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'Wine Pon Yuh' lyrics by dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel

vybzkartel_bountykillerbeenieman_aidoniagirls.jpgA nuh acolopyso but woman u fi deepso
A nuh disco free up u hipso
Make yuh finger touch yuh toe tipso
Give me a f**k look, lick of yuh lipso
Pretend yuh nuh f**k fi awhile,yuh nuh f**k fi awhile, fi awhile yuh nuh juck gyal
Turn me on wit di waan f**k look
two hand pon di ground, gyal cock up yuh foot

Fling it up pon di boy and make him wine pon yuh
Model yuh tattoo and just make him wine pon yuh
Underneath coming through come make mi wine pon yuh
Mi nuh go tell mi girlfriend, mi nuh go tell yuh boyfriend

Dont feel shame a di name of di game
Yuh punnay nuh lame a yuh name wi yuh name
Push wi di table cock up pon a chair
Clean draws a di large tek it of if it tear
wine pon a man giddy up giddy up
wine wine pon a man go go lef him hear
show breast no brazier harm clean no ras hair
woman is a bare every gyal a disappear
If yuh hot gyal pull yuh blouse up
electric tick yuh nuh grounds up
if yuh still hot pull yuh skirt up
cuu deaa peer man head get hurt up
cock it up tek di wine up f**k in a script, f**k ina join-up
if yuh drop, brush off, climb up
repeat 2x


Man to a woman, woman to a man give mi pum pum long when my b*ddy stand
Gyal yuh nuh wrong when yuh nam off di john
Just tell a guy say you breeds yuh own big woman
juck to di base cause high like peter
feel da breeze cock like 9 millimeter
mi nuh wa see no a k none at all
baby put yuh blue foot over di wall
Gimmi di acolopyso wine like soca
come play strip me no joke a board ya
skin gona burn like weed from a smoke
turks and cakeso me make nioka
fread fi come overa much less come inna
cuu how she hear sa me mash up cabrina
bad gyal go fi zienna
publish mi number now it classified ina gleaner
Call me


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Posted by marci | November 9, 2007 10:05 AM

love dis song

Posted by Anonymous | December 18, 2007 8:40 AM


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