! NO MAN!!!! NO MAN!!!! NO MAN!!!!)
(NO MAN!!!! NO MAN!!!! NO MAN!!!! NO MAN!!!! NO MAN!!!!)
(NO MAN!!!! NO MAN!!!! NO MAN!!!! NO MAN!!!! NO MAN!!!!)
(NO MAN!!!!) We nuh mix up wid (NO MAN!!!!) We nuh blend up wid (NO MAN!!!!)
We nuh ramp wid (NO MAN!!!!)
We nah go mingle wid!!!!
(NO MAN!!!! NO MAN!!!! NO MAN!!!! NO MAN!!!! NO MAN!!!!)
(NO MAN!!!! NO MAN!!!! NO MAN!!!! NO MAN!!!! NO MAN!!!!)
(NO MAN!!!! NO MAN!!!! NO MAN!!!! NO MAN!!!! NO MAN!!!!)
(NO MAN!!!! NO MAN!!!! NO MAN!!!! NO MAN!!!! NO MAN!!!!)
(NO MAN!!!!) We nuh mix up wid (NO MAN!!!!) We nuh blend up wid (NO MAN!!!!)
We nuh ramp wid (NO MAN!!!!)

Verse 1: Craigy T
None! Yuh Mad! No Neva! We neva ground fah nuh bredda
How mi fi gone inna dance and a tink bout Trevor how oonu tell mi dat sound cleva!!!
When gal fat inna shorts or wine dung and pass tell mi which one yuh prefa
Gal! Of course woman foreva we a nuh deal man neva!!!
Dat's why mi neva leave widout Heather, cau mi dun know she ready fah whateva
Paula tell har bring di tape measure, mi a dig out di whole a har treasure
Woman a we joy gal a we pleasure, pleasure
We have dem a we leasure, leasure
Fadda God neva create none betta none betta

Lyrics and mp3

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August 20, 2007

Scenes from Hurricane Dean, Kingston Jamaica

Members of Hurricane team went to Harbour View (Kingston) to take a few shots of the many houses recked by the hurricane. Afterwards, we attempt to go to the Norman Manley International Airport - which was not possible due to the fact that the Palisaidos road were destroyed by the rough waves created by Hurricane Dean. The Palisaidos Road is the only way of getting to the airport and the community of Port Royal.


Lyrics and mp3

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Reggae ...can you dig it? - Sean Paul, Rihanna and Sean Kingston doing it big

Music which has always been mainstream is getting its due

Heath McCoy, CanWest News Service Published: Monday, August 20, 2007

CALGARY - Could it be that we're on the brink of a reggae revolution in the pop world?
A look at the pop charts these days suggests as much, noting that two of this summer's hottest hit singles come courtesy of Jamaican-bred newcomer Sean Kingston (Beautiful Girls) and Barbados babe Rihanna (Umbrella), both of whom incorporate heavy doses of reggae music into their hip-hop styles. Then there's 19-year-old Kat DeLuna, who was raised in the Dominican Republic, also making serious waves on the charts and in the nightclubs with her thumping debut single Whine Up, which features Jamaican dancehall star Elephant Man. And let us not forget Grammy-winning reggae/hip-hop hero Sean Paul whose next album A New Age (set to drop in November) is expected to do huge business.

For the first time since the heyday of Bob Marley, the music of Jamaica appears on the verge of becoming the music of North American pop.

Lyrics and mp3

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Greensleeves Records to release Chezidek "Inna Di Road" September 11th

chezidekalbum_reggae_girlsbeenieman.jpgChezidek, one of the hottest one-drop artists in on the international reggae scene releases "Inna Di Road" on Greensleeves Records on September 11.

It is produced by Bobby Konders of Massive B, and New York's Hot 97 fame. It includes tracks such as "Leave the Trees", "Call Pon Dem", and "Inna Di Road" (the video is also on the CD as a bonus). There are also productions from such hit making labels such as Star Trail, Kariang, and Xterminator.

Lyrics and mp3

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August 18, 2007

Bugle – 'What I'm Gonna Do'

bugle_dancehall_girlshot.jpg2007 Promises to be one of the biggest and most exciting years in dancehall with more than just a fair share of excitement hitting the genre since its beginning. Both veteran heavyweights and the experience cruiser weight artists have been throwing knock out punch lines while stamping there mark with an arsenal of lyrically inclined hits dominating radio and television airwaves. Working their way up each year, a new breed of challengers emerges into the local arena capturing the spotlight by reliving past and present thoughts through a mic. For most it’s their only shot at the big time but for some the mainstream only requires exercise, and after exercising his lyrical skills for several years now this new challenger is fit enough to see the year through, But some how he still laments “exercise everyday and I’m still not fit” “What I’m gonna do, What I’m gonna do, What I’m gonna do”.

This summer its all eyes on Bugle and his street symphony single “WHAT I’M GONNA DO”. spoke with the Dj as he enjoyed the wonderful sights of Red Stripe Temptation Isle in Negril to get the full story behind the Daseca connection and the making of the single.

Given Name : Roy Thompson
Community : Coorville Gardens
Credits : DJ / Singer / Writer
Credo : Work Work Work!! - When did you first realise your love for music

“Well a from primary school mi jus love music yuh nuh, me is just a musical youth that always a write and all a dat. From bout 2000, 2001 a producer a voice mi pon a riddim and him did want Elephant Man voice me too, dem time deh scare dem jus break up an him actually ask me fi write dah song for elephant man cause him have me as one a the greatest writers. Of course mi write the song an Elephant Man come through a the studio and hear di song and like it then voice it. From that me an elephant man have a link. Dat get me more inna the business so automatically mi up an out too when him a roll or tour”.

Lyrics and mp3

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August 17, 2007

Is Bounti Killa Quiet Because Of Court Case?

By: Gibbi Geraz

bounty_killer_d%27angelbeenieman.jpgEverybody and their mothers have passed comments and opinions on the Beenie Man and D’Angel saga except once important persona.

D’Angel ex-boyfriend, and Beenie Man’s Nemisis, Bounti “Warlord” Killa.

Usually a very vocal character especially when it comes to Beenie Man, Bounti Killa has been silent as a church mouse in regards to the saga. But with the recent news release of his hush hush “Judge and Jury” drama spiraling down to September 12th, is it a deliberate attempt to silence the noise of his own demons?

It surely would be prudent for Bounti to keep the ensuing court case out of the limelight. It could only add fuel to the ongoing Beenie Man saga and change the scope of the event from a twosome to a threesome, and Bounti's greatest fear is to end up in another replay of the love triangle saga that contorted itself during the early days of the current drama.

Coupled with the fact that is rumored (but quite evident) Bounti Killa and Cecile are an elusive item, and she is a female in the business who is a cut above the rest. Does Killa have more to protect that usual?

Lyrics and mp3

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Jay-Z named richest rapper - 50 Cent second on the list


Jayz_50cent_rich_beyonceandrihanna.jpgHip-hop star Jay-Z's talent for extending beyond rap to the executive worlds of music, fashion and other businesses has earned him the top spot on Forbes magazine's "Hip-Hop Cash Kings" list.

Forbes on Thursday said Jay-Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter, raked in $US34 million in 2006, the year he released a comeback album Kingdom Come.

But the boyfriend of pop singer Beyonce earned much of that income as chief executive of New York-based Def Jam Recordings, owner of a sports bar franchise and holder of endorsements deals with Budweiser, Hewlett-Packard and General Motors, Forbes said.

In March, Jay-Z, 36, sold his Rocawear fashion label for $US204 million - a sum that will again place him high up in the music world's earnings for 2007.

Coming in at No. 2 was rapper 50 Cent, aka Curtis Jackson. He earned $US32 million from his music and businesses such as a record label, video games and a line of books, the survey said.

Lyrics and mp3

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Voice Mail took a positive message to Tortola, British Virgin Islands


‘We didn’t want to just go there and do a regular performance. We wanted to make sure that we took our culture and leave with a positive message’, O’neil Edwards, member of Voice Mail commented about the group’s recent performance in Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

Voice Mail’s performance on the three day festival on Tortola, marked the first time that the group was performing in that country. ‘It was our first time there and we really enjoyed it’, said Edwards.

More than 5,000 persons turned out for the festival which was held in an outdoor venue. ‘We were surprised that the people there knew the words to our songs. It was quite interesting for us, because after about ten minutes into our performance, the people seemed to be very comfortable with us and were singing along word for word’, Edwards reiterated.

Lyrics and mp3

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August 16, 2007

The Truth About Bar-Bee

barbee_barbie_d%27angel_beenieman_sexy.jpgShe seemed to catapult on the scene out of nowhere overnight, shrouded in the midst of deep controversy, her name was on everyone's lips…but Barbee is more than that, so much more.

Blessed with a beautiful voice, a very sexy figure and a heart of gold this very tall, almost intimidating female artiste is out to make her mark in a positive light on the entertainment scene.

Her grand entrance into the limelight wasn't the way she thought it would be but Barbee is putting all that behind her and showing the world that she is more than just a pretty face.

She recently released 'Paddy Cake' a fun, jazzy single done in combination with Beenie Man and 'Light Some Candles Tonight'.

The singer has been doing the rounds on the Jamaican circuit to great responses. She recently performed at the Ocho Rios Seafood Festival…whatever reservations she had were quickly dispelled as the crowd's response quickly showed she had won their hearts!

Faith Jackson Eselebor aka Barbee's love affair with music started at the tender age of five and like most good singers she honed her talent in the church where she was a choir leader.

Lyrics and mp3

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Tarrus Riley's She's Royal is the New #1 song on Hype TV Weekly Top 20 Chart


There is a new top song this week on the chart as, Tarrus Riley's "She's Royal" finally seized the #1 position after remaining in the number two spot for over four weeks.

The shot to watch continues to be Movado's "Pon Di Gully Side" as it rose one spot up to assume the # 2 position. Let's just see how long Taurrus can withstand this ambitious threat.

The greatest gainer is Munga's "Wine Pon It" as it moved three spot up to occupy the #10 position. Will this song ascend quickly up the chart? Our previous shot to watch that is Queen Ifrica's "Below the waist" remains a persistent threat as this song rose to the #5 position within less than six weeks.

The newest entry on the chart is non-other than the highly controversial pair Beenie Man Featuring Bar-Bee's "Give It Up" It's her first debut on the chart. Let's just see how hot this song really is.

Lyrics and mp3

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Nadine Sutherland Bringing the "Remedy" to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

NadineSutherland-jamaica-risingstars.jpgNadine Sutherland's high energy dancing and powerhouse vocal style are sure to be just the right potion to rock the Philadelphia Caribbean Festival as she closes the show this coming Sunday (August 19th) at Penn's Landing. The reggae diva is looking forward to performing old favorites along with material from her new hit album, Call My Name. The festival takes place from noon to 8pm and admission is free of charge.

Call My Name has spent more than 20 weeks on Billboard's Reggae Album Chart and spawned three hit singles; "Keep Me Safe", "Cyan Tek It", and "Big Tings". Her newest single "Remedy" was only serviced to radio last week and is already in heavy rotation at Florida's Mystik Radio. The song has been a popular track since the album's release, and response to the new single release mix has been immediate. Eight76 Records plans to shoot a video for the song with Nadine sometime in September.

Lyrics and mp3

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August 15, 2007

Is D'Angel The Head of Mafia House Production - What's Beenie Man Position?

By: Kon-Vick


Based on Tuesday’s public verbal sparring between Beenie Man and D’Angel, a ton of questions are now being unloaded by fans about the business relationship shared by the couple.

Based on the much publicized reports, which made it to national television, D’Angel was able to get a court injunction that prevents Beenie Man from entering the Mafia House building at 8 Garelli Avenue. He is also reportedly prevented from moving any articles of furniture or any assets from the building.

Several questions now come to mind about this situation.

1) Who owns Mafia House? Beenie Man or D’Angel?
2) Who does Mafia House take bookings for now?
3) Does D’Angel have shares in Mafia House?
4) If so how much does she own?
5) How was she able to get an injunction unless she owned a portion of Mafia House?

The collective public is in a quandary right now as to how this was able to happen, but they can only wait until each party comes clean to explain

Lyrics and mp3

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Jah Cure Makes An Impression On His First Performance - Holland

jahcure_tours_photos_sexygirls.jpgJah Cure's first performance since his release from prison on July 28 has left a lasting impression on his European fans. On Sunday August 12 at the Reggae Sundance Festival in Eindhoven, Holland, Jah Cure performed in front of 20,000 persons who were longing for this day. Below are reports from journalists who were able to capture this historic moment.

"The field felt it. Jah Cure's performance at Reggae Sundance in Holland would become a historical moment. While the world was waiting for his release, Jah Cure has given hope to many with his music. With this in mind all his songs felt much more powerful. Longing For, What Will It Take, Jamaica and Prison Walls; he did them in his distinguished way of singing. Almost complaining as if he carries a heavy weight on his back. He reaches the high notes, even if he has to press them out of his toes. That's the way the crowd likes to hear him! He stood on stage dressed all in white with his sympathetic and relaxed attitude. Compared to other artists he's different in his stage performance. He shows a lot of tranquility. I think Holland was blessed with Jah Cure on the 12 th of August 2007." - Melvin Toemin, FunX FM, Rotterdam.

"The show was amazing. The best show I have ever been to. Jah Cure gave a strong performance…Amazing!" - Julian, , Germany.

Lyrics and mp3

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August 14, 2007

Beenie Man and D'Angel Clash Over Assets

By: Kon-Vick

d%27angel_beenieman_marcodean-war.jpgThe rumbling Volcano that was the romance between deejay Beenie Man and D’angel erupted into a climactic spectacle on Tuesday, with the two ending up in a full on-the-street brawl in Kingston.

Members of the public could only stand in drop-jaw amazement as the two publicly traded heated words in full view of friends and onlookers in New Kingston.
The source of the confrontation seemed to stem from Beenie Man’s attempt to remove furniture and supplies from the ‘Mafia House’ booking agency building on Garelli Avenue.

Reports from sources close to the deejay said Beenie received a phone call from the Mafia House Booking agency, the label he called his own last year after a bitter split with deejay Don Mafia. The person on the phone allegedly told Beenie Man that Mafia House no longer worked with him, and they would no longer be taking bookings for him.
According to persons at the scene, Beenie Man arrived with a group of men and began to move furniture out of the building. D’Angel arrived shortly afterwards and reportedly got into a rage on seeing the furniture on the move.

“She go upstairs and start gwaan a way when she see that, a seh how she work hard fi get the things dem and almost lift up her skirt,” one eye witness told
“Beenie Man came down the stairs calm and easy and Angel kept going on bad and it never look good…my boss try tell him fi calm her down but Beenie Man tell him seh a so she gwaan and a dem things deh she love and he didn’t want to get involved.”

Lyrics and mp3

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Rap mogul P Diddy will not give up on Kim Porter

pdiddy-and-kimporter-love.jpgThe 37 year-old rapper P Diddy has tried in everything in his book of love to woo back Kim Porter in his life. Over the pass few weeks P Diddy has sent various love notes, presents and roses to Kim. But according to a source P Diddy will need to make new and effective plans in order to get Kim’s attention.

Reports from reveals that Kim never fully trusted Diddy

'I will never sit here and say that Puffy - or any man - is 100 per cent faithful,' she says. 'I just don't believe it.'

'I'd been in an on-again, off-again relationship with P Diddy for about 10 years, and it came to a point where it was time for me to move on with my life.'

The two were together for ten years but Kim decided to leave after developing suspicions about P. Diddy seeing someone else. Most persons had it to say that the rapper was having an affair with Sienna Miller. But in Diddy’s defense she denies claims of engaging in any relationship with the Rap star.

Lyrics and mp3

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Jamaican 'Badgal' Ce'Cile satisfies Europe

badgal-cecile-sexygirls.jpgWhile Ce'Cile is busy touring Europe, her music has been making waves here in Jamaica. Her song "I'm Waiting" on the Danger Zone Label has débuted at number 29 on the Richie B singles chart last week. Although the song is presently in a video medley the entire song is set to premier its own video this week. According to the Internet buzz the song is doing very well in England and has received warm reviews in the United States especially in South Florida.

Ce'Cile's single on the Avex label in Japan, Goody, was number 1 on the Tempo Cross Caribbean Countdown for a whopping seven weeks only to be displaced by Rihanna's "Umbrella" to number 2 last week.


Ce'Cile has been on tour for the past week and recently performed to a packed audience on August 5 th at the Sound Advice Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach Florida. She stringed out songs such as her new hit Goody and the new chart favourite I'm Waiting to the audience's satisfaction.

"She's a great performer. Very cute! Plus it's funny to watch her try and dutty wine with a broken toe." Jonathan Cunningham, New Times Broward-Palm Beach.

Lyrics and mp3

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Richie Spice European tour cancelled - no visa

Richie-Spice-reggae-jamaican-sexygirl.jpgReggae singer Richie Spice will no longer be heading to Europe to complete his European Tour due to the fact that the singer was unable to get his Elats Schengen visa he applied for at the German Embassy.

Earlier this year in May, Richie Spice was also forced to reschedule his US Tour dates due to the same dilemma of not being granted a visa by the US Embassy.

The Tour was schedule for August 10th - August 25th 2007

August 10th - Holland
" 12th - "
" 13th - Italy
" 14th - Germany
" 15th - "
" 16th - "
" 17th - "
" 18th - France ( This visa was issued)
" 19th - Switzerland
" 20th - Austria
" 22nd - Norway
" 24th - Holland

Lyrics and mp3

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Sheila Hylton wowed thousands at Jamaica Independence Celebration in DC

Sheilahylton-DChot.jpgWashington D.C. skanked along to the drum and bass rhythms of Grammy-nominated Reggae diva Sheila Hylton this past weekend as she joined Reggae legend Bob Andy and Billboard topping Reggae artist Shaggy in Washington DC to celebrate Jamaica’s 45th year of independence. With show-stopping performances at Jamaica Night at Zanzibar on the Waterfront and at the Independence Sunday Market at the Gardens of the Organization of American States, Sheila Hylton brought down the nation’s capital with brand new material from her latest album, Steppin.

Best known for the cross-over smash hit ‘The Bed’s Too Big Without You,’ a funk-tinged Reggae cover of Sting & The Police’s pop hit, and for her part of the Grammy nominated Reggae Sunsplash ’81: A Tribute to Bob Marley, Sheila released Steppin, featuring the dynamic production duo Sly & Robbie, Paris-based original Wailer keyboardist Tyrone Downie, Dean Fraser, Wayne Armond, Robby Lyn, and Michael “Mickey” Wallace, and musical arranger Ervin Lloyd of the legendary Chalice Band earlier this year.

Lyrics and mp3

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August 13, 2007

Jamaica's female Deejay Ms Thing 'In A D'Link'

msthing_davekelly_babycham_sexyhot_girls.jpgThe ever hot and saucy Ms. Thing is now gearing up to take on the streets once again. Just as she did when she first came on the scene with hot and saucy songs like ‘Dude’ with Beenie Man, ‘Hot Gal Show Mi Yuh Cellular’, she’s ready to hit it big again.

The female singer/deejay has joined forces with a newly formed crew called D’Link. The group will be spearheaded by ‘Flex’ from the hit making boy dancehall group TOK and also includes artistes like ‘it is I’ Alozade and the twin of the dancehall Monster Twins. So far she voiced various tracks such as ‘I like It’ ft ‘Flex’, ‘Wi Nuh Fight Over Man’ and she did collaborations with both Monster Twins and ‘Psycho’ aka ‘Tan Bad’. You can also pick up a copy of her second album coming early next year.

Ms. Thing also now plays the role of a mother, and has no regrets about bringing her beautiful son on this earth. “I don’t regret getting pregnant, a lot of people think that I shouldn’t have got trapped in that lane, but what happened cannot be erased,” she told
She added: “…for those who believed that Ms. Thing’s career will not be back on track they are wrong, I took some timeout for my child and now I am going to pick up from where I left off.”

Lyrics and mp3

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Ky-Mani Marley to star in reality TV series

Ky-Mani-Marley.jpgLIVING THE LIFE OF MARLEY - This highly anticipated half-hour reality series follows the extraordinary life of Bob Marley's son Ky-Mani Marley, as he prepares to launch a new album, and the entire Marley family clan as cameras follow them about their everyday lives. Whether it's hanging out with their entertaining bunch of friends or working all night in the studio on a red-hot music single, viewers will quickly learn that nothing can slow down this dynamic family and nobody can break their strong family bond.

Premiere date/schedule: Fall 2007

Lyrics and mp3

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August 12, 2007

Sean Kingston's 'Beautiful Girl' lyrics and video

You're way too beautiful girl
That's why it'll never work
You'll have me suicidal, suicidal
When you say it's over
Damn all these beautiful girls
They only wanna do you dirt
They'll have you suicidal, suicidal
When they say it's over

Verse 1:
See it started at the park
Used to chill at the dark
Oh when you took my heart
That's when we fell apart
Coz we both thought
That love lasts forever (lasts forever)
They say we're too young
To get ourselves sprung
Oh we didn't care
We made it very clear
And they also said
That we couldn't last together (last together)

See it's very define,
You are one of a kind
But you mush up my mind
You affi get declined
Oh Lord...
My baby is driving me crazy

Lyrics and mp3

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Lyrics to 'Whine up' - Kat Deluna ft Elephant Man

[Elephant Man]
It's summertime
Ladies looking hot
Shaking up what they've got
Elephant Man and Kat, c'mon

[Verse 1]
Sense is telling me you're looking
I can feel it on my skin (Whoa)
Boy I wonder what would happen
If I trip and let you in
Don't get shook my my aggression
I just might be the one
Let's skip this conversation
Just whine your body up

(Ha ha ha)
Don't wanna wait no more
(Ha ha ha)
You got what I'm searching for

[Pre Hook]
Cuz I'm feeling your vibing
I'm riding high is exotic
And I want you, I want you here
Pull me closer and closer and
Hold me tight to your body
I wanna feel you, I wanna feel you near

Lyrics and mp3

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August 11, 2007

Jamaica's hardcore dancehall deejay Bounty Killer threatened to kill girl

bountykiller_beenieman_d%27angelrihanna.jpgThe ever cross, angry, miserable Bounty Killer is once again in court on charges of threatened to kill a young woman who’s supposed to be his girlfriend. A source close to the victim told that Bounty Killer made several attempt of having an out of court settlement by paying her a ransom just to keep it away from the media.

Bounty Killer’s lawyers tried to get the case thrown out of court yesterday but were unsuccessful. Bounty Killer will know his fate on September 12.

Earlier this year the Killer was arrested and charged for badly beating his 10 year-old son’s mother.

Julie Rambally who was out with friends partying at a popular Jamaican session called Up Town Mondays’, ran into the Killer where they had a disagreement that turns out into a brawl on the streets. The Killer then holds Julie by her hair and dragged her across the street before he kicks, punched and slamming her head into a wall.


Lyrics and mp3

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Rapper 50 Cent promises to quit the solo biz if Kanye West out sales him

50-Cent-kanye-west-girls-rihanna-britneyspears.jpgRapper 50 Cent has swore to quit releasing solo albums if Kanye West out sales him when their new albums are released on September 11th.

50 Cent told “If Kanye West sells more records than 50 Cent on September 11, I'll no longer write music. I'll write music and work with my other artists, but I won't put out any more solo albums."

Speaking in third person, the rapper continued: “When Kanye West's sales come in, he's gonna have a 70 percent decrease cause Def Jam is gonna buy records to keep him closer to 50 Cent. So watch the first week and then watch the second week. Watch his ass drop off the planet. We keep our angles covered before we make a decent bet.”


Lyrics and mp3

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August 10, 2007

Useful Links - Dancehall/Reggae


BBC - UK Dancehall Link Up -


RiddimJamaica Netradio -

Top5Jamaica: Everything you need in one Place



Negril - All you want to know about

Lyrics and mp3

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Is Britney Spears a bad mom?

britneyspears_madcrazy_beyonce-rihanna.jpgLong before would-be rapper Kevin Federline filed for primary custody of his two sons with ex-wife Britney Spears, the world was asking: "Is Britney Spears a good mom?"
Of course not.

She's immature, she can’t get the car seats in the right way (if she uses them at all), she parties instead of spending time with them and she feeds her kids junk food. And because she has money and fame, she’s scrutinized 24/7, which is why we all know she has a habit of flashing her privates for the world to see.

But Spears is hardly alone. I've had my own moments; right now I feel a little sick that I used Avent baby bottles with my first son--the daycare provider heated them to the point that the tops melted--even though I knew they leached the chemical bisphenol A.

And when I asked a few friends who all have more education, maturity, responsibility and common sense than Spears, they confessed they too have had their own Bad Mommy Moments:

Lyrics and mp3

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Jamaican reggae singer Lutan Fyah

lutanfyah_reggae_bujubanton_sexygirls.jpgLutan Fyah makes his way to Europe this weekend to perform at the Uppsala Reggae Festival and the Sundance Reggae Festival in Eindhoven, Holland.

Lutan will perform at the Uppsala Reggae Festival in Uppsala, Sweden on Saturday August 11. Lutan will share the stage with fellow Reggae artistes: Bunny Wailer, Buju Banton and Richie Spice. He then flies over to Eindhoven, Holland to perform at the Sundance Reggae Festival, there he will perform along with Yellow Man, Greggory Issacs and Jimmy Cliff. Lutan Fyah will perform his current hits: St. Jago DelaVega, Mightier Than Them All and Is This Love along with his many past favourite tracks.

"I always enjoy travelling to Europe, they love reggae over there and I always feel much appreciated and loved. I work hard at home, and it's a good feeling to see it pay off when there are thousands of Europeans singing along with me. I have much love for my fans over there." Lutan Fyah remarks.

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August 9, 2007

Beenie Man's 'Back It Up' standing firm in the #1spot for five weeks

The King of Dancehall Beenie Man has certainly dominated the summer so far with his mega hit single "Back it up". The single was produced by 357 Records and remains secure in its #1 Position, after dominating this top slot for approximately 5 weeks on HYPE TV WEEKLY TOP 20 REGGAE/DANCEHALL (SINGLES) CHART.

This week on the chart we have two shots to watch, as Tarrus Riley's "She's Royal" continues to be persistent in controlling the # 2 position while our newest shot to watch is Mavado's "Pon Di Gully Side" which remains in its #3 position. This song has proven to be a serious threat after rising to this position within less than 3 weeks. Let's just see what these two shots to watch can really do.

Queen Ifrica's "Below the waist" is ascending the chart at a very fast pace, as such it continues to be our greatest gainer, as it as moved four spots up to assume our #6 position. Watch closely as this Female shines bright. Our newest entry is Etana's "Roots" which debuts on the chart at the #19 position. Let's just see how much roots this song has.

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Rihanna sheltered five MTV naminations under her 'Umbrella'

rihannasexygirls_jayzbeyonce_swimwear.jpgYoung Chart-topping Bajan singer Rihanna nabs five MTV nominations at this year’s prestigious MTV Video Music awards. The awards will take place at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas September 9.

The talented Barbadian singer will go up against various powerhouses such as Beyonce, Amy Winehouse, Fergie and Nelly Furtado, in the category for ‘Female Artiste of The Year’. The other categories that Rihanna nominated for are, Video of the Year, Video of the Year for ‘Umbrella’ and Best Director.

Even though Rihanna grabbed five nominations for the MTV awards - gets to understand that five wasn’t a big enough number for Rihanna to lead the pack of nominees - both Beyonce and Justin Timberlake tied at lucky number 7 - Kanye West settled at number five while new comer Amy Winehouse runs in behind Rihanna with three.

Rihanna is also slated to perform live at the awards.

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No bad blood between Danger Zone and Irie Jamboree

jahcure_dangerzone_prisonjamaica.jpgIt has come to the attention of Danger Zone Records that Irie Jamboree has not advertised Jah Cure as performing or making an appearance on Sunday September 2, 2007.

Due to reports received from New York on Sunday, August 5, Danger Zone saw it necessary to let the public know that Jah Cure had no plans to be in the US during the months of August and September. The intention of the release sent on Sunday August 5 was to make all aware that the rumors and reports of Jah Cure being in New York at the time of Irie Jamboree were incorrect. It was never meant as an attack on Irie Jamboree but rather to inform the public that the reports and rumors were in fact false. It was not the intention of Danger Zone Records to, in any way, tarnish or discredit the Irie Jamboree name and hereby extend an apology for appearing to do so.

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August 8, 2007

Beenie Man's toy friend Barbie was an helper?

By: Chat Too Much

beenieman_and_barbied%27angelsexy.jpgLast weekend mi went to RTI parties in a Negril - all kind of things gwaan dung deh – Beenie Man new song tek di place, LeftSide aka Dr. Evil a flex with a new girl, yes him dump the other girl and go all the way a Japan fi this one. But the highlight for the weekend was Beenie Man - how him nuff so - him wouldn’t even allow the new artistes dem fi enjoy the summer hype – Beenie seems to always have a song that will tek the spotlight from off the new talents. Poor D’Angel, mi seh Beenie man give it to har harsh in him new song – a remake of Sean Kingston’s Beautiful Girl’. Mek mi sing a few lines fi uhno –

Angel, she's a beautiful girl
But mi nah go mek she wreck mi world
And have me suicidal
From yu gi weh the pu**y, mi ah go gi weh the c**ky
Yu should’n come ramp wid a ole dawg like me

After that him even went to seh him girls them pretty like Barbie but according to my source, mi hear seh Barbie is nothing but make-up.

Was Barbie a helper?
Yes mi get the news right from the horses mouth – hey mi only talk what mi hear and ohnu know that me chat too much - so anything mi hear mi ago chat it out. But one thing though you of to give Barbie credit – from a helper to a famous singer without a hit tune. Barbie created history the first artiste fi buss without a hit song, and look at all that D’Angel went through, get pregnant for Beenie Man, get married to Beenie Man and then get dump by Beenie Man and now is she alone affi a pay fi di Range Rover – she nuh have it couple months good and it broke down already , that is a second hand Range Rover.

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"Treat me no different than you would the queen!!" - Sexy Tammy

Sexy Myspace girl of the week

sexygirls_hotgirls.jpgHEy OutAroad.comLittle about Tammy
Name: Tammy
Birthday: February 18, 1983
Birthplace: Boston Ma
Current Location: Boston and everywhere else
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5'9''
Right Handed or Left Handed: Right of course
Your Heritage: African American, Native American, Bahamian
The Shoes You Wore Today: Black Suede High Heels
Your Weakness: Love
Your Fears: Fear itself
Your Perfect Pizza: A good one
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: Buying my house
Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger:" I'm all set!"
Thoughts First Waking Up: Where's my cat?
Your Best Physical Feature: Lips
Your Bedtime: Anytime
Your Most Missed Memory: My Dad

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August 7, 2007

Scenes from Wildsides - RTI weekend, Negril


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D'Angel, Beenie Man & Don Mafia saga - check out the video clips

This video was done by youtube giant Scally Ranks - (Duppy Art)

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Dancehall giant Baby Cham coins collabo with Che'Nelle

dancehallstar_baby_cham_ti_juniorreid.jpgDancehall superstar, Baby Cham, keeps adding international acts to his list of collaborations, notwithstanding up-and-coming singers including Australian-born Che’Nelle. With the fusion of hard hip-hop, exuberant pop and complex, sensual dancehall rhythms in Che'Nelle's debut UK single, I Fell In Love With The DJ, which features Cham. Click here to listen to the track.

On the local scene, Cham’s latest songs, Conscience and Weh Dem Feel Like, are getting good reviews on the streets are written by the deejay himself. “No matter where you are, if you’re at home or on the road, you have access to the local news. No matter if you’re safe, you still have family here and I believe that something has to be said and no-one’s speaking out, everybody is just working with it. I’m not working with it and so I wrote Conscience,” said a passionate Cham.

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August 5, 2007

Scenes from RTI Day Dreams - Long Bay Beach, Negril


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Jah Cure to make first US appearance at Reggae Carifest - August 25

jahcure_reggaebobmarleysexyjamaican.jpgAfter being released from prison in Jamaica after 8 years, there has been plenty of buzz going around the streets of New York, and just about every major city in the states about when/where/and whether or not Siccaturie ‘Jah Cure’ Alcock will be coming to the United States. Well, it has finally been confirmed by the Iyah Cure Music camp that Jah Cure will make his first appearance in the United States at Reggae Carifest 2007 on August 25th at Randall’s Island in New York.

“Jah Cure is on schedule to make his debut American appearance at Reggae Carifest,” confirms manager Allison Hunte. “Pending his travel arrangements come through, Jah Cure will physically be on stage at Randall’s Island on August 25th to promote his upcoming Curefest in Oc tober.”

Mentored by Reggae Legend Beres Hammond, Jah Cure’s soothing melodies and movingly spiritual lyrics, has made him one of the most recognized voices in Reggae. Since his emergence in 1997 with the Sizzla duet “Divide and Rule”, he has been a virtually unstoppable force. Even through his controversial incarceration in 1999, Jah Cure continued to crank chart-topping hit after hit, including “Jah Bless Me,” “Sunny Days,” “Longing For,” “Love Is,” “Jamaica,” “True Reflections,” “Dem Nuh Build Great Man,” and his current hit single “Sticky.”

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Badgal Ce'Cile making waves

badgal_cecilesexyhotgal.jpgCe'Cile recently had the premiere of her new show on Tempo called "On de Stage". The show has gotten good reviews from critics and Cecile is very excited about the show's future. "On de Stage" is designed to give first hand insight into the art of the live performance. The series will feature never before seen footage of performances from the Tempo shows that are staged all over the Caribbean. One of the main aims of the show is to feature unseen talent and to expose them to a wide Caribbean audience.

"I am happy for the opportunity to contribute to the exposing of new talent and to give viewers an idea of what goes into a live performance." Commented Ce'Cile.

"On de Stage" aired its first episode on July 26th and is slated to air every Thursday on Tempo. The show will also feature popular artistes such as Wyclef Jean, Kassanova Band, Morgan Heritage, Denise Belfon, Kess the Band and many more. Over 30 live performances will be packed into the first six episodes of "On de Stage".

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August 3, 2007

Dancehall deejay Assassin back on the scene with new album 'Gully Sit'n'

assassin_gullysitn_spraggabenzgirls_foxybrown.jpgKnown to annihilate and “assassinate” all competition through his lyrical brilliance and original sound, Assassin (hence the name) returns with his sophomore album, Gully Sit’n on August 28th. Gully Sit’n arrives after his critically acclaimed album Infiltration, a slew of #1 hits on the International charts, a recent summer tour in Europe and Japan and performance at Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest 2007 in Jamaica. The dancehall star now prepares himself for his anticipated climb to the top.

According to Sean Paul, “Assassin is the one to take dancehall music to an international level and step up on it like I have been doing it, Beenie Man, Shaggy… The girls dem like him, the lyrics he puts together are always top, he chooses good melodies, and he has an image,” as stated on a BBC 1 Extra Interview.

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R&B singer R. Kelly child pornography case for September 17 trial date

rkelly_pornography_sexgirls_13.jpgR&B singer R. Kelly who was charged with child pornography five years ago will know his faith in court on September 17. According to Judge Vincent Gaughan, gets to understand that the trial will be in the Cook County, Chicago and should last for about a month.

In the year 2002, tapes were found with the 40-year-old singer having sex with an underage girl that looked no older than 13 at the time. He was then arrested and charged with 21 counts of child pornography.

Kelly who had pleaded not guilty attended the Cook County Criminal Courthouse two days ago with his lawyer to discuss a questionnaire of over 135 questions that will be thrown out to him for answers. If Mr. Kelly is found guilty he could face up to 15 years behind bars.

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Hartford honours Reggae singer Half Pint

reggae_singer_halfpintjamaica.jpgVeteran reggae performer Half Pint will receive a special proclamation from the City of Hartford, Connecticut, when he visits the United States in August.

The singer yesterday informed the Observer that Veronica Airey-Wilson, councilwoman of that city, has sent an invitation to him to join the council members and city representatives at the West Indian Week Independence Celebrations - where he will be acknowledged - on Saturday, August 11.

"It's showing that I am recognised internationally for my over 25-year contribution to the development of Jamaican music," said Half Pint, born Lindon Roberts.

"I am glad that Hartford is acknowledging my work and I appreciate what the city is doing for me," he added. "Jamaica should have done that a long time ago."

Ra-Umi Alkebu-lan, who works as the performer's publicist, echoed the same sentiments, lauding the artiste for enlisting a cult following in places like the United States and Europe.

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August 2, 2007

The truth about Beenie Man and his wife D'Angel?

DonMafia_d%27angelbeenieman_macrodean.jpgDon Mafia a former member and chief song writer of the Beenie Man and wife led-Mafia House Production has decided to reveal the truth about Beenie Man and D’Angel love games in a song titled The Truth. also got in touched with Don Mafia in person who filled us in on some useful information of why the two got married. The song talks about the tricks they played on each other and that both Beenie Man D’Angel lost focus of what is the real meaning of marriage.

The song is only two weeks old and already it’s the talk of the town - Here are a few interesting lines from the controversial marriage song.

A b*tch that how you fi turn that in a lady,
Badman nuh mind jacket baby,
Gal them sugar mek gal drive him crazy,
A bawl over pu**y them things deh amaze mi
Jacket she give you and you go wear it up
Now the marriage contract you want to tear it up
Harry Toddler and Elephant Man used to scare it up
As you turn your back Bounty Killer ride her like a mule

"Everything in the song is the truth, remember me and Beenie man used to close and me know everything. Mi love Beenie Man but as a Mafia you must not be in too much mix up, but at the end of the day mi respect him because he’s a great entertainer but it’s time for him to grow. And mi nuh see how one little mishap can break up a lovely marriage," Don Mafia explains to

Did Beenie Man and D’Angel got married to hurt Bounty Killer?
I don’t have a problem with Beenie Man and D’Angel being together, the only thing I have a problem with is that they never married for the right reasons, said Don Mafia.
He added “People married because they love each other, you don’t married for hype and that’s where they went wrong. Bounty killer was their main target and right now Bounty gets the last laugh.

It better him did go married to a girl who nuh speak English or a girl from Saudi Arabia or a little country girl, then he would be happy.

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Beenie Man's 'Back It Up' still holding strong in the #1 position

beenieman_wifed%27angel_girlssugar_rihanna.jpgWhile Beenie man is having problems at home with his lovely wife D'Angel - he's enjoying good times with his hit single 'Back It Up' that still remains as the #1 song in Jamaica.

"Back it up" remains unmoving in its #1 Position on the Hype TV top 20 Reggae/Dancehall (Singles) Chart, as it as been controlling this top slot for about a month now. Let's see how long it will remain in this position?

Tarrus Riley's "She's Royal" still lingers in its # 2 spot. Will this song ascend to the top or will it be replaced at its current spot, this is the question on everyone's mind. Thus it remains or shot to watch as it is still a serious threat. Queen Ifrica's "Below the waist" is our greatest gainer this week as it moved three spots up to assume our #10 position.

Jah Cure's "Sticky" is our newest entry this week on the chart making its debut at the #19 position. This entry comes just after the dawn of his released. Let's see how fast this song rides the chart.

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August 1, 2007

Lyrics for Baby Cham's 'Possess A Man'

Fi di yute dem! Seen! Yo!!!

Verse 1:
Wah coulda possess a man?! Fi tun a AK-47 pon a young woman?!
And have di heart to send har go to neverland mi have a question
When oonu kill off di woman dem weh oonu fi do, F man!!!?
Eh! Wah coulda possess a yute?! Fi lick dung a baby modda and har likkle yute
Look how she beg him and plea but him still a shoot
And come back pon di corna and a laff and a tink seh it cute
Nah mon dem bredda yah bad
Jamaica when yuh read di news it nuh mek yuh sad
Man a shot up a church and a seh dem bad
Hold on now mon, weh yuh try fi tell mi seh, gunman nuh rate God?!
Government oonu weh yuh do?! Yuh see it look inna mi eyes did I tell oonu?!
Some man a talk bout dem a shotta dem a eddie poo
A must a cow push dem out cau mi caan believe dem have a modda too

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Did Beenie Man's wife D'Angel cheated on him?

d%27angel_beenieman_marcodeancheat.jpgBeenie Man’s wife Michelle ‘D’Angel’ Downer-Davis has decided to come out of the closet after her husband Moses Beenie Man Davis accused her of cheating on him with his best friend. According to a press release that was sent to by Mafia House Production owned by Beenie Man and his wife D’Angel, she explains that her husband accusations are all lies and she will not sit back and gives him the opportunity to defame and destroyed her reputation.

"I feel that our problems are a private matter and he should have never discussed it in the media. The way he has done this is not fair to me or our child Marco-Dean. My child is my priority and that is why I am speaking out to clear my name that has been scandalized by my husband. Moses has a larger responsibility than most people; he is a public figure, yet he and so many others treat women less than human with sexual and violent assaults. I am hurt by his actions but I am strong," D'Angel explains. “I will continue to be the best parent to our son. I do wish Moses all the best and will continue to be respectful of his career,” she continues.

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Jamaican born Hip Hop/reggae sensation Sean Kingston added to Reggae Carifest


Hip Hop/Reggae/Soul 'triple threat' Sean Kingston has just been added to the line up for Reggae Carifest 2007. On August 25th, at Randall's Island in New York City, the 17-year-old Miami-born, Jamaican-raised Billboard chart sensation will be joining his uncle legendary Roots Reggae/Dancehall icon Buju Banton, and a slew of Reggae/Dancehall's stellar talents from around the world as a headliner for North America's signature summer Reggae staging.

Kingston and Buju, will be joining Ninja Man, Bounty Killer, Mavado, Lucky Dube, Third World, Collie Buddz, Yellow Man, Pinchers, I-Sasha, Million Voice, Jah Bami, the New Kingston Band, and Murasaki on the 'Green' carpet, while champion Carifest's environmental awareness campaign.

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Da’Ville for Connecticut Independence Celebration and Irie Jamboree in New York

da%27ville_daville_senapaulhtgirlsmodels.jpgAfter a successful tour of Europe, and a dazzling performance at Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest Evolution Night, there seems to be no musical ease up for in-demand singer Da'Ville who will be jetting off in a couple days for the mammoth weekend of Independence Celebrations in Connecticut on August 11 dubbed 'Parade Night' at the West Indian Social Club. Before heading to the US he will be performing in Toronto, Canada on August 10th.

The singer has also been confirmed to perform at North America's Premiere Reggae Festival 'Irie Jamboree' on Labour Day Weekend, Sunday, September 2. Da'Ville continues to be very popular especially with adoring female fans who can't help but fall top his command whenever he performs and most of all when he takes of his shirt and shows off his six pack sex symbol body.

Da'Ville remix single 'Always On My Mind' featuring continues to enjoy maximum TV and radio's airplay. Since the release of his album 'On My Mind' sales have catapulted. The feedback from Europe and Japan are also encouraging.

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